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Very rude show details Very rude
by Ex-patient on Apr 14th, 2015

Dr. Corvette has horrible bedside manner! I felt very uncomfortable around her and she insulted me numerous times during one visit. I am surprised that she has any good reviews. I was curious if I was the only one who felt this way about her, which is what brought me here. It's obvious that this is the way she treats all of her patients. To the person who thinks we are trying to hurt Dr. Corvette, that is not the case. We are trying to protect innocent people from being treated poorly by her!

Awesome Physician show details Awesome Physician
by Melissa on Feb 23rd, 2015

I came in for a rash and Dr. Corvette was awesome! She went over the top with helping me. She did more than any other dermatology dr has ever helped me. We found that my rash was from my meds and diet. Who would have thought!

Cyberbulling 💜 show details Cyberbulling 💜
Dec 21st, 2014

Why do people feel the need to obliterate and lambaste and intentionally try to harm the character of a fellow human being who is only trying the serve the needs of their patients. It seems awfully cowardly and inhumane to slaughter publicly someone who is determined to help people. Since when is every human encounter a perfect fit. To hold a physician to impressing and curing 100% of patients 100% of the time is not humanly possible. And instead of chocking it up to a poor physician- patient fit- we now want to publicly humiliate a physician who only intent is to help cure and fix. Why? Why not sign your full name to all of these horrific posts and declare yourself publicly as well. This way folks who read it and know you might be able comment on you. We can help you by defining our perceived character faults of you. We can then rip you up to shreds and spit you out too. This would only be fair play. Or best yet, leave this physician alone and let her be judged by those whom she's helped and our Creator. My recommendations are to be direct with a fellow human being and not so hateful as to post anonymous insults and stabs over a computer from the comfort of your anonymous home. When you meet people and they bother you, do you then go home and write on the Internet about them too? What a terribly horrific place this world has become to gather hateful statements and post on a blog such as this. I truly do not know how these people have the desire or the time or are able to sleep at night knowing truly what they are doing by spreading their hate around. Another form of cyberbulling I guess. Merry Christmas🎄

Apr 21st, 2014

Dr. Corvette was very dismissive with any comments I made regarding my condition. It was as if I had no input into my diagnosis and she could barely tolorate anything I had to say and I am not a talker. I was really surprised with her poor communication skills, so much that I even asked her assistant after she left if this was a bad day or if she is this arrogant with everyone! She made no comment:) I wife visited her one time and had the same experience!

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A double take show details A double take
Dec 26th, 2013

Had made an appointment for my daughter, it was then cancelled for whatever reason. I figured that I would read reviews on this doctor before trying to make a new appointment; moreover, I asked around to find other's opinions. The blunt truth of her khurt, belittling, arrogant attitude was conveyed to me by more than one former patient as well as reading reviews. The other issues I find odd is how the doctor has her office manager post on the review site to defend her treatment tactics. Really? Yes, these reviews are all subjective, and every patient is entitled to voice their own personal experience. It proves to me the the doctor is so power hungry and arrogant that she needs her own damage control.

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Wishing I Had Read These Before My Appt show details Wishing I Had Read These Before My Appt
Dec 23rd, 2013

Wow. Unfortunately, I can totally relate to the majority of these posts. Honestly, my appt with Dr. Corvette left me speechless. Poor bedside manner. I was interrupted on numerous occasions. (Even when I attempted to explain my reason for visiting. We had to revisit this information later in the appt. No surprise there.) She came off rude, patronizing, & judgmental. She told me that she'd rather work with a patient with skin cancer because a skin cancer patient actually makes necessary changes to help their situation, unlike a patient suffering from acne. I didn't quite know how to respond to that one. Needless to say, I'm no longer a patient of Dr. Corvette.

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Awesome visit! show details Awesome visit!
Nov 11th, 2013


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Not Thorough show details Not Thorough
Oct 21st, 2013

I had an appt. with Dr. Corvette last month. Besides being rude and aggressive in nature and manner, she stood 3 feet away from me -- to do a full body exam! Really. She told me there was one spot on my leg we should watch. I felt that I had to get a real exam !! So I went to another local Dermatologist. She gave me a detailed exam with some type of magnifier and was up close and personal. She said the spot that Dr. Corvette noticed on my leg was an old scar from scratching. HOWever, she did do a biopsy of a spot on my BACK and I found out today it was melanoma.!! OMG thank goodness I went with my instinct and saw another Dr.

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Rude and condescending physician show details Rude and condescending physician
by A Mom on Jul 23rd, 2013

I wish I had read these reviews before I made an appt w/ this Dr. She is aggressively blunt and rude as well as condescending. Her bedside manner is almost belligerent. If you don't like being talked down to and treated like a dummy, then stay away from her office.

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Jun 17th, 2013

I started going to Dr. Corvette about a year ago for a recurring skin condition. I immediately liked the office atmosphere. It's clean, well-kept and seems new. Everyone has always been quite friendly, and the waiting time was the shortest of any doctor I've ever visited! The problem is that with each visit, I saw a different doctor or assistant... and with each new attendant, I was given a completely different assessment and diagnosis! I just wish I'd been able to see Dr. Corvette every time, because I'm not really sold on her helpers' qualifications. The very first and very last visits, Dr. Corvette saw me personally. She's a very blunt person, and her bedside manner could use some work. She kept interrupting me and has a rather patronizing way about her. She was rude to her assistant, too, and I felt sorry for the girl. HOWEVER, she finally was able to say "this is what you have". Wish I'd saved the hundreds of dollars leading up to that appointment and seen her, instead of all the others. Maybe we could have gotten to that conclusion quicker, and more cheaply for me.

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Worst Office Visit Ever show details Worst Office Visit Ever
by Disappointed on Apr 18th, 2013

I don't usually write reviews, but because a friend/colleague of mine had an equally horrible experience with Dr. Corvette, I feel I should share my experience with others so they don't waste their time and money as I and my friend did. Dr. Corvette herself is not available for one on one appointments unless you are able to book out months in advance. Because of this I booked with a PA; I have always had good experiences with PA's, so did not have a problem with this. I was greeted well and did not wait long to be taken into the exam room. All were courteous up until the point when the PA decided to consult with Dr. Corvette on the issue I came in to have checked out. As soon as Dr. Corvette entered the room my entire experience changed - from the first sentence out of her mouth. She immediately told me to "pretend the conversation she was having with the PA was not taking place in front of me." Then she proceeded to talk about my face as if I was not in the room. She insulted me, and offered absolutely no helpful or constructive criticism what so ever. She blurted out, "She's a tanner!" and did not follow up with any advice on why this would be bad for my health (I had actually stopped tanning 6 months previously for my own health, but she didn't care to hear about this.) My friend shared with me that Dr. Corvette blurted out to her, "So what are you going to do about that stache?" (referring to the melazma on her upper lip). My friend was horrified because she is very shy and sensitive about this issue. She was equally rude and unhelpful regarding my own melazma that covers my entire face. I was ultimately told there was no cancer on my face, and I should consider other cosmetic treatments to try to lighten the discolorations on my face. But a resolution for the actual issue I came in for was never offered (bumps and a red spot on my nose that appeared a year earlier and never disappeared). Nor was a recommendation to have a cancer screening for my entire body, in spite of the fact that I was accused of being "a tanner". Later in my visit when I was in the middle of my consultation with the "aesthetician" she butted in to talk to the aesthetician regarding a personal issue. She did actually apologize (insincerely), and told the woman to step outside the room to finish the conversation - they stepped out the door, not two feet away from me, which was actually closer than the aesthetician was sitting from me in the consultation room. I still heard the entire conversation, which had nothing to do with business, and could have easily waited until neither was with a patient. Bottom line, Dr. Corvette is rude and unhelpful. I don't know how she manages to keep a business in practice with her approach to people. She clearly doesn't care about treating people with care and compassion, as a responsible doctor should.

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Michele Rae Selby, Practice Administrator Dermatology Ctr of Williamsburg show details Michele Rae Selby, Practice Administrator Dermatology Ctr of Williamsburg
Nov 3rd, 2012

Dear Patients, If you decide to come to the Dermatology Center of Williamsburg for your Dermatology Care, Please Be Advised and Be Knowledgeable about how I practice medicine. If you book your appointment for a Full Skin Examination: this means that I will take the time to look at each and every spot on your body from head to toe. This will be a complete examination and to do a complete exam properly it will take the length of one appointment. If I find a suspicious spot, it will typically be biopsied at the time of your visit. We do eveything we can to take care of biopsies on the day of your visit. If there are multiple biopsies or some require sutures, these types of biopsies are scheduled. 2. If you are struggling with a rash and need a diagnosis and treatment plan: this will take the length of one appt to diagnose properly. Sometimes I need to run lab tests, scrape and look under the microscope, and perform biopsies. If your expectation is that you will have your rash properly diagnosed and you will have a full skin surveillance in one appointment, this will not happen. My goal is to protect my patients and do an excellent job for each and every one of my patients. I will never put your health at risk by rushing through an exam and trying to diagnose numerous concerns and complaints in one visit. By rushing through an exam, I can easily miss a cancer, if it is a melanoma; your health will be compromised. If you are booking an appointment with the expectation that your finger bump x 2 months and your rash x 3 years and your nonhealing spot on your right temple x 6 months and your rough spots on your face x 3 months and the new painful toe will be accurately diagnosed with 100% confidence and you want a full skin surveillance....Please go to a different dermatologist who may better serve your needs. If you come to me or one of my Physician Assistants, we will all take the time we need to acquire the appropriate history and perform a thorough physician examination to enable us to diagnose you to the best of our abilities. I believe that this was an important msg to put in this forum so that before a patient books an appointment with me, they know how we practice medicine at the Dermatology Center of Williamsburg. As an aside, we hear from the majority NEW patients that they have never had a full skin examination in their lives despite seeing dermatologists for many years. Again, you must realize that to perform a full skin surveillance properly, it takes time. It is obvious to us why this has happened and has become common place in the field of dermatology, the physician is not going to put their license on the line and rush though a thorough examination and try to diagnose rashes, possible cancers, and problems in ONE VISIT. It is just not realistic that everything can be accomplished in one visit. We ask our patients to AVOID saving up problems, come in when they occur! Let's spend the time diagnosing it accurately. Come in when you have the spot on your face that won't heal for one month, don't wait on it. It may be CANCER, it may be an INFECTION. Don't hold on to problems. Come in! Let's figure it out and diagnose it accurately. I will put my heart, soul and skills into each and every one my patients but I will not be placed in a position of performing a Rushed Average Job so that I potentially harm a patient with the goals of trying to take care of too many issues and problems during one visit. Sincrerely, Dr. Donna Corvette

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Wonderful Service show details Wonderful Service
Sep 27th, 2012

Thanks goes to Dr. Corvette, I want to thank her for her wonderful service. I've recently moved out of the state of Virginia and will miss her as my Dermatologist!

Dr.Corvette has no professionalism !!! show details Dr.Corvette has no professionalism !!!
Sep 18th, 2012

Dr Corvette was rushed & rude uncaring !Husband and I went for our one year check up. It was our second time in her office. I was called first & in a room.Her assistant was very caring & nice asking questions.Then when Dr Corvette comes in ask any problems I go to tell her and she says I can't tell her but one thing at a visit. Have to be different appointments.I have read all comments very careful & its true .She trys to talk down to you as if your a child or she is GREATER than anyone else. So after the QUICK full body look over from a far distance.She looks at a few skin spots & I showed her my toe was swollen for no reason.( I had showed my primary doctor and she said see the skin doctor)She said after I see another patience I will return after I see your husband . The nurse brought back my husband)So when she returned she treated my husband in the same manner.Then she said she was going to give us both cancer skin cream & she did not .told me I would wait till the end of the day to look at my toe.She never returned so we left.5 days later the office still has not called it in to our drug store .So people that read this, that think we are talking rude towards her .We are NOT! we are just letting the public know the truth .She is money hungry bottom line.after $80 dollars & no help .We now have to find a new doctor.We would have never changed doctors here if our LOVING &CARING dermatologist had passed away two years ago .She was the most caring up lifting ,profession doctor that even was in medicine.I never mind waiting my turn as long as I get the same time with a good doctor.What I have read on here today shows its just not us! To some it up No bedside manner,No time,no professionalism,she only care about you for 5minutes then its come back for each problem. Indeed I will sign my name to this as I have been taught with manners speak the truth ! Mrs. Harbeck

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Follow-up to my 2 July review show details Follow-up to my 2 July review
Jul 10th, 2012

To the practice manager of Dr. Corvette -You have me confused with another patient. I did not have 15 issues I wanted to discuss with the doctor. I went in for a routine skin cancer check, and then inquired regarding toenail fungus and a prescription for retin-a. Dr Corvette didn't even entertain the fungus query and simply told me to make another appt. she wrote the prescription for retin-a but when I asked for her recommendations for skin care products, she told me the receptionist could help me when I checked out. What I wanted was a medical doctor who could steer me in the right direction based on my specific needs. What I received was rushed, haphazard care from a disinterested physician.

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Jul 4th, 2012

Please be honest with your public forum complaints and create a real snapshot of your visit. Please inform your readers that you presented to the clinic with a list of over 15 complaints. We do not believe any dermatologist can accurately diagnose all of your complaints and perform a full body skin surveillance in one patient visit. We believe a different dermatologist may be able to meet your demands. This was explained to you during your visit; but apparently you felt it best to slander this physician on a public forum. Have a blessed day. M Selby Practice Mgr.

Whew, no cancer!!! show details Whew, no cancer!!!
Jul 3rd, 2012

What a relief I feel after my visit today with Dr. Corvette. I was sure I was going to have a bad cancer and Dr. Corvette put my fears at rest. She told me to wear my sunscreen everyday rain or shine! Did you know that you should have your body checked at least once a year? Thanks Dr. Corvette for caring.

Jul 2nd, 2012

The appointment felt rushed. She spoke to me as if I were a child or elderly senior citizen. She did not take the time to answer my questions and I felt nickeled and dimed because I was told to make separate appointments for each minor issue. One of the least satisfying medical appointments I've ever had.

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Happy Patient show details Happy Patient
May 14th, 2012

What do I like best about Dermatology Center of Williamsburg?They are efficient, honest, show kindness.The entire staff are loving, caring women!Dr. Corvette and Lori found my cancer and treated it promptly!I now understand what type of suncreen is best!Thanks for all you do!

May 13th, 2012

Dr Corvette has been my dermatologist for the past 8 years. Even when I moved, I continued to travel 4 hrs one way so that she could remain my doctor. She is very thorough and knowledgeable; she takes time with me. I read a couple of the negative comments and I was quite surprised the erroneous remarks which were made. I imagine that some people have a hard time handling the truth because the truth is what you are going to get.

Acne treatment show details Acne treatment
May 13th, 2012

Dr.Corvette was and is still very very helpful. She has helped me deal with my acne problems for the past 6 years. She has given me facial creams/wash multiple times that have done wonders for my face! She has succeeded in helping me when proactive and other expensive face washes have failed! Now that I have a clear face I have a new sense of confidence! Ive known this doctor for 6 years and not once has she given me issues, she has been nothing short of great! I have referred many people to this doctor and they have also been very very pleased. Best dematologist in the area hands down!

Caring and Gentle show details Caring and Gentle
Apr 26th, 2012

Dr.Corvette diagnosed me with malignet melanoma. If it was not for her, I would not even be here right now. She is caring and sweet, and explaned it carefully to me as not to scare me but to get me to understand what would be happening. She is amazing, calls to see how I am doing every now and then. Having cancer I see ALOT of doctors, she is one that I look forward to going to see.

unprofessional WASTE OF TIME show details unprofessional WASTE OF TIME
Mar 9th, 2012

This was a terrible experience. After 5 months seeing the Doc for a nail infection she tells me she doesnt know how to treat the problem. Just a waste of my time. Save your money and find a good Dermatologist.

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Dec 27th, 2011

Very knowledgeable and courteous. Only complaint was the wait time to get checked in upon arrival. Line had four patients waiting for assistance.

Dr. Corvette and PA's very helpful show details Dr. Corvette and PA's very helpful
Sep 27th, 2011

My daughter had a rash and she had a great experience at Dermatology Center. The medical staff took her problems and researched and referred her to get her the help she needed.The best thing... I got in the same day we about service!

Wonderful experience show details Wonderful experience
Aug 15th, 2011

For me, trips to the doctor have always been filled with anxiety and anticipation. I was recommended by a friend to see Dr. Corvette. Distance was an issue, she was 5 hrs away. But she came highly recommended and I decided to take the trip. I'm extremeely grateful I did. From the minute Dr. Corvette entered the office, I felt at ease. She took her time to examine me and discuss my treatement options. I felt confident that I was in good hands. Because I came such a distance, Dr. Corvette did the procedure on the same afternoon! I would highly recommend Dr Corvette to my family members and friends. Her smile is as big as her heart and I apprecaite her excellent medical skills and her professionalism and warmth to a new and very nervous patient.

Very informational.... show details Very informational....
Aug 10th, 2011

Dr. Corvette was very helpful and understanding of my situation, she was patient. Afterwards I felt complete reassurance, that I didn't have before because I know now that I will be ok. Wisdom and knowledge is key.

Aug 8th, 2011

Tracey Ovitt is the best Aesthetician I have ever been to. I have been receiving facials monthly for about 25 years and after moving to Williamsburg I thought that my Aesthetician I had been going to for years could not be replaced until I found Tracey. She is the best I would highly recommend her.

Outstanding show details Outstanding
Aug 4th, 2011

Felt quite at ease with Dr. CorvetteShe seemed quite knowledgeable withmy problem and wanted to do all she couldWonderful visit and I will be getting my wife to visit her also

Aug 2nd, 2011

prior to yesterday's visit, scores would have been lower... it seems dr corvette is trying to be warmer, more caring, less "army" and rude... Plse note: her excellence as a diagnostician (?) has never been doubted; it's always been about here bedside manner... hopefully this is changing...

Jul 23rd, 2011

Dr. Corvette seemed very curt towards me and her staff. I did not care for the walk-on-water attitude. It made me feel uncomfortable and I am unsure if I will return.

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Best follow up care. show details Best follow up care.
Jul 21st, 2011

I had a rash and went to see Dr.Corvette to get a diagnosis. Her and her staff went above and beyond to make sure I got the full care that I needed. Corvette even searched through resources and had me sent to other doctors just to make sure that her diagnosis was correct. I would reccommend Dr.Corvette and her staff to anyone.

Jul 21st, 2011

My family has had a wonderful experience at Dermatology Center of Williamsburg. Lori was very helpful with my Juve-derm. I look and feel beautiful! She even brought in her manager and showed her off to me. She simply went overboard to make sure I was happy!

A Good Doc show details A Good Doc
Jun 26th, 2011

I have had several appointments with Dr. Corvette and she runs a good practice. She is very competent and has taken care of my cancer problems with minimal discomfort. She does use her staff in their assigned specialties, so although you do not spend a lot of time with her, overall you get an appropriate amount of medical time. I don't agree with the negative comments.

Run-around show details Run-around
Jun 20th, 2011

Dr. Corvette "practiced" medicine on my son. He saw her 3 times. She decided to try something that didn't work the first time. The second time she looked at him for a couple of minutes to confirm that it didn't work and schedule another appointment to remove it. Then when he went in to have it removed, she looked at it, said she couldn't do it, and suggested he see someone else. The last 2 times we were charged over $70 each visit to be told--"sorry." We will find another dermatologist.

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Great doctor and terrific staff show details Great doctor and terrific staff
Jun 5th, 2011

Dr.Corvette is a terrific doctor. Her team and office staff are the best in Williamsburg. Lori and Tracy have improved the appearance of my skin DRAMATICALLY. If you are looking for a great Dermatologist coupled with a team that specializes in cosmetic procedures, look no further!

Great Care show details Great Care
May 23rd, 2011

Every appointment has been timely, discrete and caring by the doc and her two assistants, Rathi and Glenda. All great professionals!

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My experiance show details My experiance
May 18th, 2011

I have read all of the reviews of Dr. Corvette listed on this site. All of my dealings with Dr. Corvette and her staff have been very good, timley and caring. If I feel I'm a number in the system I seek another provider. Everyone one has been very caring and friendly. On my last visit Rathi and Glenda attended to my care. I tend to get uptight and they did everthing to reassure me that I would be ok. In a world where service and caring is not the norm its nice to visit a Doctor's office where it's first and formost. My expections for medical care is very high and Dr. Corvette and her staff excess it. Thanks very much.

Less than amazing... show details Less than amazing...
May 13th, 2011

I have spoken with numerous people since my last appointment with Dr. Corvette. Each confirmed what my perception had been after my final visit. I felt like I was spoken to in a very condescending tone. Also, that there was more of a desire for a "cash flow" rather than having things handled through my insurance company, which I pay dearly for. Lastly, there was an overall offensiveness in her mannerisms and I was left feeling very uncomfortable in her presence. I did not leave feeling like she genuinely cared about me or my needs. Myself and many others have no intention of returning to her practice. If asked, I will quickly warn and deter friends seeking dermatological care from her practice. Sadly she has a fabulous PA that will be affected by her ever growing negative reputation.

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May 9th, 2011

Receptionist, Ruth, was efficient, courteous, and personable. Dr. Corvette's staff was efficient and thorough in asking questions to prepare Dr. Corvette and me for my examination. The actual examination by Dr. Corvette was very thorough to include review of results from last visit as well as concerns/questions I had.

May 1st, 2011

excellent and professional service in all aspects of my visit. Would recommend Dr. Corvette to everyone.

Apr 26th, 2011

Excellent physician and caring, professional staff!

Very Impressed show details Very Impressed
Apr 23rd, 2011

I have had many interactions with Dr. Corvette and her staff and I have always been very impressed with the care and professionalism I have experienced. The first time I was seen by her was for an emergency situation and even though I was a new patient, her staff went out of their way to get me in within two days of my call. She provides all of her new patient paperwork on her website which allowed me to fill it out in advance so I had virtually no wait on the day of my appointment. Every time I have gone to see her, I have been greeted by a smiling and professional staff. Even the waiting room is elegant and welcoming. I highly recommend this office to anyone and everyone who is looking for a good dermatologist.

Apr 21st, 2011

she was awsome so all those knuckle heads who keep writing bad things about should stop because your lying

Good Experience! show details Good Experience!
Apr 20th, 2011

I came to see Dr. Corvette after being referred by my PCP for an odd mole. With a history skin cancer in my family I was concerned and very anxious. From the moment I stepped into the office I was put at ease. Fortunately for me it was a false alarm... Thanks Dr. Corvette for your help and caring and also a big thank you to your staff for being so kind and courteous!

Complaint show details Complaint
by Shannon Trice Black on Apr 19th, 2011

My experiences in your office were terrible. Staff was cold and unprofessional. I arrived five minutes late. I am new to the area and have two young children. At no point in my time I your office did anyone treat me with warmth or even kindness. I was charged and the told that I would not be able to have both of my appointments. I am very concerned about a spot on my chest, but was reluctant to work with your or your staff after I was treated so rudely. Staff needs to learn compassion and warmth If you expect to keep customers.

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My Family Loves Dr. Corvette show details My Family Loves Dr. Corvette
Apr 5th, 2011

I came in with a small odd looking spot on my leg. It turned out to be an abnormal mole. I reviewed Dr. Corvette's website and found it to informative and the reason I made the appointment. The PA I saw for the removal of my spot was very helpful in calming my anxiety and her assistant as well.

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by ----- on Mar 28th, 2011

i had to wait 1 hour just to have the doctor tell me i didnt have a cancer on my shoulder... and i had to pay for the visit after i only saw her for 2 minutes... in my opinion, she puts on a big act like shes brilliant, and everybody believes it, but i think she lost her touch

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Oct 16th, 2010

Worst Dr. I have ever been to. Very unprofessional. First visit. Appreared tocare less and poor bedside manner. Would never go back and advise anyone else to stay away.

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Oct 1st, 2010

First off it isn't easy getting an appointment because the phone is answered by an automated system, and I had to leave a message and didn't get a call back for 48 hours. When I actually got an appointment, I arrived several minutes prior to my appointment time and I had to wait 45 minutes (from my appointment time) to see the doctor. I finally saw Dr. Corvette and she seemed to be in a rush to move onto the next patient.

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