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Terrible show details Terrible
by Katie on Feb 18th, 2015

TERRIBLE experience! RUN away! I've seen Dr Easter for several visits and each time she would refuse any kind of treatment until I demanded her to do something to treat whatever was wrong. I'm not one to go to the doctor's office at the drop of a hat, so every time I scheduled an appointment, I was sick and needed actual medical help, more than the "I think it's nothing, come back if the symptoms don't go away on their own after a week" kind of advise I got from her. I had a bad fall on some ice last year. I came to her twice about persistent back pain and problems with range of motion. The first time she advised me that it was "probably nothing", BEFORE checking my back or doing any kind of exam. I was told to wait it out and take an Ibuprofen. Few weeks later, the pain was still a problem and I asked for an X-ray or something and she refused, only to tell me that back injuries take time to heal. I would understand that if she was dealing with an 86 year old, not someone in their twenties who is otherwise in good health. It's been MONTHS and back pain is only getting worse. It's infuriating to be denied treatment. There is absolutely no reason not to examine the problem and begin treating the cause of it, especially since I'm still in a lot of pain while I "wait for it to magically go away". DO NOT SEE THIS DOCTOR!!!

Doria Easter was my practitioner a couple of years ago show details Doria Easter was my practitioner a couple of years ago
by patient in Sacramento on May 12th, 2014

In response to one of the claims that there is possible racial prejudice, I am of African American decent. She did not acknowlege my pain when I contracted a MRSA staff infection on my stomach. The pain medication she prescribed did not work and when she sliced my stomack to drain the cyst, all she said was "You're not going to hit me, are you." as I clenched the exam table and my upper thighs in pain, yelping in pain. She was also my son's practitioner (he is now 15 years). She examined him for a malnormity in his groin area when he was about 12 years old. She said it was nothing and that we can consider cosmetic options if he doesn't grow out of it. My son just had an appointment last week because the issue has gotten worse. We now need to schedule an appoinment to check for potential liver problems. I was advised this should have been done years ago. Doria Easter is an idiot and I hope and pray my son is fine and does not suffer because of her incompetency.

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Horrible, unfriendly, unsympathetic to pain, lying doctor show details Horrible, unfriendly, unsympathetic to pain, lying doctor
by Mindy on Aug 6th, 2013

My first visit to this doctor was for shingles, she didn't shake my hand or really welcome me at all, just coldly asked why I was there, interrupted me before I was done explaining my symptoms, told me she didn't think it was shingles (I didn't have a lot of rash yet as it had just started and I only had about 3 little clusters of bumps, they had not blistered yet, but if she would have done her research prior to my appt she would know that some people don't even get a rash, you can tell based off the burning stinging skin symptoms, but oh yeah, remember she didn't let me finish). Finally she said she'd just "go ahead and treat me for shingles" and prescribed me Acyclovir, an anti-viral medication. This is perfect... Well I also asked her for something for pain, mind you I had also told her at least 3 times during the appt how much pain I was in, had been crying at work all day and only made it through the day knowing I just had to get to this appt and then I would get the help I needed. Or so I thought. She told me that the Acyclovir would help with the pain, so I believed her, and left. No "feel better" or " let me know if it gets worse, etc" or anything. I immediately started taking the Acyclovir and after 3 hours and 2 cold baths I was in so much pain I could hardly breathe. My skin was on FIRE (anyone that has had shingles knows what this is like) and my left side of my body was aching so bad I couldn't even walk. I called Kaiser and got the on-call doctor who was SHOCKED she didn't give me anything for pain. He immediately prescribed me Gapapentin (to calm my nerves and help my stinging skin) and Tramadol. The relief I felt within 30 minutes of taking these was practically life-saving. He comforted me and told me to "hang in there and call back if you need anything else". Soooo... Dr. Easter either LIED to me about Acyclovir including pain relief, or is a VERY poorly educated doctor. Neither of these is acceptable to me when my health and well-being is at stake. I emailed her and confronted her and she responded "glad to hear your pain has improved however sorry you weren't satisfied with the care you received". That's it. So please do not use this doctor. Clearly the other reviews here don't seem to show any positive things about her either.

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Misdiagnosis show details Misdiagnosis
Jun 5th, 2012

Dr. Easter misdiagnosed my ovarian cyst after doing a pelvic exam, and stated that my pain over my hip bone was not coming from my ovary so that's why I didn't have a cyst, and she didn't feel one during the exam, but would order an ultra sound anyway. I have PCOS, have had two surgeries to remove endometriosis and a cyst, and an emergency surgery for a torsion for the same ovary. She made me feel like I was overreacting, and that my back pain was asymptomatic. I did the ultra sound, and what do you know, I have a cyst, and I'm still in pain, three weeks later. I called her office and was promised a call back for a discussion of my test results, instead I was sent an email of my results with a follow up ultra sound if pain persists. Because I have a history of this I know this is normal procedure, but I specifically wanted to speak with her about the possibility of this turning into another torsion. So I emailed her. I still have not had a response.

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Feb 1st, 2012

I've seen some negative reviews of Dr. Easter. I can't help but think some of them could be the result of racial discrimination.

Sep 22nd, 2011

she seems nice enough, however, I have a series of health issues that have been managed. My physical health suffered under this doctor. she had no answers, solutions or remedies.

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Poor Dr. at Best show details Poor Dr. at Best
Aug 22nd, 2011

- Didn't respond to a call from my husband regarding his 104 fever while on motrin. We ended up in the ER. - Disregarded extreme physical pain I was in with a basic exam, and a "if it still hurts two weeks later, come back and see me". I couldn't walk standing up straight for the rest of the week. - Disregarded a hip injury with "if it still hurts two months later, come back and see me", after unsuccessful physical therapy and an MRI showing an unrelated problem of a slipped disk. Still in pain.- Cold, patronizing, uninformative and only good for antibiotics for what you know you already have and can be easily tested for, such as a bladder infection. If something is actually wrong with you, she's no help at all.

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disapointed show details disapointed
Jun 23rd, 2011

I'm a new patient and am not impressed by the quality of care provided.

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Run away from Dr. Doria if you can show details Run away from Dr. Doria if you can
Feb 24th, 2011

She misdiagnosed my husband and me. On top of that, when I returned to her to confirm my speculation that I actually had a strep throat, she had the nerve to reprimand me. I told her I had two toddlers at home and feared that I might be contagious to them, and that I was having chills with no fever (which was indicative of strep) but she still didn't conduct a strep test during the first visit. I had to go back again.On top of that, when I returned to her to confirm my speculation that I actually had a strep throat, she had the nerve to reprimand me... she really had an attitude that is not expected of a UC Davis doctor or that is reflective of how her other colleagues in the same office treats their patients. Please- do yourself a favor and choose/switch another doctor. Also, if you had a bad experience with her, save other patients by proactively filing a complaint to her by calling UCD.

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Feb 21st, 2011

I had to call twice before the office sent my lab results. I had about 5 ratings of high/low and the doctor never called to explain the results or reschedule an appt. I called the office to ask if I need be concern and was told no because the dr. would've contacted me. Recently I visited another health dr. and the doctor reviewed the above labs and was shocked by the high's and lows that were never discussed with me. My new alternative dr. suggested I make another appt with Dr. Easter to have my results explained to me as I may need medication. My altern. dr. is so concerned she is giving me a letter stating her concern regarding my lab results.

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Cold Dr. - keep looking show details Cold Dr. - keep looking
Feb 18th, 2011

I agree with the other post. Dr. Easter is a nice lady but she is not very caring. I had asked for lab tests and she said she would call me if anything alarming came back from them. She never called. I learned of the results from My Chart and one test came back positive (not a good thing). Attached to my result was a note to schedule an appointment with her 'if" i had questions. My whole life turned upside down because of this. She should have called me to set up an appointment to discuss the diagnosis and treatment options. I called her to ask why she never called me and she said she felt like she didn't need to because i wasn't showing any symptoms. I was soo upset i felt like crying. I asked her for a confirmatory test and she barely agreed to that...i had to plea with her. She was cold and made me feel like i was bothering her with my questions. It was a huge deal for me but since it doesn't affect her i guess she could care less about me. She made me feel like i was making this huge deal about nothing. I will be looking for a new doctor and once i find one i will meet with Dr. Easter one more time to tell her how i feel. She needs to know and hopefully she will change for the benefit of her other patients.

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Go see another doctor if you can show details Go see another doctor if you can
by Broke patient on May 22nd, 2010

This doctor Is strange, she is nice in person, but at the flip of the a switch can become defensive especially when you as a patient has questions. after 2 months of seeing her and lab tests, I finally came to the day where I would receive treatment, and as she was about to give it to me, I asked a question that she answered, but then she refused treatment "referred" me to a "specialist" who in the end said Dr Easter should have just treated me in the first place. so overall she is a "here is some pills don't ask any questions" kind of doctor.

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