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 |  License should be taken away immediately  |  show details
Oct 4th, 2013

I believe this is perhaps the worst and most money hungry doctor I have ever encountered. After two and s half years of bring dragged there several times per week, he had the audacity to bring me in for an egg retrieval after seeing seven eggs in the sonogram and not retrieve any eggs! My new doctor at Cornell was horrified when he learned of this experience. The entire protocol was wrong and then he had the audacity to tell me that I had "empty follicle syndrome" and that my eggs must have been empty. If you have any hope of conceiving please stay as far away from this office as possible.

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 |  Best doctor I have meet  |  show details
by Jessica P. on Aug 20th, 2013

Dr.Golstein was very professional , and also explained every procedure carefully . My insurance didn't cover a lot of the procedures done so Dr.Goldstein set up a payment plan that worked for me .. If I ever decide to conceive again I will definitely go to him. I am now blessed with a four months baby girl thanks to him and his wonderful staff.

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Jul 11th, 2013

Great Doctor great staff, got prego second try!!

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 |  AVOID AT ALL COSTS!  |  show details
by Mrs. B. on Mar 11th, 2013

This "doctor" is a disgrace. He performs strange "procedures" that are, in my opinion, done to degrade, intimidate and humiliate the patient, who is desperately hoping to conceive. He has received sanctions and has had censure and reprimand on his medical license. Stay away from this man who calls himself a doctor!

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 |  Worst doctor ever  |  show details
Feb 6th, 2013

WORST DOCTOR EVER !!! don't go there ! doesn't know what he is doing. I had an IVF, 2 eggs from the retrieval, and on the day of the transfert, he dropped the eggs on the floor !!! So no IVF except I paid for everything, went under anesthesia... for nothing !!! I went to doctor Martin Keltz instead who was great !

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 |  Infertility  |  show details
by Mrs. V on Jan 24th, 2013

Well I was seeing Dr. Gostein for about two years. I love his staff and how they treated me. At times yes Dr. Godstein was very rude, but I got to know that's who he is. He did everything possible for me to get prego. I just wish he wouldn't worry so much on money. If an insurance is going to pay for a Procedure don't ask for the money upfront. Overall my experience was good.

  • Currently 3 of 4 stars
 |  Fertility/ GYN visit  |  show details
Jan 22nd, 2013

Ok.. Want to start off with, the people whom are speaking badly about this doctor- yes he does have bad bedside manners but he is honest and caring and spends time with his patients- I can say that because I am a problem patient I always have a thousand questions and I always forget my I'm told to do but between the doctor and the staff.. They are very helpful and accommodating for pretty much any time of day! Doctor explains everything and then staff repeats what he says to make sure That I understood. Only complaint I have is.. He can come off a little rude but it's not the end of world!

  • Currently 3 of 4 stars
 |  Infertility Treatment  |  show details
Jan 22nd, 2013

The staff was very helpful and nice. Dr. Goldstein spend more time with me then I expected. I like that fact that it is a private small office, and I see only 1 Doctor and One doctor to treat me. i have Aetna insurance in which the Insurance coordinator checked for me before I was seen and that was helpful. I recommend Dr. Goldstein

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 |  Stay away from this doctor  |  show details
Oct 18th, 2012

This doctor is old and gets confused about matters you discuss with him. He is very incompetent and he is no longer an obstetrician. He tries to do fertility treatment but he is unsuccessful in his attempts. Save your time and money and go somewhere else. There are a lot of doctors who can help you. He actually hurt my chances of ever becoming pregnant.

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 |  bad as it comes  |  show details
Sep 2nd, 2012

I purchased six sessions of Velashape on Groupon. The woman working for him who did my treatment cut my session 30% short (did 20 min instead of 30), was unprofessional in everything possible (sloppy, blaze, negligent, made inappropriate comments about clients), and finally told me that they are booked and wont have any slots available for the whole month now (I have 5 more sessions left that are supposed to be doe once in 10 days). They are also very non-transparent about what the sessions involve and how they approach the treatment. And I just found out that apparently Dr. Glodstein is an ob/gyn, dabbling into cosmetic procedures!!! apparently he does injectables, while his staff does the rest. I am going to fight to get my money back. DR Goldstein completely compromises everything he represents and stands for. SHAME.

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Jun 19th, 2011


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 |  Rough doctor, old office, missdiagnosed  |  show details
May 14th, 2011

Dr. Goldstein is the roughest gynecologist I have ever experienced.The technology in his office is dated and the office is a little old. My first regular exam was already uncomfortable. My hysterosonogram in his office was the worst and most painful experience in my life. Dr. Goldstein needed two attempts to place the catheter and the second time he forced it right into my uterus that I screamed. He had difficulties to read his own sonogram image and found a polyp (which I didn't see). He wanted to schedule a hysteroscopy in his office. The whole procedure felt so unclean (he blew his noise after he put on his medical gloves) that I decided against the hysteroscopy. I took my hysteropingogram at Columbia Radiology a few days later. It is basically the same procedure like a hysterosonogram but they take x-rays a the same time. Strangely my hysterpingogram didn't hurt at all! After Dr. Goldstein's procedure I was in pain for two days. The doctor at Columbus couldn't find a polyp.

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 |  visit in the 90th  |  show details
Jan 21st, 2011

I saw Dr Goldstein in the 1990th. He told me that my chances of conceiving, after I had the reconnection operation of my tubes done, would be 75%. I had the major operation (back then it was 9 hours) and became pregnant. It was a tubal pregnancy and had to be terminated. When my husband went back to Dr. Goldsteins office 5 years later, the Dr. told my husband that the chance of getting pregnant after such an operation was 10%. I would have never ever undergone the operation which still causes me problems today, more than 20 years later with such a small chance. I would also have left my husband and not wasted years of hope. I would not recommend this Doctor to anyone that is in need. My guards were down and he took not only full advantage but also large amounts of cash.

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 |  Horrible Man  |  show details
Jan 2nd, 2011

Dr. Goldstein is unprofessional, rude, chronically running late and just plain selfish. Express an opinion to him and he will laugh it off or disregard it as foolish. The condescending nicknames for women never end. He won't call you by name, but as "sweet-heart," "darling" or "sweetie." The sad part is, his patients all put up with him because they are desperate to conceive. I tell you it's not worth it to put up with this man. Find someone else and spare yourself the heartache.

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 |  money hungry Doctor, DO NOT GO HERE  |  show details
Oct 26th, 2010

I went to this doctor for IVF, and I would not recommend this Doctor, not because he's not a good doctor, but because he's a money hungry doctor with bad manners. I have a very good insurance that covered for the treatment. From the beginning he started charging me copays, he charged me 1300 dollars when my portion of the payment for the treatment was max 1000. Since I had started the treatment, I didn't want to stop, then when I was ready to have the embryos implanted, he asked for 5k cash for the thawing (unfrezzing) of the embryos. I was in shocked to hear this, I called the insurance, and they told me I was covered for this part of the treatment, the only thing they don't cover was for storage, that's when I found out that he was also charging me extra for copays and for the treatment. I felt devasted, after going thru hard times with the treatment, but yet being very excited about getting pregnant, he decided not to do the treatment because I didn't have the 5k in cash. I told him to start the process the insurance would pay, he said no, he needed the cash. I left the office, wanted to transfer to a different center, but the majority of the centers do not take patients after the embryos have been frozen, then another center did not thaw the embryos because the method used by Dr. Goldstein is called vitrification, and they use different method. Also he was over charging me for the storage 1500 for 3 months, when he said that was for the year. Throughout the year I was going there, I was constantly calling the insurance to verify, one, two and so many times my benefits, and still today he owes me about 800, thank God I didn't give him the 5k cash. The nurse is a sweetheart, after not knowing what to do where to go, she called to let me know that the insurance called Dr. Goldstein and confirmed my coverage, I was completely covered for the entired treatment after paying the 1000. He did apologize and I went back to him, I did the first implant, and unfortunately it didn't work. The second implant was done in February, at that point my company changed insurance company, and the entire ordeal started again, so I stopped. Doctor Goldstein IS NOT WORTHY, please check his credentials, and definitely read all the ratings, because all he does is ask for money even in the middle of check up. Save yourself headaches and DO NOT GO THERE

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 |  Dov Goldstein is an amazing doctor and human being!!!  |  show details
by Evelyn Tully Costa on Oct 21st, 2010

After seeing 2 of the top rated reproductive drs in Manhattan for a intrauterine condition they both declared(and the sonograms backed this up)had "passed", Dr. Goldstein actually felt something was a bit off. He was right. He talked me into an operation and gazam, there was a lemon sized fibroid clinging to the side of my uterus that did NOT show up on the tests, but he figured was there due to my symptoms(the other doctors did NOT spend the time to discover this). He's caring, attentive, experienced, has a sense of humor, has very good relations with his staff, treats them as partners and the over all sense of a visit to Dr. Goldstein's office is that of a very CARING relative. Someone you can trust, who will be there for you not only as a clinician but as a human being.

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by annonymous on Sep 1st, 2010

well he saved my life,but,not gynocologically..the only reason i left him is problems with the insurance,too complicated.but,will always remember his excellent disagnotistic capabilities.

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Apr 13th, 2010

The doctor was very thorough in reviewing my history. But it was the most uncomfortable exam I have ever received! The staff wore their gloves all over the office so I couldn't tell if they were dirty or not. As he was examining me, he was having a completely irrelevant conversation about business with his staff. I left in extreme discomfort.

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 |  The worst Dr I had  |  show details
Jan 20th, 2010

He is for sure the worst we have ever seen. He is an unprofessional lier that only cares about taking your money, not your health or medical needs. He's office is awful and no one knows anything about insurance so you never know how much you are going to pay. He also gave us bad medical advice that ended up in an unnecessary surgery and he performed very poorly. He's knowledge is for the least not full. We tried everything with him and it all failed. However, we changed to Dr. Dan Goldsclag from Cornell and it was a totally different experience with a little bonus baby girl. Don't even consider Dr. Goldstein he is the worst!

  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  Excellent surgeon  |  show details
by Maria Golod on Jun 26th, 2009

Dr. Goldstein is an excellent surgeon and an extremely caring doctor.He had my best interest in his heart while treating my fibroids. Dr. Goldstein tried his best to avoid an invasive surgery. After all options were exhausted, he performed all necessary tests to ensure a success of the surgery, which is to keep my ability to have children. He regularly visited me at the hospital and provided me with an unparallel post care. I had a speedy recovery and a piece of mind. I strongly recommend Dr. Goldstein.

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 |  don't see this guy  |  show details
Nov 21st, 2008

This doctor wanted to give me a sonnogram as part of a "normal exam." I did not find this out, however, until the end of my first "normal exam," and then was told as I was leaving that I needed to come back for another visit in a few days for the sonnogram. I have never before heard of needing a sonnogram as part of a normal gynecological exam. And if it IS part of their normal checkup, why didn't they do it while I was there? I have the feeling that they wanted more copays out of me. I felt I was being nickled and dimed. What was worse was that, while I was on the exam table with my legs spread, HE DID NOT EVEN CLOSE THE DOOR! And the nurse kept strolling in and out. I liked a woman being there, but not coming in and out leaving the door open. AND while I was on the table, legs spread and basically lying there naked, the nurse yelled in that so-and-so patient from Coney Island was calling. He left the room and took the call with me lying there. Sure, perhaps it was an emergency, but come on. To top it off, the office feels very old-fashioned and messy; definitely not the type of sterile environment in which I want to be cared for. Also, when I arrived, there were a ton of staff roaming around in the back. I waited an hour after my appointment time before being seen. The receptionist was not friendly. Then, when they diagnosed me with something I had never heard of, I did not receive any explanation about the condition. While google searching what I had on my own time, I realized how ridiculous and unacceptable it is that I have to do this and that my doctor had not given me any information. AND there was a pubic hair on the toilet seat. AND the receptionist was the one who took my blood and couldn't get a vain, so then she yells over to the nurse, "Hey, you do it, I can't get it." I felt like a sheep being hurded around the office. Yuck. Don't go.

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 |  It's a worst doctor office I have ever experienced  |  show details
by Anonymous on Sep 10th, 2008

This doctor is ok but he is too iffy. He diagnosed me that my both tubes are closed although HSG radiologist told me that they are open (He saw the dye coming out from my both tubes). I went to see two other doctors to get second opinion. The two doctors said that the tubes are open. I don't know who I should believe but I can't believe this doctor very much because of my office visit experience. First of all, he didn't know how to operate a sonogram machine. He kept pressing a wrong button... Also, his bedside manner is not that good. He put me on the chair with my legs were wide open, he kept talking to the nurse about a door nob that needs to be repaired. Can he stop talking about stupid door nob when his patient is ready to be examined? It's ok but I thought it's not appropriate. Well, at the end he diagnosed that my tubes are closed and ordered Laparoscopy and Hysteroscope. As I saw how he handled sonogram machine, I decided to switch a doctor because I can't imagine that I can trust this doctor's surgical skills. Another problem that I had was the Semen Analysis. The doc told us that it has to be done in his lab. The nurse told me that his lab doesn't accept any insurance. So they asked us to pay $250. Ok, it sounds kinda expensive but he said that he only can test some specific values/counts only in his lab, which the other lab, such as Quest Diagnostics doesn't provide. We paid the $250 and asked the nurse to provide us the detail receipt to submit the claim to the insurance so that the amount will be counted toward my deductible. I got the receipt and submit it to Aetna. They received the claim and recognized his tax code as a contracted tax code. They processed the claim as a claim from in-network-doctor. I didn't understand first why is it processed as a in-network claim. Didn't they tell us that they don't accept any insurance? If so, then they use the out of network tax code. Well, the reality is that the doctor's office has one tax code and they just DO NOT submit Semen Analysis claim to the insurance so that they can make more money! But unfortunately, I submitted it to the insurance. In a nutshell, the doctor's office got $250 from us and $60 from Aetna. (Well, Aetna mistakenly sent the $60 check to the doctor's office. The check is supposed to be delivered to me.) They get $250 from the patients by fooling us, whereas they only get $60 for the same procedure from the insurance company. Of course they take $250, right? The receptionist at the office kept giving me iffy information. She is nice but she says different things every time I talk to her. The first thing she said was that the doctor's office doesn't have a lab. (Maybe) The second thing that she said was that they sent the specimen to Quest. I know that it is not true because if they sent it to Quest, I would get a bill from Quest, which I didn't. I am trying to get money back from the doctor's office. I don't know how log it would take but I will keep trying. I am not going back to see him again, that is for SURE. I don't recommend this doctor to ANYBODY. He is not a horrible doctor, but the way that his office is run is too suspicious.