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Duncan Mcbride a complelte HACK!!! show details Duncan Mcbride a complelte HACK!!!
Apr 2nd, 2015

Dr. Mcbride is a complete hack. He done my spine surgery and I had to have it redone with another spine surgeon. I was in miserable pain after his surgery, way worse than before surgery. If it wasn't for another qualified spine surgeon I would have been wheelchair bound for life. Be careful going to this doctor. Needs to seek help for his drinking. My surgeon said that he has left a mess inside my spine and took him hours to fix. Don't be fooled with the Ivory Tower that Dr. McBride hides behind. UCLA or not. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!

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****** WORST OF THE WORST ****** show details ****** WORST OF THE WORST ******
Feb 25th, 2015

****** WORST OF THE WORST ****** CONCEDED, ARROGANT, KNOW IT ALL!!! Dr. Mcbride has a huge complex. He thinks that he is better than anyone. He doesn't listen to your concerns and pain. He thinks he is Mr. Know It ALL and loves to bash other doctors and surgeon. He told me straight out that my doctor who did my neck surgery was scum (even though I wasn't there for my neck, which I have done amazingly well and have absolutely no pain). I was sent to him by my attorney for my low back when I was in a car accident. I didn't like Dr. Mcbride's approach nor his charlatan demeanor. I think both him and my attorney are scumbags and in it for the money. Insurance companies need to investigate these sort of PI doctors. Do yourself a favor and avoid this doctor.

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A Very Bad Result from This Doctor show details A Very Bad Result from This Doctor
by Russ on Jan 26th, 2015

Dr. McBride told me everything that I wanted to hear before surgery and promised that the operation would include a vital piece of hardware to replace the disk that was removed. I was in terrible pain just a couple of months after surgery and I completely lost confidence in Dr. McBride. I started asking family and friends for a referral to a doctor that they trust and I finally got a referral several months later. I discovered from the new doctor that McBride never installed the surgical device that he said would be part of the operation. I tried to find out why, and also to get answers to some other questions I had about my surgery but the hospital, UCLA said they don't owe me even answers. I requested all of my records and it took the hospital about two years to get around to providing the records. I had to call and write multiple times to get my records. I would recommend that people NOT have any operation conducted by McBride or at UCLA hospital. Even though they often have good outcomes, if you end up with a bad outcome you are tossed away with no sympathy whatsoever. It is criminal how they have conducted themselves and my health has been ruined.

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Jan 24th, 2015

I went to see Dr Mcbride because he's one of very few neurosurgeons that accepts the Covered California insurance plan. I was examined by a fellow doctor from Canada who was a very nice doctor. I waited in the examining for about an hour before Dr Mcbride came in. He personally didn't physically examine me at all. He looked at my MRI and said I have a surgery for you. Sparing all the details I personally found Dr Mcbride's attitude and arrogance to be very unprofessional. I got the feeling as though I was dealing with a used car salesman. As hard as I tried, just couldn't bring myself to trust him. In the end I'm very happy I listened to my intuition. It's critical to trust your surgeon.

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Not happy show details Not happy
by CF on Feb 4th, 2014

Surgery was not a complete success. Disappointed in post operative appointment. Dr. McBride dismissed my questions regarding surgical complications and other post op symptoms I was experiencing. He then left to attend a lecture. I have no doubt Dr. McBride is an good surgeon, but his poor bedside manners, abrupt nature and lack of concern for his patients makes it impossible for me to recommend him.

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fearful patients need to have faith & trust in their dr...not a prima donna show details fearful patients need to have faith & trust in their dr...not a prima donna
Jan 10th, 2014

i had tri-level cervical surgery about three years ago. i'd been warned at the time the fusion, with fixation (anterior plate & screws) may need to be redone at some point. the one level the dr. had decided not to fuse is now having problems. if i was scared about the first surgery, it was terrifying this time around. in my reading, i found this is a common problem. however, i had no idea it would be less than three years. i made an appt to see dr. mcbride. i waited 45 minutes in the waiting room and another hour plus in the exam room. dr. mcbride sat in a "power position", as to be taller than I...not hard to do. i'm only five feet tall. i had gathered all the paperwork, results and everything the other doctors had asked me to bring (he was the 3rd consult). it was on the ucla website of what to take to your appointment. it's a good thing i'd called the morning of my appt. i was told to just bring in the cd of my mri & mcbride would "form his own opinion". he seemed to have barged into the exam room, but i can't be certain, i'd fallen asleep waiting for him. with him were two training doctors. i was shocked to say the least. he started bombarding me with all kinds of things, some that he had no business discussing. he wasn't at all interested or concerned with any of my other spine problems, the extent of nerve damage & my lack of fine motor skills, just my neck. while talking, i had mentioned i'd looked up some things on the internet, so i'd be a little prepared. he asked if i'd done any reading about him. (looking back, i wonder if he was fishing for a compliment?) he acknowledged the long wait time. he told me it was because he "spent so much time with his patients; how much he cared". it sounded insincere. he spent as much time, or less, with me than any other doctor i've seen. he didn't even stick around while the other dr. did a few neurological tests. not having gone to a "teaching facility" before didn't help. i didn't mention the negative reviews i had read. i felt as though i had no say or choice about what was to be done. i had only gone for a consultation. before i left, his scheduler was trying to set me up with a surgery date. i found it odd that it took weeks to get in to see him, and now i was being to rushed into surgery. this was the same woman who had treated me so badly on the phone and "in person" she was totally different. maybe when she saw me, there were dollar signs in her eyes. i have no idea what made the difference in her attitude. i don't know why they all instantly thought i'd go along without question. i hate being intimidated and that's exactly how i was made to feel. i also noticed, he seems to be one of those who doesn't see the person in distress, just the part that's broken. i had no confidence in him at all. i may try to make an appt with one of his associates. the reviews of the other doctor sound a lot better than what i had experienced. perhaps it's just me, but i noticed some terrible reviews. the really glowing ones were from years ago. i would only go to dr. mcbride if i had no other choice

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Duncan McBride show details Duncan McBride
May 1st, 2013

The doctor's two hour wait and demeaning staff did not help. But it does not influence my opinion of this doctor. He came in appearing as if severely tired, was certainly not present when I spoke. I saw him for a total of 12 minutes, half of which he fidgeted with his broken badge, never really connecting with me. (Maybe he was listening?? Not sure.) But it really negated my confidence in him. His $1500 bill did not help. Granted, UCLA charges that price. Even though the visit cost me nothing, I wonder if this sort of activity is part and parcel to the state of health care in the US -- overworked, dis-connected doctors whose employers charge unrealistic prices for the services rendered. I doubt if I would not let him operate on me - just my opinion.

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Doctor is not caring or understanding. Poor bedside manner show details Doctor is not caring or understanding. Poor bedside manner
Jul 8th, 2012

I brought all my needed information about past history, radiologists' interpretations & films Cd's, recent Dr. evaluations & past operative report to Dr. Mcbride. It took over 2 weeks to gather all the information.I had a failed major spinal surgery and was sent to Dr. McBride to evaluate me for redo surgery to correct the mistakes in the hardware and failed fusions. He lists on his web site of doing complicated hardware spinal surgery.This was a difficult appointment to make mentally to know that you may undergo major spinal surgery.His PA did not care to see any of the information I brought with me except for the Cat Scans and films. When he did the leg raises for diagnostics and I said "ouch" he did not ask where it hurt... It hurt in my lower spine; he may assumed it was sciatica. When I had no right leg reflex, he did not say anything. It was apparent that the Doctor had no intention of operating on me. The PA was just going through some basic tests to bill out to Insurance as an exam even though it was incomplete. He did not touch the areas that hurt. I asked if the Doctor needed to see the neatly organized short dictations from other Doctors including the last surgery procedure that failed (most of organized requested information); He said it was not needed. Dr. McBride came in and said I was "messed up" with no explanation except a post or screw was in my butt and the other side was loose. This is what the Cat Scan report said. I asked his PA if I could see on the CD what was wrong with my body such as the screws but they ignored me. This was coming from a Doctor who did the difficult procedures. I was using my supplemental oxygen which I use sometimes as needed. Dr. McBride said he would not operate on me because I use oxygen. How fake? This may be a lie because they monitor your finger with the pulse oximetry and have oxygen available in the Operating Room.His poor behavior and lack of explaining what was wrong with me was a new low for me with a physician in my 7 surgeries and 12 years of regular exams. As a retired disabled Dentist, I told him that I would tell the patient was wrong or what the other Dentist did wrong and what plan of action we would take to correct their problem or get them out of pain. He just told me to keep getting spinal shots and abruptly left. I told his PA that this is just treating the symptoms and is no cure; that it gets weaker with each shot, and causes other side effects, His PA nodded in approval and said he was sorry. This is probably the case of a Dr. protecting another Surgeon who may have committed malpractice "protect their own and not get involved in possible litigation." I had never seen an attorney but after this poor experience, I may. This trip to him was hard on me physically with pain since I was driving from out of state. I left with no answers about my condition after the visit with Dr.McBride. To me, Dr. McBride has no conscience and I put him at the bottom of the pile for reviews. I now fear Surgeons with caution because of him. I recently found a surgeon just down my street who has over 25 glowing reviews from patients. I am excited about going to the new Doctor/Surgeon for his honest answers to my questions. Hopefully, he can save the reputation of surgeons after my poor experience/not caring actions from Dr. McBride. I hope this agency will lower his high score from this truthful rating of my experience.

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May 17th, 2010

He was about an hour late for my 8:00 AM appointment. His resident came and looked at my MRI and Mcbride was running late and takled to me for 3-4 minutes saying that I did not need surgery. He probably did not look at the MRI. He may be a good surgeon, but is not couteous. He figured why wate time if I do not need surgery.

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