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Feb 10th, 2015

She is the worst. Specially if you are a woman do t ever sees her she is full of complexe and jealousy and misinterpretation. You don't want ruin your life and dignity by seeing her.

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Sep 28th, 2014

She is a public danger for family counseling. She judges you on the very first day and takes no responsibility for her acts . She is not reliable at all and has no experience what so ever. All she finds to say is that you are lucky you didn't commit suicide yet. She made me suffer the most some one could suffer.

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Beware of choosing this physician as QME Panelist in Psychiatry show details Beware of choosing this physician as QME Panelist in Psychiatry
by Darlene Gist on Sep 21st, 2014

I would not recommend her for purpose of completing a QME Qualified Medical Examination. Please read other website reviews before making a decision to utilize this physician. This doctor is listed with State of California to complete QME's in certain demographics where she does not practice. For sale of acquiring business via Panay selection process. It would be worth researching her reviews to ascertain their experiences with her. Her medical methology and medical rationale has proven to be very questionable?

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Jan 25th, 2014

BEWARE: Dr. Sagart is a professional Psychiatrist capable of demonstrating herself to be very deceptive when performing Qualified Medical Evaluations for larger entities and/or employers. She has taken on the role of being a Defense-Oriented QME Panelist. She did not write the QME Report by taking into consideration medical evidence and/or opinions from actual substantial medical documentation submitted to her, as set forth by California Workers Compensation law. It appears she allowed Employer to provide her with false information and then incorporated the false information into Medical Legal Report, without doing her own review of the records provided. California WC Medical Units standards are intended to guide QME's in their relationships with individuals they serve; including the injured worker. But not to oppress injured workers by completing misleading, deceptive, and incorrect Medical-Legal Reports. PLEASE USE EXTREME CAUTION when making panel selection. Dr. Sagart is a Defense QME Panel Physician who has clearly demonstrated she favors the Insurance Company and Employer, not the EMPLOYEE. Use caution when considering this physician as a QME Panelist in Psychiatry.

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thankful show details thankful
by Ellie on Aug 8th, 2013

She is not only a great doctor but also a great human.she helped me a lot finding my way,being successful and having better life.just want to say thank you to her and I absolutely recommend her to all of you.have a great experience

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human torture rack suvivor show details human torture rack suvivor
by john m wehrly on Jun 4th, 2013

walk about 2007-2013 walk about 1998-2004 as a psycotic homeless i orbitted whittier norwalk bellgardens san pedro 15 hours a day 7 days a week. I slept on the train tracks , and abandon houses. I compounded a arrest record and did a county lid one year in county jail. All my crimes were petty and by design. I started writing about police brutality and the risk of three strikes. However after i recieved disability i was viced conservatorship. Under dr sagart treatment the muggy antagonistic agitated agrivated and general misery was continous and non stop allong with this and soaring dreams lucid dreams creatured meth use . I complained non stop about intrusive thoughts and non stop nightmares. I told them when i felt suspended. under dr sagart i was administered 36 injections untill my arm went numb every night and once it it got muscled it made my arm feel strained all the time. Dr sagart bed side manner was poor, one time i had a simple accident and it got blown out of perportion and i was suspended psyc ward and committed and billed 23k instead of a ativan shot and a medication change. This course of action ruined my life and perhaps cost me 15 years of life. I feel mortal . I feel had they litigated a settlement and a court order donot detain on my dispatch record i would have been more calm and conducted a differnt approach. Instead they ruined 10 years of treatment with there suspension and i left in worse shape than i was when i first entered dr sagart telecare la hop program. telecare was once a homeless outreach then it changed to hopes and oppruntunities. Its hard to have hopes and oppruntunity when living check to check in a antitdote suspension. Im now in treatment that doesnt restrain the aggressive and has harder rules regarding petion for guardianship. The irony is the law felt i was fit for 6 years of court appearances and a year jail time. Now they spin out response and manifest a crazy or acting out mentality. since being on disability and prior after abandoning work and isolating myself the experiance was a human torture rack. I should have been pampered nuturedcomfort with a reconcilled home. I was very disappointed how things turned out and i feel i wasted my time under her steward. those intrust fall hardest. If you have a psyciartric concern, it could easily become a family grudge match with submissive and surrendering tatics. Your first night homeless is the worst and usually surrenders99% of people. By the time your on your fourth year you develop a victim menality or vulger mannerisms. I trusted her but was pesimistic i have no faith. My complaints went untreated and my problems were enchanced and i was administered a cocktail of medication at the expense of the tax payers. I now take a sleeping pill a ptsd pill for dreams and calming antipycotic and a heartburn pill i sleep with cpap and wake up with a better day free from the tri city experiance. She is not a trigger thank god however the possiblity of being suspended by them was never discussed. I had problems listing all my symptoms and concerns before a session and despretely needed a accesment without dicipline or faithfull testimoney. If you talk to dr sagart about me she would have a perfect explaination and outline respones to cover everything like the police had with their wrap sheet. A tight knitt ball easily dismissing my claims and taking the attention off them.

enchanted 20's seasonal beat show details enchanted 20's seasonal beat
by paradox that drives us all on May 12th, 2013

im not a goober art the fart, taxing labor pentagon spoils . to bad she 's not simulated city employment at the movies snack shack usher , maybe whittier fence good old fashion manuel labor. Russia reliquished simulated city jr44victims from the office to the carwash, dont bother the shipping docks glory days. dr freud if she trys budice deported, pow frankin stubbs, yes you work night and day on cocaine batton down the hatches. I got my ssdi back payment wronski lahop never happened. commissioner bruce barnett data reciever seagrams seven, prime rib and spirits and thank you for sharing that with me, presently im working on my cheese cloth after a silk worm scrub with a wash cloth I guess london broil, tea time,big bend over, and love it at levits dont be a richard dope.

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a street kid arrested gets out 3 years from now to commit more crime show details a street kid arrested gets out 3 years from now to commit more crime
by big john studd on Apr 13th, 2013

iranian dr at a homeless outreach where im expected to be a skidrow bum with a nugget of crack rolling out of my hand while i snooze. i wasnt suprised by 911 human and basic rights id love to see the dictators of the world seize controll of meth and smoke it on tv while they drive and work being faithfull and philosophical. while simple america reflects on custard and benedict arnold. she prescribed haldol decante thorizine prozac or geodone like her replacements. she was a confident dignatary who answered the call of the golden monkey and great satan. As a gorrilla she captured americas resources and made things available. I lost allot of weight exhirlating walks how ever tradgedy struck im a master manager and union consrtuction apprentice i can handle the wheel while mom un locks her phone. If she needs a refferal contact amelco mechanical a iranian union construction company no doubt excellent work on cocaine and high quality meth. i ate out of the trash i was abandon by all people i needed a champion and a hero not a big shot im a crawdad a fresh water crab spining good about my mastery of meth and simple motivation and smoother. I wrote everything off .

cheryonoble outreach show details cheryonoble outreach
by boris simple on Mar 20th, 2013

KGB master Dr a plus Tehran is the second largest country the worldoppression or simple simulated city jaspar

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psycotic homeless or victems relief show details psycotic homeless or victems relief
Oct 11th, 2012

if you want to lay in bed all day GAIN 100LB MASTERBATE ONE CHANNEL OF tv no ineternet access on acocktail of medication with a norwalk sheriff testimoney friendly drop site she is for you

Phone number show details Phone number
Oct 19th, 2009

I looked up this Doctor online today and tried to contact the office to make an appointment for my daughter. I was unable to do so because the number listed "has been disconnected". There was no additional information. I will no longer try to contact this Doctor's office as this is not a good sign.

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