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Mar 3rd, 2015

My parents were patients of Dr. Erickson for years for the last four years my mother has been going to test after test Dr. Erickson was always slow to follow up. Making a long story short we talked my mother into trying our doctor within a couple weeks we found out she had Multiple Myeloma and was at the very end stages, Dr. Ericson never figured this out I wouldn't let my gold fish go to this doctor find another Dr. Barrick is a great place to start

by Karen on Dec 15th, 2014

I have had no problems with the staff and find Dr Erickson patient and understanding. She listens and works with me. She is willing to try different approaches to things if one does not work. She really listens and responds to my problems and questions better than any Doctor I have had before.

Poor communication, poor follow up, little results show details Poor communication, poor follow up, little results
Jun 4th, 2014

I have been seeing Dr. Erickson for several months now and I have not been satisfied by her care at all. I will say, visits with her are longer than most, but with little result. I have abnormal test results, but waited over two weeks to be told them by phone from the MA. When I wanted to ask a few questions I had to schedule an appointment, a week out. I am having several, varied issues and have been told by her in multiple office visits "I don't know what's wrong". I have been sick for months with many issues that have been recurrent for years as well and have received no plan of treatment from her, just to "monitor closely" and see her in 3 months. I have lost weeks of work, spent hundreds of dollars on visits and tests with her and a specialist (I had to ask to see) and still cannot get any answers from her or even proper communication from her office. I am finding another doctor and I do not recommend seeing Dr. Erickson.

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The way healthcare SHOULD be! show details The way healthcare SHOULD be!
by Laura W on Sep 11th, 2013

After reading some of these reviews, I had to laugh out loud. It sounds like some of these "issues" are related to drug seeking nonsense. Being vicious because they did not get their fix??? Snobs, Really?? This is one of the least pretentious medical offices that I have been to in the Springs. I have been seeing Dr. Erickson for a year. She and her staff have been nothing but stellar in their care and treatment. I have never experienced rudeness or long wait times for appointments OR meds. I have also never had the type of appointment before where the doctor spends more than 5 minutes with you....Dr. Erickson spent an hour with me on my first visit, she took time to explain test results etc. She truly practices "old school" medicine & I really appreciate that. So for those "patients" out there that feel the need to spew about Dr. Erickson & her staff....Have a look at your intentions. WE are responsible for our bodies, our health, AND our happiness. It is not our healthcare providers job to make us whole. They are just our guides.

very rude staff, dr seems to be very judgemental show details very rude staff, dr seems to be very judgemental
by ec on Jul 15th, 2013

I thought id give her a try as my doctor, first her staff is nothing but a bunch of rude girls. The doctor would ask me a question and if it wasn't an answer that she liked she would just stare at me. (kind of awkward) It was just bizarre. she gave me a depression test and told me I was depressed,(like I didn't already know).but she made it sound like it was this huge medical discovery....she asked me if I wore my seatbelt and I said yeah sometimes and she just gave me this rude look. Just overall really not a good Dr. I will not be going back and I will not recommend her to anyone. The best way I can describe her and her staff is stuck up. If attitude isn't that important to you then give her a try.

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Doctor having issues? show details Doctor having issues?
Apr 26th, 2013

I agree with MANY of the other reviews on here. Doctor used to be great, office staff sucked, now might be having "personal issues" or whatever because she NEVER CALLED ME BACK about my regular rx that I've had with her for 3 years. SUDDENLY some woman was there to greet my son and I last visit in mid-December and THAT MA never called in an rx again. I followed up 3 months in a row, each month begging for an rx that used to be called in regularly for years and from even my previous dr. NO REFILLS . If I hadn't cut myself down at that point, I would have been in the ER thanks to Dr. E. and finally dr. E called me in 1/2 month rx and her office girl told me that her NEW POLICY is to let the patients self-police by simply cutting off their rx when she wants to cash in on an office visit. I told the office help that this is not in keeping with her Hippocratic Oath and that, as a fully disclosed self-pay patient I felt I was being neglected as a patient and that it wasn't fair for the docs new policy to make me sick in my body without her concern at all: RESPONSE? No call back, cut me off dangerous meds cold turkey and sent me a note in the mail registered saying that I have a condition that requires "ongoing care" so that she won't be seeing me anymore and I can pay for a copy of my records. It's on my lawyers desk at legal aid right now and I have written a complaint to the American Medical Association as well as the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies. All this being said, I am the type of patient that hates meds and got myself off several while under doctors care, all with her consent. Always been a compliant patient and the doctor is simply drumming up easy money now by cutting off people in need of medical services in favor of making quick money. During the fires, I had just been released from hospital on oxygen and breathing treatments and had to have an er doc call me in albuterol bc Dr. Erickson shut down shop with NO WAY to contact her in emergency, simply an answering machine with a message to go to the hospital. It's best to know ahead of time...this is NOT a compassionate and caring doctor. Period. Stay clear if you care about your health or else you may be subject to harm such as I am right now because of the Dr. prescribing addictive drugs through her pill mill and then thinking she can control people by cutting said drugs off. She picked the wrong patient to harm. I'll tell you that...I am going to be healthier than ever DESPITE this "Dr.'s" intention to cause me physical harm and withdrawals. What kind of a person would DO such a thing? Ask yourself...

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May 1st, 2012

for someone who took an oath To first do no harm, she certainly doesn't do well at following her oath. this doctor is an order taker at mcdonalds. she lets parients dictate to her what they want instead of truly diagnosing. this doctor puts patients in harms way with loust staff protocol that staff doesnt even follow. sloppy work by staff. lax and lazy supervision. no actual licensed rn in ofc. just ma's and cna's. this doctor dates one fof her own patients while treating him for hepatitus c, unethical, lazy, uncaring insensitive doormat

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Disenchanted show details Disenchanted
Jun 26th, 2011

As a long time patient of Dr. Erickson I have witnessed the patient treatment go from near excellent down to quite crappy. As a patient that is ill and needing an appointment it is impossible to get a same day or next day appointment. The satndard time out for an apointment is three days to the next week and it does not matter how sick the patient is. The office staff was, at one point, kind, courteous, and empathetic, but not any more. The new hired front office staff, that is related to a veteran staff member, is a smart aleck, stuck-up, short spoken, and rude to patients on the phone and in person. Lately, the staff has been allowed to bring their small children to work with them. The office has turned into a day care with the staff focused on the wild children instead of their jobs.Dr. Erickson is more rushed than before. She will make a diagnosis, prescribe medication, and not mention a follow up appointment or a plan of treatment. In my case, I have a deadly blood disorder, was prescribed a low-dose medication and sent on my way. If I had not taken my illness into my own hands and gone to a specialist I could be deceased.I would NOT send an enemy to this doctor let alone a friend or family member. Please do not put your life in jeopardy with this physicians lacking care.

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Jun 15th, 2011

The wait is sometimes long when you get in, but I also know Dr Erickson will spend as much time as necessary when it's my turn. I never feel rushed and she always answers any questions or concerns I have and makes sure I understand.

Bedside manner and diagnoses are A show details Bedside manner and diagnoses are A
Aug 26th, 2010

My husband and I have been seeing Dr. Erickson for years. Her caring, consideration and diagnostic skills are excellent. She explains everything in plain language and makes sure she does not give me or my husband any medication before she has thoroughly explained how it works and what the side effects are. If there is a problem she fixes it right away. She is always willing to answer my questions no matter how trivial. Her office staff is also very courteous and efficient. They always call me within a week or so when tests results come back. To put this simply if you want to see a doctor see this one. She is worth the visit.

wonderful and caring doctor show details wonderful and caring doctor
Oct 28th, 2009

I have been a patient of Dr. Erickson's for some time now. She knows what she is doing and her bedside manner is 100% great! I do not know what me and my husband would do without her. She never over prescribes medication and tries to get to the heart of your problem by asking questions and listening to your health issues. I highly recommend this lady.

Very poor service show details Very poor service
Feb 27th, 2009

I have never seen such inefficiency or indifference at a GP's office. The front desk was not very pleasant, but I liked the Dr well enough at my appointment...but her office lost my chart with my list of prescriptions that I needed refilled. So, I faxed them to her office and got some of the Rx in the mail. I faxed the list again noting the missing ones. When nothing happened, I called and asked if she needed to see me again but was told that the list was sitting on her desk and I would need to be more patient with their procedures. I told them that my meds were nearly gone and could they please expedite and the answer was no! I was speechless. I will not be going back.

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She's wonderful show details She's wonderful
Apr 27th, 2008

I have some serious medical problems, and she always sees me promptly, and the treatment provided has always been exactly what I've needed. She really listens to me.