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a great choice for a dermatologist show details a great choice for a dermatologist
Feb 24th, 2015

Dr Altman is an excellent doctor who tenaciously treated a painful chronic skin condition, so I now live without discomfort. She is intelligent and caring.

Dermotologist Altman show details Dermotologist Altman
by John Desko on Mar 20th, 2014

Dr. Altman is nastiest doctor I ever dealt with. I think sometimes she forgets she is not in Russia anymore. Very questionable doctor and does not spend enough time with patients. In addition, her office always overbooks appointments and you wait at lean an hour to see her. If you want good dermatologist who will spend time with you then look somewhere else.

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Cold woman. Extremely rude staff. show details Cold woman. Extremely rude staff.
by Kate on Sep 23rd, 2013

I went to see Dr Altman about abscesses in a sensitive area. She put me on antibiotics that made me sick then got mad when I told her I stopped taking them since they had not prevented the abscesses from reappearing. Never called with my lab results. No one did, even though I was told I would be called, and when I called to file a complaint (repeatedly) all I got was an answering service and no return call. Will never go back.

Sep 7th, 2013

Unhelpful. Overbooks appointments, no bedside manner whatsoever.

by J.C on Jul 24th, 2013

Dr. Emily altman is very knowledgeable. I don't get how people can call her rude when she is not. She is just an upfront person who doesnt sugar coat. I've never had a problem with her and she is always very pleasant with me. Ive seen her being pleasant with other paitients as well. I am very pleased with her as my doctor.

never will go there again show details never will go there again
Jun 28th, 2012

lonng time to wait 5 minutes to spend with her.Very rude and

Unprofessional and Rude show details Unprofessional and Rude
Mar 8th, 2012

After waiting ~30 after the shceduled time, finally I were able to see Dr. Altman. She looked cold and seemed not interested in asking any questions before throwing me two prescriptions. The visit lasted less than 5 minutes excluding relatively long waiting time. There was no folow up notice, and no follow up reminder. The interesting thing was I saw two of her employees fighting and cursing each other infront of me. It may be worth the visit only if it helps, but that is yet to be determined.

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Nov 13th, 2011

I do not care about her bed site manners, when you need help, she is the one - Dr. Altman is extremely knowledgeable, great diagnostician, paying attention to the details. I would recommend her to anyone who needs help, especially if its a serious matter, she is a problem solver, and I trust her opinion entirely.

great diagnostitian and problem solver show details great diagnostitian and problem solver
Oct 23rd, 2011

This doctor will solve your problems when all other fail. She is very much out-of-the-box thinker and will find a cure if cure exists. She is very helpful with no-nonsense approach.

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Most knowledgeable dermatologist in NJ show details Most knowledgeable dermatologist in NJ
Oct 20th, 2011

Dr. Altman is always responsive. You can call her during office hours and after hours - you will always get response from the doctor.Dr. Altman is one of the most knowledgeable doctors I've ever met. She can a does handle the most complex dermatological procedures. You can always trust her opinion.Just a great doctor!

Rude and unprofessional show details Rude and unprofessional
Oct 8th, 2011

Stay away from this office. Endless wait is followed by very rude doctor.

Sep 7th, 2011

honestly, I am a 22 year old female, and have been going to Dr. Altman since I was 13. I'm a hypochondriac at best and go to many doctors for a variety of reasons, but she is the best. I've moved away now and there are many doctors in my area but I will always go to her. If you want someone to read you a nursery rhyme and tell you how great you are, then dont go to her. but i promise, she is the best. i've never encountered such an intelligent doctor. within ten minutes she can tell you things it would take others 5 visits to determine.

Jun 23rd, 2011

I am very upset that I went to Dr. Emily. Shy was so rude,tough and didn't listen to my complains completely. I would never recommend her to any one.

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Talented and intelligent Doctor show details Talented and intelligent Doctor
Apr 5th, 2011

Dr. Altman is a fantastic Dermatologist and her knowledge doesn't end there - it is broader, she can correctly diagnose problems, not even dermatological, that other doctors can't. She is a skillful and talented Doctor. First of, I didn't see anything wrong with her manners, but if a bedside manner is more important to you than the end result, sure, go to a bad doctor who is very nice and let him/her treat you - see if that helps you. And we, who understand what's important, will go to her. Hey, less people - better for the rest of us, we'll have to wait less. It's not an accident that the waiting time sometimes is long for this doctor, shows that most of the people can distinguish between mediocrity and a real thing.

horrible attitude, brings home to work. STAY AWAY show details horrible attitude, brings home to work. STAY AWAY
Mar 13th, 2011

She has a NASTY attitude! She was not nice to me as a patient and then when I walked out of the room I saw her being a condescending a**hole to a drug rep standing in the hallway. She is miserable & nasty person.

poor maners with patients show details poor maners with patients
Feb 15th, 2011

WHEN you finally get to see her after waiting over a hour, she rushes in really doesn't pay any attention to what you have to say.she goes out and sends in not one but several other people to take care of you. Her whole attitude is I'm not wrong. I would never recommend her I have a friend who went to her and found her to be very rude.When you have a problem you do need a little compasion.NO I WOULD NOTrecommend HER. HER-Write as if you are talking to a peer who is asking your opinion

knows her stuff show details knows her stuff
Feb 11th, 2011

Dr. Altman has helped me with some difficult skin problems. She keeps up on the latest information AND is personable.

Feb 9th, 2011

Dr. Altman is very knowledgeable, caring and accommodating. I trust her enough to have referred my entire office to her (and they are still her patients years later). If a patient is truly in need of care, she will spare no time and effort to cure, or at least to alleviate, the problem. Neither I nor my co-workers have ever known her to be curt, rude or inattentive. And by the way, although I'm sure she likes to get paid for her services as we all do, her devotion to her patients belies any notion that she is "in it for the money." Frankly, people who make these outrageous (and frequently illiterate) accusations should look at themselves in the mirror and think whether they like what they see.

very upset pt. show details very upset pt.
Dec 14th, 2010

Both dr. altman and her staff are very unprofessional and rude. She barely speaks to patients before she throws a prescription and maybe a coupon at them after they have been waiting for her in an empty exam room for 50 mins. I don't know how this lady stays in business with her bedside manner. Russian or not russian i don't know what you have to be to get some respect from her and her staff.

Terrible show details Terrible
Oct 10th, 2010

Terrible wait, terrible office, terrible bedside manner, terrible doctor.

Excellent Dermatologist! show details Excellent Dermatologist!
Aug 21st, 2010

Dr. Altman is an amazing Dermatologist. She takes care of the entire family, her clinical skills are unparallelled. And what a bedside manner. I am truly blessed to have found her. HIghly recommended.

Dr. Altman is a terrible doctor show details Dr. Altman is a terrible doctor
Jul 14th, 2010

Okay, I get it, she went to Med School, she busted her ass, she's probably a hard worker, but DEAR GOD I have never met a nastier doctor. I waited an hour and a half PAST my appointment time, she spent five minutes with me, prescribed acne pill for me and walked off. Not only that, but in the hour and a half I waited (1 hour in the waiting room, 30 minutes in the examination room), I went to see what was going on and SHE WAS SITTING DOWN JOKING WITH HER STAFF. Not only that but her tone with patients is extremely condescending.If you don't mind wasting your day with her go ahead. She can diagnose and prescribe, but she's rude, angry, and disrespectful. Typical doctor, she should have pursued a career path she enjoyed, not one for the money.

by Jessica D. on Jun 8th, 2010

Dr Altman was so inconceivably rude! I wonder if I could even send my worst enemy to her office. Her tone is demeaning and short. I was completely taken aback by her behavior from the moment she walked in the room (and ORDERED me to strip naked!). Not only did she not treat me (I have a mole that has grown back after being removed that she dismissed), but her office initially accepted my medicaid insurance, then called me days later to say that the don't accept medicaid and tried to bill me and accused me of being deceitful! What a horrid, horrid woman!

Never met a worst doctor than this one show details Never met a worst doctor than this one
by Anonymous on May 18th, 2010 on

I have never met a doctor who is more rude and unprofessional as Dr. Altman. Her aggressive personality and condescending demeanor is very off-putti ...

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Waiting For The Best Is Worth It show details Waiting For The Best Is Worth It
by M. Fraser Hunter on May 7th, 2010

As an inflammatory (skin related) breast cancer survivor and on-going patient for the last seven years, I have spent hours upon hours waiting for all types of appointments, and I can, in all honesty, say it has been my experience that the best caregivers are truly worth waiting for. After a scare of the dermatological variety, my current oncologist (the very wonderful Dr. Alice Cohen of Newark Beth Israel's Cohen Cancer Center) referred me to Dr. Altman. Before I made the appointment with her, I read the reviews online, but made the appointment anyway. What I found was far different from what some of the previous reviews led me to expect, which just reminds me not to believe everything I read.First off, I think people should be prepared to wait to see a really good doctor, particularly one who practices by herself and is in demand. It is not unusual for doctors to "over" book, nor do I blame them for doing so when you consider (a) how little compensation for their education they actually receive from Medicare and other various HMOs and insurance companies; (b) what the cost must be to run an office with a full staff, benefits, and liability insurance, particulary solo; and (c) how often busy, forgetful, or just plain inconsiderate people are late for appointments or completely skip them without any notice at all. Furthermore (as a very busy family doctor I know pointed out to me once years ago when I didn't know any better and after I was fussing about the wait), doctors will generally make the time to squeeze a patient in if the visit is urgent, or sometimes to accommodate a patient's schedule. What he noted was that patients will complain about waiting until they need to be squeezed in, then they are often grateful they can be seen on short notice--even if it means that other patients have to wait a little longer. Secondly, I would like to remark on comments made in this forum in regard to Dr. Altman and her staff. Although I would agree that she doesn't spend time on idle chitchat or make pointless speculation over every freckle on your body (which some people seem to need), I found Dr. Altman to be both personable and highly professional. She spent more than enough time with me and answered all of my questions with a degree of confidence that I found reassuring. The fact that an oncologist I highly respect recommended Dr. Altman gives her extra points, but I also find that her background as a pathologist, which I wasn't originally aware of, gives me an extra level of comfort. With those credentials I can trust that she knows what she's looking at, and will let me know if there is anything else I need to be concerned about. Furthermore, her staff members, although busy, took plenty of time with me and were friendly and professional on both of my visits, and I'm not Russian!Lastly, as regards the issues of copayment and waiting room courtesy . . . It is amazing how many people conveniently have left their wallet at home when asked for payment after services have been rendered. The person that wrote about the copay ought to wake up and look around. It's a whole new world out there with the new economy, and any doctor that wants to get paid collects the copay up front. While I agree it would be nice if Dr. Altman's office took credit cards (not certain that they don't?), if they don't it is because they don't want to pay the high fees that the card companies charge to handle the business, which they would have to pass on to their customers. I'll be happy to come prepared to pay cash. As to the woman who says Dr. Altman spent ten minutes berating her in the waiting room because her child was "giggling", somehow I really doubt it. After meeting Dr. Altman, I doubt that she would take even one minute out of her really busy schedule to spend wasting time in the waiting room unless someone was really rambunctious and out of control. If Dr. Altman did find it necessary to say something to you about your child's behavior, it was for the comfort of all her patients that were waiting, and there was probably more than just "giggling" involved. So, if you are a potential patient that has concerns about skin abnormalities or cancer, or any other rejuvenating procedure, and want a highly trained, expert opinion from a no nonsense dermatologist that you can trust, I think Dr. Altman would be exactly what you need.

HORROR!!!!!!!!!!! show details HORROR!!!!!!!!!!!
by Disappointed mother on Apr 9th, 2010

Dr. Altman stormed out into the waiting for to tell my 1 yr old son (who had been waiting more than 1 hr for surgery) to stop his antics (giggling) and continued to have an outburst for 10 min. When she was finished I took my pre-op infant and left!!!!! Completely unprofessional and I have filed a complaint with Board. Went to LSI in Chatham with my infant bandaged up and received wonderful care. Dr. Altman's bed side manor and lack of class is reason enough to not trust her medical capabilities.

Unprofessional & Rude show details Unprofessional & Rude
by Dragana NJ on Oct 14th, 2009

I'm a healthcare professional referred to Dr. Altman who was my SECOND opinion. I was greeted by a paper sign taped to the wall indicating copays are cash or check only, no credit cards. The front desk staff collected my copay & had me fill out a medical history form. I was then escorted to a room where it looked like the wall was punched/cracked & told by a young girl in training that she would take my medical history. She proceeded to ask the same questions as on the form I filled, and could not pronounce medical terms & did not understand the meaning of some of the questions/ terminology; I explained them to her. I was then informed for the first time that the doctor insists all new patients have a full body exam. I believe I should have been told that over the phone when making the appointment; especially considering it was the first day of my menstrual cycle. THe doctor entered, read my medical history, then proceeded to use latex gloves to examine me; even though my chart & medical history indicated that I have a latex allery. The doctor spent 5 minutes with me, stated she was leaving to write prescriptions. I asked what my diagnoses was & she stated, "get dressed I'll tell you when I return". Fifteen minutes later she walked in with 4 scripts & coupons for medication. I stopped to inquire about side effects & causes to my skin condition & she said, "I can't answer that. Why do some people have acne & others don't. Obviously in your case it's hormonal & it's not that bad." Once again I inquired about the cause, sisnce it was not something I've had all my life & she said, "You've been to 4 or 5 other doctors, & they couldn't make you happy so neither can I." I tried to tell her that she was my second opinion & she literally turned her back to me & walked out!I plan on writing to my insurance co. & sending a letter to her office. I am a person who doesn't normally go to the doctor for small things, do not have time since I work 6 days a week, & research my conditions by asking other healthcare professionals that I treat as patients. I opted not to go to one of them, since they are patients & none of them were on my medical plan. It's no wonder why they collect the copay at the beginning of the appointment. . .I can't imagine anyone paying for the slovenly staff, rude, & unprofessional treatment I received.

by Very Upset Patient on Nov 11th, 2008

I've been to this doctor 3 times before i decided to leave. She DEFINATELY over books. I've waited at least 2 to 3 hours before she saw me and no to mention her entire staff is very unprofessional and rude. If your not Russian then you won't get the proper care you deserve.

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Dr. Altman is rude , intolarent and lacks manners show details Dr. Altman is rude , intolarent and lacks manners
by Inna Gorelik on Aug 20th, 2008

2 hours in the waiting room is a norm to see the doctor ( she obviously overbooks the appointments ). Dr. Altman appears to be knowledgable but extrememly impatient and rude. Her tone of voice minimizes you to a zero. When I asked her a question she insulted me in front of my daugher and said that I was incapable of understanding what she's saying. Her staff is just as unpleasant as she is. I would not recommend anyone to see Dr. Emily Altman , better yet be treated by her.