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Absolutely yes! show details Absolutely yes!
Apr 13th, 2015

I was SO pleasantly surprised at the time and attention Dr. Orth provided. It was truly a consultation as we both talked through current and past medical; issues and charted a path for addressing those issues. Highly recommend him!

Jan 6th, 2015

Have found Dr Orth to be an excellent Doctor. He answers all my questions and helps me keep my diabetes under control. His staff follows up with any questions I may have between appointments.

Dec 15th, 2014

Dr. Orth spent most of the appointment staring at my test results on his laptop. He was very quick to say my test results were normal, even though I had been referred to him by my pcp who thought my test results warranted a visit to an endocrinologist. I don't remember him asking me a single question about any of my symptoms. I did most of the talking, in an effort to get something useful out of the appointment, which otherwise would have lasted for 5 minutes. So, I started telling him all my symptoms, which could all be linked to a lifelong problem with water and electrolyte imbalance. He did admit that my muscle fatigue/soreness was a symptom and the best advice he could give me was to try drinking some sports drinks and to stop drinking fluids 3 hours before bedtime. Then he said he wasn't ordering any more test results and essentially says that he was leaving me to work it out on my own. On a side note, I asked if he would be willing to investigate a re-occurring sinus infection I was having a problem with. I realized that it wasn't his field and or if he would even consider doing that kind of thing for a patient, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask. I only include this b/c I found his response very weird and a bit troubling, as he said "No, sorry. And the tools on the wall (*referring to the scope used for the ears, nose, and throat), yeah, they don't even work, they're broken." Then goes on for 2 minutes discussing how my pcp would go about treating my sinus infection, which seemed like an effort to prove he didn't forget all the general medicine he learned in med school. Overall, I was very unsatisfied with my appointment. He was very apathetic and uninterested in helping me. He had my test results for weeks prior to my appointment, so he could have saved us both some time by having someone from his office notify me that there was no reason to see me. Now I will be paying a bill for a useless appointment.

THE BEST!!! show details THE BEST!!!
Nov 22nd, 2014

Diagnosed with thyroid cancer right after my son was born--turned out to be a more unusual thyroid cancer--Dr. Orth has taken the best care of me for five years. Secretaries and nurses very prompt, caring, helpful--I always get my test results promptly. He shows the greatest care for my family and me, and goes the extra mile to help figure out the best course of treatment for my particular disease. We are immeasurably grateful--I recommend him to anyone.

Go elsewhere show details Go elsewhere
Oct 18th, 2014

Poor communicator,and automated lab results are impersonal. I am a nurse who went to Dr. Orth and regret it

Best Doctor to Help with Diabetes show details Best Doctor to Help with Diabetes
Nov 16th, 2013

Dr. Orth has helped me more than any other diabetic doctor in the many years I've had Type I Diabetes.

Very Helpful show details Very Helpful
Nov 14th, 2013

I have had Type 1 Diabetes for 49 years and Dr. Orth has helped me more than any other doctor in the past to understand how to deal with this disease. He has always been a great listener and tries to encourage me when I'm discouraged. This is a tough disease to control, but I am in better control than I've ever been now thanks to Dr. Orth's help.

Oct 29th, 2012

After being referred to see Dr.Orth, his office rescheduled my appointment twice. Now, 2 months after the referral had been made his nurse calls and says that Dr.Orth reviewed my file and he doesn't believe my tests are abnormal enough to warrant seeing him. Thus, he cancelled my appointment saying that "I will be fine." 3 of my thyroid tests came back elevated but obviously not elevated enough to waste his time (sarcasm) Overall, after reading his reviews I am glad he chose not to see me despite the referral because he seems less than competent! For anyone who reads this, do yourself a favor and find a Dr who actually cares about your health and well-being and not wasting his precious time! I am beyond disgusted with him and his office!!

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Poor test follow up show details Poor test follow up
Aug 9th, 2012

I was referred to Dr Orth after an abnormal thyroid test with my family doctor. At my appointment, Dr Orth said immediately that he did not really believe in treating my thyroid condition (I had been on medicine to treat it for 10 years, mostly successfully) He showed more concern for my blood sugar levels than for my thyroid. OK - I agreed to go off all medicine for 60 days and be retested for blood sugar and thyroid levels. My first test was a 2 hour glucose tolerance test (I did share with Dr Orth a previous diagnosis of Hypoglycemia.)I made it through the 2 hours of the test OK but my blood sugar crashed (despite a meal) about the 3.5 hour mark. The results of this test were delivered to me by recorded message - no opportunity to discuss my experience or what it meant. I was informed to resume my medication and follow up with my family doctor as needed.1 month later I took the thyroid portion of the tests he ordered. I week later, I again received results by a recorded message that the results were in the normal range. I originally went to the doctor because I was feeling very poorly and Dr Orth took away the one medicine that had provided some help over the years with no discussion, explanation or alternative ideas. I now feel even worse. I would have been open to trying lifestyle changes, supplements or anything that might have helped.So end of story - I feel worse that I did before I saw him. My family doctor is now referring me to a Endocrinologist that is a better communicator.Dr Orth is probably fine if you have simple issues that require only standard treatment. He was pleasant and seemed very intelligent.

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Excellent Doctor show details Excellent Doctor
Jul 16th, 2012

My blood sugar levels were not very good until I started seeing Dr. Orth.

I was not impressed show details I was not impressed
Feb 3rd, 2012

I waited over an hour after my appointment time, he never asked me why I was there, he assumed a few things that were not mentioned. He never even examined me. I tried to redirect him to the actual problem and he seemed irritated that I had stopped his train of thought, which had nothing to do with why I was there. He mentioned I should be on a particular medicine, but never gave me a prescription. All in all, my regular PCP could have done what he did. I did not see any specialized medicine going on here.

Jul 17th, 2011

I went to Dr. Orth for a 2nd opinion because I felt my original doctor was only partially correct, but not a specialist for my diagnosis. I did extensive research using the Mayo web site and various others, but felt that Dr. Orth laughed in my face telling me not to believe any of it. He looked at the records I brought in and told me that I didn't have what I was previously told, even though I have almost all of the symptoms and tests confirming it, because the tests weren't done early enough in the morning. He also said that I should doctor shop if I wanted to figure it out. After years of trying to figure something out and getting a diagnosis that made sense, I felt like I totally wasted my time, energy and money on this trip for a second opinion and was very disappointed!

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Unhelpful show details Unhelpful
Sep 15th, 2010

Dr. Orth is a nice guy, but he did three things I found unacceptable:1. He wanted to do a $600-800 needle biopsy on my thyroid that a surgeon had already told me was unnecessary, and which my insurance wouldn't cover. These tests are inconclusive about 1/3 of the time and are basically a money-maker, not a useful test. 2. He uses a very tedious automated system for distributing the results of lab tests. Getting in touch with a nurse is very difficult, and Dr. Orth absolutely does not speak to patients over the phone. I requested a copy of the lab results be mailed to me; the nurse agreed to do so and never did.3. He did not make any effort to treat my symptoms, only my lab numbers. I had persistent symptoms from my condition that, although uncommon, are not rare or unheard of. Dr. Orth insisted these had to be due to an unrelated coexisting condition, but had no interest in figuring out what that was. I had to go back to my primary physician, who then referred me to another specialist, who ended up ordering a lab test that Dr. Orth should have known to order. All this cost me and my insurance about $300 more than it should have.