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Dr. Eugene Kaplan, DABIPP
Pain Management Physician, Neurologist, Vascular Neurologist, Headache Specialist
29 years of experience
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Feb 26th, 2015

This office began appearing thorough at first, but when they discovered I was much worse injured than they thought at first when doing a test and finding some serious issues not previously diagnosed, they decided to hide this a cover it all up. They ended up sabotaging my care, canceling a pain medication refill appointment and falsely accusing me of overdosing on pain medication when I had a serious reaction to suddenly being without the pain medication I had been on and needed for serious pain. Luckily I had a tape recorder running and could prove all of this if necessary. The PA Jeffrey Cameron was the accuser but the doctor went along with it, and refused to understand my side of things and then refused to understand that I could not take the pain I was in nor function independently without pain medication. This is a very serious violation, and is considered severe medical misconduct, as a patient can be refused medication treatment with the falsified allegation, and the sick and sad truth about this office which practices pain management is that I think that this is exactly what they meant to do. The further seriousness of this is that they can further hurt a patient with an injury as serious as mine. Dr. K. refused to listen to me to discuss any of this telling me that he didn't have the time, which is his job, as is supervising this horror of a PA he has. It seems that he doesn't have an issue with trying to hurt you if he finds you have been misdiagnosed and have the right to sue a doctor who misdiagnosed you, and he is willing to go to whatever length it takes for other doctors, rather than for you. A sick set of minds here I would suggest you stay away from. You don't want thisunhealthy looking PA messing with your pain medication so they can further hurt you into not having a case against anyone, which is exactly what this office chose to do. I suggest taking someone with you.

Feb 7th, 2015

Terrible. Wants records back almost 20 yrs for a cat accident that "may reopen"? Must want to charge big fees to testify so he'll force the reopening!

office staff are terrible show details office staff are terrible
Oct 24th, 2014

Office staff has no clue. Total waste of time. First appointment waited 3.5 hours. Second appointment had to be cancelled because they didn't get workers comp approval to do test. Waited a month for that appointment And they knew it was workers already. Office staff needs a lot of help.

Medically Incompetent show details Medically Incompetent
by Ms.C on Sep 10th, 2014

At first Dr. Kaplan was very good and was helpful. I saw Dr. Kaplan for 5 years and kept going as i was taught growing up that you have to put up with whatever a doctor does to/for you, you must do it to get the diagnosis and medical care you neef. As soon as someone stole my medication, he became cold, aloof, and down right nasty. I would have a 9am appointment and he would never show up until 11 am. Actually my last appointment was at 2:30pm and never got in to see him until 6pm. As I talked to patients about my disease and diagnosis, I would continuously complain that I had to wait so long, especially as the waiting room chairs were uncomfortable for patients with severe back pain. I asked if I could sit in the recliners in the back waiting area or on one of the exam table as I was experiencing extreme pain or lay on one of the exam room tables and told me I could not and had to go back to the waiting area. My pain was so extreme I could not put up with it any longer and my only option was to lay down on the waiting room floor. After aboutb20 minutes, they finally let me lay down on an exam table. I continued to wait and after about 20 minutes Dr. Kaplan came into the room, did not even ask how I was or even say hi' he asked if I had any recording devise. He examined me and said he came up with a new exam to confuse the patients so he would know if they were faking. He decided after 14 back surgeries I was faking my pain and them said I needed a fusion done on ,y lower back. To me this is very incompetent to tell a patient they are faking and needed surgery. He took me off my pain medication very quickly and left for vacation and, when I called the office, I was told to go to the ER. When he returned from vacation, he discharged me from his care - unethical to my way of thinking. And God forbid should you need to talk to the doctor, it is their policy that the doctors do not call patients -- you have to go in, pay your co-pay, and after a couple of hours waiting, you are lucky you actually see the doctor. Also, during the 5 years I went to his clinic, two physician's assistants left, one secretary left, 4 people typing what Dr. Kaplan while performing procedures left, and 4 or 5 nurses have left. I bumped into several of these people and we spoke about Kaplan's office and they all have told me they left for two reasons: they hated having to watch patients wait for so long and the office manager was a b---- and very hard to get along with.

do not use show details do not use
by john doe on Aug 5th, 2014

he is a good doctor if u are willing to wait 5 hours in the waiting room to see him.. waited an average of 5 hrs in the waiting room for the last 3 months

Beware! show details Beware!
by Patricia W on Mar 16th, 2014

My daughter saw Dr. Kaplan for a little over two months...doing what he considered diagnostic tests. When she finally decided to see another doctor, we asked him why he was just putting needles into her without doing an MRI. His response was he needed a reason to do one. We have recently been seek g another doctor who IMMEDIATELY ordered an MRI. My daughter has several bulging discs and will require some sort of surgery....something Dr. Kaplan said she was definitely not a candidate for..beware future patients. Dr. Kaplan runs a "meat market" for those with pain!

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Oct 30th, 2013

If I could give 0 stars I would. I can't rate Dr. Kaplan, but I CAN rate my initial (and only) experience with the scheduling staff. The very first question "What kind of Insurance" and of course, what are we seeing her for (referring to my daughter) then I was asked "how old?" When I answered I was very rudely told "We don't do pediatrics". "Sorry." Very as a matter of fact and routine. Not a bit of compassion AT ALL. I guess based on this treatment from the office staff, I'm happy that they DON'T do pediatrics!

take a number show details take a number
by L. on Aug 12th, 2013

Bring a novel to appointments because you'll be waiting awhile. Don't bother to comb your hair because the only person who will treat you like a human is the nurse who takes your blood pressure. The injections gave me no pain relief--not putting them down, other people may be luckier. [See 7/18/13 NY Times Magazine article and others about back injections .)

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Would have recommended but now... show details Would have recommended but now...
Nov 28th, 2012

I searched for a few months for a new pain management & was recommended to Dr Kaplan. The first time I met him, he was great but I was very disappointed with the staff. My appointment was for 2pm & without notification, they switched it to 1pm. So when I got there, they told me I was late & had to wait until everyone else was done. I sat in that waiting room for up to 3 hours. The doctor was great with helping me & told me he wanted me to come back the next day for an injection. I told the receptionist what time he wanted me to come back & she refused to set it up because she couldn't "legally schedule anyone after 4pm" unless the dr told her to her face. She wouldn't even go & ask him. So after a few weeks, I set up a new follow up appointment. It was for 3:30 but I got there 15 minutes early. I noticed that everyone, even people that came in after me, were being seen. I was not put in a room until 5pm! The nurse that was trying to get me in kept telling Jeff the PA to get me in a room but he wouldn't leave the room he was in. So she finally got me into a room to wait. At 5:30, the receptionists were all gone, some of the staff was leaving & I still had not seen the dr! I was then told; "he left for 2 hours today & I didn't know. I keep trying to get him in here". I could hear her telling Jeff to get in the room to see me. I finally got up & left shortly after. She asked if I wanted to reschedule & I said no because that was very unprofessional. He may be a great doctor but the fact that I waited almost 3 hours & never was seen, not even by the PA, was ridiculous! I have no intentions of returning. Due to their inconsideration, I have spent WEEKS in constant pain. Due to their inconsideration of while I was there waiting, my psychiatric problems got really bad & I had an anxiety attack after leaving there because I was shaking so bad from my anger. I hope someone reads this because that office needs to be re-evaluated. How do you leave a patient unattended while taking care of everyone else? It's completely unprofessional. I would never want to ruin his reputation but he needs to do something about his PA & some of the staff. I appreciate the nurse who helped me (Jennifer). She was the only one I was satisfied with. End of story.

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finally fixed my pain! show details finally fixed my pain!
Aug 30th, 2011

I've been to many specialists in the area (even in NYC!) and I had gotten injections and surgery... The surgery left me with MORE pain, and the injections didn't do anything: ONE sessions with Dr K and he gave me a diagnosis (and explained that injections tend to not work because other docs do the bare minimum and inject BLINDLY with NO IMAGING- through inches of skin, fat and muscle, to try to reach a hole smaller than a dime... He uses TWO different imaging methods to ensure it ALWAYS gets to where it needs to be....) I AM FINALLY PAIN FREE!! It's been years since I've been able to play catch with my son... I'm living a normal life again! Thank you Dr K! You're AMAZING!

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Exeptional Physician in All Aspects of his Profession show details Exeptional Physician in All Aspects of his Profession
by Diane Vogel on Apr 17th, 2009

One of the most caring and capable physicians I have ever met (I'm 61), and who was finally able to relieve the extreme pain I hade been suffereing for well over a year, when no other doctor was able to. He managed to put me into his schedule immediately even tough he was totally overbooked. He knew how much pain I was in and it was worth every minute waiting to see him. Wonderful man and perfect role model of what a true professional doctor should be in his "bedside" manner and his practice. Thank you so very much Dr. Kaplan. --Diane Vogel

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You gotta believe show details You gotta believe
by mom of child with headaches on May 30th, 2008

it took me four years to find this neurologist, my daughter has these horrible headaches, he cares about his patients believe me, i have been to albany med and to troy neurologist, he puts them to shame i would highly recommend him

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