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Dec 14th, 2014

Dr Zahrawi did not get pre-approval from my insurance company before he operated. Angela lied and said she got verbal authorization, when in fact the insurance co. does not give verbal approval. therefore my insurance won't pay for the surgery. i would have not gotten operated without approval from my insurance company. I am disabled and don't have the means to pay for the operation.

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Poor Recommendation show details Poor Recommendation
by Tim on Oct 5th, 2014

I went for my follow up appointment with Dr. Zahrawi on October 3rd and sat in the waiting room for about 45 minutes after my appointment time. Once seen by the Dr. I was not impressed with a couple of things such as his bed side manners, proper description of my diagnosis and treatment plan. He did not care at all that I was in the same pain I've been in since the end of June. He never touch me once to see what was causing my pain a or what relieved my pain. He didn't even ask if I needed pain management until I asked him for pain medicine. The nurse came in and proceeded to go over the plan for treatment and then gave me a box of pills for pain that wasn't anything but 800 mg of ibuprofen with something added for stomach relief. It would have been nice if the doctor would have spoke to me about the medicine so that I could have explained to him what works for me and what doesn't. He never came back into the room to see me. This Dr. is a complete waste of people's time and money. I would never go back to this office for any reason. I will be looking for a replacement and will check reviews prior to appointments. If anyone know of a really good doctor please recommend. Thanks

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Doesn't Listen to Patient show details Doesn't Listen to Patient
Jul 24th, 2013

I went to Dr Zahrawi concerning severe lumbar pain on my right side and pain radiant down the right leg to my knee. He took a couple of xrays and told me I had bone-on-bone on my L5 - S1 vertebra. I attempted to ask him some questions and he immediately interrupted me told me to get an MRI, request a copy of the MRI on CD and to schedule an appointment as soon as I got the MRI. This was on a Friday afternoon. I was able to get the MRI and immediately called his office to schedule an appointment. The office proceeded to tell me they couldn't see me until 9 days later.. I explained to the scheduler that I was in severe pain and that I could not wait 9 days to have a follow-up visit. She told me she would check with the doctor to see if could see me on Tuesday and would call me back. Approximately three hours later she called me back and said Dr Zahrawi would see me on Tuesday, as long as I had a CD copy of the MRI. I arrived at my appointment and only sat in the waiting room for about 15 minutes before I was called back to see Dr Zahrawi. I handed the MRI CD to the nurse as we walked back to the room. Dr Zahrawi entered the room and asked me if I had any XRAYs done along with the MRI. I informed the him that his office did the XRAYs and that he showed my wife and me the XRAYs and pointed out in the XRAY that I had bone-on-bone on my L5/SI vertebra. His MA then entered the room and asked me if I was sure they did XRAYs at his office because they couldn't find them. I asked Dr Zahrawi what he found on the MRI and he said he would not look at the MRI without the report. He didn't say anything but got up and left the room and returned 5 minutes later. I attempted to speak again and he immediately cut me off in mid-sentence again and told me he was going to send me for 3 sets of injections. When I attempted to ask more about the procedure he again cut me off in mid-sentence and told me he would fix me. It was apparent he was not interested in what I had to say or if I had any questions or concerns about his treatment. I said well can you at least write me a prescription for pain before I leave. He stood up and instructed me (didn't ask but instructed me) to follow him to the nurse's station. He wrote me a script for pain medication and told the nurse to schedule me to see another doctor for three set of injections. My wife, which is a nurse, proceeded to ask him a question about medication reaction and he told her to contact my family doctor then turned and walked away. I have never seen such a self-center egotistically doctor as Dr Zahrawi. A doctor needs to listen to their patient and treat them with respect. After all it is my body, my life and I am the one that has to go through the procedures and suffer from the results if it is a bad diagnosis or procedure. We started looking for another doctor as soon as I got out of his office. I just returned from a visit with the new specialist and he spent time going over what he saw in the MRI and the various treatment options. He asked me if I had any concerns, told me what to expect in my treatment. I will never go back to Dr Zahrawi.

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Jun 29th, 2012

I had surgery 3 years ago, I wish I wouldn't have. After surgery I was walking worse, had broken instrumentation in lower back one month after surgery and he refused to continue treating me, because I still had an outstanding balance. This is the worse I've experienced.

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Jun 20th, 2012

Let me begin with the fact that this doctor was not very informative. My appointment began with a physical and they(the doctor and PA) looked over MRIs. I was told I needed surgery. The questions that this doctor asked me were inappropriate and should not have been asked. For example, where I was born, and where did my mother work? I'm 23 years old, these questions should not matter. I was in pain and needed help asap! I did not have insurance so it was out of pocket, he was worried that I would not be able to afford the surgery. HE ONLY CARES ABOUT THE MONEY! I was so upset and frustrated but I figured I'd let it go because maybe he'd help me. I was told he would contact that hospital to see if theres something they can help me financially. Now a week and a half later, I have not heard anything. I've been calling and trying to get answers but I keep running around in circles. The nurse Angela takes forever to respond to my calls and when she does, she does not help at all. I would not recommend going to this doctor! He only cares about money and because I am unable to work due to my pain, he treats me differently!

Mar 27th, 2012

Not Reccomended!

Ridiculous show details Ridiculous
Jan 26th, 2012

I had been there for almost 3 hours before leaving. And of that three hours (with a scheduled appointment)I saw him for 60 seconds. He came in, told me to stand up and bend over, felt my spine, then walked out. The only words he said to me were "Stand up and lean forward." He sent me for Xrays and an MRI. On my follow up after the MRI, I waited another hour (on a different day, with a scheduled appointment) he came in, took out my pics, said I needed surgery and asked me when I was available. As my husband and I began to ask questions he kept sighing and waving his hands around, not explaining anything well at all. We were advised by his nurse that schedules the surgeries that he does 12-12 a week. A WEEK. 10-12 surgeries A WEEK. He's a dicing factory. Could care less about hearing you or suggesting anything other than surgery. What does he care? Hey, if you're looking for surgery without any questions or other suggested routes-go for it. What a jerk.

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review before diagnosis show details review before diagnosis
Sep 12th, 2011

First impression is that he is obviously too busy to talk with you. Horrible stuck up personality. Talking to him is like talking to a courtroom judge. You need to answer HIS questions in one or two words without giving an explanation. He tells you to be quiet because you're giving too much info too fast while trying to describe your condition... a result of his blandly unspecific questions- so you don't know to answer. I will return to him in hopes that he might be bad with manners, but maybe a genius in actually doing the job... all I care about.

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Doesn't care about you show details Doesn't care about you
Jul 6th, 2011

When I went to see him he was all about getting me in for surgery, made huge promises about my being able to walk without pain. After surgery he had no time for me. In and out of our appointments in under 4 minutes. I explained that I was worse now than before the surgery, I can't walk at all without incredible pain. His answer to my complaint? "You can now play tennis, golf or do anything you want." Too bad I'm unable to walk.

AWFUL will never go back! show details AWFUL will never go back!
May 20th, 2011

I had over a 2 hour wait till he came in. NO apology! Then he was literally up in my face (3 inches away) telling me too bad you have a herniated disc (which I already knew). You will have ups and downs and deal with it. He was beyond rude and arrogant. I was so furious when I left, that I actually left in tears (and that takes alot for me). All I wanted was some answers on how to take some of the pain away and got nothing but a self absorbed jerk!

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Excellent surgeon show details Excellent surgeon
Apr 13th, 2011

Dr. Z, as he's known around the hospital and office, cuts right to the chase with his patients. Many, like me, come to him in EXTREME pain and need immediate help. We have reached our limits with other conservative treatments for our back problems. He is forthright and confident, but not cocky. Wish he would spend a bit more time with patients, so be sure to have all your questions written down ahead of time and he WILL answer them. However, he IS busy, as he is head of the Spine Institute at Celebration. The best compliment a human being can get is unsolicited praise by others with whom they are in contact with every day...EVERYONE at Celebration who I dealt with had nothing but high respect and praise for Dr. Z. They told me I was in good hands with him...and I was and still am. I had spinal fusion in October 2010 after two people, one a total stranger who saw me struggling in pain with back issues, and one a dear friend who had spinal fusion in 2008, recommended Dr. Z to me. They both said he saved their he did mine.

Mar 23rd, 2011


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Nov 4th, 2010

This guy is all about him self, he could careless about you after he gets your business. I had severe dibilitating back pain after he performed back fusion on me and he just laughed at me when I went back to him for a post operative visit.I was losing my balance when I was trying to walk and I was screaming in pain at the top of my lungs and all as he could say was that the operation he performed on me was a success. He did not even want to perscribe me any medication. He just gave me a brace and he sent me off. I had to go to another Doctor to get medication and I researched my own therapy on line to help myself get through the pain and suffering. He just thought I was being funny. He acted very condencending to me. He thinks he's God and he will not even give you the time of day. Please don't waist your time with this joker, you will be unsatisfied with him as your Doctor.

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I will never go back to see this Dr! show details I will never go back to see this Dr!
May 25th, 2010

I had spinal fusion surgery about 3 weeks ago. This dr didn't listen to anything I said pre-op, which resulted in the hospital staff giving me the wrong medicarion. My pain was never controlled post-op which resulted in me needing to be admitted. Dr.Zahrawi never came to the hospital for a follow-up, nor did any doctor for that matter. I was treated like I was bothering the staff and the doctor whenever I had a question or concern. During my 1 week follow-up, he didn't even remember when he'd done the surgery(he thought it had been a few weeks), he walked in, threw up my skirt to look at the incisions then walked out telling me to come back in 4 weeks. I had to stop him 3 times to ask questions, all of which were answered sarcastically or in an impersonal manner.I had to get an emergency appointment just today with him because of a new development of severe pain and all he did was to tell me to take my pain pills and to quit complaining. He accused me of trying to get sympathy for using a walker- which I tried to never use but the pain was unbearable that I had no choice. Which he would have known if he'd have asked me a few questions. His MA and NP were condescending and disinterested. I ended up walking out in tears. To say the least, this man has horrible bedside manners and needs to get off his high horse and deal with his patients concerns, not slough them off like they are idiots.

Apr 29th, 2009

He has been an excellent Dr. so far, considering surgery so we'll see

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