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Feb 19th, 2015

He performed an ultrasound without saying a word to me

Bedside manner is a great deterrent. show details Bedside manner is a great deterrent.
Dec 17th, 2014

One of my friends recently went here to get an abortion and I brought her even though I don't agree with the decision and his bedside manner was so bad that she left almost right away and didn't get the procedure done. Now she has a wonderful son who she is absolutely in love with. If this doctor had a shred of nice bedside manner her son would not be here! She's happy too!

Horrible dr show details Horrible dr
by Mags p on Oct 13th, 2014

Coming into the office first thing I noticed was how old it was and extremely small. I was wondering to myself how anything I said to the nurses ( if they were even nurses ) would be confidential. None of the employees were wearing name tags. The worse part of it all was meeting the "so called" dr Fernando betancourt. I walk into the ultrasound room , does not introduce himself. All he told me to do was "sit!" And then he said it again " sit lower" ! At that point I was very nervous to where I brought myself. I began having horrible thoughts like is this a legit clinic ? So I finally get into the exam room for procedure. He continues with the tools and widening process. I felt like he uses nothing but tools because I didn't hear the auction more than a second. After that I'm rushed to the recovery room. ( there is only 2 chairs in there ) after about 5 mins I'm pushed out the side door. What an experience from Down under! i should have done my research!!!! I'm so mad at myself. That dr was horrible, it seemed like he was disgusted with me. Please please please do not go to this office! I'm so worried because I have to go back in 3 weeks for a check up :(

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Jul 30th, 2013

Had no issues with the Doctor or staff at the Sarasota office. His behavior just felt to the point for me. It kept things from being drawn out and made it feel more private for him to be to the point. Afterall, he is not your regular obgyn. The emphasis on not moving by the doctor is simply for safety. If a puncture occurs you will need emergency surgery. It's commendable that people are willing to provide this service and give women their legal right to choose, while putting themselves at risk for judgement by those that want that right taken away. I thank them.

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by Jane Doey on Jul 29th, 2013

I nearly died from blood loss after going to Dr. Betancourt and this clinic. He made a joke "Well you just lost some weight" as blood was literally pouring out of me. Then he immediately left the room. The staff had to revive me as I was passing out. Then they told me to go home and sleep it off. I knew better so I told my friend to drive me staight to the E.R. My BP had dropped to 60 (117 is normal). My body was going into shock. I would have died if I had even tried to go straight home. DO NOT GO TO THIS CLINIC.

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by Adoption no abortion on Jul 18th, 2013

I don't know this doctor, I was just looking for an OB Gyn for a PAP Test, but after reading your coments I only can said that you will never find a good person doing abortions. If a doctor is doing abortion for money, he/she cannot be a good person, even if he/she is nice or kind. There's always other options, please google the Crisis pregnancy Centers near to your town and learn more about what abortion really is on

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Doctor sin modales ni educacin show details Doctor sin modales ni educacin
Sep 8th, 2011

Hace unos das tuve la terrible decisin de un aborto, y acud a esta clnica, la enfermera q me atendi por telfono al hacer mi appoinment fue muy amable y me sent confiada al elegir este lugar. Cuando llegue me atendi otra nurse, pero esta fue rude y poco amable, pens que tal vez tena un da malo, espere me turno, y al entrar a hacerme el ultrasonido, el doctor Betancourt entro sin presentarse, muy fro, muy grosero, sin decir una sola palabra, creo uno como persona tiene derecho a ser tratado como tal, y a veces uno tiene que tomar decisiones muy fuertes, pero no quiere decir que seamos malas personas, esto ha sido muy duro para mi, y con ese trato me hicieron sentir peor que un asesino, en todo momento el doctor no tuvo un gesto de amabilidad y creo que uno como paciente y el con la profesin que tiene, no es para que trate a la gente as. Ojal y haya alguien que regularice el trato doctor-paciente en clnicas y se mejore este sistema, yo no quiero ni volver al follow up, para chequearme...mujeres no acudas a esta clnica.

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this "doctor" is a joke. show details this "doctor" is a joke.
Jul 23rd, 2011

I feel extreme pity for anyone who happens to have Dr Betancourt as their MD. I wish I would have read these accurate reviews before going through with this procedure. I just had to google his name after my appointment to make sure he is even a legit doctor. Extremely rude. Extremely ignorant. Callous. Arrogant. He came into the room, didn't introduce himself, & had an expression of pure disgust on his face. I don't even think he looked at my face one time while speaking. I was obviously very nervous & my only question before the abortion was "is it common for patients to leave here still pregnant?" and his response was "Yep. If you move at all. And since you chose the IV sedation you'll probably move without knowing it, so if you hear me yelling at you, then you better stop moving". Luckily the nurse was in the room for the procedure, and she was very kind. I have no idea how any of the clinic staff can stand to be around that man. I seriously hope he reads these reviews on him and realizes what an awful "doctor" he is. If I had to guess, I'd say he is anti-abortion & chose this practice to torture any woman who defends her right of choice. Utterly shocked and disgusted that this man has a license to practice.

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Cold show details Cold
Jul 19th, 2011

I went to the clinic for an abortion. Yes the procedure is frowned upon and an extremely hard decision but I had no other choice. Dr. Betancourt was very quiet, not friendly in the least bit, wasn't very informing, tried to "scare" me with the things he told me, and very cold. The best word I can think of to describe Betancourt is cruel. He asked for any questions and my main question was the risks, "I'll get to that," was his response, "don't move, otherwise I'll cut through your uterus." I asked if that was common, "it is if you move, it will happen," was his response. As nervous as I already was this had made it twenty times worse. Throughout the procedure he did not say one word, the nurse was more sympathetic to me, held my hand. After it was done he ripped untensil out of me and as he was walking out "I hope i didn't hurt you too much," with a smirk on his face. I wish I would have done research on this doctor before I saw him. I would never wish this kind of treatment on anyone, espcially under the circumstances.

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Dr. Betancourt = COLD, HEARTLESS, MEAN show details Dr. Betancourt = COLD, HEARTLESS, MEAN
Mar 2nd, 2011

Never in all my life have a met someone (especially a doctor) who was this mean. He refused to look at me or even talk to me. When he did speak to me, it was because he was yelling at me to relax. He has ZERO bedside manners. I just don't understand how a doctor can be so mean to a patient, and a PAYING customer. During the procedure, he and the nurse carried on their own conversation as if I wasn't even in the room. He should not be practicing. He is so cold and hateful and being in an exam room with him is horrible. Something I will never forget. I hope many people see the reviews on this man and go to another doctor. Please stay as far away from him as you can.

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Should not br practicing show details Should not br practicing
Oct 9th, 2010

I was referred for an abortion to Betancourt's Sarasota location. His staff was moderately concerned and sympathetic considering the nature of the clinic. I understand it is easy to become desensitized after working in this field for many years. However, Betancourt has NO bedside manner. He never introduced himself, did not make eye contact and barked commands, "Untie this...untie this!"(refering to the strings on my pants. "Move down, move down" He was harsh, disconnected, and if one believe's in a soul, soul-less. I began sobbing on the table during the procedure only to hear, "TILT your butt down, keep it down!" "Move down!". I wasn't expecting a parade for the event, but a subtle touch of humanity goes a long way. I'm not livestock, I'm a person.

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Dr. betancourt is a cold hearted person and should not be allowed to practice show details Dr. betancourt is a cold hearted person and should not be allowed to practice
Mar 21st, 2008

I had a procedure done by fernando betancourt, he did not speak 1word to me, one of his nurses checked my blood to see if I was rh-to determine whether I needed an extra shot before having an abortion, they told me it was negative, I literally had to argue with the staff b/c I knew I was rh-, after re-checking my blood (she had my blood all over her fingers and no gloves) they said "oh your right, its going to be another $50) having an abortion is a horrible decision to make, he doesn't even speak to the patients, at my checkup he said "your bladder isn't full like they said it should be" he was obviously very anger and walked out of the room. I'm young i was scared and actually had some complications but wasn't given the opportunity to talk about them. He is a very angry and cold person and obviously has done this procudure one too many times and by looking at him you just can tell that he's not a good person. Most of his staff is the same way. They first want you to pay, then in and out. Before you have it done, they say there is a recovery room that you are welcome to stay in as long as you need. As soon as I had it done, I was still very out of it and I asked for the recovery room b/c i wanted to make sure everything was okay, instead they pretty much pushed me back to the exit and grabbed my husband. I am sure that if you did the research on this dr. you will find tons of things wrong so if your trying to make a decision i would first say don't have an abortion but if your goign to see someone who actually gives and ounce of care to you

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