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This dr isn't a dr he is a hacker show details This dr isn't a dr he is a hacker
by Back issue central on Apr 11th, 2015

I've spent the last 5 years in agony after this dr performed a low back fusion. After leaving Michigan and going to the USAs top orthopedic hospital I finally found out the cause of the ongoing leg pain, severe swelling in my leg which turned red and purple and didn't move for 5 years, and lost reflexes so that my ankle was dead. He place screws into the muscles. He had to have been fully aware since he performed a CT scan that they were there. I was incontient, meaning I leaked urine, was rendered disabled after he hacked me up. All he said is I needed to see their pain management team. He gave no explanation. The new Dr clearly showed me 5 years later that my fusion had not fused and there were 2 too big of screws into the muscles on two levels that Dr Diaz placed in me. The new Dr was an angel and removed them for me. He did an additional surgery to fuse me, after the new Dr out of Michigan worked on me my reflexes returned, my back pain went from a 8 down to a 3 and I'm able to do so much more. If I wouldn't have sought out another dr in another state I would have never have known the screws were where they shouldn't be. I went to 12 other Michigan surgeons. NONE of them would tell me what dr diaz did. You see they do not rat each other out in Michigan. Other states have far better laws governing surgeons. Not this state. If you've had surgery by this dr and are worse. And you want to find out what's really wrong. Call the hospital for special surgery in NYC. Their drs fix a lot of other drs errors. They will give you an honest opinion. Michigan spine surgeons are the worst. Dr diaz is one at the top of that list. I've been a burden on society due to his hack job having to apply for and get social security at such a young age when I should be working and paying taxes. I don't know how this man or anyone that works with him sleep at night. Beaumont should be ashamed.

Mar 16th, 2015

He does have Napoleon syndrome. My husband needed neck surgery but his back was also messed up. Dr. Diaz is doing a cage surgery that's new within the last 3 years. he's only done a couple hundred. Because it's new he's getting money from the pharmaceutical company putting them out. We had to complete a 9 page survey by the company to become part of an investigational time on the cage Dr. Diaz wanted to put in. The doctor asked my husband point blank which bother's him most his back or neck. My husband said Neck then Dr. Diaz said to do the back first. I'm guessing because he's making more money on the back. He's getting insurance money, pharmaceutical money, probably the FDA too. He's doesn't care about the patient. He's arrogant and has no ability to communicate and listen to his patients. He needs to retire!!

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Dr.Diaz show details Dr.Diaz
by T.Lucia on Mar 4th, 2015

Dr.Diaz saved my life. I had a broken vertebra in my neck and also many in my back. He did my surgical procedures that enabled movement, whereas I had 3 other unfavorable opinions.

Incredible surgeon show details Incredible surgeon
by Lucille Pagenkopf on Jan 26th, 2015

Amazing results from my neck surgery. Pain and neuropathy are much more tolerable!

by Diane Pelland on Jan 11th, 2015

Dr. Diaz treated me for Aneurysm's in 1997, I still see him and he is a great doctor.

Cervical suregery show details Cervical suregery
by Stephanie on May 15th, 2014

I was seeing another Neurosurgeon and I was told to get a second opinion, I was recommended to Dr.Diaz , he is a blessing. Yes, getting a appt takes awhile but to me that means he is in high demand. Have never waited longer than 20 min, His bed side manner is amazing, explained everything to me. Just had my cervical surgery done a little over a week ago and I'm doing great and yes Dr.Diaz did come and check on me, I will continue to recommend him

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Needs to retire, only has residents perform surgery wish I could rate -0 show details Needs to retire, only has residents perform surgery wish I could rate -0
by Linda e on Apr 9th, 2014

2009 I had an xlif surgery. It means extreme lateral inter body fusion. The go into you from the side and is taughted as minimally invasive. It isn't. He is over 70 and has thr resident perform the whole thing doesn't say much for beaumont that put him as chief neurosurgeon. I've had on going leg pain, my muscles have withered next to nothing in the leg and live in constant pain. I was a productive person with a very good income since his surgery I've had to apply for medicare in my 40's. I've missed half of my kids lives and any social life. In fact I have no quality of life. It's now 2014 I've had exploratory surgery by another surgeon which left me with a nasty infection. While the other surgeon attempted to remove a lot of scarring he was not able to address these huge problems from Diaz. And like another person wrote he didn't have the guts to come into the room the tell me I had failed back surgery. The coward sent in his PA. The solution by his pain management team was to implant a spinal cord stimulator at the cost of appox 50,000. After research I immediately said no. I've flown to another state which informed me the screws he had the resident put in me go a centimeter in a half into the muscle and everything he did needs to come out. So I have to undergo yet another surgery. But this time I'm going out of state. The drs in Michigan will not work on me and I've been told by the out of state dr I have pernenant nerve and muscle damage. I'm undergoing this surgery to hopefully be able to return to work one day. And have somewhat of a quality of life. Patient beware!!

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Very Rude show details Very Rude
Dec 16th, 2013

After an hour and half wait, the doctor came in without being apologetic at all. I reminded him my time was as valuable as his. His response was if you don't like it leave. I left.

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run like the wind show details run like the wind
by Randy on Aug 10th, 2013

Fernando Diaz, M.D., Ph.D., chief of Neurosurgery at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak formally from the DMC. Will lie to you to benefit his career. will send flunkies to see you in the hospital never going himself. I would run like the wind to stay away. good luck in your search in Ann Arbor.

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Big Mistake using Fernando Diaz show details Big Mistake using Fernando Diaz
by Cathy B. on Jan 28th, 2013

On March 7 2007 Dr. Diaz preformed back surgery on me including which included an artificial disc. The surgery took 6 hours ( one hour longer than usual), When I woke up in my room, the attending surgeon was looking over me. Dr. Diaz did not even have the courage to come into my room even though he was my surgeon. The attending surgeon asked me if I could feel my left leg. I COULD NOT!!!!! He responded, "We'll, this is the risk you take"! Turns out that Dr. Diaz had "stretch" a nerve in my left leg. I was sent home the very next day, and by that night, I experienced pain that was off the chart. I wanted to die. I called hie office the next day, and was told he was out of the country for several weeks and to take a couple Percocet. A couple of Percocet didn't touch the pain. I was able to stand and walk but unable to lift my leg. I made an emergency trip to my Neurologist and he put me on the Fentinal Patch. When Dr. Diaz returned home, I went back to see him. He basically washed his hands of what happened and told me that he doesn't deal with pain!!!!!! What about my back pain? He was eager to deal with that! In the past 6 years, I have spent nearly $20,000 out of pocket on medications, physical therapy, Dr. App't Dr.Diaz lets his ego get into his way. Any Dr. who lets his patients wait over 2 hours in his waiting room let alone patients who are in severe pain, speaks volumes. My life has charged forever. PLEASE RECONSIDER or get a second opinion before using this Dr. I wish I would have.

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May 15th, 2012

My first visit to the office on Northwestern Hwy was for a 9AM appointment. I rescheduled the APPOINTMENT after over 3.5 hours in the waiting room. My second visit was more of the same 11AM APPOINTMENT after 2 hours in the waiting room, I was taken to the exam room for another 1.5 hours before the Dr. came in. I just wish they understood that many of the people who come there are in pain already.Waiting hours on cheap office furniture doesn't help the wait.

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This guy has napeloean syndrome show details This guy has napeloean syndrome
Feb 15th, 2012

Maybe because he's so short he feels the need to be so puffed up in his image of himself. He's quick to jump on board with new technology, yet, these new modalities and surgeries have come at great risk to his patients. By doing so his "hack" of a surgery has left me severely damaged goods. When finding out he never admitted his wrong doing and just passed me off to his pain management team that only wanted to do more surgical unproven procedures (spinal stimulator implant) At first I thought he actually cared, but after finding out his surgical procedure made me worse he provided no explaination for why I was worse. Even so he allowed his pain management doctor try to explain but a year later I found out that this was untrue (the explaination) that there was an actual surgical error and opposed to coming forward and admitting it they've allowed me to go on in this pain. I'm fortunate enough to actual find honest doctors that came forward and told me the truth that his surgery caused my issue. I think he's getting too old to perform surgery. Either that or his ego is just to big to think he could make a mistake. Either way if you need spine surgery head elsewhere! And fast!

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Oct 18th, 2011

Dr. Diaz treated me for a secondary brain tumor with gamma knife. He is a brilliant surgeon as well as caring. He has very good bedside manner considering how long he has been doing neurosurgery. He is very well versed in the newest technology and keeps current continuing education. I would recommend him to anyone seeking answers to difficult neuro issues.

Oct 1st, 2010

Dr. Diaz did my cervical spine surgery when no other would. not only did he relieve all the pain, I felt better than before the injury. I found him while he was doing trials for the artificial cervical disc. I didnt qualify due to the extent of my injury.He still took the time to not only see me, but did my surgery. He is one of the nicest people you would ever want to meet and is one of the most respected physicians in the country.

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Dr. Diaz is GREAT staff not so much show details Dr. Diaz is GREAT staff not so much
Apr 4th, 2010

Dr. Diaz is one phenomenal surgeon with the latest techniques in back surgery. He is caring and has awesome bedside manner. I would go to him again in a heartbeat, However his office staff isn't always helpful and some of them even are downright not nice. But don't let them discourage you from getting the best surgeon in these parts.

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Oct 10th, 2009

Dr. Diaz is a wonderful doctor and I would refer him to everyone I know