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Doctors GREAT-some members of staff rated poorly show details Doctors GREAT-some members of staff rated poorly
Sep 30th, 2014

I had neck surgery in May 2013 with incredibly positive results. I told all my friends and acquaintances to go to these doctors just for the RESULTS. I am having problems now with my lower back. I am finding most of the current support staff has gotten very complacent and I feel like a piece of meat. I resent being treated poorly by a physician but REALLY chafe at the nurse and Physician's assistant treating me like a chore. I was told to lose some weight and was not even weighed! Too much trouble I guess. I had my diagnostics completed and will schedule another appointment (It has already taken me 10 minutes of waiting this morning Tuesday at 10:30 am) and if I do not see a DOCTOR I will go somewhere else.

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Patient show details Patient
by John Bisphop on Jun 10th, 2014

Dr. Bono, me and my family would like to give you our sincere gratitude for helping our mother. You performed a laminectomy on her spine. she had been in awful pain and was unable to walk. thank you for given us our mother back. your the best.

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I got my Husband Back show details I got my Husband Back
by C.F. Sollitto on Mar 31st, 2014

My husband had been in a nightmare of pain (see his review written Oct. 01 2013 listed below) and now our lives no longer revolve around his pain and not being able to live a normal life. After the surgery and doing all the follow up appointments and physical therapy we are once again able to do anything we want to do. Dr. Bono gave me back my husband. I had such a fear that we would never be able to do the things we had done in the past. But now the pain is gone and we are living our lives to the fullest. He is so thankful to be back on the golf course again. Thank you Dr. Bono. If you are in pain please get an appointment with Dr. Bono and get your life back too.

by Dr Moreno on Mar 19th, 2014

My mother came to see Dr Bono due to not being able to find a physician in Chicago IL. Its nearly been 2 years since her surgery with Dr Bono and she feels great, no complaints or pains. I would recommend Dr Bono to anyone who is suffering from back pains.

Gratitude for Dr. Bono and staff show details Gratitude for Dr. Bono and staff
by Howard G. on Mar 11th, 2014

Dr. Bono performed a postlaminectomy fusion of my L4-5 in December, 2013 at Oak Hill Hospital. Almost immediately, I was walking pain free and have continued to be pain free at three months from the surgery. I had to wear a brace for three months which was probably the hardest part to deal with but very necessary for my recovery and healing. I am very grateful and appreciative to Dr. Bono and his staff at The Villages office. The facility and staff at Oak Hill also deserve four stars for the care that I received there. My only regret is that I did not find them sooner.

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Mar 5th, 2014

I found that Dr. Bono spent some time with me to go over my concerns. He recommed I get an MRI so he could better determine what was going on. After that is reviewed he will make a diagnosis. I felt that he was interested in me and made me feel comfortable with him.

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Feb 3rd, 2014

I was NOT impressed with Dr. Bono. He rushed through my appointment and seemed to be more interested in spending time with the computer inputter than me. I took medical records from previous Docs regarding my condition and he had no interest what-so-ever in looking at them. That really put me off!

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Retired Surgical Nurse show details Retired Surgical Nurse
by Terry A. A Neuner on Nov 4th, 2013

I want to thank Dr Bono for giving me my life back after 20 years of suffering with declining back problems. I walk twice a day now and I don't say ahh or ohhh and I can'tdo that.. I just do everything.I never thought it would be this wonderful..I feel free again withoiut all that pain and the grouchy person it made me. Thank you Dr Bono . You are the greatest..I am so grateful Big hug to you and your wonderful Staff,,,,

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Pain is Gone show details Pain is Gone
by F. A. Sollitto on Oct 1st, 2013

Today I am out of the back brace! Months ago when the pain was so intense and I couldn't do the average everyday things, I never thought I would be PAIN FREE again. I couldn't walk without the pain constantly being there, couldn't go anywhere, couldn't do every day normal things, it was terrible. During the first visit with Dr. Bono he said he could relieve the pain and fix my back. Of course I wanted everything to happen at that first visit, but it was a more involved process. With the knowledge and expertise of Dr. Bono and his staff, and with me listening and doing what he advised, today I am PAIN FREE and can go on with my life. No; it wasn't easy but it was so very well worth it. All my friends think it is a miracle but Dr. Bono and his staff made that miracle a reality. I would recommend Dr. Bono to anyone having back problems.

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disabling disc herniation show details disabling disc herniation
by Matt Berlet, MD on Sep 30th, 2013

I herniated my L3-4 Disc and rapidly developed atrophy of my left quadriceps. I was in excruciating pain. He did my surgery emergently and it was as if someone had pulled out a red hot splinter. My relief was immediate and complete. I owe him a great debt as I had become quite depressed and disabled. He literally saved my life.

Glad we found Dr. Bono show details Glad we found Dr. Bono
by Sharon D on Sep 30th, 2013

My father is 88 years old and has had sever back and leg pain for several years. After trying several doctors who ended up doing nothing for him, we decided to try Dr. Bono - and we are glad we did. His diagnosis was right on and the surgery went well. Having been in the medical field, I try to understand and evaluate not only the diagnosis, but the recommended treatment/surgery to correct the problem. I also scrutinized the doctor's treatment and concern for his patient. Doctor Bono did an excellent job and I would recommend him to others who are suffering with back pain. When my father had some complications - not related to the surgery or his hospital care - when we arrived home, Dr. Bono called me right away and headed off a potentially serious situation. The staff at Oakhill hospital was superb and I felt I was able to relax while staying with my father during his surgery and recovery.

Excellent care show details Excellent care
by Leopoldo Grauer on Sep 25th, 2013

As a fellow physician I was very satisfied by the excellent pre and post op care of Dr Bono and his team.The surgery went smooth and I recieved plenty of advise after the operation. I would recommend him without doubts.

Thank You show details Thank You
by William K. on Sep 24th, 2013

Upon attending Dr. Bono’s back seminar, I had 2 previous surgeries on my L4-5 in Ohio. Dr. Bono reviewed my MRI report at the seminar & suggested I come see him in his office. The staff was very pleasant & professional once I arrived. I recall Dr. Bono taking the time to explain where my pain was coming from & why the previous surgeries had failed me. We then decided another surgery would be the only way I could attempt to regain my active lifestyle without constant pain. Everyone at The Oak Hill Hospital was kind & knowledgeable. I remember the experience at the hospital being much better than I had expected. I must admit I was skeptical of another back surgery, but I was confident in Dr. Bono’s abilities. After the surgery I was so relieved that my back pain was gone. I was able to leave the day after surgery & haven’t looked back since. I have recommended Dr. Bono to family & friends and will continue to do so. Thank You Dr. Bono you made a believer out of me!

I was WRONG show details I was WRONG
by Bob on Sep 24th, 2013

After doing some soul searching and praying, I realized I was wrong to post the review on Dr. Bono that I wrote the other day. I should not have accused him of writing his own reviews. As a matter of fact, he came highly recommended to me by several friends. I was also impressed that several people have come from out of state to have surgery under Dr. Bono. That's why I went to him in the first place. Maybe I didn't get the surgical result I wanted, but perhaps my back was too far gone to begin with. Perhaps he did all he could, and I never took that into consideration. Instead, I just decided to rant like an angry, bitter person. Dr. Bono, I apologize for saying harsh things and hope you can find a place in your heart to forgive me. Life is too short to be angry all the time and hold grudges. I also was wrong to accuse you of writing your own online reviews. I now realize you have quite a loyal following, and that's something you should be proud of. God has given me many good years on this Earth, so I should not complain about a bad back. Sometimes we have to accept the reality of growing old. Dr. Bono, before you performed my surgery you talked about being a spiritual man and loving God. That's why I hope you can forgive me for the cruel things I said, as living in chronic pain can make you say and do things you later regret. I hope you accept my apology and I hope God guides your hand in every surgery you perform going forward. Best of luck to you and God bless.

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Forever Grateful show details Forever Grateful
by Theresa G. on Sep 23rd, 2013

I had surgery three months ago, Dr.Bono fused my lower back. I was just in to see him and he said I could take my brace off and everything looked good. I just wanted to give a big THANK-YOU to Dr.Bono and his staff, you were all great. I was a little nervous about surgery and put it off for awhile, but I am feeling so good now I wish I would have come to see him sooner. Thank-you for easing my nerves and making this surgery a success. My leg pain was gone as soon as I awoke after surgery, and has been gone ever since. I’m excited to get back to my life WITHOUT that nagging leg pain! Thanks again. Forever Grateful, Theresa G.

by Bob on Sep 21st, 2013

Wow, eight positive reviews in a span of four days. I urge everyone to take them with a grain of salt. Read reviews on other doctors and you'll see it's rare for them to have eight reviews in an entire year, let alone four days. If this doesn't clearly demonstrate the lengths Dr. Bono goes to in a pathetic effort to cover up his incompetency and corruptness, then I don't know what does. Dr. Bono, writing positive reviews about yourself does not negate the fact that you've permanently injured numerous patients by performing unnecessary procedures based solely on insurance reimbursement outcomes. You know it and I know it. Like I said in my earlier review of you, karma will catch up to you. Allowing a greedy, sub-par surgeon like yourself to operate on my back was the worst decision I've ever made in my life. It's a shame that your medical license is not permanently suspended. You are not about patient care; you are about money and are willing to perform risky and unnecessary procedures on your patients just for the sake of the almighty dollar. You, Dr. Bono, are a pathetic and sad excuse of a human being. But I won't waste your time any longer. I know you have some positive reviews to write about yourself in hopes of fooling people into thinking you're a good surgeon--which you're not.

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Beware show details Beware
by Pam M. on Sep 21st, 2013

Please check around before you decide on this Dr. he does unnecessary surgeries I have my insurance company looking into him.

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I Feel GREAT! show details I Feel GREAT!
by Cathy on Sep 18th, 2013

I have suffered with back pain for years and finally built up the courage to go have my problem addressed. I called Dr. Bono's office and got an appointment for the following week. He sent me for x-rays and an MRI and found the problem right away. My L4 slipped on L5. I understand that Dr. Bono is very busy (as are most doctors) but I was amazed with the amount of time he spent with me. He made sure I knew exactly what was wrong and what to expect. I went to Oak Hill hospital and Dr. Bono fixed my back! I was walking hours after surgery and was back at home the next day. Absolutely Amazing! I wish I would not have waited so long. I would highly recommend Dr. Bono and Oak Hill hospital.

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FANTASTIC!!! show details FANTASTIC!!!
by John Bashum on Sep 18th, 2013

I'm a Villages resident and I had surgery by Dr. Bono 6 weeks ago for sciatic leg pain. I had this problem for years. I went to the chiropractor and physical therapy and had the back injections to get rid of the sciatic pain in my legs. I suffered for many years before I met Dr. Bono at one of his lectures he had at the comfort suite hotel here in the Villages. He was so nice and explained everything to me in great detail so I could understand. He made me feel very comfortable with my decison. I had been to other neuro surgeons in ocala and the villages and I felt they did not have anytime to spend with me explaining my problem. I am so glad I had the surgery by Dr. Bono. I have not felt this good since I was in my 20's. I highly recommend Dr.Bono.

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THANK YOU Dr, Bono!!! show details THANK YOU Dr, Bono!!!
by Tom P on Sep 17th, 2013

Extensive back surgery, L4 and L5 on Sept 5, 2013 and I could not be more pleased with Dr. Bono. Great Dr. and a wonderful person. I am 67, live in The Villages and had given up on the active life until God led me to Dr. Bono. I could not walk two blocks without pain shooting down my back and leg, now two weeks after surgery I walk several times each day. Sure, there is surgical pain yet especially on my left side where he did the most work but I am PAIN FREE for most of the day. Having experienced pain 24 hours a day for the last few years what a joy it is to sit back in my recliner, shut my eyes and enjoy a 100% pain free time. Nights are the best. PAIN FREE sleeping all night. I spent years waking up in such severe pain that it would wake me up several times and I could barely get to my feet. pain at all!!!!! You have no idea how much more beautiful a morning is when you get a full night of pain free rest. My compliments to his entire staff and the staff at Oak Hill Hospital for being professional caring people willing to spend time answering questions. I thank God that through prayer He led me to Dr Bono and thank Dr Bono for having the skills to put me back on the road to getting my active life back. My life is better having me Dr Bono and yours will be too, trust me. If this review allows I will back up my statements with a phone number: 353 239 1608.

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Sep 16th, 2013

Doctor Bono has performed surgery twice for me . First surgery was on my neck and second surgery was on my back- I am 72 year old man and couldn't feel better in my life- I now travel to the Islands, walk daily-swim- do everything I used to do in my early years. Thank You Doctor Bono-with your procedures I am now my pain free and made my life full again! I Have recommended Dr Bono many times!

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by charles on Sep 16th, 2013

I had surgery by Dr. Bono 3 months ago. I had a great result and I'm very pleased with the care I received from the doctor and his staff

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by lynn on Sep 16th, 2013

I want to thank Dr. Frank Bono for giving me my life back. For many years I was suffuring with chronic leg and back pain. He's a genius. I now am able to live my life pain free again. I no longer have back or leg pains. thank you Dr. Bono. I highly recommend him!!!

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thank you show details thank you
by Beverly Rosenbloom on Sep 15th, 2013

Dr. Bono is a miracle worker. I am 62 years old and was having the most difficult time dealing with my pain. I had pain in my legs that was so severe that I could not even get out of bed. I did not want to live. I went to chiropractors and several other pain doctors but did not get any relief. I was so tired with the same responses from multiple doctors. Everyone said that I needed surgery and they needed to do it immediately. I was lucky to have met Dr. Bono. I have never met anyone as confident and as comforting. He immediately knew exactly what I was going through and he explained that surgery was the last option. He tried to do several things to stop me from having surgery. I did physical therapy for ever but in the end it turned out that I had to have surgery. I had a minimally invasive procedure done on my back and I was only out of it for 1 hour. I woke up and all the pain was gone! I leave recommendations on every site that I can because I read them myself. I have a new pain free life and I thank you Dr. Bono.

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patient show details patient
by mary on Sep 15th, 2013

august 2013 Dr frank Bono is a wonderful surgeon and I 100% disagree with him being a greedy doctor. He performed my surgery for free. I did not have any health insurance and I had been living in pain for many years, I want through therapy and injections without any relief. he provided me with free samples of medication because I could not afford them. He did an amazing surgery on my back with very small incisions, he sat down with me and explained the entire surgery to me in great detail. Dr. Bono thank you for giving me my Life back. I recommend him to everyone.

Incompetent show details Incompetent
by Bob on Aug 4th, 2013

Dr. Bono's surgical approach was based on what my insurance company would reimburse him for, and not what was best for me. One of my lumbar discs was shot and I needed a fusion. He not only completed a fusion, but also did a laminectomy that was so aggressive that it covered two lumbar levels. He also performed bilateral facet joint removals and bilateral foraminotomies, despite the fact that I ONLY CONSENTED to have a fusion. Now I have cauda equina syndrome, which means the nerves that exit the spinal cord are not working properly. I am on disability and cannot control my bowel or bladder. I wear an adult diaper at all times and must catheterize myself just to use the bathroom. I rarely go out anymore because the fear of having an accident in public is very embarrassing and damaging to my self-esteem. Bottom line: Dr. Bono bases his surgical approach on medical insurance reimbursement outcomes rather than patient improvement. When a surgeon takes that approach, disastrous outcomes like mine are inevitable. The sad thing is I cannot even sue the sorry bastard, as several attorneys told me it would cost around $40,000 to put a case together, and the best I could hope for is to break even. I obviously do not think that Dr. Bono intentionally tried to harm me, but his greed for money has destroyed my life. I'm a shell of my former self, and the botched surgery he performed has affected me both physically and emotionally. But who cares about me, right Dr. Bono? I'm just one of those unlucky people who had a terrible surgical outcome. The important thing is you made a couple thousand more dollars by performing unnecessary procedures on me. Who cares if my life is ruined as long as you have more money in the bank? Remember the word karma you worthless piece of crap.

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by Linda on Jun 23rd, 2013

My life has been turned upside down since undergoing a lumbar fusion surgery with Dr. Bono in March 2012. I am a 63-year-old resident of The Villages who moved here several years ago to enjoy living an active lifestyle in this unique retirement community. After moving here, I developed low back pain and leg pain. I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease. I went to Gulfcoast Spine's office in The Villages. Dr. Bono said I needed a fusion from L4-S1. He said he has performed thousands of fusions and it would be a safe procedure. He said within four to six months I could return to an active lifestyle. I trusted him. Biggest mistake ever!! Only a few weeks after the surgery, I began feeling strange nerve sensations in my lower back and down my legs. It felt like water was running down my left leg. I scheduled an appointment with him and he told me this "normal" and part of the healing process. His explanation simply did not sit right with me. After some research, I learned about arachnoiditis, which is a possible complication of spine surgery where the nerves adhere to one another and also the wall of the dura sac. As my symptoms worsened, I made another appointment with Dr. Bono. When I mentioned the possibility of arachnoiditis, he became very combative and dismissive of me. He even had the audacity to tell me these symptoms are all in my head and there was nothing more he could do for me. Well, it WAS NOT all in my head, as a post-operative MRI several weeks later did indeed reveal arachnoiditis from L3-S1. The active lifestyle I desired is now nothing more than a pipe dream, as I can barely walk 20 yards without being in horrible pain. I take pain pills and Gabapentin daily just to survive. It is extremely difficult to perform household chores and cook for my husband. Please know that this debilitating disease is caused by medical procedures such as back surgery, epidural steroid injections, and myelograms. It never occurs naturally. As a result, surgeons and doctors are rarely your allies. Just like Dr. Bono did with me, many will become defensive or dismissive and leave you to fight this battle on your own. When patients attempt to find out information about the procedures they have undergone, their attempts are stonewalled. This cover-up mentality is scandalous. There is no remorse on their parts, even after seeing the painfully crippled effects. Thus, arachnoiditis patients have nowhere to turn, no hope of a cure, and deal with a medical profession that chooses to play dumb to our situation and the very fact that they caused it. Believe me when I say there is a strong push among the medical profession to keep arachnoiditis under wraps. If they suspect you have arachnoiditis, they'll give it some other clever name, such as "failed back surgery" or "excessive scar tissue." Because of money, very few doctors or surgeons are willing to take measures to stop the lies and deceit associated with arachnoiditis. Their greed and loss of any attachment to their patients completely defies the most important part of their oath: DO NO HARM. I would like to conclude by saying this: Dr. Bono, if you have any integrity whatsoever, you will begin telling patients that arachnoiditis is a possible complication of spine surgery. Empower your patients with as much information as possible so they can make an informed decision as to whether surgery is the best option. And don't sweep your patients out the door because you fear a potential lawsuit. I think patients would be much more appreciative if you admit a complication arised from surgery rather than blatantly lie to them and say everything is okay. Dr. Bono, there are things in life more important than money--like a person's health, happiness, and well-being. When they have been robbed of these things and cannot even get their surgeon to listen to them, then life suddenly seems hopeless. Please take that into consideration going forward.

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Jun 19th, 2013

After suffering from back pain and sciatica for several months, I had an MRI that revealed a slipped disc at L4-L5. I made an appointment with Gulfcoast Spine. Dr. Bono looked at my MRI and immediately spotted the slipped disc. I asked him what conservative measures could be attempted, and he told me surgery was the only viable option. He said the disc had been pressed on the nerve for too long and needed to be decompressed so the nerve would have a chance to heal. Having heard horror stores about spine surgery, I sought a second opinion with another orthopedic surgeon. He said surgery may be necessary down the road but wanted to put me through physical therapy first. After two months of physical therapy, my sciatica is completely gone and my back pain has been relieved tremendously. I have my life back!! Who knows? Dr. Bono may be a fantastic surgeon, but I'm always skeptical of a physician who is so quick to suggest surgery, especially when the slipped disc was the only visible problem in my entire lumbar spine. For anyone with a spine problem, I would wholeheartedly recommend trying conservative measures such as physical therapy and chiropractic first. After all, they come with much less risk than spine surgery.

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by John G on Jun 13th, 2013

Dr. Bono fused L4-5 five years ago and fused L3-4 in Jan. 2013. Both operations were emergency operations; one with sciatic nerve pain to the point I could hardly walk; the other was a final rupture after being "slipped" for several years. PERFECTION can describe both surgeries. I am playing golf in June. My wife had to have L4-5 fused 3 weeks ago and is returning to work Monday. Another SUCCESSFUL operation for Dr. Bono. THANK YOU DR. BONO & STAFF...

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Recent experience with Dr. Frank Bono show details Recent experience with Dr. Frank Bono
by Gail Stearns on Jun 10th, 2013

In May, I was working too hard in my garden and felt a pain like I was having a heart attack. The next day I had excruciating pain radiating down my left arm. I went to the emergency room, treated and told to see a spine specialist. I called a specialists and was told I had to wait a month to get in for the initial visit. The next call was to Gulfcoast Spine and again was told it would be 3 weeks. I explained that I was in unbearable pain and could not wait that long. Kitty called me back in less than an hour and said come in tomorrow at 1:15. Dr. Bono saw me, prescribed MRIs and meds to hold me until I could see him the next week. The next week I was scheduled for surgery. I had a small incision, successful removal of the disc, and the day after surgery I was discharged home. Not only did Dr. Bono and staff give excellent care, I was admitted to Oak Hill Hospital surrounded by a caring, efficient and capable staff of nurses and support people. I tell everyone I meet (who notice the neck brace and comment) that they should go to Gulfcoast Spine Institute. As far as time spent with me, Dr. Bono is a surgeon, not a hand holder. If he had been spending all kinds of time with other patients he never could have seen me when I needed to be seen. I had all pertinent questions answered, pain reduction (as much as can be expected with a displaced disc) and a successful surgery. What more could anyone want?? I am thrilled with my care. I could write many more pages about Bono's competency. Good luck to you in your spine care!

Why the rush Dr. Bono? show details Why the rush Dr. Bono?
by Jacklyn F on May 28th, 2013

Today was my 12 day post op follow up with Dr. Bono and they took x-rays and I was led to exam room 1 by the nurse she asked my pain level and I told her my upper back was hurting but the lower back where I had surgery felt good as she was leaving the room she said we’ll both be back in a few minutes. They both came in the room 5 minutes later Dr. Bono shook my hand and asked how I was, I told him my lower back felt better but the upper back was really bothering me. He was only in the room long enough to circle some things on the paper and tell me there was nothing he could do for my upper back pain, he handed me the papers and told me I was done (maybe 60 seconds total). I was shocked and asked is that it? No one even looked at my incision or examined me. As I was standing in the hallway after being rushed out is when I asked him if I still needed to wear the back brace and he said no and I asked about lifting more than 10lbs and said I was done and could go back to normal (the reason I asked this is because the discharge papers stated brace for 4 weeks and no lifting for 6 weeks and I wanted to double check). When I got to the front desk they asked for the papers and I gave them to the lady and she asked why did he give me these papers and that’s when I explained to her that he seemed to be in a very big hurry and treated me like I had the plague. Another lady in the office over heard this and I guess went back and told Dr. Bono I felt rushed and that lady told me he wanted to see me back in the exam room and I told her no! I didn’t feel comfortable with him now after the way he rushed me out the door. Then Dr. Bono came out and asked me if there was a problem and I told him I felt very rushed and had to ask my questions from the hallway and he offered for me to come back into the exam room and talk more about it, I told him no I have had enough and I didn’t feel comfortable going back in the room after the way I was treated and at this time I just wanted to leave. My review of Dr. Bono is I wouldn’t let he lay a hand on me again and would not recommend him to anyone. I have never been treated like that by anyone and I left their office in tears. The lady at the front desk told me this was his last day at Gulf Coast and if I needed them in the future please come back in. The office support staff is very good and I really liked them, it’s a shame that the Doctor was very unprofessional! Dr. Bono if you do read this please just ask yourself... Did I treat this patient the best I could have?

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May 27th, 2013

I would not recommend him. I had a herniated disc at L5-S1. All I needed was a simple micro-discectomy. Obviously wanting more money, he also performed a laminectomy and administered an epidural steroid injection while I was still under anesthesia. Both of those procedures were totally unnecessary. Thanks to him, I now have arachnoiditis, an incurable spinal disease where nerve roots in the dura sac are clumped together. Do you think he bothered to tell me this could be a potential outcome? Of course not. Thanks to this surgeon's greed and sub-par surgical skills, I have to live with this progressive disease for the rest of my life. I strongly urge you to look up the terms arachnoiditis, cauda equina syndrome, and epidural fibrosis before going through any spine surgery. They are all potential complications. Anyway, if spine surgery is absolutely necessary, I would recommend going to a skilled neurosurgeon and staying away from Gulfcoast Spine. There seems to be a lack of professionalism among the office staff, and they are so busy that you feel more like a number than a patient. In addition, I've never seen Dr. Bono since my surgery. You'll only see his physician assistant. Gulfcoast Spine does not live up to its hype. And now, I have to battle an incurable, progressive spine disease for the rest of my life. STAY AWAY!!

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Rushed uncertainty... show details Rushed uncertainty...
Dec 11th, 2011

Patient profile which took 30 minutes to complete was not reviewed before appoint-ments nor were other records, xrays or MRIs.Patient was told problem was not spine but knee.Patient asked for recom-mendation of appropriate surgeon & was given 'spelled' surname of female surgeon. Days later when surgeon could not be found Dr. Bono denied giving such information.

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Jun 22nd, 2011

He the most caring Doctor

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