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Money hungry dr...RUN show details Money hungry dr...RUN
Mar 8th, 2015

This dr only cares about pushing his BioTe pills and not about the health of his patience! He diagnosed me with hypothyroidism and put me on all kinds of supplements. (found out a year later I should not have been treated for thyroid and the supplements he had me on are dangerous) on top of that the office staff is rude.

Life changing! show details Life changing!
by Gabrielle B on Apr 30th, 2014

I have been a patient of Dr. Donovitz for 18 years. He delivered my son 17 years ago. My first dose of the Biote was Nov 26, 2013. As many have said before, it did change my life. I was full of energy and felt amazing every morning upon waking. Before Biote I would sleep at least 8 hours, eat clean and drink fresh green juice every day and still feel like I had been hit by a truck when I woke up. Dr. Donovitz has always been courteous and thorough. His staff hasn't always been so friendly (except his nurse) but I had a longer interaction with the front desk people on today after my second Biote procedure and they warmed up to me. I also had the slim shot--we'll see how I feel in a few weeks. Overall, the experience was quick and thorough and I look forward to my next Biote visit!

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Wrong product show details Wrong product
by Heather on Feb 21st, 2014

While I do not personally know this doctor, I believe I might know the reasons people started noticing changes in how they felt with their pellet therapies. I myself was having Sottopelle therapy and doing quite well when my doctor up and changed to this "BioTe" stuff and did not notify me for a whole year!! I could not understand why I no longer had the libido and why my restlessness and problems sleeping were reoccurring and there was no longer a feeling of well being anymore. I have since found another doctor who does Sottopelle pellets and things have returned to normal.....

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BioTE saved my marriage show details BioTE saved my marriage
Aug 14th, 2013

The staff at Dr. Donovitz was very courteous. They have certainly improved over the years. The hormone pellet therapy changed my life. I had more energy, was able to love weight, and felt amazing. My lidido was back and my husband could really tell the difference.

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Wow!! I thought I was only one! show details Wow!! I thought I was only one!
by Ann on Jun 11th, 2013

I have been receiving pellets for a few years & initially they were great. However, the last 2-3 insertions, have left me feeling as though I am wasting my money! The pellets have changed, they do not work anymore but they have increased in price! I received last treatment in Feb but I have not slept nor had energy nor a libido since then!!! I can't get help when calling office because they make you feel as though you are just complaining & being a bother! Staff is now younger & rude! Dr Donovitz acts as thouugh he doesnt really listen nor care when you tell him things are wrong or ask questions! I have tried other HRTs & they just did not work for me so I need the pellets but i need pellets that are good & that work! am searching for another dr that does this treatment because I know it works if it's done properly & with better pellets. Has anyone had any luck with another dr? PLEASE help. I am due another treatment but can't afford to go back here!

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Severe Acne, breasts throbing, no follow or returned calls show details Severe Acne, breasts throbing, no follow or returned calls
by texasskinnygirl on Jun 3rd, 2013

This doctor is dangerous. Beware -- of the side effects. Think before you have pellets injected, because all the side effects will stay with you for at least 1-year and there is nothing you can do once you've been injected. Never in my life had I ever had acne NEVER, my face broke out so bad I have acne scarring. It took 1-year before it STOPPED breaking out. I have crying so much about this. My breasts not only hurt so bad - they throbbed. I was in so much pain for at least 6-months. There is no follow-up, if you have a problem, call them--they have no intentions of calling you. Be very careful what they put in your body, ask, check reviews and just DON'T DO IT!!

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Feb 24th, 2013

I have been getting pellet therapy since 2011 and have been satisfied with the results ie: more energy, less stiffness in my joints, less vaginal dryness. However, this doc no longer uses the Sotto Pelle pellet therapy and has changed to Bio Te, which I had inserted a month ago. The new pellets are not giving me the same results. I will call the office tomorrow to see what if anything can be done. I expect I will need to look for another doctor that uses the Sotto Pelle pellets as they gave me good results. These pellets, the BioTe, are not working for me. As for the office visit, plan on a long wait for a few minute procedure. His nurse is very nice and is the one I always insisted on seeing.....not Dr. Donovitz as I didn't like him at all.

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Feb 4th, 2013

I am coming here for the skinny shot! This is my second one and the first time I was int the waiting room for almost an hour! Today my appt was at is now 11:45 and I am still in the waitin room! I asked and there is STILL one person ahead of me! This is the worst Dr as far as wait time I've been to!

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hormone pellets show details hormone pellets
Oct 1st, 2012

The one problem that I have with this doctors office is that once you get your hormones and there is a problem they DO NOT return phone calls. I plan on finding someone else to do this in the future. VERY POOR SERVICE.

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Love this Dr. show details Love this Dr.
Jun 9th, 2012

He has delivered 3 out of 5 of my babies, and now does my yearly checkups. He is the only Dr. I trust, & he has always had great bedside mannor with me. He is the best!

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Never been so disappointed in a Dr show details Never been so disappointed in a Dr
Apr 5th, 2012

Very rude staff, only wants the money for pellets could care less if you need them or not. Was told to fast for bloodwork then after I arrived at my 3pm appt was told I did not have to fast!! Scheduled me for inserting pellets before bloodwork was done. NO discussion on if I sould even have the pellets. So disappointed the the treatment by the Dr and staff I decided to go to another Dr. who actually read my lab work and told me I DID need hormone replacement only later to get a call from Dr Donovitz office telling me my levels were all ok!! Something seriously wrong with this Dr and his office...feel like they are more money driven than the support of their patients

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Great Doc show details Great Doc
May 19th, 2011

Got my life back after his Sottopelle hormone pellets. He was very helpful

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59 year old woman show details 59 year old woman
May 12th, 2011

I've had 3 SottoPelle procedures with Dr. Donovitz and going for my 4th. The best I have felt in years! All of my hot sweats, bloating, emotional symptoms, etc. have vanished. I feel 30 again!

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Pellet Therapy show details Pellet Therapy
by HindsitePrincess on Nov 10th, 2010

I learned about Dr. Donovitz and bio-identical pellet therapy through a seminar. I was fascinated to learn about an effective therapy that did not involve horse urine pills to treat my post hysterectomy hot flashes. At the second visit; Dr. Donovitz listened patiently as I spoke and we determined that I needed an adjustment, which is no different than other therapies. For me, the cost is comparable to purchasing a name brand medication, which would require a $50.00 out of pocket per month. The process is quick and easy to fit into my schedule because Dr. Donovitz offers two locations. My memory is sharper, my sex drive is back and I seem to have more energy! Best of all, there is no drop in levels due to forgetting to take a pill. I couldn't be happier!

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Nov 9th, 2010

I am a post-menopausal woman, early 60's. I was originally referred to Dr. Donovitz by the pellet specialist in Arizona. I had pellets inserted twice and experienced side effects. When another doctor tested my hormone levels, I was way out of balance in estrogen & testosterone. I also saw Dr. D. for pain in the pelvic area and he did a surgical rectocele repair using a synthetic mesh. 8 months later I was in severe pain and my new (& much better) gynocologist said the mesh was all twisted, folded over on itself, and out of place. I then had to have a second surgery to take out the mesh and redo the repair. I agree with other reviewers that Dr. Donovitz doesn't spend any time with you, brushes off questions & wants to talk about himself. Every time I called his Arlington office, the people answering the phone were rude and unpleasant. The exception was his nurse who was kind and helpful, but I usually had to wait several days for her to call me back. I would never, EVER, recommend Dr. Donovitz for anything.

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Female, age 56 show details Female, age 56
Jun 16th, 2010

I went to Dr. Ds seminar on pellet therapy. Was sold on the benefits and had pellets inserted. Dr. D must just care about the money as he charged me $325 for a 2 minute Q&A session before inserting the pellets and another $300 for the 5 minute procedure. There was zero follow up and it's been a year now. I asked him if hormones would cause me to start having a monthly period again and he said "no." Well, if hed follow up with me hed know that his facts are inaccurate. The hormones do cause menstruation to begin again in some people. Does the good outweigh the bad? For me, I dont think so. Now I have menopause symptoms plus bleeding at the same time. Crazy.

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May 19th, 2010

Dr. Donovitz is great. He makes an uncomfortable "yearly" visit quick & painless. If I have "issues' he talks to me about them when I have my clothes on not my feet in the stirups!Nothing is worse than a dr. talking to you while you are laying there assuming the position.

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Money Driven Dr. show details Money Driven Dr.
Apr 27th, 2010

Dr.Donovitz is pushing this Pellet hormone therapy which is very expensive. The blood test which give a accurate reading of hormone levels is taken 4 wks after the pelett is inserted. I went for my usual physical at my M.D. about 3 months after the pellet was inserted. Had my hormone level tested only to find out Dr. Donovitz inserted me with two times the normal level. Why was this not dicovered at me 4wk blood test result? Does he even read the results or does he just want to keep inserting hormones for the money factor ONLY and not the well being of the patient?

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Worst OB Ever show details Worst OB Ever
Aug 19th, 2009

Bedside manner was poor. He was not interested in my problems or even with me as a patient. He was more concerned about himself and he talked about himself nonstop. Ultra sound was less then ten minutes. He left when in labor with out notice.

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