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Apr 14th, 2015


Apr 8th, 2015

This office is horrible. The wait for him is ridiculous and he does not take off more than 2 moles in one visit. He makes you come back so that you can pay another copay. Thats his policy. Not to mention he screams at his mother and father who work for him. The receptionist made a comment to a man that was trying to get in sooner for laser surgery and she said don't worry you will go in right away compared to the people in the waiting room since they are mole people. He said whats the difference and she said, they have cancer and you do not. Then laughed as if that was a funny joke. Its disgusting that this man still has a license.

Discouraged, highly disappointed show details Discouraged, highly disappointed
by Diane on Jan 29th, 2015

Just moved to area from north jersey. Waiting over 2 weeks for biopsy results. As a cancer survivor this is unnerving. No one picking up phone at Dr.'s office going on 3 days now (granted we had a snow storm). However voice mail conveys message that 'memory is full'. Unprofessional not having an answering service. Highly discouraged and very disappointed.

Excellent show details Excellent
by Susan Nintzel on Apr 17th, 2014

Dr Karakashian preformed a breast augmentation several years ago (around 16) and addressed the issues that I had with the asymmetrical differences in size being drastic. He made what I looked at as a deformity look normal. Dr Karakashian did a wonderful job and I would refer him to anyone who is looking for a kind, and compassionate physician. I will return to his practice when I need any procedure done!!

BEWARE! show details BEWARE!
Nov 21st, 2013

If I could give this doctor and his office a zero star rating, trust and believe that I WOULD! WORST office I have ever been to in my life! Extremely rude office staff. They couldn't even schedule my appointment in the right office they are so incompetent. After being scheduled for the wrong office I was never given my results for my pathology, which by the way was PRECANCEROUS. Doctor refused to get on the phone, office staff hung up on me several times, and was holding my pathology report HOSTAGE. I finally got my report after weeks of arguing with this office. Worst office I have ever been to. Not to mention, the doctor was in the room maybe 5 minutes, didn't look through my chart, barely asked why am I even there, and when he took the biopsy from my nose he closed off my nostrils and covered my mouth so I was unable to even breathe. Find someone else! This office is disgusting to boot.

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Awful isn't a bad enough....... show details Awful isn't a bad enough.......
by calesso on Sep 17th, 2013

This was the WORST appointment of my life. The wait was over an hour. The Office manager AKA the doc's father was the rudest most offensive man I have ever come in contact with. The doc was nice but the rudeness and unprofessionalism of his father caused me to walk out without my prescription or follow up. How smart can the doctor be if he has a man like that interacting with patients? The rude man treated me as if I was a piece of garbage. I pity anyone who steps foot in this office for care, but feel even worse for the doc since he has such a jerk for a dad. I can go to another Derm office but he is stuck with that guy for life!

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Review for Dr. Karakashian's office show details Review for Dr. Karakashian's office
by Laura on Sep 3rd, 2013

I think the biggest problem with this office is that the doctor is overbooked. I have had to wait at least 45minutes - an hour each visit. You have to ask a lot of questions if you want to know what procedure is being performed on you. This doctor is in my network and I have good insurance coverage. I spend at least $100/per visit and it seems like I go back every two weeks. There's the first appt. where you can get two spots biopsied at a time, then the follow up appt. where they will remove the spots if necessary, then the follow up appt. to that where they will put stitches in, then the follow up to that where they will check the wound and see if you have more spots to biopsy. I literally feel like I have been in there every two weeks. It is very crowded and if a patient spends more than the allotted 2-5 minutes with the doctor, it throws the entire day off for the rest of the patients. I don't want to switch doctors because I have met my deductible, but I wish I would have read the reviews before I picked someone that was close and convenient.

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Experience show details Experience
by K on Aug 17th, 2013

What's bad? The office is not clean and poorly run in my opinion. Chairs look old and dirty in the waiting room. There are dead bugs on top of the casing of the lighting in the waiting room from the looks of it. The patient rooms don't look sterile. The white sheets that cover patient beds are not utilized, there supposed to be drawn down so patients can sit on them, at least that was my personal experience. The patient beds look old and dirty as well. The front desk seems to lack computers and the patient rooms don't look sterile. The receptionists and manager are extremely rude to some patients. The doctor spends 5 mins with you or less, and doesn't hold the door for you to leave just waltz's or runs out leaving you behind. The patient rooms also seem to lack any technology that you could find anywhere else for treatment purposes. The assistant(s) are always talking on their cell phones instead of working. The Dr. also did not spend time explaining the procedure to me or the risks involved. What's good? Got an accurate diagnosis. Overall Dr. Has good bedside manner. However I wouldn't recommend this place to my friends or family.

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Terrible experience!! show details Terrible experience!!
Jun 7th, 2013

He walked into the room didn't say hi or anything. This was my first time ever coming to him. He asked why I was there and then without even looking at my problem spot he says I have eczema. He writes a prescription then says well I can get rid of those pimples you have. I say ok. That was the worse mistake of my life!!! He quickly pokes my pimples with a needle and then scraps as hard as he can! He pretty much cut them out of my face. My eyes were tearing and I yelled Ouch WTF!! He gets up hands me a gauze and walks out!!! He leaves me in the room with holes in my face and bleeding like crazy in pain! The whole process took all of 2 minutes!! Ridiculous! I would never go there again. He isn't friendly. He doesn't care to warn you about what he's about to do. He just heard people in to the office like cattle as fast as he can and doesn't take anytime at all. Never again!

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Jun 3rd, 2013

The wait time was unbelievable. I was made to come back to check on removal of a cyst which took all of 2 minutes. The purpose was clearly to bill the insurance co. for a visit.The removal of the cyst left a hole in my back. I would strongly recommend not using this Dr.

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by Mrs K on Apr 4th, 2013

Dr Karakashian is brilliant. He can look at a face and make it perfect without looking like you had anything done. I went in for a filler and he saw a dodgy looking mole that was pre-cancerous. Thank you so much!!!

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Apr 3rd, 2013

Awful experience! Had been going there for a couples of years and always dealt with the terrible wait time but my last visit pushed me to my limit. I made an appt. 2 months prior for 9:45. I arrive on the day at 9:30 with the office closed. I call the office and Dr. K's mother picks up and tells me that I have the wrong day- office opens at 12. They proceeds to tell me that they are busy and someone will call me back and hangs up. I called right back saying that I did not have the wrong day. His mother then tells me that I was right, but Shawn had called a left me a message saying they decided to open at 12 instead of my original time. NO ONE EVER CALLED. His mother told me it was all my fault, was rude and then talked about me to other office workers while I was sitting there in the waiting room.... DONE with this dr.

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by Jen on Feb 22nd, 2013

Would never recommend this doctor. He has hands down the rudest staff I have ever seen. Also the wait time is rediculous, I waited close to two hours for my appointment.

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Horrible Office Staff and Wait Time! show details Horrible Office Staff and Wait Time!
May 29th, 2012

I had a 2:45 appt and walked into a packed waiting room. When I registered and asked how long, so old man shrugged his shoulders and said I don't know, do you want to reschedule? Really!!!!! I waited 45 minutes and walked out when there were still 3 people ahead of me to be even called back. TERRIBLE staff, terrible customer service.

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Apr 17th, 2012

The appointment was easy to schedule but when I got at the office there was 7!! people ahead of me. When I inquired about approximate waiting time I was told it would be 45 mins to an hour and 15 minutes. How much time does he spend with his patients if it takes an hour to see 7 people?! Needless to say I left and will not be coming back.

Jan 11th, 2012

Bad experience. Had cyst Dr k did I&D. Called back office debtor infection,pain in area on neck,right over jugular vein. Evil, ignorant, soooo unprofessional father, would not see me, due to insurance payment not yet recieved from initial procedure...THAT HE DID. Denied rx! Reported this nightmare practice to AKA.

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HORRIBLE!!!! show details HORRIBLE!!!!
Oct 20th, 2011

upon making an appointment for an acne cleaning, which required pre-authorization, and removal of a cyst, the Dr.'s wife.. Hernina Karakashian, told me and I quote, "Uh.. we can't help you. you need to go to a plastic surgeon or something." and HUNG UP ON ME!!! Plastic surgeons do NOT do ACNE treatments, moron. This doctor IS in my insurance network and they have been reported as I have NEVER EVER had anyone be SO rude to me.. a patient who needs a growth removed that could be cancerous. Have no idea about the Dr. himself, as I will NEVER step foot in his office after the incredibly rude treatment I received from his incompetent receptionist/wife.

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Sep 29th, 2011

He did not take the time to explain anything. Billed incorrectly.

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Aug 23rd, 2011

Dr. K is a gifted doctor and surgeon. He use to practice plastic surgery until the NJ laws changed. I have numerous first-hand experience on his medical brilliance. The problem is he uses his mom and dad to run the office and they have no compassion or human kindness. They are rude and overbook him like a work horse. The best thing he can do for his practice is FIRE THEM!

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Best Dr. on Earth show details Best Dr. on Earth
Jun 8th, 2011

Most people who have commented on this post ought to have their head examined by a psych doctor. Dr. K diagnosed my problem in one visit after going to NYC to a few doctors and spending a fortune doing so. He is a caring doctor and the staff is very caring too. Those that have written poor comments on the post need to examine themselves--sure they're no angels themselves. You don't want to go the best, then don't. Makes more time for those of us who really recognize talent when they see it.

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Jun 3rd, 2011

Waited 1.5 hours after 10AM appt time (how do you get 1.5 hours behind after office is open 1 hour?) to see MD for 5 minutes. Mis-diagnosed issue, prescribed medication which made condition *worse*.

Feb 25th, 2011

Walked into the overcrowded waiting room, felt like someone was passing gas directly into my nostrils. Of the three staffers, two were alarmingly elderly and the other was unprofessional, ( had to wait for her to finish texting before she spoke to us). After the wait became intolerable, we decided to leave and come back an hour later, after which we waited ten minutes to be seen. After my husband had a large biopsy removed, the assistant handed the doctor an open band-aid without gloves!!! Neither the assistant nor the doctor washed their hands the ENTIRE time. Needless to say, this was our first and last vist.

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Do not waste your health by seeing this Dr. Karakashian show details Do not waste your health by seeing this Dr. Karakashian
Dec 28th, 2010

Unfortunately he was one of the rudest Doctors I have ever had the unpleasure of seeing on a repeated basis.No only did he just haphazardly prescribe me Rx after Rx for acne, which only made me SOOO much more sick and actually worsened the condition, he was flat out unconcerned, impatient and inaccurate in diagnosing. Typical Dr. who wants kickbacks from RX companies instead of promoting healing.

Terrible office management, limited time show details Terrible office management, limited time
Sep 15th, 2010

Waited for hours in overcrowded waiting room - ran out of seats, people outside on 90 degree day. Sees too many patients. Very rushed - 5 min. at most in appt. even though 1st (and last) time visit and history of melanoma.

Sep 4th, 2010

If this guy was an airline, the FAA would be after him overbooking. The waits are long and the staff can be hostile to anyone who complains about it. I assume he knows what he's doing, but he never bothered to tell me, other than in monosyllables. I am looking for another dermatologist.

Such poor treatment show details Such poor treatment
by Michael Morris. on Apr 2nd, 2010

Wost Dermatologist I have ever been to. Only went to him because he was in my new insurance plan. He misdiagnosed my 9yr old. I was hung up on after I asked why they didn't have a fax machine.

finally a great dermatologist in nj show details finally a great dermatologist in nj
Feb 15th, 2010

went to 3 other derms about my acne... this guy was the first one who actually helped me. he gave me pills, one cream, and a special light treatment instead of making me buy creams in his office

Truly a caring doctor show details Truly a caring doctor
Oct 29th, 2009

I have been going to this doctor for 10 years now. Yes 10 years but if it weren't for him maybe I would not be here to be in celebration. He taught me "just one day at a time and we will get it all done". I was a mess with cancer (from a tanning bed that I went in for 20 years and yes, it was head to toe). He taught me patience and tolerance like I have never been taught before. I thank him for the gift of my life and the unique friendship we developed over the years. If you worked in the office you would understand why some of the workers can get a bit edgy, you talk to these insurance companies and try getting paid, not a job I would prefer to have but would certainly want his staff on my side (which we, the patients do). I truly appreciate all he has done and continues to do for me. I am there every Tuesday and love the fellowship in getting to know others waiting with me in that waiting room. Better than talking to a wall~~

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by customer on Mar 19th, 2009 on

I felt like I was there jsut to make him money. He was in and out of the room in a minute. The place wasn't clean at all, they had instruments in open bags to use on people. they had bandaids pre opened so they can use them faster, I mean come one what happened to the doctor that would take time with each person

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May 18th, 2008

removed cyst on arm and said biopsy was suspicious and needed to do a reincision...took my biopsy of tissue to another lab that reported normal tissue,,seems to be the way the practice operates by doing unnecessary procedures

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Nov 16th, 2006 on

too quick to judgement: made a determination on melanoma without sufficent evidence. patients should be careful with this guy, more into money then caring!!!

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