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by Katie Mathers on Jan 30th, 2015

Dr. L'europa is a kind, caring, professional physician that has helped me tremendously, with migraines. He takes time to explain everything and make a regimen designed for me. I am now able to live a better life with his help since he's been able to control my migraines. I am also forever grateful to Carol Robinson for her excellent and amazing care, thank you both!!!

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brown physician show details brown physician
by disappointed on Dec 3rd, 2014

arbitrary capricious, and disqusting treatment of a severely handicapped patiient by a multimillionaire who cares more about his corvette than the health of his patient.p poo pl disgusting treatment of a handicapped patient

follow up show details follow up
by anonymous on Dec 3rd, 2014

i am trying to once again write this complaint to assist steven for the repugnant dismissal following his visit on dec. 2. 2014. based on having two leg operations in sept. and oct. of this year, and requiring three more he could not perform the exercise that the pt required at their office. consequently, he was informed by the physician that all his office visits were being terminated. this is Abandonment. the physician should be reviewed by the board of health and put on probation. this conduct is repugnant

review of doctor show details review of doctor
by steven kaye on Dec 3rd, 2014

i was dismissed for no reason and i am in great pain. the doctor is obnoxious refused to believe me. incompetent and supercillous. his pt demanded i do bike riding and i was unable. i have gad two leg operations in the last month.

HORRIBLE "Doctor" HORRIBLE Office Follow-Up show details HORRIBLE "Doctor" HORRIBLE Office Follow-Up
by Barbara, Newport, RI on Aug 22nd, 2014

"Dr" L'Europa shouldn't be practicing medicine. How he got a license to do so is beyond me. My first visit, his assistant nurse spent more time talking with me, getting a history, talking & explaining things to me about my symptoms and tests needed then he did. "Dr" L'Europa barely spent anytime with me, and only repeated like a parrot everything his nurse had already told me. He ordered numerous tests to be done, which I needed (& wanted) for I have multiple symptoms, -only to have the office follow up with making an appointment for just one test to be done (major office failure). I also have a long history of chronic daily headaches/migraines for which I am disabled, and was excited to try the migraine Botox injections. He assured me I was a candidate (which the nurse already told me). The approval was to be put forth to my insurance company, and my next visit, -booked 3 months later to allow time for approval process, I was going to have my first injection (which should only have taken 3 weeks tops) While I had a pounding migraine that day, I was very excited for my next visit, arrived and was greeted by his nurse. She briefly went over the results of my MRI which showed some concerns. I told her I was excited to get my 1st Botox injection. The nurse told me I could get an injection right then to help me with my current migraine by the doctor. Finally "Dr" L'Europa came in, seemly rushed, and literally sat on the edge of the chair in front of me. He asked me how I was doing (small talk) then started to leave !? - the nurse had to remind him to go over my MRI results. He re-sat down, and was like a bumbling idiot. He discussed what the nurse already had, but said "let me think about it" as to what needed to be done for treatment... -let him "think about it" ? The radiologist who read the MRI results put it out there for him the results, the concerns that are present, and he wanted time to "think about it" ? -What was I there for ? -until when ? -he didn't even recommend a follow up visit date ! He started to get up off the chair, again, and the nurse had to remind him once again about the Botox. After sitting down a third time and looking at the computer, he turned to me and said, "Oh, we've had a problem with our supplier, we haven't been able to get Botox and I don't have any in right now". Out the door he ran. I know BS when I hear it. I was floored. This was the main reason I started going to this office. This is what I waited 3 months for. After sitting in my car having a good cry out of frustration, I went home. (no injection for my current migraine either, by the way, forgotten about) I thought about it, and ended up calling my health insurance. As I concluded, the office never put in a request for the Botox treatment. So "Dr" L'Europa was incapable of being honest, and capable of telling an outright lie straight to my face. If he can easily BS and lie to a patient, what else has he said to in the past or could say in the future to his patients ? And why couldn't he, with MRI results in front of him showing a diagnosis, not explain to me and advise a treatment plan ? Needless to say, my time spent at this office was a huge waste of time, not to mention money spent in co-payments. I too had read good reviews, and ignored the negatives, -my own fault. I only hope by telling my honest personal experience will make a potential new patient think twice about putting trust in this man. Keep looking, there are many "good" "honest" neurologist out there. Do not take any risk when it comes to your health !! You need a doctor who is open, honest, and spot on with diagnosis and treatment. I had forwarded to my general physician my MRI results, whom explained to me in great details the results far better then "Dr" L'Europa. She also started me instantly on a treatment plan, and referred me to a good neuro for further treatment for a progressive vascular disease that "Dr" L'Europa wanted "time to think about" for treatment.

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Today's visit show details Today's visit
Jun 12th, 2014

Dr. L'Europa helped me get control of my cluster headaches. He knew exactly what to do when I presented with a horrendous cluster headache. The good doctor prescribed a medication that worked for me immediately. Dr. L'Europa was kind, empathetic and professional. I would highly recommend this doctor. Dr. L'Europa was a God-send.

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I would recommend Dr. L'Europa & staff to everyone! show details I would recommend Dr. L'Europa & staff to everyone!
by Denise Rosa on May 12th, 2014

Reading the reviews for Dr. L'Europa and his staff are very upsetting. Obviously it is only the people who are not happy who have bothered to write a review! First off, it seems the number one complaint is the overall coldness of the staff....I know five people, including myself who are patients here and this could NOT be farther from the truth. Does Dr. L'Europa spend hours chatting with you, listening to your life story...NO....should he....NO! If that is the medical help/attention you need find a therapist with a couch. Dr. L'Europ does his job of getting the medical facts, preforming the medical procedures and helping you get back to being as healthy as possible. I find him to be caring, professional, very good at his job. Next major complaint seems to be the wait time and co-payments.....when you find a free clinic where you walk right in with no wait and QUALITY care....PLEASE LET ME KNOW! One of the MANY positive things I have found about Neurohealth is how I do not have to wait long at all. ONE time I had to wait and the reason was the staff was dealing with a patient issue NOT eating bon bons. The staff felt badly over but it was unavoidable. So I guess all of you people complaining can't have it both're either being rushed or your waiting too long! My nurse practitioner is Talia and it is beyond offense for anyone to call her unfeeling and cold! She has been nothing but sympathetic, kind, caring, positive and overall very concerned about my health issue. Talia is always accessible and available to answer any questions I email into her and I always receive an answer within hours.....and it only takes that long because I know she is taking her time with her other patients! The care and concern Dr. L'Europa, Talia and other staff members have shown has been nothing but positive and encouraging since I started there 2 years ago. I had been to 3 other neurologists who's exact words were to "push through it", "I don't know what else do to for you" and "there is nothing else we can are some more drugs"! From day one the HOPE alone from the staff at Neurohealth has given me has been tremendous! Someone I had recommend felt the same way....walking out of there for the first time gives you a new sense of hope that you had given up on a long time ago!! I will continue to recommend people to Neurohealth ESPECIALLY because of the medical care, personal treatment, hope and encouragement given by the staff!! And by the way....if you aren't smart enough to know a needle is not going to tickle....I feel sorry for you but don't blame it on the doctor or staff!

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Best neurology office I've been to. show details Best neurology office I've been to.
Dec 13th, 2013

I just wanted to put in my two cents here. Starting off- I realize that it is really inconvenient when you have to wait a long time past your actual appt. time to see an MD. But, to be honest, there isn't ONE of my doctors that I don't have to wait for. Doctors are notorious for running behind- so I plan on that. I, myself, had Talia L'Europa as my nurse practitioner. I have no clue what the other person was talking about but she was far from cold, she understood my headaches and she is soft spoken and actually listens. She came into the visit with some of my records in hand, ready to discuss my migraines. Dr Gary L’Europa came in for about the last 20 minutes of the visit. He maybe could have spent a little more time with me- but I am followed by two people for my care- a nurse and a specialist- and I am comfortable with that. I saw another neurologist and have had serious migraines for over 10 years. He constantly gave me pain medications, telling me nothing more could be done. Talia and Dr L’Europa actually put me on a preventative and I have had two Botox treatments (he does the injections very fast- don’t be shocked!). My migraines haven’t gone away yet- but they are the best they have been in the past few years and I feel like I can actually function again. It’s funny how no one ever takes the time to write a good review. So, I thought I would take couple minutes to do so.

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He should not be a doctor show details He should not be a doctor
Jun 19th, 2013

He is a terrible doctor and should not be practicing. My friends' wife was misdiagnosed by him and I believe that lead to her death.

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Jun 7th, 2013

I went to the office because I have been suffering with carpal tunnel for 10 years. I knew what was entailed by the EMG and neurological testing that needed to happen. I however was not aware of the ensuing pain that would result following the testing. I called the office the following day after the testing, (due too the extreme pain which was sent into high piercing pain) with the thought that some type of medication could be prescribed in order too cope with this pain for that day. "Talia", the nurse practitioner called me back and was very unfeeling and cold. She explained that the muscles are in spasm and that it would just have to resolve on its own and she didn't know how long it would last. After I explained that Advil and Aleve were not helping at all, she said that that was the only thing I could take. There was nothing offered aside from the two options I had already been trying, to no avail. I have 3 children and wasn't able to care for them adequately and explained this. I asked how long this pain would continue and she couldn't even give me an estimate. This nurse practitioner is very unprofessional.

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How did he get a 'satisfactory' overall rating? show details How did he get a 'satisfactory' overall rating?
by Beth Heaney on May 23rd, 2013

I waited so long at this office. First for the young lady who did my electrical impulses or whatever test. She was very nice, but I waited a long time to see her. Then she left the room and I waited for Dr. Europa to come in and do the 'pin' test. He was cold, arrogant, rushed me through every little part of the exam, barely said hello, and then proceeded to stick pins in me without any swabbing whatsoever, which I had never experienced before. Never warned me once with a 'you'll feel a pinch' or anything, just stuck me like a pin cushion without warning. I tried to put myself in another place mentally to get through it, but then when he was done, he naturally announced that I'd need physical therapy for carpal tunnel and asked if I had any questions, like he was on his way to a fire. I said, well, that I had never been pierced like that before without swabbing, to which he replied, "I've never had a problem with it before". Then he handed me a gauze to blot the drops of blood and left. No band aids either. I went out to the desk to sign out and set up a physical therapy session, but I was so ticked off that I wanted to go back and tell him what I thought, then I figured everyone would think I was the weird one. I never made an appointment because I didn't want to give that practice another cent. Then I got the bill for almost $500 which was the icing on this toxic cake. Never got a call from them with follow-up either. Guess they don't care. Big surprise! I asked two separate people how much this test was going to cost and they said they couldn't tell me until it was done. Well, duh! I wanted to know BEFORE I had it done. Bad experience all around. Would never recommend this doctor to anyone. Brown puts out some great doctors, but this isn't one of them. Also, the tingling in my arms is gone since I began dieting and changed my computer desk position. My brother-in-law, oddly enough, had the exact same experience with Dr. L'Europa, but I didn't know until I had already spent the money and wasted almost 3 hours there.

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I was refered to Dr L'Europa by another physician I was treating with previously. I was hit walking as a pedestrian by a drunk driver. I was carried 670 feet, thrown off of car, and ran over. I suffer from short term memory loss, numbness in my body, and can not express my thoughts in my head verbally in person. Prior to my accident and numerous injuries I had NEVER had any issues. Dr L'Europa first saw me, he was very cold and had no bed side manner. I was not bothered by this at first because I was just too eager to have someone give me a diagnosis and solution to my injuries. I had already started speech and cognitive\occupational therapy. My therapists, psychiatrist, and ortho all suggested I get my brain injury properly diagnosed by a neuro. Dr L'Europa sent me for testing. The doctor he sent me to, or shall I say text book neuropsycholigist was not my cup of tea and he was very rude, short and not understanding my issues with me. Dr L'Europa, assumed he was right, and decided to DISMISS me for "dumping" the test. My parents complained to him and assured him I am begging to know what my injury is and how to live on my own with my young son and manage my injury and live as normal as possible. he decided to send me for more testing. his office was making an appontment and NEVER did. HIS DAUGHTER..."NURSE PRACTITIONER..THAT IS A JOKE!" TALIA...KEPT ON CALLING ME AND CONFUSING ME ABOUT MY INJURIES AND SAID MY MRI SHOWED 2 MASSES ON MY LEFT BRAIN (EXACTLY WHERE I HAD STAPPLES AND SPLIT MY HEAD OPEN) BUT THAT IT WAS NORMAL?!?! HER FATHER...THE RUDE MORON THAT HE IS...DISMISSED ME BECAUSE I HAD TO BE FIRM WITH HER AND KEPT TELLING HER.."I DO NOT UNDERSTAND, PLEASE CALL MY PARENTS LIKE THEY INSTRUCTED YOU TOO" SHE DOES NOT HAVE ANY COMMON SENSE AND SHE TOO IS A MORON!! BOTTOM LINE I VISITED A VERY SMART AND WELL KNOWN NEURO IN BOSTON AS WAS DIAGNOSED WITH A "DEGENERATIVE BRAIN INJURY" YET DR LEUROPA AND TALIA KEPT TELLING ME IT WAS "ALL EMOTIONAL AND I WAS BRINGING MY SHORT TERM MEMORY LOSS AND COGNITIVE DELAYS ON MYSELF!!!!!" THIS IS THE WORST OFFICE I HAVE EVER DELT WITH AND HE IS NOT A DOCTOR THAT YOU CAN TRUST!! BEWARE!! GET A SECOND AND THIRD OPPINION ALWAYS!! I WOULD NOT GIVE HIM THE SATISFACTION OF GETTING PAID BY MY INSURANCE COMPANY OR MYSELF!! HE NEEDS TO GO BACK TO MEDICAL SCHOOL AND SEND HIS DAUGHTER BACK TO NURSING SCHOOL!! MEDICAL MALPRACTICE SUITE IS IN THE WORKS!! STAY AWAY!!

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Oct 20th, 2012

Dr L 'Europa & his staff are phenomenal! They do not, however, suffer fools gladly. Pay attention to your appointment times, and follow instructions. You will be lucky to find such an attentive, caring group.

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Arrogant Jerk! show details Arrogant Jerk!
Sep 21st, 2012

Wasted 6 months of my time and money at a time when I was very ill and vulnerable. This arrogant jerk should NOT be a doctor of any kind. Just HORRIBLE. All the negative ratings are accurate. I wish I could rate him even lower.

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This dr wasted my time and money with no positive outcome. show details This dr wasted my time and money with no positive outcome.
Jul 1st, 2012

Kept having me come back virtually just to collect copays. Left me broke and still with excruciating migraines and neck pain. I bought a Headache book and have helped myself with changing my diet. He barely takes an interest in his patients--passes them off to an inept nurse. It was a very frustrating experience. Never again!

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You Have Got to Be Kidding Me! show details You Have Got to Be Kidding Me!
Mar 22nd, 2012

I agree 150% with the negative commentary on Dr. L'Europa and his staff! He is pompous, self absorbed and arrogant. After spending most of my visit with the cold, detached, mechanical nurse practitioner, he sashayed into the office with a demeanor about him that made me think he expected me to bough at his feet!! They did not listen to me and treated me like "just another patient." Their diagnosis was not correct and the course of treatment made matters worse. Yes, he may have experience with migraine sufferers, but not every case is the same. They are seriously lacking in compassion. It appeared that Dr. L'Europa may have been in a hurry to move along my appointment because his private jet may have been waiting outside to whisk him away somewhere. They seem to be all about the money and categorize all headache/migraine sufferers into the same "classic" bucket and probably prescibe the same "classic" treatment. I was thoroughly disappointed. Do not waste your time and energy!!

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Seeking other neurologist show details Seeking other neurologist
Mar 6th, 2012

Dr L'Europa is a phantom at the office. He graced me with his arrogant presence for about 2-3 minutes then left. He leaves the nurse to do the rest.The nurse that I have dealt with doesn't even greet me when I come in. She is uninformative and detached.If I dare ask a question I get a very blunt sarcastic answer.I guess if they spend too much time answering my question they'll go over the 5 minute visit even though I'm paying via insurance for 15 minutes. I'll just stay the 5 minutes to have my blood pressure checked and you collect my co-pay and then I'll be on my way and I still have the same headache. The only positive about this Dr's office is the wait time. No wait to get into the office for my 5 minute visit to get my blood pressure checked.Next time I'll go to the corner pharmacy and have my blood pressure checked for free.

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Feb 2nd, 2012

Staff (excluding nurse practitioner)were rude. Time with Dr. was short.

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Please don't waste your time!! show details Please don't waste your time!!
Jan 6th, 2012

Based on my personal experience with Dr. Gary L'Europa, ALL negative comments posted here are 100% accurate! It's strictly business to him and his EGO, WOW! What an EGO!

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Bad experience. show details Bad experience.
Aug 16th, 2011

The ratings are 100% accurate. This doctor is more concerned about getting in and out as fast as he can, has little to say and no bedside mannerisms.You spend virtually all of your time with his nurse practishioner. I was referred to him by my primary because of chronic headaches.He makes no effort to talk to you and diagnose the problem and instead throws various meds at you.He also does triger point injections where you will see him for les than 30 seconds with no time or interest in discussing how you are doing. Don't go here!!!

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Not what a doctor should be!! show details Not what a doctor should be!!
Jul 30th, 2011

Can't say....

Awful show details Awful
May 27th, 2011

I have seen this doctor in 2006 for Headache(migraines) and he spent less than 5 minutes with me. He ordered al kinds of tests which I think unnecessary. He comes and fly even during EMG or EEG (which I don't remember). He won't answer our questions. After that every visit seen by RN not him. A patient needs Assurance from Doctor which you won't get it. I realized and changed the doctor. Don't judge by his medical degree.

THE WORST !!!!!!!!! show details THE WORST !!!!!!!!!
Jan 23rd, 2011

Waste of money! 1st visit-45 mins while girl copied high lights of all med records I brought. Then copied them. $40 please.Needed 2 more visits to test me.$80 please. CTS I was told l&r elbo to hand.Dr disappeared right away.I went there about my numbness in entire upper back!!! Wanted me to start therapy right away.3-4 x's wk for at least 6 wks.$720. Will this help? Won't know till after 6 wks.No therapy -it will not get better. If I do nothing will it get worse? Answer-No it will not! 9 months later I'm numb and frozen stiff. Almost no feeling left in left hand. 1/2 of rt hand gone !!! Gary says test show the same plus a rt pinched nerve in neck, then tells me dress and i'll see you outside. He's in a meeting i'm told by girl with my notes who asks me if I'm a patient here? DUH!!! He will not answer ?'s like How it happened or why. Pinched nerve and what to do. Oh, i'll send my report to your other Dr. and he can explain it to ya !!!!! $40 please. I get better med info at the GYM. Former 3 yr med student walked out on him. Says: It's his way or no way !! Have now talked to 2 others who say same bad stuff. Good luck ! I prefer a Dr. who cares about me and not his wallet !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a # for $ show details Just a # for $

Seriously, this Dr. was recommended by my primary Dr. and I am letting her know not to recommend him anymore. In this office you get to see the nurse practitioners and talk with them and if you see the Dr. it is for 10 seconds or less. He does not care about you. He wants to get you in and out as fast as possible so that they can see more people and get more money. They do not care about you as a person. I had trigger point injections and PT and had a bad and painful reactions so bad that I couldn't sleep or get comfortable and as soon as I had a problem....WHAM!....we can't help you....they will not even prescribe a very small amount of pain meds. when you are in a very painful bind and they say they do not prescribe anything except anti-inflammatory meds.......THEY SHOULD LET PEOPLE KNOW UP FRONT THAT THEY WILL NOT BE THERE FOR YOU EVEN IF YOU ARE DYING IN PAIN...THEY SAID GO TO THE ER OR CALL MY PRIMARY.....WHY WAS I SEEING THEM AGAIN? BECAUSE I DIDN'T KNOW THAT THEY WOULD NOT BE THERE FOR ME. I AM NOT GOING BACK THOUGH....spent the whole night in the ER because it was after hours for my primary DR.......Thanks for nothing Dr. Gary L'Europa....I will never recommend you........

by patient x on Jun 29th, 2010

agree, no personality, but correct diagnosis & refurral.

Dr. Gary A L'europa show details Dr. Gary A L'europa
by Anonymous on Apr 28th, 2010 on

I had been seeing Dr. L'europa for 2 years for headaches and got nowhere. After being evaluated by his staff, he came in the room to see me only ...

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Jan 6th, 2010

I have been seeing Dr. L'Europa for over 5 years. He is very caring and an expert in migraines. He has given me my life back. I have nothing but good things to say about him and his staff.

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Mar 10th, 2009

This doctor is the worst doctor I have ever seen. He did nothing to help me and I saw him for about 10 seconds. He is one of those fly in and fly out when you meet him for your appointment. He is so busy that he clearly has no time to chit chat and he is so quick when he leaves that you have no idea what happended. He is clearly just interested in making as much money in a day as possible. If you are a person that needs time to talk with your doctor this guy is not your doctor. He is awful. He has about as much personality as a dead rattlesnake. Trust me people do not waste your time or money on this doctor. He may not even be a real doctor. You won't even remember what he looks like he doesn't care about you as a person or your illness.