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Dr. Gordon Gunn, MD
45 years of experience

Accepting new patients
100 E. Valencia Mesa Drive
Suite 215
Fullerton, CA 92835
(714) 912-2211
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 |  Dr. Gunn is the BEST!  |  show details
by Go Lakers at Citysearch on Jan 8th, 2012 on citysearch.com

Dr. Gunn is the best GYN in Orange County hands down. He is fair, understands women, concerned about your total health, great listener and I could go on and on. I worked along side Dr. Gunn for years. He is truly a wonderful man and an incredible doctor. I would reccmmend Dr. Gunn to one and all. The staff is just as wonderful. The front office and back office are all very dedicated and friendly. PK Kaliban the P.A. is darling, intelligent, energetic and helpful. I love this office and the staff.

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 |  Gyn  |  show details
by mpverchot1 at Citysearch on Feb 14th, 2011 on citysearch.com

I`ve been with Dr. Towbin before she joined The Gunn Center. Early on, she was very attentive - correcting diagnosing my sleep apnea, for which I`ll always be grateful. However, as he responsibilities withsize of The Towbin-Gunn Center have grown - so has the depersonalizing approach from not only Dr. Towbin but her staff, as well. I, too, was repeatedly put off by the arrogancerudeness of the desk staff. Hardly folks who should be involved in the healing arts as they look at patients as dollar signs and not as people. Since moving an hour away, I plan on finding a new gyn in my area. I`ll miss Dr. Towbin but am deeply saddened to see how the \"corporate approach\" has distanced herself from her once loyal patients.

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 |  JUST AWFUL  |  show details
by pinklolli at Citysearch on Dec 27th, 2010 on citysearch.com

AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL. i should have read reviews on this place before visiting it. This was my first visit ever to a gyno. I got dr bens i believe it was she was alright but pushed unnecessary not to mention pricey tests and i gave in because i was in a lot of pain and just wanted to get better. But basically at the end of my visit, i left knowing what i already knew...that there is something wrong going on down there. paid 280 for a simple office visit and i was told id be getting billed extra by the lab which is probably going to be another couple hundred if not more. and to make matters worse the 3 receptionists at the front desk are mean old hags. especially the one with brown hair. she has a very condescending tone in her voice when she talks to you. maybe she was talking to me that way because im young but nonetheless, im a client and should NEVER be spoken to that way. youre like 50 and a receptionist at a gyno center, get over yourself. id say the only good thing about my visit was the complimentary watertea and cookies they give you. seriously, that was the only good part. after i get my lab results i plan on never coming back here again.

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 |  a vote of no confidence for dr. santos, the new urologist  |  show details
by godard17 at Citysearch on Dec 15th, 2010 on citysearch.com

dr. santos started working at gunn center of gynecology on 8110 and i was there one week later -- i was so eager to find a physician who could address my long 30 years and complex medical history. she turned out to be a complete disappointment. her bedside manner is atrocious she was dismissive and punctuated her remarks with a fake smile. she did not allow me to explain my health issues fully, she would often cut me off in mid-sentence. add to this a great degree of condescension. considering that i had my ph.d. 4 years before she finished medical school, i think her sense of superiority was truly ill placed. she is friends with another urologist at the cleveland clinic dr. paraiso, from whom i fled because she exhibited the same behavior as dr. santos. this is truly disgraceful, since there are so few female urologists.

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 |  Not a place I would return to  |  show details
by M G R at Insider Pages on Nov 1st, 2010 on insiderpages.com

Front desk staff are not friendly & make you feel like you are wasting their time. Doctor is also cold. Treats nurses like they are incap...

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 |  Good practice, but...  |  show details
by FullertonRR on Jun 9th, 2010 on citysearch.com

Lovely, clean office. Know why You`re paying for it! And I mean PAYING for it. I`ve gone to Dr. Gunn for years and I`ve always felt really safe in his hands. My family has a long and troubling history with cancers. On the one hand, I like that he`s preemptive in administering tests vs. being reactive to cancer actually poppong up, BUT... I`ve never had cancer, I`m 31 so kinda young right or is that old now hahaha, and after having to pay an additional 500 for lab tests, results, ultrasounds, etc last year only to be given a clean bill of healt AGAIN makes me feel like he sees my medical history, but also sees dollar signs. I mean, I pay 400 a month just for medical coverage. I should NOT have to come out of pocket that much for my annual plus cancer screening. My blood work standard physical stuff - cholestorol, blood sugar I think, triglycerides, etc. was 170 alone. This could just as easily have been my insurance vs. Dr Gunn, though.I have only felt one member of the staff was a snot, and that`s the lady you pay and set up another appointment with. She`s a brunette with glasses, and she`s older, which makes her behavior all the more odd to me. I expect that smarmy behavior from some 20 year old, not a grown woman who should know better. All other staff members are sweet, call you by your first name, and treat you well. There are a lot of extra "fancy" services that this practice offers that aren`t really necessary, but they can be interesting if you`re willing to spend the or you have an insurance company that`s awesome enough to cover the costs for you. Dr. K is awesome, and she handles the WOW physical. I was also told I was on the high end of normal body weight 150 at 5`7", which I found odd, but I`ve lost weight now so whatevs.All in all, I feel that this is a good practice with lots of knowledgeable staff. Dr. Gunn is by far one of the very best doctors I`ve ever seen, but I do feel that his care is also tied to his profits. He`s more willing to give you tests you may or may not need that will give him more money, but I have always felt that he was attentive, listened to my concerns, and was willing to spend time with me -- that in and of itself is pretty priceless.

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 |  SO glad I`m not the only one...  |  show details
by wikidbee on Dec 15th, 2009 on citysearch.com

... who has had such a horrible experience. Safe to say I hate everything about this place.The "ladies" at the front desk... the first word that comes to mind is snarky. They spoke to me like I was a moron and if I had any questions, forget it. One girl rolled her eyes at me when I tried to set up a return visit! Well maybe if she wasn`t speaking so fast and in a tone so low only dogs could hear it, I wouldn`t have had to ask her to repeat herself. My bad.I was a patient there for 5 years until I finally realized they were just out to make a buck off me by running tests I didn`t need and then never really resolving any medical issues I had. They once ordered a "body scan" on me... It`s a glorified body fat test that my bathroom scale does for me for FREE every morning it`s about that accurate too. If they spent the 5 minutes it took to administer the test to explain to me accurately and thoroughly what it REALLY was, I would`ve skipped it, but at the Gunn Center, they don`t bother letting their younger patients know, who might not realize it, that you don`t HAVE to have the tests they order. Just remember that if you DON`T, they will send you a nice letter telling you to eff off and never return to their office. Then I had to pay for an office visit to come back and hear the results. Which, I`m sorry, were wrong. The doctor told me I was borderline obese former athlete, 5`2", 150 pounds with DD breasts and that if I lost 5 pounds I would be back in the healthy range. Since when is 5 pounds the difference between obese and healthyThis place is a joke. With all their frilly "vaginas are beautiful" language, their marble countertops, and btchy staff, I can`t believe I stayed there as long as I did. Unless you want to spend a LOT of money on tests you don`t need or just want to overpay for the tests you do, you like waiting an eternity to be seen, and you don`t mind being treated like an imbicile, stay as far away from this place as you can.

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 |  Agree with 987look  |  show details
by medicallybasedopinion on Oct 6th, 2009 on citysearch.com


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 |  A Kind, Caring, Dr. and a Kind, Caring Staff  |  show details
by stinkysmom on Sep 27th, 2008 on kudzu.com

Dr. Gordon Gunn has been my Gynecologist for many years now. I have found him over the years to be a caring, kind and compassionate man who has found his calling. He understands that women are all unique. His compassion was shown to me during a period of extreme health problems and hospitalization. He genuinely cares about his patient's well being, good health and happiness. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Gunn and his staff to anyone looking for that Dr. who goes above and beyond. Dr. Gunn is that man.

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  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  GREAT PRACTICE!  |  show details
by run1 on Feb 29th, 2008 on citysearch.com

My experience is wonderful! Beautiful offices, and great staff. After just one visit the Dr. diagnosed a thyroid disorder. I had been complaining to my previous Dr. for over 2 years and they basically said "it`s your age"! Well I can say I feel fantastic thanks to Dr. Towbin. I highly reccomend this group!

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 |  OBGYN  |  show details
by 987look on Feb 24th, 2008 on citysearch.com

This is the worst doctors office I have visited. The front office personal act as a snob, they are better than you are. The office over charge and tries to charge for procedures not even performed on you.The front office personal will not recognize you or follow up if there is a delay with the appoint. Also, will charge you just for coming in to pick up lab result...."it is considered an office visit" If you do go there - have things in writting on what is done, and have them send you the lab results in the mail.Best advice...JUST STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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