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Feb 3rd, 2015

Make's sure I'm totally under in the O.R. before starting unlike other doctors at N.S.I.

What is the problem? show details What is the problem?
by Amaroo on Dec 2nd, 2014

I am surprised to see such negative reviews here about Dr. Moore. I have been a patient at the Neurospine Institute for years now and I find him to be competent, confident, experienced, quick-witted, effective, kind, and he gets things done. This is the bedside manner I want. If you need to talk go find a supportive talk therapy group or individual counselling. If you want to learn more about your back problem and pain control without ruining your life using unlimited amounts of narcotics, go see Dr. Moore. And if after a week you are still in considerable pain, make another appointment and ask for help. They will help you. Somewhere along the line the potentially devastating effects of narcotic pain medication overuse/abuse seems to have become forgotten. The stuff is dangerous and expecting any doctor to poo-poo that and just fill-er-up to the rim each month without trying anything new is preposterous. Especially if the two of you have just met. It makes sense to me that with a new patient, a pain management doctor would want to understand where a patient's tolerance levels are and quickly recognize any dangerous behaviors related to narcotic use. What better way than to drop that patient's current dose a bit and see their reaction? I realize how this sounds, but, if you stick with him he will take very good care of you. Just don't mistake his confidence, competence, and quick-thinking for arrogance or indifference. He's not rushing. He's in and out quickly because he has actually read your chart, has some ideas, is ready to share them with you, and is ready for you to go home and see how you feel... and we chronic pain sufferers know that there will be many many more appointments and many opportunities to discuss pain relief options... including adding more narcotic pain relief.

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Keep Looking.... show details Keep Looking....
by Suzy on Aug 28th, 2014

If your serious about trying to find an option to effectively manage and reduce your pain chronic or otherwise, then look somewhere else. I did not have a positive experience with this doctor. I was sent to him for postoperative pain management after a very serious surgery; that has an average recovery time of 2 years. I was sent to him 4 months after this surgery, a necessary surgery that they compare to organ transplant. I went to him seeking an option which would perhaps help manage the extreme pain I was in. I was dissatisfied and concerned with the medications I was currently having to take. I found him to be smug, inattentive, unresponsive, unreasonable, not to mention overpriced and a bit dangerously stubborn in his opinions on effective treaments. He gave me incorrect iinstructions about taking a medication even after I was calling them about the unusual reactions I was having. The emotional, and spiritual pain I went through dealing with his office to try and switch doctors after that comibined with the extreme pain I was in was nearly unbearable. Give your money, energy, time, and efforts to someone else.

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by PJ on Jun 20th, 2014

Dr. Moore listened with interest to my multiple complaints on pain. He changed my medication which helped and he has plans to do some tests and procedures that none of the other pain specialist ever mentioned. I am hopeful for results now that I have a doctor who really wants to help. The employees working with him are very nice and friendly. Appointment times are kept on Schedule. I have been to the office several times without any problems.

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Extremely rude show details Extremely rude
by John on Jul 7th, 2013

All his treatments were useless, and his standard is to reduce the prescriptions that left me in more pain. He refuses to answer questions and told me I did not have a good memory when HE would forget and then when I showed him my notes that I take at every visit, he'd recant but still proceed with his arogant, pronouncements. I can take doctors who may not have the best bed-side manner, if they know their stuff- this guy is rude AND ineffective.

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Apr 20th, 2013

I went in to learn more about my chronic back prolems. He rushed through the exam and basically told me to take anti-inflation drugs and see a chiropractor. He said that I would be seen the next day -and that he would see to it. I never received a call. Then he prescribed a $1000 prescription without telling me the asronomical cost - or that I could get a similar drug at a reasonable cost. The pharmacist told me about this and offered to call the dr to change the prescription. The office said dr Moore was busy and that he would call back. I never received a call. Totally unacceptable treatment and care.

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Mar 28th, 2013

I have been seeing Dr. Moore and his PA for about 3 months and I am not a satisfied patient at all. After today being officially diagnosed with carpal tunnel in both hands and peripheral neuropathy in both lower extremities just below the knee and down my treatment really has not changed much. Like the last review he has he lowered my pain medication dosage by two less a day so I went from 6 a day to 4 and then tries to replace it with other meds. I had been on that dosage for years and it is what works. Also I am a sole provider of my household and I tell him and his PA I don't have money to throw away on meds that might work. So then when I tell him I am taking 15 20 ibuprofen green gel caps a day he says stop your destroying your liver so I ask well since you lower my dose will you prescribe me the same med with ibuprofen instead of tylenol and I get the answer nope and dont even ask. I try to explain why and he cuts me off saying just forget about it as if Iam 2 yrs. old. With his bed side manners I don't even know why he wants to be a doctor a pain doctor at that. Pain doctors need to be compassionate. He is obviously there for the insurance check. It's as though my care isn't patient centered at all but compared with his other patients and put under one big umbrella. I work in health care and the GNP I work with is appalled by his uncouth behavior. Definitely tried to give this pain doctor a chance and I feel he has failed me as a patient mnd my pain that is still very uncontrolled.

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Feb 18th, 2013

I'm not sure yet. I've had migraines for 40 yrs. After 3 surgeries to my neck, the migraines have decreased to a couple a week. I was seeing another doctor in the clinic and she left. I was referred to Dr. Moore. It was a month before I could be seen. In the meantime, Dr. Moore decreased the pain medication to 2 a day. The migraine medication was causing severe side effects. He hadn't seen me yet. But he still refused to okay the dose his colleague had prescribed. When I finally did meet him, he scheduled me for injections in my neck. I'm nervous about them but feel there are no other alternatives at present. I was shown a video of the procedure. Even more nervous now. Hopefully, future meetings will be more productive.

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