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How can the Oklahoma Medical Board allow this Dr. to continue to practice. show details How can the Oklahoma Medical Board allow this Dr. to continue to practice.
Sep 25th, 2014

This is the worst Dr. I've ever seen in my life and his staff is know better. He also had to go before the Oklahoma Medical board(that you can look up by googling it). What surprises me is how can your PA give patients medication and your able to bill patients insurance companies that right there is fraud. Also, why didn't the OMB call patients in when Dr. Alkhouri was called to the floor, you put this man on probation.Other (5/16/2013) • Action Taken: Probation •Summary: Dr. Haisam Al-Khouri; License # 18417; NATURE OF COMPLAINT: CDS Violation; Aiding and Abetting; ACTION TAKEN: 2.5 year probation, $25,000.00 Administrative fine. • State: Oklahoma

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billing show details billing
Sep 20th, 2014

his billing office would not file my bill correctly no mater how many times I gave them them the correct information to do so. I waited 10 months for his billing office to call me. I then filed it myself and now 8 months later they are billing me for the part my insurance paid. I do NOT recommend this doctor

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billing show details billing
Jan 16th, 2014

I have been trying since last spring to get my insurance filled correctly and the doctor keeps giving my letters explaining the problem to his billing department. his billing department is the problem and I have explained that in letters. I have just one more month to file my claim. I can file it myself but all I need is the diagnoses code and they will not return my calls I have been waiting 2 weeks for them to call with this code. after making many phone calls to several organizations I have found doctor al-khouri is on probation with the Oklahoma licensing department. his probation officer is gary ricks. I strongly urge you to find another doctor. there is no excuse for this doctor to not give me the information I need. don't become a victim like I have.

by carol on Dec 4th, 2013

I not only waited for hours to see the doctor my bill was filed incorrectly. I have talked to the staff for 8 months trying to get it refilled properly. several times I was told the lady in billing would call me back. she never has. on one phone call I talked to Lesley .. she is who I always talk too.. Lesley told me they are having a lot of trouble with their billing lady.. I thought why don't you get another one then. I wrote a letter addressed to the doctor himself about a month ago and have not heard from him. I am being billed over 100.00 and if billed correctly I would pay 30.00 per visit. I told him in the letter I wont pay more than the 60.00 I owe for both visits. my next step will be to write the better business bureau. when I saw the doctor both times I was told I would have no co-pay because I had 2 insurances. both times I told them I have a 30.00 co-pay and I wanted to pay it at that time.. both times I was told no I didn't owe. I even offered to file the insurance myself all I need is for the doctor to send me 2 pieces of information and I cant get them to send that.

Mother of patient show details Mother of patient
by Shelly on Sep 19th, 2013

Every single time I take my son to his appointment, we have to wait more than 2 hours past our scheduled time and a few times have waited 4-5 hours!!! This is an outrage. The staff are clueless, the place is dirty and the dr just throws more pills at him without even listening to whats going on. Twice these abrupt med changes have landed my son in the hospital from suicide attempts and extreme depression. They don't care to get to the root of the problem, only to drug you. Very low opinion of this practice...way to heavy of workload and poor scheduling system. I will be taking my son elsewhere! I'm fed up with the crap care here.

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have to see it to believe it show details have to see it to believe it
Aug 15th, 2013

Read the other poor reviews.Everything bad is true, except that now, the office has been investigated, fined, disciplined and put on a lengthy probation.By the way, the "pa" that patients write about seeing is not a pa.He is a student, unlicensed, unqualified and cannot legally make any diagnosis, nor should be seeing patients for the psychiatrists.Yet, although he was disciplined two months ago for this, he is still doing it. I think that they are suffering from some psychiatric disorders themselves. Their repeated offenses make no other sense.

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Absolutely Pathetic show details Absolutely Pathetic
by Frustrated on Jul 18th, 2013

Every time I come to this place, I have to wait 1-2 hours in a nasty, crowded waited room. All he does is give me drugs that cover the exact symptom(s) I say. If I say depression, he'll give me a drug for depression. If I say fatigue, he'll give me a med for fatigue. If I say sleeplessness, then he'll give a med for sleeplessness. He just keeps piling it on and it has worsened my condition. Find another psychiatrist; maybe they'll provide decent service.

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Waited FIVE HOURS in the waiting room before being seen! show details Waited FIVE HOURS in the waiting room before being seen!
by old teacher on May 24th, 2013

arrived for my appointment and found out only cash or checks were accepted for co-payments so I had to re-schedule for the following week; arrived for my appointment the following week and WAITED 5 HOURS before I was called to see the physician's assistant, who, I must say was an agreeable person to speak with and was pleased with his help; I never did see Dr. Al-Khouri--and my follow-up appointment is with the physician's assistant, which, considering that I was satisfied with his treatment, is just as well. Ratings I made for bedside manner, etc., are for the physician's assistant.

Worst clinic ever!!! show details Worst clinic ever!!!
Mar 16th, 2013

When I first relocated to OKC someone refered me to Hope community Services not aware of what to expect I decided to use their services. The intake process was extremely long!!! I eventually got to see Dr. Al-khouri. He spent about 10 minutes with me and didn't even inquire about my mental state and how I felt about the meds I was already prescribed. I hate that I ever went to hope. All their employees are rude. The med counter is unorganized and the med schedule is not convenient. Everytime I was in a crisis I called to speak to my doctor and called the 24 hour crisis line and no one ever answered the phone or returned my call. Hope is suppose to help alleviate symptoms but instead they made my symptoms worst by causing more stress for me. I would never go back to their office or recommend anyone to go their for any of their services.

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Oct 29th, 2012

Dr. Al-khouri has been my DR. over 11 years. I like him I like him and think he means well for me. Am not sure he is prescribing the best medications for me.My condition has not noticeably improved these last 11 years.I have not consulted another mental health Dr. Maby I should do so. Some ideas to get you started:-Write about overall experiences-Write about what you like or dislike about your physician-Write about whether you would recommend-Write as if you are talking to a peer who is asking your opinion

Saved my life show details Saved my life
Oct 23rd, 2012

Dr Al-Khouri saved my life. If not for him and the right dx I feel like I would have gone out of my mind. He got me on the right meds and have been seeing him for years now. He is very very busy but he did help me and I am thankful everyday for it

overmedicating show details overmedicating
Oct 22nd, 2012

overmedicating cds - extra amount within timeframe givin by shah. also, forgot and had to be reminded to give me my lihium which i was out of.

One sorry doctor and staff show details One sorry doctor and staff
Sep 25th, 2012

The staff is a bunch of liers.. I had paperwork that was sent to them from my insurance and they told me they completed it. Come to find out it was never done and now I'm out of a job and money because of them. The doctor didn't even listen to me when I saw him and pretty much I was in and out of the office before I could say anything. Overall this place and it's doctors need to have their medical practice removed.. I'm in the process of working with a lawyer so I can sue them over lossing my job...

Very poor customer service and doctor does not spend anytime with you. show details Very poor customer service and doctor does not spend anytime with you.
May 22nd, 2012

Dr. Al-khouri is the worst doctor and this is the worst doctors office I have ever been to. The staff are so disrepectful, they treat you like your nothing and you can spend more than two hours waiting to be seen. Dr. Al-khour spend 10 minutes with me and handed me a piece of paper told me to read from it and that's how he diagnosed me with bi-polar. Doped me up with so much meds that i ended up in the psych ward. Later after seeing another doctor, they diagnosed me with anxiety disorder. I hardly ever saw Dr. Al-khouri, mostly his practioner, and at one time I didn't see him for a year, only his practioner. Once I pointed it out to him from his doctors appt, he started trying to see me more. DO NOT go to this office. They are aweful. I wish his office could be investigated, because I believe they would find somethings that are out of order. Oh and they never answer the phone and when they finally do answer they act like your bother them by asking questions. If you or or loved ones really want proper care DO NOT go to this office. Beware, all the comments on this site are true.

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Oct 27th, 2011

The staff has poor manners, lacks courtesy..The doctor is very serious, they never answer the phone and are too slow to provide information to other doctors, the office is dirty and...staff looks overwhelmed.

Crazy Foreign Man with God Complex Allowed to prescribe medicine show details Crazy Foreign Man with God Complex Allowed to prescribe medicine
Jul 7th, 2011

This is the worst doctor I have ever met. He will twist everything you say. Tries to make everyone crazy. Loads you up with pills until you start walking around in your underwear in front of him. I wouldn't let him touch my medication after seeing another unfortunate looking woman in his care. Do not go near this man!

Horrible show details Horrible
Jun 27th, 2011

We waited 2 1/2 hours with a child with Austism and ADHD, and he spent 5 minutes with us.

What A Hack show details What A Hack
May 26th, 2011

This guy thought I was another patient, and said "We'll just continue your meds." To which I replied, "Great! Let's just get me on some first!" ... he then decided within 30 seconds that I was bipolar (no doctor has EVER agreed with this before or after) and has refused to revisit his diagnosis. Everyone in my family that's dealt with him has found him to be incompetent and hostile towards females. DO NOT TRUST HIM WITH YOUR HEALTH!