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Do NOT do your nose with him. SIMPLE. show details Do NOT do your nose with him. SIMPLE.
by John T. on May 14th, 2014

I know 3 people who did it with him. It is funny because I met them after I did mine at school. We had the exact same nose shape! This made me ask them if they had a rhinoplasty. They said yes and mentioned Masri. I immediately said wow. I regret doing it with him. He lies too. Pay more money and get a good doctor PLEASE.

Run!!! Run Away!!! Run Far Away!!! show details Run!!! Run Away!!! Run Far Away!!!
May 28th, 2013

I walked into the Masri Clinic for an initial consultation on "Smart Lipo". A "new" method of liposuction which is supposed to tighten the skin after the removal of fat. The canula is about the diameter of an uncooked  spaghetti noodle and has a laser tip that liquifies the fat before suctioning it out of the body. This procedure promises much more than it can ever deliver and I was told by Dr. Masri that I would get a good result from this. I went ahead and scheduled the surgery for my upper and lower abs as well as my flanks. The surgeon who performed the procedure, Dr. Robert Grafton, told me that he wouldn't be able to do the upper abdominal area due to its close proximity to the liver. This surgery was supposed to take about 3-4 hours. However, mine was finished in less than 45 minutes. I was awake the whole time. I never saw Dr. Grafton again after that day--not even for a follow up visit. My follow up visit was conducted by Dr. Masri, who is not a plastic surgeon for the body. I complained many times about my results. I was told that it would take at least a year to see a difference, along with many other placating stories. The truth is that there wasn't much of a difference from the "before" to the "after". I was informed that Dr. Grafton was no longer practicing. In addition, I was told that I needed to have a tummy tuck if I wanted to see the results that I wanted. I went ahead and paid an additional "discounted" $4,000 (I had already paid $4,800 for the failed liposuction.) The tummy tuck didn't work out either. I was supposed to receive a full tummy tuck--where they tighten all of the abdominal muscles and remove excess tissues. However, I received a mini tuck, where only the lower muscles were tightened and there was a lot of loose, flabby skin that was left on my mid section. This procedure was also supposed to be a four hour surgery, but I was out of the operating room in less than 90 minutes. Again, I complained several times--to no avail. I finally wrote a formal letter of complaint, to which I never received a phone call or a letter in kind. Once again, I returned to the office to complain in person. The office manager seemed receptive to my complaints and said that she wanted me to be a happy customer. She offered to have it fixed at no charge. I was happy with the way she wanted to remedy the situation, so I went ahead with the third surgery with optimism. Instead of going back and tightening the muscles and removing the excess tissues as promised, he merely extended the scar from my previous surgery--perhaps to make me think that they did something that they didn't? Another smart liposuction was done along the flanks to remove the fat that should have been removed before. Once again, a procedure that was supposed to take between 2-4 hours was over in less than one hour. When I awoke from the anesthesia, I saw Dr. Masri holding my purse and looking through it. When I asked him what he was doing, he demanded that I pay him an additional $1,200 because the surgeon did "extra" lipo on my back. I don't know what he liposuctioned, because you certainly can't tell that anything was done. I was so appaulled by this ill treatment--especially since I was still groggy from the anesthesia and didn't have time to process this information. I ended up going to another plastic surgeon to have my sutures removed. Upon examination, he too, was quite surprised to see how loose the muscles still were and the amount of excess skin that was still left behind. I went to the office again to pic up my chart. The first time, I filled out the request form. I was promised that it would be waiting for me at the front desk within three days and that someone would call to let me know that it was available. A week and a half later, I called before I came up to the office (because of course, nobody called me) and my chart was still not available. In fact, there weren't any indications that I requested it in the first place, as they lost my request form. The woman that I spoke to felt badly and promised that it would be ready for me by the next day. I called the next day before driving out there and it was ready for me to pick it up. I had to fill out another request form and pay $20.00. I wasn't very happy about having to fill out another form because the first one had my social security number on it. Who knows where it is now? I just pray that it hasn't fallen into the wrong hands. Not surprisingly, there were no records of any of my surgeries. I received a few "before"  pictures and one that they claimed was an "after". However, they NEVER took a single "after" photo. In addition, I received about a one page summary of a consultation that I had with Dr. Masri regarding a septoplasty. When I asked about the missing information, I was told that ONLY the office manager could speak to me because only she knew my case. Of course, she wasn't in that day. In fact, she is only in the Dearborn, MI office on Wednesdays during limited hours! I have left several messages along with my phone number, asking her to call me. Over two months later  and I have not received a single phone call.  In summary, this office is run on chaos, confusion and deception that is way beyond ridiculous. The women on staff are very personable and sweet. It's a shame that their work place is unscrupulous. I now need to save up to have my tummy tuck correction surgery with a reputable, nationally recognized, plastic surgeon. Beware of this place! They offer you unrealistic promises, then use the old, "bait and switch" tactic, by having you undergo one surgery and then upgrade you to another. The results are subpar, less than adequate, and below mediocrity. The cost is expensive.  My family doctor advised me against returning and I will be sure to follow his advice. Don't be fooled! 

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Mar 20th, 2013

I had a great experience with Dr. Masri and his staff is amazing. I came to him to have Botox Injection and ended up getting fillers as well. I am very pleased with the results and would recommend him to anyone. My girlfriend referred me after she had underwent nose surgery and was extremely satisfied by his work.

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Very bad Rhinoplasty show details Very bad Rhinoplasty
by Hassan Al on Feb 25th, 2013

I Don't recommend Dr. Haitham Masri for everyone trying to do their nose done, he is not a good doctor. I had bad experience with Dr. Haitham Masri he promised me to do my nose for two things: 1- Nasal pockets to help me breath better 2- Rhinoplasty for one side only, the bridge needs to be reconstructed by adding cartilage to the nose to restore structural support. This is called cartilage grafting in the world of rhinoplasty. I had this surgery done back on 2009. After one year, in 2010, I went back to see Dr. Haitham Masri, I told him I still having trouble breathing and my nose came back the way it was down on the left side. Dr. Haitham Masri said, "I can not do anything about breathing but I can put and fill up your left side of your nose with Botox injections" He did the Botox injections for me and made my nose looks better but the bad news folks after a year my nose came back the way it was before the surgery. So, now 2013, I would like to put a word to everyone that I am not happy with my nose also I have trouble breathing. On top of all that, Dr. Haitham Masri took a lot of money from me and I still remember the surgery pain so bad and after the surgery too. “Obviously I wish I didn’t do it,” I had bad experience with Dr. Haitham Masri and I Don't recommend him to everyone. If you have further questions please feel free to contact me.

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bad rhinoplasty show details bad rhinoplasty
by rafiq on Aug 14th, 2010

Tried to add more money and switched the promised operating procedure when patient changed mind on the added procedure (nostril narrowing). Broke his promise to do the tip of her nose. Then lied saying she did not pay for it. Did a terrible job, ssid he would charge her the full amount if she wanted it done again. Left before she recovered. She was sent home without written instructions. She bled and threw up in her rides car. He sued for libel her friend (case dropped). Does surgery in his back office. Cannot trust him. Was convicted for falsifying a patient's records (found out later). Very vindicative saying she was a bad patient from the beginning, lied about everything in his so called description of what happened.

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by LARA TAYLOR on Jan 25th, 2010


Fresh start show details Fresh start
by Colleen B on Jan 19th, 2010

I have been doing the Masri Clinic weight loss program for five months now. I started at a weight of 210 lbs, with a 45 inch waist and 49 inch hips. I have a history of diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. I also had swelling in my legs and ankles. After being on this program for 5 months, my current weight is 160 lbs, my waist is 35 inchs, and my hips are 39 inchs! My diabetes is now normal and under control. I no longer have the swelling in my legs and ankles. I have more energy and can walk longer distances without feeling fatigue. I can cross my legs in comfort, which i could not do before! I am able now to play with my grandchildren. I would recommend the Masri Clinic to anyone who needs to lose weight, and get in better health, inorder to have beable to have a more energized life.

Dr. Masri was great. show details Dr. Masri was great.
by A grateful wife on Jan 12th, 2010

My husband came to Dr. Masri with a really bad headache, and complaints of numbness in his lips. As soon as Dr. masri looked at him, adn spoke with him for a few seconds, he had a diagnosis for us. My husband had Bells Palsy. From there Dr. Masri moved quickly with treatment, and optiond that we would have to go through. He explained that with quick treatment and Physical therapy, that we had a great chance that my husbands face movement would come back. Needless to say, after the medications and the Physical Therapymy husband face is back to 100%. Dr. Masri was great, he spent time with the both of us to answer all our questions, and assured us that we could definately fight this thing. Thank god he knew exactly what he was dealing with the moment we seen him.I would definately recommend him to my family and friends. Thank you Dr. Masri

Total rippoff show details Total rippoff
by He knows who I am. on Sep 24th, 2009

My dear friend, amother of five children that she put through college without the help of her now ex husband felt she needed to have her nose fixed, bump removed, tip narrowed and lifted, she is Kurdish Moslem, I am Jewish which may have been a factor, she helped me care for my now deceased mother. At the last minute when she changed her mind on a last minute offered extra cost procedure to have her nostrils reduced, (not normally done in a standard rhinoplasty), he then changed his whole approach. This may have also been because his staff without his knowledge suggested that I take back the two thousand dollar CASH deposit and charge with GE Money Bank a disreputable, lying, gauging credit company that Masri clinic uses (sharks keep company). Ignoring his written agreement to do a whole job he switched from the originally agreed to in writing external procedure, to an easier internal procedure, the last patient of the day he left and his staff sent her home without written directions on aftercare, she threw up on her coat (staff said she could drink water). The only thing fixed was the hump, possible a septum that was not symptomatic(he said he does this "free"- remember that saying to beware of Greeks baring gifts." her nose tip was untouched and he later claimed he did not touch it because she did not pay for it . This doctor in this respect was a liar, I witnessed his oral promises. He later described my dear friend as a poor patient who repeatedly tried to get the price lowered (lie). He sued for libel when he was reported on, the suit did not go anywhere, but was costly to her advocate. I do not recommend this doctor to keep any oral agreement of a medical nature in Michigan which is not enforceable thanks to the medical lobby here, and he also asks you to sign to absolve him of not only negative medical outcomes but aesthetic as well (so you give him a license to do as he pleases). Co-inidentally he was successfully sued and sanctioned by his profession for falsifying records in a more tragic case. His license was suspended for six months. Check him out on Google. Never trust third party recommendations. He has a large staff, an employee said to us when asked if she remembered his promises said quote "Do you want me to lose my job?" A prominent Arabic Lawyer told us that malpractice suits on elective plastic surgeries go nowhere unless there is significant massive damage and had many complaints she could not represent because of the expense of bringing expert witnesses uusally from out of state because Michigan doctors as a rule never testify against their own. This doctor does not own his clinic, his ex- wife does. He drives a Porche 911 and lives in West Bloomfield on a huge estate, not Dearborn where his legally divorced wife's clinic is located. In my opinion since he claimed in an interview that many of his patients pay for a good part of their procedures in cash, he should be investigated. I trusted him only because I was told by his staff he was at a mosque next door and mistakenly assumed he was rightious, therefore giving my support to the disaster. He refused to negotiate, or re-do the operation which another physician told us was the gold standard in plastic surgery. Beware of physicians whose real plan is to do plastic surgery on your plastic credit card. We later spoke to an apparently more recognized clinic called Straith but becausse of the previous operation it would cost more. I would recommend you see them first.

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Loyal Patient at Masri Clinic show details Loyal Patient at Masri Clinic
by Citysearch User on Nov 26th, 2008 on

I have been a loyal patient at Masri Clinic for the last several years. The staff is wonderful. Dr. Masri did an amazing job on my nose. I h...

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Excellent Service! show details Excellent Service!
by Citysearch User on Mar 22nd, 2007 on

When I visited the clinic, I was immediately impressed by the excellent service and the beautiful location. They offer so many plastic surg...

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Masri Haitham Md show details Masri Haitham Md
by Citysearch User on Aug 31st, 2005 on


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