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Mar 13th, 2015

Make sure you call for your lab reports and find out what is going on. They never report on their own.

Keep looking for your Endocrinologist show details Keep looking for your Endocrinologist
Mar 27th, 2014

Please take the time to heed all of these reviews about Dr. Shea & her office & staff. She was recommended to us by our family Dr whom we absolutely love & trust. I gave her the benefit of the doubt & went in with a positive attitude. We have visited the office 3 times now. We will NEVER BE BACK. They will never treat or touch my child again. She is supposedly a pediatric endo. but I don't see how that could be the case. She is cold & unfriendly, won't take the time with the patients or parents, and nothing is explained to us at all. They seem put out to have to answer any type of questions. You are supposed to see her every other visit, but we only saw her once. So much wasted time. Her office staff is absolutely hateful. They don't offer much of any use other to be annoyed at any type of request. Please do not go here especially if you are looking for a Dr. for your child.

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Feb 21st, 2013

Dr. Shea is nice - when you can actually see her. Her office tends not to follow up very well.

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Terrible Doctor and staff show details Terrible Doctor and staff
Feb 8th, 2013

We switched to Dr. Shea a year or so ago because she was in our network. We received a letter in October 2012 that she would no longer accept our insurance. I called to schedule an appointment today. Told her I understood that they don't accept our insurance anymore. Even though they are showing as still being in network. I told her I would pay cash for my appt. and file the claim myself so I could be reimbursed, they refused, said it was fraud. Their office manager has no clue. I would not see this doctor. Her bedside manner is awful. Doesn't listen.

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Great, thorough diabetes doctor show details Great, thorough diabetes doctor
Jul 12th, 2012

Seeing Dr. Shea to manage my diabetes has been a wonderful experience for me. Dr. Shea is thorough in her care. She will stay and answer all of your questions. She fought hard for me to get my CGM covered by insurance. She likes to include the patient in the brainstorming of how to improve glucose levels. She is very smart and has a good bedside manner. She has some very lovely nurses too. Some of the office staff can be a little coarse and it can be difficult to get an appointment sometimes, but I think it's well worth it. P.S. If you see the nurse practitioner, she reviews all of the nurse practitioner notes to make sure nothing is being missed.

I am not sure why there is so many negative comments. show details I am not sure why there is so many negative comments.
Feb 16th, 2012

I have been going to Dr. Shea for about 4 years now and I am surprised by the negative comments. I usually go 3-4 times a year for my thyriod. I have never waited more than 15 minutes. Often, I am in and out of that office within a half hour. She has always been friendly with me and my 3 year old daughter who I always bring along. I do think she is a really busy doctor. There has been a couple of times that I had to reschedule and it was a month before she or her PA could me in.

Not impressed show details Not impressed
Jan 3rd, 2012

My son has been seeing an endocrinologist since he was 3 years old (7 years) for growth issues. He started HGH right before his 5th birthday. We had a wonderful endo office where we lived prior. They recommended Dr. Shea when I asked for a recommend when we transferred. We have been going to Dr. Shea for 2 1/2 years now. We go every 3 months for growth checks. We see the PA every other visit. I really don't love this practice, but my son sees a lot of specialists and I hate the work of changing doctors. While she has never been rude, I have never felt any warmth from Dr. Shea toward me nor my son. Her PA is a bit more friendly. Getting information from themr is next to impossible. At our last office, the doctor had a graph and would show me how my son's growth was progressing overall and from teh last visit. I have to specifically ask them at every visit and they act suprised I need to know. They have fees for everything and make sure you know about them at every visit. I understand the need to charge for habitual no-shows and we have never been a no-show or a cancellation, so that isn't our issue. However, they are now charging a $75 fee to do the insurance approval for HGH each year. I have never been charged for this in all the 6 years we have beeing doing growth hormones. They also have a schedule of what they insist my insurance covers for lab work. Every 3 months they do labs on him and insist I pay around $90 as our out of pocket for labwork. I get an EOB a couple of weeks later showing our insurance has paid more than what their office said it would, so I am owed money. I finally get the reimbursement from the doctor's office right before it is time to go back for another growth check and we do the same thing all over again. No matter how many times I have showed them EOBS and paperwork defining what my insurance pays out, they still insist I owe them more than my out of pocket ends up being. I have never had a balance with them in the 2 and half years we have been at this practice, but I am made to feel like if they didn't follow their printed out schedule, I would be causing the office to go bankrupt. We have also had issues with them gettting our refills to our mail order pharmacy in a timely manner. My son went wihout meds for the first time for 7 days a couple of months ago because they didn't send in the refill like they should have 2 months prior and I couldn't get the nurse to return my call. They like to blame our mail order pharmacy, but we never had any issues with our last endocrinologist with refills. Of course, our previous doctor had a laptop and would send the refill to our mail order pharmacy during our appointment, so there was no way it could be forgotten by the practice. I am looking for recommendations now. There has to be better than this in the Dallas area.

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Do not visit this doctor show details Do not visit this doctor
Dec 16th, 2011

Our family's experience with this physician was the worst we ever had. Dr. Shea takes little concern or interest in patients, especially children and her office staff is deplorable. The very mood in her office is more depressing and unfriendly than I could have imagined. She is consistently late or forced to reschedule appointments and never makes eye contact with her patients or their parents.

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Dr. Shea is AMAZING and simply, BRILLIANT show details Dr. Shea is AMAZING and simply, BRILLIANT
Sep 21st, 2011

My only complaint would be the wait to get a new patient appointment with her. I am a nurse at a hospital and my son had been referred to Dr. Shea for Diabetes concerns as well as growth concerns. First off, in regards to the other reviews on this website, it is apparent that most, if not ALL, of the negative reviews are from parents who would rather blame a non-existent medical condition for their child being overweight, rather than telling them to GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY, instead of eating chips on the couch. Dr. Shea is honest, and the jaded, spoiled housewives of Plano and the DFW area "wouldn't DARE" be held responsible for their childs nutrition. Secondly, in regards to lab results, since I am a nurse, I know that when a specialty physcian runs labs, they are not simply ROUTINE labs. These lab results for the hormones and growth factors that she ordered for my son take 10-14 BUSINESS days to get back. The housewives don't know what a BUSINESS day is... so I'll explain it. That is a day where everyone ELSE goes to work. Then once the results ARE received, I'm sure that Dr. Shea has stacks to review, and gives each one the attention it deserves. Waiting 2-3 weeks for lab results is absolutely appropriate. And reading these reviews has me disgusted at the sense of entitlement you people have. As for my experience, we had seen 4 different specialists over the course of 12 months for my sons symptoms before we were finally referred to Dr. Shea, Dr. Shea diagnosed his problem after our first visit there. She answered all of my questions and had her nurses call me days later to make sure my son was feeling better. All of my follow up appointments have been equally as informative, the nurses that drew my sons labs were excellent with him. I would recommend Dr. Shea to any of my friends and family, as I have already entrusted her with the care of my most prized possession, my son.

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Uncaring show details Uncaring
Jun 30th, 2011

Dr. Shea had talked to our old pediatrician prior to this visit who I have since left his practice, and so I feel she had developed her opinion of my child off of what the pediatrician said and didn't take the time to talk to him herself to get a feel for this patient. If there is an endocrine problem with my son I will not see her again. She was awful; however, her PA was excellent.

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Rude, uncaring and medically negligent show details Rude, uncaring and medically negligent
May 15th, 2011

PA was the only highlight of this appointment. Dr. Shea did not listen to my concerns. SHe treated me like achild and dismissed all of my concerns. She suggested calorie restrictionand diet changes even before getting blood work back to ensure there are no problems. Although she was ordering a blood draw, she refused to test for certain conditions I wanted to rule out. It has been over 2 weeks and I have not heard back about any of my test results. I called the office to check ont he bloodwork and was told that some of the results were back, but Dr. Shea refuses to review results before everything is back and they would not reveal any of the results. I asked for a copy of the results and they told me I could not have them. Terrible experience. We are fortunate to have an attorney in our family and I am consulting with him about her negligence. I encourage any others who have had a bad experience to do the same. She is an awful doctor.

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Horrific Doctor!!!!! show details Horrific Doctor!!!!!
May 11th, 2011

Dr. Shea is the most horrible doctor that we ever had the bad luck to experience. Not only does she completely lack beside manner, no eye-contact, completely disrepectful and demeaning; this individual is grossly negligent as well. Went for an MRI and after one month still did have the doctor's call with results. The lab said they had sent them promptely to her. Begged the nurse for the results and was told the tumor had grown and the doctor would be in touch. After one month of begging for someone to call back, still no call from the doctor. RUN!!!! from this individual as fast as you can......

Dec 17th, 2010

I have never been to a Dr. in my whole life with less bedside manner. I felt like a dog at a vet. She hardly spoke to me and laughed at a few of the things I said. (more of a chuckle she didn't smile once)I spoon fed her what I thought was wrong with me and she completely shot it down saying I needed to diet and exercise. I got 3 other opinions, all of which disagreed with her. I don't recommend anyone going to her. And I am still paying for the multitudes of lab work she suggested I have done.

very dissatisfied. show details very dissatisfied.
by Anonymous on Dec 17th, 2010 on

I have never been to a Dr. that has less bedside manner then Dr. Shea. I felt like I was an animal at a vet's office rather than a human being. ...

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Disappointed show details Disappointed
by KLM on Oct 7th, 2010

After waiting 45 minutes, we waited another 20 minutes b/4 seeing the Dr. Shea. Her PA (who was the bright side of the appt!) came in for the exam. PA, did the exam (including private areas), drew blood, and sent us to collect a urine sample. After approx. 5 minutes with Dr. Shea, we were sent for a hand x-ray and told to return to the office (same day) with the x-ray. 10 days after the appt. I phoned to ask if results were back. Took a message - never heard back from the office. 14 days after the appt. called to ask to speak to a nurse, office took a message and told nurses had 24 hours to return a call, 48 hours later still had not heard back, however, I did receive an email copy of her labs w/ a note stating that Above lab studies reviewed with Dr. Shea. A diagnosis was provided with NO explanation of what it meant. And she'd like to 'monitor' and followup in 6 months. As for the office staff, front desk women exceptionally friendly and helpful. Women, working the counter when leaving - were engrossed in a private conversation, never made eye contact with me, and held out a hand to take the paperwork from me. My pediatrician, Dr. McElroy (Fabulous if youre looking for a pediatrician!) has phoned to acknowledge his receipt of our daughters lab work and asked if we had any questions. Of course we did first what did they mean and secondly, a new referral for another endocrinologist!

Jul 15th, 2010

We waited in the exam room for over an hour. When she did come in the room there was no explanation or regret for our wait. She was very condescending and dismissive of my concerns. Refused specific test requests and literally rolled her eyes at me when I asked a question. I will not be back.

MEDCARE show details MEDCARE
by Freda Lovell on Mar 17th, 2010

If you have Medicare this doctor wants $247.00 dollar up front before she will even see you!! I have Medicare and Tri-Care for Life which picks up where Medicare drops off and still she and all the doctor in her practice want $247.00 up front before I could be seen!! Well, I am disabled and live on a fixed income and I don't have $247.00 to pay any doctor up front. I want to know what happen to the oath that doctors took to heal people. It's been replaced with the oath of GREED!!! Shame, shame, shame on all of you doctor in this practice. I really needed your help. But, really I don't want a doctor that works on me just for the greed of the almighty dollar and that's all they care about. You all will have to answer to God someday and I sure wouldn't want to be YOU when the day of judgment comes around, you will be judged.

Could have been better... show details Could have been better...
Feb 16th, 2009

Went for testing for multiple symptoms. Reception's demeanor was unpleasant, no eye-contact. Doctor's assistant was very kind, attentive, thorough. Dr. Shea's demeanor was slightly condescending, seemed to discourage questions even as she asked if I had any; felt put-down by her tone of voice when answering questions. Looked at PC screen while I spoke. Her focus seeemed symptom oriented rather than patient oriented. I'm not confident that she obtained an accurate understanding of overall problem as a result of this. Wanted to discuss my condition with her further, but was discouraged by her demeanor and felt regret that I had been recommended to her. In spite of this, I believe I will receive accurate interpretaion of necessary tests, but likely to use someone else next time. Her expressed knowledge of prescribed medication was slightly different than published details about same medication, which damaged her credibility somewhat, but not something I regard as catastrophic.