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not satisfied show details not satisfied
Feb 10th, 2015

I attended this doctor for the first time. I was highly disappointed to start office seems so cold. the only greeting that was given was ARE YOU THE NEW PATIENT. I feel like the doctor completely wasted my time. she did not show much interest in me at all in fact she barley checked me. I am currently looking for a new MD because I refuse to go back to her office. I believe that patients have the right to be respected by their primary doctors. I left the doctor office upset and sad because of the underline treatment that I feel I received. I will not be referring anyone to her.

Oct 26th, 2014

I have seen this doctor for years; I never liked her front desk clerk, Sharon. She's rude and cold towards patients. I did like Dr. Hitchcock, however, I agree with many others about the very long "wait" and being charged for Rx refills. I was going to bring my child to her, but was told I'd have to have a "meet and greet" first!! Another way of billing for nothing! Then, I became very ill, I called to be seen urgently and was told the doctor could not see me. My husband called his doctor who was able to see me right away. Also, it's ridiculous that no one answers her phones and you're asked to go online to make appts. ALL so inconvenient!

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Jun 14th, 2013

I have been to see Dr. Hitchcock several times over the course of a year. I have been very disappointed with the wait time, usually more than 1 1/2 hours. Today I was very pleased to see a dry erase board with the wait time, 20 mins. I was escorted back to a room at 20 mins and saw Dr. Hitchcock within 30 mins. I hope this trend continues!! I was very disappointed when I called a couple of weeks ago to have a prescription refilled and was told that I would have to pay $15 to have this called into my pharmacy!!! I paid it, but only because I needed the medication and yes, this does not seem ethical!

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Changing my opinion of this doctor. show details Changing my opinion of this doctor.
by Soon to be a Former Patient on Apr 17th, 2013

I have been seeing this doctor for several years. I use to think very highly of her but have changed my opinion lately due to her business practices and billing practices. To her credit I will say that she is intelligent and she knows her stuff. When you do see her she will spend time to discuss your issue as long as she is not too crazy booked that day (which nowadays is all the time due to overbooking practices). My biggest complaints are the following which have morphed over the years to this state: 1) Excessive waiting time: Between the reception room and the back room it averages 1-1.5 hrs for an appt that is usually 15 minutes or less. 2) Excessive ordering of tests and referrals for a multitude of things with poor follow up. I have had tests and referrals done and there was no follow up as to the results on them later. 3) Prescription refills will be charged if placed over the phone between appts. This seems rather unethical to me, especially if it is a medication that the doctor herself put you on for the rest of your life due to a chronic medical issue. I wonder if the patient had a heart attack because she refused to refill a prescrption over the phone so they were without meds, if she would be liable. And, mind you I am a responsible patient who saw her regularly for many years so there is no reason to "charge" to refill a routine prescription to make sure that I come in to my appointments. It is sad to have to write this review as it is never fun to have to find a new doctor, but I think I will have to do so now. One can only hope that she one day reads all these reviews by people recently and changes how she does business.

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unimpressed show details unimpressed
Jan 23rd, 2013

Didn't like that first appt would be meet and greet and would be charged my co-pay and then scheduled for second appt for physical which should be fully covered by my insurance as annual checkup. But if you ask any other questions that do not pertain to physical, insurance will be billed for physical and office visit, and charged co-pay. Front desk (Sharon) is rude and shows no concern. Nurse shows no personality. Dr. Hitchcock seems rushed and doesn't seem connected. Don't leave feeling things are getting better or have a plan of action, besides more bloodwork ordered.

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Had to find another doctor show details Had to find another doctor
Sep 11th, 2012

Dr. Hitchcock is a competent doctor and I actually liked seeing her, but I cannot tolerate the poor service given by her office. I received a prescription and had a 3 month follow up scheduled, but my prescription expired after a month, with no refills. Assuming it was a mistake, I called and left numerous messages for the nurse and front desk, with no return calls. I went for weeks without a refill of my BP and cholesterol meds. I finally left the receptionist a message stating I expected a call from Dr. Hitchcock herself as my health was being put in jeopardy. I got a call from the nurse basically telling me they never refill prescriptions without a visit. I can see that policy for narcotics or dangerous drugs, but for routine medications I've been on for years, it is simply a way to rip off insurance companies and patients. Had I been told that up front, I would have voiced my concern but it would not have been a "deal breaker" as I like the doctor. However, when probably 10 calls begging for a response are ignored, that tells me that the office culture is not one that is patient friendly. I have now switched to another local doctor and am extremely happy with my new partner in healthcare.

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Dr just out for $$$ & unfriendly staff show details Dr just out for $$$ & unfriendly staff
Jul 19th, 2012

I intended to see Dr Hitchcock for a physical and to establish her as my PCP. When I arrived for my appointment I was told she doesnt Di physicals on the first visit and it would just be a meet and greet with a $20 co-pay. I mentioned to the receptionist that I wish I would have been advised if this when making the appointment. Instead of apologizing she said she was the one who made the appointment and it's routine for her so she had to have told me. Trust me, she didn't or I wouldn't have kept the appointment. Seems like a quack operation.

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Former Patient show details Former Patient
May 11th, 2012

As many others have previously stated, Dr. Hitchcock keeps patients waiting for an excessive amount of time. When I finally did get to see her she spent VERY little time with me, did not answer all my questions, and wanted me to have blood work and return frequently to her office.

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Long waits. Nasty nurse and receptionist. show details Long waits. Nasty nurse and receptionist.
Mar 23rd, 2012

I have been going to Hitchcock ever since she started her practice ten years ago. Over time the office has become less helpful, acting like they're doing me a favor by letting me pay them to sit in the waiting room for 45 mins. to an hour. There are many good doctors that care enough to respect your time. And it's not like when I'm sick as a dog that they'll squeeze me in. I had a physical and had an additional co-pay to have scripts filled. Then I discovered three months later two hadn't been refilled they wouldn't call it in without seeing me. If you forget something after the appt. the receptionist won't help you--I.e a referral name. I complained once too often about the wait and I received a letter l was being dumped as a patient. I had already found another doctor anyway but she fired my husband as well. He never complains so I don't know why she would punish him for my actions. I envy people who have the time to sit around a doctor's office to wait. She's simply not worth it. Save yourself the aggravation and find an office with a good doc and friendly, helpful staff.

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Long wait time! show details Long wait time!
Dec 26th, 2011

Her wait time is way too long. I waited over an hour for an annual appointment one time. When I wasn't seen in that amount of time I left. Who knows how long I would have waited it I hadn't left!

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Dec 9th, 2011

I saw Dr Hitchcock for an initial visit. My wait was an acceptable 15 minutes. She was pleasant but hurried. I made an appointment for a follow-up visit after completing the lab tests she ordered. There were eight patients waiting when I arrived for a 9:30 appointment. After I'd been waiting 30 minutes I overheard a woman ask the receptionist when she would be seen, her appointment time was 9:00, she had been waiting an hour. Refusing to wait that long myself, I rescheduled for another day. Imagine my surprise when I arrived for my 9:00 appointment two weeks later to find five people waiting. Apparently the scheduling genius that is the Hitchcock Health Institute regularly schedules 5 people per hour and then take them in the order they arrive. My time is every bit as valuable as the doctor's and I refuse to sit in a waiting room for that amount of time. Seriously, if she is so wonderful and caring, shouldn't she get control of her scheduling practices? There are plenty of other caring physicians in Central Florida. Don't waste your time with this one, and I assure you, you will waste your time.

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I highly recommend Dr. Hitchcock show details I highly recommend Dr. Hitchcock
Nov 11th, 2011

Dr. Hitchcock and her staff were very professional, efficiant, caring and friendly. Three weeks after moving to Orlando I got extremely ill and did not have a doctor. On a friend's recommendation, who is a patient of Dr. Hitchcock, I called their office and they took me in 9 AM the next day. (many doctors are not taking any new patients) The wait was a little long but probably because they took me on short notice. The nurse and Doctor spent a lot of time with me which I'm sure backed up other appointment times too. The doctor diagnosed me, prescribed the meds I needed, and thoroughly explained what I needed to do to get better. She was genuinely concerned with my condition.A good Doctor is worth the wait and you don't know what the circumstance may be causing it, so be patient in the waiting room.

You can find better show details You can find better
Oct 6th, 2011

I like Dr. Hitchcock for her bedside manner and she does not rush you out. However, there's not much else good to say about the experience. I have gone there for years now and they still make you come in for EVERYTHING, even if you were there last week and forgot a refill. They act as if you should be so grateful she had not gone concierge, and you have to PAY for prescription refills obtained outside of a regularly scheduled appt. Basically, they nickel and dime you and I've learned that's why the waiting room is so full - it's not demand. They don't even like to give the name(s) of a specialist over the phone if you don't have to come in for a referral - they want you to come in and pay for it. Anyone else would rather give you a dermatologist or podiatrist over the phone and get on to more important issues. Not very nice at the front desk either - there's no sign in sheet but she's always on the phone so you have to stand around waiting just to give your name, and you always feel like she's too busy for you. It's a reception desk for heaven's sake!!! Greet people!

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Aug 17th, 2011

I stopped seeing her after 7 years. I find it offensive when a doctor keeps you waiting so long. I can understand it occasionally, as she may have an emergency. But EVERY time is rediculoius! My time is just as important as her time. Also the office started nickle and diming me. I think Dr. Hitchcock cares more for the money than her patients. Oh and by the way don't loose a presription or lab test request because it cost another $20.00 to print a new one! And forget about getting a prescription refilled over the phone! They would not fill one for me and I was out of heart meds for 2 weeks before I could get an appointment! Such a caring doctor!

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Bad place to go to show details Bad place to go to
Jun 7th, 2011

The wait time in this office is so bad, it takes half of your day away.They seem to be in a rush & routine manner just siphoning money off you. The fact that they are service providers never touched them. Not sure why I retained them after an year. Never take a routine courtesy appt offered at the end of a visit, if you are not sure. They do not call all times, and if the appt is set 6 months ahead of time and you are rudely asked to pay $50 dollars without a call.Not $25 but $50. It does not matter if you have never missed appts before.

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A Fabulous, Caring Doctor show details A Fabulous, Caring Doctor
by Elizabeth Egesdahl on Feb 13th, 2011

Dr. Hitchcock is a very skilled doctor with a professional, caring bedside manner. She always takes the time to make sure that she answers all of my questions and ensures that I understand her follow-up instructions. The wait time to see her is usually long, but that's only because she takes her time and doesn't rush you out the door.

Dr Hitchcock is Restoring my faith in American Medicine show details Dr Hitchcock is Restoring my faith in American Medicine
by Alfredo Della Rocco on Jul 28th, 2010

I recently visited Dr Hitchcock to have a full physical and discuss if I am where I am supposed to be at this stage of my life. I am a 54yo man and working to improve my physical shape and chose her due to multiple recommendations that I received.In short she actually taught me some tests I should be doing which surprised me, being this age, and was firm in the timing of future checks. She also scheduled me to have my colon checked, also due to my age and didn't I just have a problem growing in me that was removed as part of the procedure. The internal medicine doctor and pathologist both agreed that had I not been there then my life would have been in grave danger by Christmas.So my sincerest thanks to Dr Hitchcock as she was key in what probably saved and extended my life. Also I could see that she has an open mind to the newer, in this county, wellness practices which I believe is necessary for the future health of our country. She is the future in my eyes.I recommend her without hesitation and will continue to use Dr Hitchcock as my primary care physician

Regional Operations Manager show details Regional Operations Manager
by Shobha Simmons on Jul 28th, 2010

For over 7 years Dr. Hitchcocks office has provided exceptional service! The professional care, compassion and personalized service received with every visit are pale in comparison to other heath care professionals. Im truly fortunate to have found her!!

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Great Primary Care Doctor show details Great Primary Care Doctor
by Happy Patient on Apr 8th, 2010

Dr. H does a thorough exam and gives you plenty of time to speak to her. She does not over-prescribe medication and gives you appropriate choices. She is not like your parents' doctors. She does not pat you on your knee, give you a load of meds and then send you on your way. If you want a warm, fuzzy experience, get some bunny slippers and a glass of wine. If you want a good doctor, go to see Dr. Hitchcock.

Sep 8th, 2009

Horrible experience. I arrived to my appointment on time and was not seen for another 30-40 minutes later. Once I got back to the room, Dr. Hitchcock seemed irritated by my presence. She told me to get a crazy amount of blood testing/work done for symptoms I didn't even have. She seemed to have horrible bed side manners. All she cared about was getting me out so she could move on to doing something else. Oh beware, she charges $50 if you cancel your appointment!

Happy Patient show details Happy Patient
Aug 31st, 2009

I've been going to Dr. Lara for over a couple of years. She has been an excellent doctor. Professional, accurate, great bedside manner with a great support staff.

Great Doctor, Poor Practices show details Great Doctor, Poor Practices
by Needermeyer on Aug 24th, 2009

I am very sad to say, but am changing my opinion of Dr. Hitchcock and leaving her practice. She is amazingly smart and an excellent doctor. If you need to talk, she will sit with you and discuss your concerns. I dont even mind coming back every 4 months because that means shes keeping up on my health. The problem is, they will not give refills or referrals over the phone for ANY reason. I live VERY far away from her, so when I go see her I have to plan it into my schedule. Making me come in because I hurt myself and want to go see a specialist is a little excessive. I would think a patient injuring themselves to the point they couldnt drive would necessitate some flexibility, but I was told to go to the emergency room (which is a $150 co-pay). I also lost one of my emergency medications and they would not refill it over the phone even with a standing prescription at the pharmacy. Because of this inflexibility, it caused me to leave their practice.

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Great Primary Care Physician show details Great Primary Care Physician
by wdcher on Mar 19th, 2008 on

Dr. Hitchcock and her staff are simply amazing. So many of friends use her as well. She makes you feel very comfortable and she is genuinely caring. I am very glad she was recommended to me by a friend.

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