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Apr 17th, 2015

Dr Leeds is rude and very unprofessional

Chronic patient-abuser? Seriously? show details Chronic patient-abuser? Seriously?
by Gus Wiseman on Jan 26th, 2014

She attacked me for 'double-dipping' in controlled medications. Subsequently, asking my doctor for any kind of new or different treatment usually just pisses her off. Her uncontrolled verbal, physical, and sexual abuse of patients is also documented here by the reviewers who preceded me. In conclusion, although Dr. Holly Leeds may not be a criminal, she needs to be put in her place.

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completely over steps her bounds show details completely over steps her bounds
Sep 12th, 2013

I came across Holly Leeds name while doing some research online. Our experience with her was many years ago (before doing online reviews was an option), but I can see she hasn't changed a bit. I'm amazed this woman is still practicing. My son is severely disabled, & she was one of his doctors while he was hospitalized once. She actually wanted us to stop giving him antibiotics, talking about the "quality of life in Tibetian terms", and told me I was keeping him alive for me, not him. Luckily my son doesn't have the ability to comprehend what she was saying. This woman has severe psychological issues. Control, thought patterns that don't allow her to listen to others, lack of compassion, amongst other things. I'm amazed that after the experiences people have noted here that she has not reflected on herself and her behavior, and sought out the help she obviously needs.

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a horrible sub human mutant show details a horrible sub human mutant
by mike on Jul 11th, 2013

First of all ANYpositive reviews about this "doctor" have either been put here by leeds herself or an employee she threatened if they didnt put a good word on here for her. Her deameanor? My god i've never met a more horrible person. Shes the rudest person I have ever met and berated her patients and staff at every appt I went to. I lost my hips and she was doing accupuncture on them...with a book to see where to put the needles. She had me lying on my back naked with my junk hanging out 3days a week for a few months. One day she decided I needed a prostate exam...out of the blue. I already knew she was kinda weird but I reluctantly dropped my pants and tried to bend over but she wouldnt let me. Instead she took me to a different room in her office and lie on my back naked with my feet in those stirrups women use for exams. She placed a blue paper towel over my lap so I couldnt see her down there. She made a few insults about my manhood and then proceeded to give me a prostate massage instead of an exam. She was rubbing her finger very lightly back and forth on my prostate and repeatedly telling me to relax. Her finger was in me for 3 full minutes and I could feel her breath on my balls. This creature was molesting me!! I asked what the heck are you doing down there so long and she continued to tell me to just relax. She actually thought she was going to turn me on. I jumped up and told her she had a mental problem and I would never be in her office again. J told her I was going to report this and she called the police and made up a story to make ME seem like the bad guy in an attempt to cover herself. It was very embarrassing ,and I waited 3 years to tell another doctor in hopes she would be reported, which she wasnt. This praying mantis MOLESTED ME. I swear to my God on everyone ive ever loved this is a true story. She has mental issues for sure. I am finally filing a complaint with the medical board I just hope its not too late. Stay as far away from this mutant as possible. She will burn when her time comes. You better believe all these negative reviews and toss the positive ones out. Shes despicable.

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Apr 24th, 2012

Dr. Holly Leeds has provided excellent acupuncture treatment for Chronic Severe Peripheral Neuropathy and migraine headaches associated pain for more than two years. Her professionalism and caring attitude toward her patients is outstanding.

Feb 6th, 2012

Dr Holly Leeds is a professional and very caring Dr. who I have recommended to many of my friends. She takes time with her patients and has actually called to give test results and discuss next steps with me as well.

Nov 14th, 2011

i have never in my lifetime of many doctors for a lifetime of issues..ever met a more harsh..abrasive,cold hurtful,unsupported.mean spirited and down right shocking demeanor..that began with our first visit. If there were more choices of doctors to choose from in our remote area,I would drop her like a hot potato.she must hate life & resent her job Or maybe is out to hurt everyone she comes in contact with.She is overpowering as if to control the patient & gain her respect that any sane person would refuse to give. there may be an element of mental be kind. avoid her If possible..she is dangerous to say the least.She has no sense of others..even compared to most doctors..Watch your back!Be prepared

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Sep 15th, 2011

Dr Leeds' Office, much like her demeanor, is familiar, comfortable and inviting. Her staff is sociable, but professional. Dr Leeds dedicates more than ample time for all concerns at every appointment. She is the most knowledgeable physician and uniquely well rounded individual that I have ever met. It is more than apparent that she believes in whole-body medicine; and she judiciously refers when needed.

Aug 16th, 2011

I have been treated with respect and kindness, was able to get 2 different appointments on the spare of the moment when I had an acute illness, and feel I have a good repore with everyone who works in the office. I am a returning patient and left previously due to insurance issues. I would highly recommend Dr Holly Leeds.

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Verbally abusive to Pt.s & staff show details Verbally abusive to Pt.s & staff
Jul 1st, 2011

This "doctor" is the most verbally violent person we've ever encountered. Made fun of our sister's recent death from ovarian cancer. Bullies her paitents & staff as well. Lacks even basic knowledge of medicine. We've had to retain our son-in-law's father as an attorney. After the first verbal terroizing, we decided to record all following appts. being that Leeds hostile behavior turned out to be an everyday thing. Prescribed medicine w/o performing any diagnostic tests. The medicine made me so sick, I ended up in the Hospital. Skip this N*zi if you care for your health. Now that we have an atty. in the family, we have to move to litigation against her.

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When you get to Know The DR you will appriciate her great medical knowledge show details When you get to Know The DR you will appriciate her great medical knowledge
Apr 4th, 2011

THis is a very well trained DR whom I believe keeps up with her fields of expertise to a 4 star rating. She has an encylclopedix knoweledge of the human condition and medicine the best doctor I have had in the last 20 years.

Jan 13th, 2010

Office staff incompetent. Everyone who works there has a bad attitude. Horrible bedside manner. Actually pretty good doctor. Just don't need the attitude.

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"Keep this woman away from patients!" show details "Keep this woman away from patients!"
by A Concerned Citizen on Feb 6th, 2009

My mother-in-law had had several strokes and was admitted to a skilled nursing facility for 'rehabilitation'. She had been gravely ill for several weeks now and we we're still hoping for progress in her condition. She could not eat so she had to have naso-gastric (tube) feedings. She, unfortunately, pulled the tube out a couple of times (likely because it was irritating her). The tube had to be reinserted. It was a Sunday afternoon and we had mom sitting in a wheelchair out in the courtyard. All of our family we're visiting with her. Dr. Leeds came prancing out to mom and with an indescribable tone of voice yelled at her for pulling out the tube - she then said 'do you want the tube put back in?!' One of the family members asked what if she went without the tube and Dr. Leeds looked at mom and said 'then you will die and I won't have to be called out to reinsert your tube! She asked mom again 'do you want the tube put back in?!' Mom weakly replied 'yes'. With that Dr. Leeds grabbed her wheelchair and pushed her into the building muttering under her breath. We, the family, were so shocked by what we had just winessed that we were all rendered speechless. My husband went into the building to speak with Dr. Leeds and she was extremely rude to him telling him that his mother is 'going to die anyway'. We, of course, reported this dreadful encounter with Dr. Leeds to the Administration of the nursing facility, had a 'family conference' about it and of course, nothing transpired from that. I'm sure the staff of the nursing facility are just plain scared of the woman. Mom passed away a couple of weeks after this incident - thankfully really, for never having to have another encounter with this very wicked physician. So, beware of Dr. Leeds taking care of any one of your loved ones - she should NOT be in the practice of medicine.

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Has no business being a hospice doctor show details Has no business being a hospice doctor
by Kimberly Laycox on Aug 28th, 2008

This is for anyone considering having this Dr. as a Hospice caregiver - I have recently entered my mother into the hospice program and up until today my family and myself have been thrilled and comforted by their kindness and abilities. Then Dr. Leeds came to show up for a visit. Not only did she just walk into my house while I was in the garage doing laundry but she scared my father who has parkinsons and he almost fell over because of this stranger in his house; but she then without any introductions by a family member entered the room where my mother was and began to quiz her. Now who walks into to someone's house without being welcomed and creates the presence of an intruder? I came in after the initial conversation started but it was clear that it was upsetting my mom. My mother is afraid and the other hospice members have been very careful in not scaring her with detrimental words. God Bless them! This doctor however, with the atrocity of a bedside manner obviously didn't in all of her medical background realize that there is the onset of unclarity with my mom and continued on grilling her. Because it's getting harder for my mom to think she pauses to try to find the right words. When she can't get them out the doctor says, "So, you're afraid to die?" I looked at her and gave her the hand signal across the throat to not talk like that in front of her but she was oblivious. She went on to probe her only further instill the anxiety that has taken hours to diffuse since her departure. My mother said to her, "Why are you not talking to me normal?" and Dr. Leeds said, "Because this is not normal". "It's not normal what's happening, do you want to talk about it?" My blood pressure only increased as she went on to do her damage; then after my mother is starting to completely freak out she wanted to examine her. This is when I put an end to the visit because while my mother is dying I am NOT going to subject her to the coldness and suspect care by this non-compassionate woman who just so happened to be lucky enough to earn a degree which I can only assume was with a "D" average. But a "D" is still passing so now the public is unknowingly exposed to a doctor that may know a little about medicine but nothing about people! She has absolutely no business what so ever being in hospice care! If she must practice she should only be allowed to care for those that are in a coma or otherwise mentally incapacitated so as to not offend or scare anyone with her tactless demeanor! This is my personal opinion from my interaction with Dr. Leeds. I can only hope anyone who reads this finds it helpful..

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