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Front desk ruins his reputation show details Front desk ruins his reputation
by Nancy M on Jan 30th, 2014

I didn't have an E.R situation but it was urgent. Dr's deserve vacations but the staff represents them when they're gone. His staff is unwilling to put any time into making a call, returning a call...NOTHING to help find a solution. They are dismissive and at times they come across combative. It's ironic having this kind of treatment at a psych office: being able to respond and act appropriately should be a job requirement. Although Dr Mason is a good doctor I would tell patients to stay away because the boss is only as good as his staff.

Aug 21st, 2013

He is just ok, office staff bad.

May 19th, 2013

I found Dr Mason to be knowledgable , compassionate and caring . He is willing to listen . He is a great psychiatrist .

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Mar 5th, 2013

Dr. vacations a lot, a 2 week appointment is instead schedule in 4 weeks

5 year patient - It has never gotten any better!! show details 5 year patient - It has never gotten any better!!
Oct 21st, 2012

It has taken weeks and even more than a month to get a return call to schedule an appointment. I have had multiple family members try because they didn't believe me and were amazed when their call was never returned. For 5 YEARS this office has been this way; and I have finally had enough and will be moving on. I waited 5 weeks to get a return call (after leave at least 20 messages)just to schedule an appt. I found a new office and they called back in an hour!!!

making an appointment is impossible show details making an appointment is impossible
Jul 27th, 2012

I called every day for 1 week,at different times during the day, and never talked to a live person. The phones are answered by message machine. They do return phone calls, however, receptionist states she needs to speak with you in person before she can make an appointment...difficult to do if she never answers the phone. No fax number or e-mail is provided for potential patients to communicate their information. Worst customer service I have ever seen.

what a piece of work show details what a piece of work
Jul 10th, 2012

He prescribed my wife 2 Benzodiazapines to an addictive personality and doesn't return phone calls when out of the right meds now we are at the emergency room for my wife with withdrawl symptoms way to be professional doc.

Horrible office staff show details Horrible office staff
Apr 4th, 2012

I have been seeing Dr. Mason for a few years. Although, I trust & like Dr. Mason, his front office staff is horrible. If I didn't like Dr. Mason as much as I do, I would definitely switch. She is working with people that have mood disorders, they last thing you need to feel is neglected, dismeaning, and just don't care.

Mar 2nd, 2012

I like Dr. Mason but am leaving because I'm fed up with office staff.

Feb 8th, 2012

DR Spends time with you and helps with your issues and medication. Hi office staff is always willing to assist in any way even if Dr. is not in the office theytake the time to listen to you. I would tell any one of my friends to mae appointment.

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Sep 19th, 2011

I really love Dr. Mason. He is caring, to the point, and he LISTENS. He works with the patient to find the best solution. I was his patient a while back for some mild anxiety issues and he helped tremendously. I would go back any time if I needed him again. I highly recommend him.

Great Doctor show details Great Doctor
Jul 28th, 2011

Was recommended to him by two friends and I'm glad I went. He was thorough, caring, listened to what I had to say and didn't leave me feeling like he was trying to rush me out of the office. I highly recommend him

Mr. Disgusted show details Mr. Disgusted
Mar 18th, 2011

This doctor and his employee's don't know how to treat patients.

Mar 8th, 2011

Dr. Mason, I feel you and your staff is great i feel the one's that write rude remarks are upset becuase they can not have every thing their way. When sittingwaiting for you or waiting for appointment i have heard you staff never are they rude in any way. I feel patient's should not walk in and mistreatyour staff the way somepatient's do and ihave seen this when i been sitting there. The staff still are very calm and do not get upset. please give yourstaff credit. You don't see or hear whatpeople say to the staff.Most people who write on the are no happypeople and can not have their way.3/8/11

Mar 7th, 2011

I've read what everyone has to say. And the thing is about Dr. Mason's office is that he is great... but the lady at the front desk is aweful. I do not know how many times she has made me suffer. There has been many times that I've lost appointments because she decided to change them since I did not get her message. She also has this bad habit of calling my home and work against my wishes. I have filled out several pieces of paper requesting that she only call my cell, that she does not discuss my appointments with anyone but me... yet it still keeps happening. Hello... I suffer from PTSD, and even if she does not know that (which she does), it does not mean I want my family, friends and colleagues knowing about it.

Rude Staff show details Rude Staff
Feb 11th, 2011

Dr. Mason is good, if you can get past the outright rudeness of his staff. One staff member in particular. I do not know her name nor her title but just call his office & you will surely get blasted with her sour foul demeanor. I have no idea why Dr. Mason would keep someone around like this.

How rude! show details How rude!
by Anonymous on Feb 11th, 2011 on

Dr. Mason is good, if you can get past the outright rudeness of his staff. One staff member in particular. I do not know her name nor her title but ju ...

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Feb 8th, 2011

Office receptionist is like a warden and doesn't listen, last thing a mental health patient needs. You can wait days for a return call after leaving message, again the last thing a mental health patient needs. Dr needs to listen to the patients problems and chart it accuratley, not sugar coat it. We're real people with real problems.

Expect the worst service you can imagine show details Expect the worst service you can imagine
Feb 8th, 2011

Dr. Mason is a good Doctor but dealing with his office staff will probably be the worst experience you can imagine. You will not get a call back, just call and listen to the rude voice on the recording telling you to leave one message and one message only and that they will call you back within 24 hours. Do not expect a call back, you can call the office during open hours and you have about a 50% chance to get through to this same rude person. Do not expect them to lift on finger to help you. About half the time when you show up for you appointment youll find they have rescheduled you and said they called, but I assure you they have not. If you try and call first to confirm when your appointment is you will not get a call back until after your appointment was canceled and then they will charge you a no show fee. When you try and reschedule they say they will put you on a waiting list. You can call and call for months on end but you wont get in, between the time you are waiting 3 months or more to get rescheduled you will run out of medication and will not be helped no matter how important that medication might be to your health. When you run out of medicine they will tell you to have the pharmacy fax in a request for them to approve. It doesnt matter what pharmacy you use your chances of getting the authorization faxed back to the pharmacy is about 10%. When you call the office they deny any problems on their end and blame the pharmacy. The office staff only consist of one employee and one or two other part time persons. Do not expect any empathy from the primary office person because you will be treated like it is such an honor for Dr. Mason to see you that you should expect this total disregard for your needs as common place. Unfortunately in this area it is difficult to find a physicist excepting new patients so he probably will always have more patients then he will be able to handle. After so many complaints about his office staff I wonder why he has not replaced this person or corrected the situation by at least hiring additional staff.Good luck if you choose this Doctor dealing with the ridiculous incompetences and complete disregard for your well-being from his front office staff.I repeat, do yourself a big favor and just call and listen to the rude tone on the recorded message from his primary staff member before you make your first appointment because that is going to be the person you are going to have to deal with just to maintain your health and that interaction is going frustrating to say the least and could end up being detrimental to your health.

Oct 18th, 2010

I was refered to Dr. Mason when my regular doctor retired. I sometimes have to wait but never feel rushed when I do get to see him. The last few times I was there early and was called in at my appt time. I feel that Dr. Mason is caring and very understanding of my situation. People need to understand that sometimes patients need more time if their issues are complicated.

Aug 30th, 2010

DR Mason is a good Dr. Office manager isvery courtesy and knows what is going on with my insurance and medication, front office girl is friendly we appreciate hercalling to remind us of our appointment.

Handy with the prescription pad show details Handy with the prescription pad
Jun 4th, 2010

After the third visit where I was asked a couple of inconsequential questions unrelated to my diagnosis/meds ("Where did you go to college?" "How long have you lived in the area?")I made an appointment with a new doctor and I am happy I did.

Office Staff :( show details Office Staff :(
May 14th, 2010

What a shame that such a competent physician should have such incompetent office staff.I have never encountered such disagreeable and rude staff in my life. Even the simplest question is too much trouble for them, and they make sure the patient knows that they are inconvenienced.Dr. Mason, surely you can find better help. These people will cost you your business.

Not recommended show details Not recommended
by Anonymous on Apr 25th, 2010 on

Dr. Mason's office staff is awful and he is not much better. The staff is rude, belittling, and do not return phone calls. While Dr. Mason is fri ...

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A good test to see if your anger medication is working show details A good test to see if your anger medication is working
by Anon on Feb 8th, 2010

This doctor will help you out if you need medication, but it's basically like going into Fry's Electronics - you have to know what you need to have before you go in.The staff is HORRIBLE! I have never met more rude, inept and uninformed people in my life. Also, you could be waiting from 15 min to 1 hour in his office if he gets "backed up". Sounds more like overscheduling to me! As I said, I went in for anger issues. I find it a compliment to the doctor, at least, that I am no longer angry when I get in to talk to him. He does have some good advice, but is sometimes all too eager to just give you refills and get you on your way.

Good Doc, Bad Staff show details Good Doc, Bad Staff
Jan 14th, 2010

I have my Masters in Human Behavior and am no stranger to working with Doctor's. Dr. Mason seems competant and thorough. Unfortunately, his staff is severely lacking. They lost paperwork with my personal information on it (currently being reported in violation of 'HEPA"), gave me an appointment card yet forgot to schedule the appointment in their computer (huge inconvenience for me), overcharged me, and is delaying in refunding me. Priscilla, the secretary, said 'I am too busy." Left a vm with Dr. Mason, hopefully this will be resolved shortly - may have to contact "3 On Your Side." Be careful if you choose this Doctor, his staff is severely lacking.

Terrible Staff show details Terrible Staff
by DisgruntledPatient on Jan 11th, 2010

Dr Mason is a decent doctor when you can successfully get an appointment. However, his office 'staff' is extremely poor. Good luck trying to get a hold of anyone on the phone. You almost always have to personally go to his office and speak with the staff directly. The office is staffed by an older lady who is quite possibly one of the most rude, incapable and downright nastiest person I have ever had to dealt with. I have been able to successfully get a grand total of two appointments with the doctor in the last seven months. I have left a message for Dr. Mason on his personal voicemail expressing my frustration with this particular lady. Unfortunately, nothing has been done which leads me to believe he takes no pride in his level of service that he provides to his patients. You have been warned.

Smiling Faces... show details Smiling Faces...
by Virginia on Dec 1st, 2009

Dr Mason was my favorite doctor for many years. He was great as long as I "towed the line" and always did exactly what he said. However, I am not perfect and have made a couple of mistkaes. Example: One time I overdosed on a sleeping pill because I had had a fight with my boyfriend and was extremely upset. My intention WAS NOT to kill myself; I just wanted to sleep for a day or two and wake up feeling better. When I told him what happenened, he was furious--furious because his name was on the prescription bottle, which could have negative repurcussions on his professional reputation had I died. There was no expression of genuine concern for my welfare.Don't leave messages on his personal line because if he has to call you back about a problem, he gets very ticked off; he is more concerned about the inconvinience you caused him than he is about your personal welfare. He can be arrogant, easily ticked off, extremely stubborn and condescending. Don't be too honest because it will just disturb his world and you will not get the help you need.When I think of Dr Mason, I remember the song by the Temptations, "Smiling Faces."

Nov 19th, 2009

dr mason is a very good dr who respects his patients. his office staff goes out of the way to help patients and get me in asap when there is a problem, his ofice manager is the best i have ever seen. the young girl is sweet and goes out of her way to help patients.

Great doctor - horrible office staff show details Great doctor - horrible office staff
Nov 13th, 2009

Dr. Mason is wonderful, but the ladies in the front office are completely incompetant and rude always. After over a year of going to Dr. Mason, his staff is still horrendous. It is too bad.

Avoid at all costs! show details Avoid at all costs!
by Sam G on Oct 5th, 2009

I went to Dr Mason because he was close to where I live. BIG MISTAKE. Their front office staff was extremely rude and insensitive, they refused to work with my HRA, making me pay for the post deductible amount from my own pocket! I ended up having to spend money I was to use on my wife for Valentines day.

Aug 18th, 2009

Dr. Mason is a doctor who expresses distrust in patients on ADD medicine. My prior doctor would participate with my pharmacy coverage that allowed me a mail-in 3 month supply. Dr Mason said that he would not. He said that I would have to come by his office every 30 days for a new prescription. I wouldn't SEE him every thirty days... just have to go out of my way every thirty days. His office staff is surley and unprofessional. They charged me for authorizing a medication that Dr. Mason prescribed. Basically I was charged 15 dollars for one phone call to Medco. I was used to being treated with respect and dignity. Dr. Mason treated me as if I was a dishonest person who cannot be trusted to handle her own medical needs. I will not be returning to Dr. Mason.

Over prescribes addictive drugs show details Over prescribes addictive drugs
by Anxious on May 27th, 2009 on

Dr. Mason over prescribes addictive drugs such as Xanax and will offer no help to a patient who becomes addicted and needs to taper off the medications. He will not return phone calls to patients needing help.

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Great show details Great
by cherylsmoney on Aug 29th, 2008 on

Doctor Mason is a brilliant yet compassionate Psychiatrist. He makes you feel comfortable and allows his patients to express their feelings thoughts and emotions in a professional truly caring environment.

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