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Doesnt like his job show details Doesnt like his job
by Truth teller on Apr 7th, 2014

This man is rude. He doesnt respect women, he will objectify you the whole time you are there. Hear my warning, this is not a person who will respect you or your body.

Horrible show details Horrible
by Sarahann Scherbeh on Sep 23rd, 2013

I started seeing him at 22 weeks im now 30 I switched Doctors because I was having pain in my cervix and was worried he didn't even acknowledge the pain my husband has a congenital heart defect and had a heart bypass at 2 months old I told the Dr and he said that it didn't matter that the father had nothing to do with the babys heart so I switched DRs and my new DR looked at my cervix and saw that I had an infection and was spotting Schreiber still hasn't faxed my medical records its been over 2 weeks and now I have to retake all those labs and everything I would never recommend Dr Schreiber to anyone --- Sarahann Scherbeh

Good doctor show details Good doctor
May 15th, 2012

I started seeing Dr. Schreiber about 23 years ago after my gyn had a stroke and no longer was taking care of gyn patients. In 1991 he performed a hysterectomy on me and was very pleased with the surgery. He has always been very thorough concerning and gyn problem that I may have. He is always careful to answer any questions that I might have and never rushes me thru.I started seeing Dr. Schreiber about 23 years ago when my gyn had a stroke and was no longer seeing patients. He performed a hysterectomy on my was very pleased with the surgery. He is always very thorough and professional concerning any gyn problem that I might have.I started seeing Dr. Schreiber about 23 years ago when my gyn had a stroke and no longer was seeing patients. Dr. Schreiber performed a hysterectomy on me and I was very pleased with the surgery. He has always been very thorough concerning any gyn problem that I might have. He has never in all of the 23 years ever rushed me thru any visit. His staff is very kind and considerate. I would recommend him to any other woman as their doctor.

He's great! show details He's great!
Feb 11th, 2012

I just had my baby and I think that Dr. Schreiber is great. During my labor my babys heartrate was dropping and he imediately informed us of the problem and took whatever measures to rule out the worst. He is great and would come to him again.

worst doctor ever. BEWARE show details worst doctor ever. BEWARE
Dec 7th, 2011

I went to him at what i was thought was three months into my pregnancy. First thing i noticed was he didnt even come into the room before i had to undress to ask me questions about myself or anything at all. When he did finally came in he had a nurse and some other lady in normal clothes come in with him that was supposebly another doctor because he didnt know how to work the ultrasound machine. They didnt let me look at the screen or tell me anything. Finally he said ive had a missed.miscarriage at six weeks. Thats it, nothing else. Later he said i dont know if you are sad or if you wanted this baby. Ummm WHAT!?!? He then told me to get blood taken to see if my hormones were dropping. Never explained anything more. Ive called him over four times and never gotten a call back from him. He never explained what kind of pain i would feel. Just that it would be like a period. WRONG it was horribly painfully and i actually lost too much blood and starting to lose coincesness (sp?). And when my husband called him freaking out asking if i should go to e.r. He said idk im not there and then there was silence like he had nothong else to say. He acted like my husband calling him was an extreme annoyed to him. Pretty much never ever ever go to this doctor. I had read the reviews and thought ill just go here once untill i get my insurance for my normal docor who is dr Bram johns. I was very wrong. If any of who are even concidering him DONT. Dr johns in katy is the best most caring doctor i know and after this experience i will never not go to him.

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Do not ever go to.this doctor show details Do not ever go to.this doctor
by Anonymous on Dec 7th, 2011 on

This doctor is horrible. Please dont go to him. I didnt even get to talk to him before i was told to undress. Wouldnt let me see the ultrasound screen ...

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Sep 20th, 2011

he was very rude!

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Perhaps my baby would be alive today if I would have had a better doctor show details Perhaps my baby would be alive today if I would have had a better doctor
Jun 3rd, 2011

I started seeing this doctor when I was 4 months into pregnancy. He never made me feel confortable during the checkup visits. The day of my first ultrasound where we were to find out the baby's sex, he rushed through the ultrasound, if he spent 5 minutes doing the ultrasound it was too much, he did not take the time to see that everything was rigth with the baby, did not measure evey part, I think the only thing he measured was the head, but did not take a close look at the arms, legs, etc. Then he said in a very insensitive way "it's a girl", and that was it. Three weeks later my baby died at week 32, they told me it was because her leg was tangled with the umbilical cord, but the condition might have been developing for weeks because the umbilical cord was so tigth that it was deforming the tiny leg. Because of this I believe that If he would have done the ultrasound thorougly, he would have been able to see this. The price I paid for not following my instintcs and for not doing my research was too high. And I always will wonder if she could have been saved. (forgive my spelling, this is an emotional moment for me)

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Worst Doctor I've ever had!!! show details Worst Doctor I've ever had!!!
May 12th, 2011

I'm currently 7 months pregnant. When I was 3 months pregnant I came to this doctor seeking help because I was threatening to miscarry. I had been rushed to the hospital after I had woken up in the middle of the night in a pool of blood. My baby survived but I was told to take it easy and try to find a good doctor. Coming to this doctor was a huge mistake! First off, he was over an hour late. Then when I finally saw him and explained my situation, he could care less. He didn't really listen to what I had to say and without even examining me first, he said most likely I would lose my baby! When I told him that I had to be put on medication with my first baby because I couldn't keep food or water down and that I was starting to experience the same thing with this pregnancy, his exact words were, "Well it looks like you're going to be spending a lot of time in the emergency room." And he actually said it with a chuckle. Finally he examined me and he was extremely rough and never explained one thing that he was doing. He didn't give me a full examination or anything. Afterwards he told me that I had placenta previa and that I would lose my baby. He said it like he was talking about the weather. He was like, "I have some bad news for you, you're going to lose your baby. You can pray and all but you're going to lose your baby." He just didn't care. He made me feel like he was there for a paycheck and that was it. I asked him if it would help if I stayed off my feet and he said it wouldn't make a difference. Then he thought about it and told me that yeah I should. Then he scheduled to see me a month later. Needless to say I changed doctors. I went to the Women's Specialist of Houston and let me tell you, the change was dramatic. My current doctor is wonderful! She's caring, informative, and actually knows what she's talking about. My current doctor told me that at 3 months you can't even tell if a person has placenta previa! She also told me that my baby was fine and that I just needed to stay on bed rest and pelvic rest. I'm now 7 months pregnant, my bleeding has long since stopped, and my baby is very healthy. I'm sorry for writing so much but if I can save anyone the hassle and emotional stress of dealing with this doctor then it's well worth it. Please do yourself a favor and go somewhere else. If you're a patient of this doctor and don't feel right, trust your instinct and seek a second opinion!

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WORST Doctor in Medical History! show details WORST Doctor in Medical History!
by Saddened by Americas Healthcare System on Nov 23rd, 2009

This was the WORST experience I have ever had in my life. This "doctor" was RUDE and he rushed me through my appointment, not to mention he was over an hour late himself. He never let me speak or explain my symptoms. He reprimanded me for having unprotected sex with my boyfriend as if I were a child... or his child at that. He prescribed me Provera without telling me what it was other than "Its a hormone what else do you want me to say"! Upon independent research I found out that Provera has the same side effects & active ingredient as the shot Depo Provera which has caused me so many health problems thus far. He spoke over me when I was trying to explain this to him. He said" maybe if you lose 60 lbs then you'll have periods." Then he stated in a high tone "You're overweight thats your problem!" The Depo cause my weight gain and he tried to force me to take the same thing just in the pill form. This doctor is the Worst Doctor in Gynecology. NEVER seek medical advice or attention from him or anyone he is associated with!!!!

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Is he the doctor for me?? show details Is he the doctor for me??
Mar 3rd, 2009

He is always so Quick to get in and out of the room with me and he doesn't really make me feel comfortable I am considering a new doctor

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by FEUGE on Jan 25th, 2009

He delivered my daughter with no real measurements, forgot to run marker tests-til he was reminded,caused erb's palsy to my child.

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