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Jan 29th, 2014

My son has been seeing Dr.Weiner for over a year, he started him with the wrong dose of medication. Dr. Weiner sometimes doesn’t even see my son in the office and just hands him his script in the lobby. We have waited over an hour for the doctor to see my son, on one occasion Chinese food was delivered during our appointment. At one appointment that I went into the room with my son, Doctor Weiner never looked up from his computer while answering questions. W. I would not recommend Dr.Weiner, please do your research to find a doctor that is helpful and has bed side manners

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Very Helpful show details Very Helpful
by Lisa M on Dec 19th, 2013

I have been a patient of Dr Weiner's for about a year. Although I find therapy very difficult, Dr Weiner has been very helpful. He has prescribed anti depressants that have improved my life drastically. I also find him very easy to talk to, and that's saying a lot coming from me!

repeatedly fell asleep show details repeatedly fell asleep
Aug 20th, 2013

i saw dr. weiner back in 1998-2001 while I was an undergrad at UofM. diagnosis was PTSD owing to an abusive family history. he was never outwardly rude but his bedside could use more than a little work. several times he fell asleep during our sessions. later I had much more attentive, caring therapists and i realized dr. weiner (my first encounter with mental health professionals) was a lousy one.

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Jul 3rd, 2013

I saw Dr. Weiner in his private practice many years before he started practicing in CT, or at The Waynik Group, but I feel the need to comment here as well. My experience was generally negative. I had problems with him not showing up for scheduled appointments or cancelling frequently. If I needed to call he often did not return calls or acted irritated about having to call back. He gave little to no feedback or input, and half the time I didn't know if I was making progress or just paying money to have someone sit there and listen to me talk. Any time I was uncomfortable with things he suggested he would get confrontational and suggest that I did not want his help. If you want an actual therapeutic relationship, or a doctor patient relationship where you get to have input, I suggest you look elsewhere. I did not feel respected or validated.

Jun 5th, 2013

This was the worst professional experience I have ever had. He was rude, indifferent, callous, showed absolutely no humaity or common courtesy. Doesn't even know the importance of introduction, greeting and similar respectful behavior. Unfortunately this appointment for my daughter was her first experience with a mental health MD and she was traumatized by it. After my daughter fled from his office in tears I asked him - do you know what you have done? and he answered me - no - I dont know her and i dont know you. Wow! This is the first time I have EVER taken to the internet to express my opinion about a doctor - because that's how horrible this experience was.

Apr 2nd, 2013

I only have had one appt with this MD but so far so good. Could be more "personable" and def more timely but it was worth the wait and he made me feel positive about his take on my situation and meds and even recommended a therapist for me to contact and it was someone outside his group so that made me feel he made an honest recommendation.

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Jan 23rd, 2013

The Dr. had absolutely no bedside manners, barely asked any questions, and was quick to give a script. Awful psychiatrist.

Terrible bedside manner and doesn't care about patients show details Terrible bedside manner and doesn't care about patients
Aug 3rd, 2012

Pill pusher. Will leave you waiting in his standing room only waiting room for an hour to rush you out of his consult after 5 minutes. Very arrogant and does not like to be questioned. Does not return phone calls. Lies and blames the office staff. Does not have his patients best interest at heart, only wants you in for a minute so he can push a refill rx on you and get your copayment. Does not encourage behavioral therapy, etc. terrible. Do not waste your time he is untrustworthy.

Helped me to overcome a lifetime of abuse show details Helped me to overcome a lifetime of abuse
Jul 30th, 2012

I saw Dr. Weiner for about eight months. He helped me to understand myself and in the process, my nightmares and angry outbursts went away. He is a truly kind and compassionate doctor. I would definitely recommend him to a family member.

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Jun 14th, 2012

Spent almost no time with my child. Asked minimal questions. Didn't even look at extensive questionnaire I was told to bring completed to office. Despite having told in advance that my child doesn't like to hear about meds, in less than 10 minutes and after only a few questions, made an instant diagnosis, sent a prescription (didn't even tell me name of medication) to my pharmacy and told me to take child to therapist. The main reason I went there was because when I called I asked if there was a child therapist. Dr. said they don't do child therapy in office.Unfortunate experience. Just didn't click with this doctor.

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Shouldn't Have a Medical License! show details Shouldn't Have a Medical License!
Jan 22nd, 2012

Dr. Weiner of the Waynik Group is a poor doctor with an indifferent disrespectful bedside manner. He is VERY dishonest and untrustworthy. The Waynik Group has an unprofessional, disorganized and rude office staff that makes billing mistakes way too often; even when they have insurance information straight. This embarrassment of an MD discharged me as a psychiatric patient over a billing mistake that had not been documented and resolved fairly. Dr. Weiner suddenly discharged me as his patient during the last 30 seconds of our quarterly routine office visit after never ever bringing up the issue before. In fact, when I tried to bring the billing problem up 2 visits earlier, he told me not to worry and reassured me that he was my doctor; that there was NO problem. Knowing that I am currently having other serious medical issues that have required 4 surgeries in the past 9 weeks with more to come, he wrote me out 3 months worth of prescriptions and told me to find a new practice and new psychiatrist. He verbally slammed me in the most uncaring dismissive tone I've ever heard out of a doctor in my life. He was completely unreceptive to reason and void of compassion. He was actually smiling at my distress without listening at all to hear my side of the situation. He just kept repeating what the Waynik Group's billing staff told him to say in a way that was extremely humiliating as well as insensitive; he came off as a cocky sadistic pig. This means that I now have to urgently find a new psychiatrist for psychiatric medication/interaction management to make sure nothing goes wrong between Dr. Weiner's prescriptions and the medications that will be given to me by my other doctors/surgeons. Again, he took this unethical action because the office staff didn't document my situation properly and I was misled into thinking everything was ok.In addition, the Waynik Group had difficulty relaying messages to Dr. Weiner any time I had a routine question. Also, his appearance is typically sloppy, unprofessional and definitely overindulgent for a doctor of any sort. His interactions with me were minimal at best. We had very limited discussions about my response to the psychiatric medications with even less eye contact. He made mistakes writing out prescriptions 2 separate times which required me to drive the 40 mile trip back to his office and wait on him to rewrite my medications. He ran anywhere between 30-45 minutes late for every single one of my appointments over the 1.5 years that he was my doctor; forcing me to wait in an overcrowded small waiting room that occasionally didn't even have a spare chair. When he did see me, the average appointment took less than 10 minutes. Most of his time was spent writing on his prescription pad or inefficiently inputting information into his computer to be printed as I checked out with his office staff. He was hurried and treated his patients as if they were cattle. My advice, stay as far away from the Waynik Group and Dr. Howard Weiner as you can because they are unethical, unfriendly, uncaring and just an awful psychiatric treatment group.

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Oct 11th, 2011

I have been seeking treatment for anxiety on and off for about twelve years. I have always used the Waynik Group as I feel they are a genuine staff courteous to the needs of their patients. A mental health professional suggested that I seek the help of a psychiatrist and I was given an appointment with Dr. Weiner. During my first visit Dr. Weiner was very quick to diagnose and prescribe meds. I had informed him that I had some bad experiences with antidepressants and was leary about taking them after only a ten minute appointment. During my second visit with him he belittled me and even asked why I was seeking his help. I am a firm believer that nobody goes to see a mental health professional for fun. He said that I had wasted his time because I did not follow through with taking medications. Needless to say I left the office in tears and felt truly humiliated by his rude and disrespectful comments. When I discussed my issues with him he laughed in front of me, kept looking away, never once made eye contact and did not take down notes. He is very sarcastic and it may offend those who are sensitive. I can honestly say that this doctor does not care about his patients. I would recommend anyone to any professional at the Waynik Group except him.

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by young padawin on Dec 8th, 2009

smart and honest, he's one of the few psychiatrists I have worked with who can interact socially without seeming like either a robot or an omnipotent power-monger.

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