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Bad Experience show details Bad Experience
by L.F. on Feb 19th, 2015

Avoid this doctor at all cost. I was her patient for approximately 10 years. It was never a problem because I only saw her for yearly routines. Until a problem surfaced and I needed a biopsy. She provided no information on the procedure. She just proceeded to do it and it was extremely painful. Imagine pieces of tissue sniped from the walls of your vagina without any anesthesia. All she would do was scold me and demand that I remain still. I did some research and found that I could have had local anesthesia for this procedure. But she never made it available. I strongly believe that she gets a thrill at seeing women agonize in pain. Now I know why on several occasions I heard women screaming while waiting to see her. I went to see her one more time after the biopsy just to get the results. I knew when I walked out that day that I would never return. I asked for my medical records and was told that I needed to request them in writing. Shortly after, I mailed the request for my medical records. I received a call asking me to pay 75 cents per page for the records. This seemed absurd since I see many specialist, in addition to my primary, and I receive copies without cost. And I also receive follow-up e-mails and phone calls without having to request them and much less pay for them, something she NEVER does. I went ahead and sent in a check to cover the cost of 22 pages because it was very important that I receive those records so that I could provide them to the new gynecologist I was going to get. Besides the lab results, I was able to see the many nasty remarks she scribbled on the pages about me. She's such a hippocrate. She's a woman in need of a broom so that she can fly off into h__l. If a zero star rating were available, that's just what I would give her. Oh, I forgot to mention. She consistently overbooks patients, so that you end up waiting for hours to be seen. At one of my appointments I waited 4, yes 4, hours to be seen. It appears she's trying to make-up for those patients she's lost by overbooking new and unsuspecting victims

by Alice on Dec 23rd, 2014

I have seen Dr. Brandeis seven years ago for a problem that another gynecologist in Queens suggested me surgery. I had serious aortic stenosis. Surgery would be a risk for me. Dr. Brandies sent me for a very high tech test instead of surgery that only NYU and Columbia could do that test at that time. I was lucky that I did not need surgery. Since then Dr. Brandeis has been taken care of me. Recently, in September there was an abnormality shown on my pap test. Her office called me to alert me. I made an appointment to talk to her about my problem. I was so impressed that she spent 40 minutes behind closed door in her office. She is extremely knowledge and patient to explain to me. She even wrote down information and drawing pictures to show me my situation. I never have a problem with her like the other patients had. I found that she is a very caring and compassionate doctor and I feel very confident every time when I was examined by her. Thank you Dr. Brandeis for taking good care of me.

Excellent doctor & surgeon. show details Excellent doctor & surgeon.
by Maria Negron on May 10th, 2014

I am totally convinced that this doctor was given a bad wrap. I found her to be caring, attentive and a no-nonsense doctor. I just underwent surgery with her & she made me at ease. Whatever fearful thoughts I had prior to walking in to the surgery room went out the window as soon as I saw her. She's confident in what she does & I trust everything about her. As for the office wait, I rather wait for her since I know that she's not going to rush my examination. I recommend this doctor.

unfortunately cannot recommend this obgyn show details unfortunately cannot recommend this obgyn
Nov 24th, 2013

i saw dr brandeis 3 or maybe 4 times. each time the wait was between 90 and 150 minutes. at each visit i thought it was just that i caught the office on a very busy day but from reading the reviews, it seems that this is a standard experience. when you finally meet, it is difficult to have an intelligent conversation with her because she doesn't listen to your questions all the way through without cutting you off. i understand if people have a bad day or are under pressure, but this happens consistently at every visit. her attitude has been rude and condescending. and the level of relevant information she has provided has been unsatisfactory and biased. when you call the office for test results, it doesnt guarantee you will get a return call. i called the office on tuesday about blood testing done the previous tuesday. i called again on friday. i still have not gotten a call back. the feeling that one leaves with is that dr brandeis does not respect or particularly care for her patients.

Jul 23rd, 2013

DO NOT GO SEE THIS DOCTOR. I was experiencing abnormally heavy periods, which she told me was probably just because I'm "getting older" (I'm 33). When I pressed her she sent me for an ultrasound, but said everything looked fine when she got the results. 6 months later my periods were even worse, to the point where I was so anemic I needed a blood transfusion, and the new doctor I saw recognized immediately there was problem and found a large fibroid which she said had to have been growing for a very long time. I now have to go through induced menopause and a more painful surgery which would not have happened if Dr. Brandeis had taken me seriously. So rude, so unhelpful, worst doctor ever.

Unacceptable show details Unacceptable
Apr 10th, 2013

My mother is 83 years old. She had a stroke last year. She reported to me that first she waited 20 minutes in the waiting room--then was taken back to the exam room by the medical assistant who gave her a paper gown and instructed her to undress. She waited 45 minutes!!! in the exam room on the table in her gown (no comfortable chair to sit in) before the doctor came in. No apology. No explanation.

Feb 21st, 2013

Never calls with test results and doesn't return calls to her for test results.

Horrific nightmare!!! Beware! show details Horrific nightmare!!! Beware!
Sep 6th, 2011

I went to her based on a high recommendation from a colleague. My entire experience with this woman was an absolute nightmare. First visit took 30 minutes in the waiting area before a nurse did the usual check-ups/prep for the doc. I waited another 15-20 minutes in a room to be seen by the doc. Afterward the usual gyno routine check-up, all felt fine. A week or so later, I get a call to come back because of some not so pleasant test results. Panicked, I went back a second time, waited 45 minutes to be poked for additional testings (a terrible experience in itself) and had to make a 3rd appointment for test results to be given in person (policy--I was told). Third visit, waited another 45 minutes for a 2 minute explanation of my test results which I did not understand at all. As I asked her questions, her answers were even more unclear for me, an average person without medical knowledge. After she quickly rushed out and I was rushed out, I left even more puzzled and slightly frantic as to what just happened. I immediately called back to discuss how fatal my results were and had to leave 2 messages with the receptionist. Several days later, I finally get a returned call from one of the staff members to tell me that there was nothing wrong with my test results and everything was okay. A month or so later, I told this same story to the colleague (who recommended this doctor) and another coworker, and found out that they both had almost the same exact experience. The colleague who recommended Dr Brandeis thought it was brilliant of the Dr to be so thorough. The other coworker and I, however, came to the conclusion that this Dr is a scam artist who does additional testings to drive up charges. I later went to a new OB-Gyn and found that there's positively nothing wrong with my test results. I have also alerted my insurance on this Dr. Everyone should be aware of her tactics!

Aug 29th, 2011

I went in to get my anual woman's exam and she was very cold, hostile, and basically robotic. I told her that I had questions about the HPV vaccine and her reply was "What's there to ask? You either want it or you don't." I felt so shut down. Also, when I got the vaccine, I told the medical assistant that I felt dizzy and needed to just lay down for a bit. She told me "WELL WE HAVE OTHER PATIENTS TO TAKE CARE OF TOO".... When I got home, I read about the HPV Vacccine and it said that doctors had to keep patients lying down for 15 minutes as blackouts and faiting were very common with the vaccine. THANKS FOR NOT FOLLOWING YOUR BASIC DOCTOR DUTIES.RUDE, COLD DOCTORRUDE MEDICAL ASSISTANTTHEY BASICALLY DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU EXCEPT CHARGING YOUR INSURANCE TONS OF MONEY. I DECIDED TO CHANGE MY DOCTOR.

Does not care about your time-has no respect for her patients show details Does not care about your time-has no respect for her patients
May 23rd, 2011

Dr. Brandeis is a nightmare. I saw her three times in two months and had to wait for two hours before seeing her.My visit with her lasted fifteen minutes, she was rude and arrogant and was of no help to my problem. Dr. Brandeis should not be allowed to practice medicine in USA

Feb 5th, 2011

Dr. Brandeis is a wonderful doctor and surgeon. She cared for me most of my life until I had to move away from NYC. She is brilliant and caring and I wish I could still go to her on a regular basis.

Jan 21st, 2011

She made me wait two hours, was rude, arrogant and when I tried to discuss my opinion was downright condesending and nasty.

by Caroline James on May 5th, 2010

Dr. Brandeis caused me the most horrific experience of my life. I went in for a LEEP procedure; she told me it would be painless due to local anaesthesia and that it would take 5 to 10 minutes. The local she administered did not work, yet she continued with the procedure and electrocuted my cervix. I was bleeding so much she cauterized me repeatedly and all in all the procedure took 2 hours. Throughout the operation she told me to "shut up and stop acting like a child" among other unbelievable comments. I had to go to the hospital 2 days later because I could not urinate. She never came to see me, and just said that I must have gotten a urinary tract infection. I had other issues that become more serious and had to go to multiple urologists. After seeing many doctors and after many false diagnoses, it was finally discovered that she cauterized my ureter and closed it up. I had to have a nephrostomy tube going through my kidney for 2 months while I waited to have a major surgery to fix it. This type of error is UNHEARD of and I just won a major malpractice lawsuit against her. It makes me shudder to think that she still practices medicine. STAY AWAY FROM HER unless you want to lose 6 months of your life and spend it in the hospital and having surgeries to correct her errors. Thanks to her I now have permanent damage and am unable to have children and I still have nightmares about her to this day.

Mar 22nd, 2010

Overall excellent no complaints- she has an efficient bedside manner but I dont think she is hasty and I have always found her excellent- Have seen her for 3 years

She is the BEST!!!!! show details She is the BEST!!!!!
by J. Lopez on Mar 12th, 2010

I have been a patient of Dr. Brandeis for almost 30 years. She is an excellent gynecologist. She also was my obstetrician under a very difficult pregnancy. The care and skill under which she delivered my son has been unparalleled.

Jul 1st, 2009

This doctor botched an operation and then didn't do proper follow-up. Do NOT use this doctor.

Won't see this one again show details Won't see this one again
Apr 7th, 2009

I found Dr. Brandeis off of the NYU website and saw that she had extended hours. Her waiting time is ridiculous and knowing that I am a first time patient she didn't even bother getting my history and doesn't even know that I am married nor has she asked. I have an appointment in June which will be the last time I see her because its a follow-up to my last appointment.

2x in a row it was horrible show details 2x in a row it was horrible
by still suffering =( on Aug 18th, 2008

The first time I ever went I guess I had the first appointment after lunch. The doctor took a long lunch and got back to the office 30 minutes AFTER my appt was scheduled to start! I then waited approximately another 30 mins before being seen. I just went again suspecting I had a UTI - I had gone to an EC doctor first because I had been out of town when symptoms started but it came back so I went to Dr. Brandeis. She yelled at me for taking medication without coming in for a urine culture. I explained that another doctor had prescribed the medication and she responded "well it didn't work now did it?" The urine culture came back negative and I'm still suffering and have called twice so far today to ask what the next step is (i.e. can I get a referrel to a DIFFERENT doctor?!!!).

Worst "Doctor" EVER show details Worst "Doctor" EVER
by MICHELLE on May 22nd, 2008

this woman is a disgrace to the medical profession, I have generations of doctors in my family and am familoar with isses related to the meical field and have NEVER emcouintered a more ill-tempered, money hungry, impatient, rude and inept practitioner in my life. Her diagnosis and subsequent rush to surgery (which i did not follow) was innacurate and potentially extremely harmful considering it would have been invasive and unncecssary not tomention the potential for complications. I cannot belive, like so many others, that this woman is still in "business" at all, and that is what her pratice is to her, a business. STAY AWAY!

She Recommends Unnecessary Surgery to Bill Your Insurance show details She Recommends Unnecessary Surgery to Bill Your Insurance
May 21st, 2008

My sister went to this practice after her insurance was changed. This practice was the only place that would take the insurance. No wonder ---suddenly my sister who had always been very healthy suddenly had a possible "tumor", fibroids and a "spongy" uterus. My sister had to wait 2 hours to be seen. In the meantime, the staff was very rude and Dr. Brandeis came to the reception desk to discuss another patient's history loudly, and in front of other patients. This is against HIPPA. Dr. Brandeis recommended immediate surgery - when my sister asked to see the written diagnosis, or sonogram images - Dr. Brandeis asked "Why? Are you a doctor?" and was very rude to my sister. She refused to give anything in writing about the diagnosis and was not familiar with my sister's history. She was extremely rude and dismissive. We think she recommended unnecessary surgery to bill the insurance company. My sister is now getting a second opinion - but Dr. Brandeis's office refuses to give the new doctor the sonogram report or a written diagnoisis. We would never recommend her to anyone - and strongly suspect the "excellent" ratings were made by Dr. Brandeis or her rude and unprofessional staff.

A Terrible Experience show details A Terrible Experience
May 21st, 2008

I was referred to D. Brandeis through another doctor. I waited amost an hour and a half after my scheduked appointment o see her. From what I am told fro other patients in the waiting room this is common practice. I guess so is bad mouthing other patients at the reception desk because I overheard this as well. During our consultation she was condescending and actually took a phone call during our consultation. I would not recommend this doctor to my worst enemy! She was highly unprofessional and arrogant.