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by Disgusted and afraid on Apr 11th, 2015

If this helps just one person I will he happy and wish so much I had read multiple reviews before I decided to allow Dr. Taha to do a spinal fusion and remove vertebrae and disc which has turned into a nightmare. I went into the surgery with hope of at least getting some improvement according to what he told me but instead I am in non-stop pain to the point of being suicidal. My family was told after the surgery that everything went fine and be released the next day but after being gotten out of bed with a horrible headache a in house Dr. Came in and saw me up and informed me I had experienced a spinal fluid leak during surgery and was supposed to be flat of my back for 72 hours and to get back in bed! I spent four more days in horrific pain and asked by Dr. Taha's assistant if I was ready to go to a facility for rehab but still could not or would not explain what went wrong just said sometimes you need extra time to heal. Gave me the same medication for pain I had been on two years prior to the surgery which in no way touched that kind of surgical pain but said I needed a pain clinic and would refer me and until then that's all he would do. I asked when I could expect to feel better and he said you never know for sure but the metal cage wouldn't be considered a failure for a year and would just have to try and deal with it. I called the pain clinic a week n half later after laying in misery hoping for a call and was informed they had never been sent a referral . I called Dr. Taha nurse and was told it was sent but would resend another week passed I called the pain clinic and was told they had informed Dr. Taha nurse immediately they wasn't taking new patients by this time I was back at the Emergency room out of medication with symptoms of the leak again and Dr. Taha refused to admit me so the in house Dr's had mercy on me and admitted then the next day Dr. Taha sent his assistant dr. To inform me they had ordered an MR I and when it came back positive for fluid leakage told me it was normal but was doing surgery the next day. If it was normal then why surgery? It is not normal and now I have had to leave out of town and consult with another surgeon and hope and pray they can help me. This is unreal and has destroyed my life. Better think twice as now after reading others in the same condition I am in something is wrong.

Pain show details Pain
Dec 19th, 2013

I had my surgery in Oct. of 2007. Since that time I have become progressively worse in the pain that I'm experiencing. Before surgery had constant bicep twitching but absolutely no pain. Now I am in constant pain and my biceps are also twitching again. There are times that it's so intense that all I can do is cry. He cut out all the bone in the back of my neck and replaced it with rods, screws and donated bone. Biggest mistake I've made in my life!! Also can't hold my head upright and stumble and fall like I'm 100 years old. Can't walk in a straight line. Also have my hands go numb just getting my haircut. My suggestion would be to check out all your options before you consider surgery. Also was in the hospital for 3 days only, but had bed sores already. Hasn't been a good experience for me at all!! Make sure you ask plenty of questions even if you think they are not necessary. If you don't ask you won't know. Also now having problems with my left leg giving out, but that is from my low back being messed up also.

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Disrespectful and uncaring show details Disrespectful and uncaring
Jul 10th, 2013

Unfortunately, I had surgery by Dr Taha and will regret that decision the rest of my life. His fusion surgery was a failure and I have since had it redone by another surgeon. I can understand a surgery not being successful, but I could not get Dr Taha to provide a truthful explanation. In my post surgery office visits he was disrespectful and uncaring. Although others seem happy with his results, I would definitely not recommend him.

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by Linda A. Wilson on Mar 27th, 2013

during my residence in Ohio i had a massive gran mal seizure come to find it was a Oligodendroglioma grade 2 right frontal lobe. Dr Taha was extremely nice and made me feel calm. that was back in October 1999 here it is 14 years later I am seizure free and on no medication I can't thank him enough for caring for me.

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Recommendations for Dr. Jama Taha show details Recommendations for Dr. Jama Taha
Apr 24th, 2012

I am sixty two years old and suffered from back pain for 24 years. Having Dr. Taha do surgery on me was nothing less than a miracle. Life before the surgery was tough, sometimes to the point of hopelessness. Along with degenerated discs, I was also suffering from scoliosis. It took a few visits and two years time frame before Dr. Taha agreed to operate on me. He performed minimum invasive surgery in which he fused three vertebrates, replaced the degenerated discs by metallic cages, and inserted tow titanium rods to treat scoliosis. We left one bad disc as it is, as it was only partially damaged. It has been two years since the surgery and I feel great. With infinitely less pain, my outlook on life is also much better. I can live with some pain through regularly exercising and walking. I can even play golf once or twice a week. All I have to say is, thank you and thank God for a great surgeon like Dr. Taha

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Do not waste your time!!! show details Do not waste your time!!!
Mar 2nd, 2012

I made an appointment to see Dr. Taha after being told I had several herniated discs coupled with multilateral degenerative disc disease. I felt confident going in as DDD is listed as one of his specialties. He came into the room and told me that my condition was too advanced for surgery and asked me if I wanted the name of a chiropractor. He told me that I needed rods and pins, of which only offered a 50% success rate and a one year recovery period, and that the surgery was not covered by insurance so it was not an option. He said he was sorry and left the room.

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Awesome Doctor show details Awesome Doctor
Dec 7th, 2011

I was very impressed with the office staff, I have never seen a more efficiently run office. Dr. Taha really explained what was wrong with my back and offered doing surgery with minimal cutting. I had the surgery done and I was back to work in a few days. I couldn't have asked for a better recovery. I am very thankful I was directed by my doctor to see Dr. Taha.

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Maybe not in it for the patient? show details Maybe not in it for the patient?
Apr 6th, 2011

Not going to give details as he is currently my spouse's doctor (not my choice). Failed to diagnose a potentially life threatening situation even when possibility pointed out by another physician. I would not go to him, office visits may be one or two minutes, max.

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Two spinal fusion operations show details Two spinal fusion operations
by Gregory L. Neace on Aug 30th, 2010

I had a spinal fusion operation by Dr. Taha. The fusion came apart and damaged my back. I told him for month and months there was something wrong. Finally he took oblique x-rays and found out the rods and screws in my spine were loose. He performed a second operation almost a year later. I am in agonizing pain and he blows me off and says "sorry about your luck".

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Don't go to him..... show details Don't go to him.....
Jul 31st, 2010

Trust me on this.

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May 15th, 2010

Doctor Taha did Deep Brain Stimuation Surgery on me in April 2003 for Parkinsons. The surgery was a great success and I feel my quality of life has been greatly improved.Alana Minor

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WHAT A JOKE! show details WHAT A JOKE!
by Disappointed in Dayton... on Jul 24th, 2009

In winter 2006 I had my first surgery with Dr. Taha. I had a herniated disc at L4-L5 and after conservative therapy it was determined surgery was the only way to solve my problem. During this time everything was under my insurance and I didn't really have too many problems. Fast forward to Winter 2009 and I injured myself at work. I had a recurrent herniated disc in the same spot and this time it was covered under worker's comp. In the course of my dealing with them since this time I have had nothing but headaches. 1) the office staff can't seem to keep up with the patient load and getting them to file the appropriate paperwork is like pulling teeth... 2) when it was determined that I needed surgery my BWC case was still in appeal status but they told me I could have the surgery under insurance for now and upon approval BWC would reimburse the insurance company and myself for any costs. The office staff told me this the day of an appointment I had in February 2009 (about a month after my initial injury). Two days later I called to have this done and submit consent to surgery forms and they told me since BWC hadn't denied it yet I couldn't submit it for approval to insurance (the exact opposite of what they had previously said). 3) While waiting for the appeal hearing to be scheduled I went back to talk to Dr. Taha about any additional options. During this appointment I had my husband and my father in law with me. While discussing this Dr. Taha began yelling at me and asking why I was accusing him of delaying my surgery when I was the one putting off. He literally yelled at us at the top of his lungs and offered to refer me to a different doctor. I said I didn't think that was a good idea since he was my physician of record so he said fine and shoved consent forms in my face and said we'll get you in in May. I filled them out crying the entire time but not sure of what to do... I should have taken him up on the offer to switch doctors.3) I had my surgery in March (he supposedly "squeezed" me in and cancelled a convention or something like that.4) in the time since my surgery I've had a complete relapse and am experiencing the same symptoms as prior to my surgery. I tried to get into Dr. Taha 5 weeks earlier than the appointment I already had scheduled and they told me to "ice it". I informed the office girl I had been icing it with no relief and she said make sure you're putting it on the right spot and call us if it get any WORSE?????!!!!! I called a week later because it was still just as bad and was informed that the Dr. was on vacation and his next available appointment was only 2 days prior to the one I had scheduled!!!!!! So i kept the current appointment.5) Still having problems getting the appropriate forms in and I'm fed up- due to a delay *caused by what the receptionist noted as short staffing* my pay is being suspended through BWC because they didn't get the right forms in at the right time- she told me I should have known to give them a week to do them- because it's written in the lobby... what a bunch of BS they only gave me a 5 day window between my followup appointment and the day they put me to return to work!All I can say is it's time for me to find another Dr. and if you are looking for a doctor who cares with a helpful office staff do NOT GO TO HIM!!!!!!!!!! The worst part of all this is he's my physician of record and to get a referral I have to once again rely on his staff to submit the forms!!!!!!! I could be stuck in this nightmare for months yet... save yourself the trouble.

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Best surgeon in town!!! show details Best surgeon in town!!!
by MCombs on Oct 8th, 2007 on

2 other neurosurgeons wouldn't help me, but Dr. Tata did and quickly. Sever arm pain with a herniated disc was repaired in no time with a very quick recovery. Dr. Taha works hard for his patients and knows how you feel. He cares and that's important.

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