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by Sandy Bernardiener on Mar 15th, 2015

He is very good and am referring my husband.

Negligent show details Negligent
by Laura on Mar 3rd, 2015

I saw Dr. Beskin for a workers comp injury to my right ankle. I saw a different dr. for three months with no improvement and workers comp changed me to Dr. Beskin. My ankle was still swollen and I still couldn't put any weight on it. He took an xray and noticed the chipped bone but diagnosed the injury as an ankle sprain and sent me to physical therapy. He and his staff are extremely rude. During the 3 months of seeing Dr. Beskin with no improvement I asked if he could do exploratory surgery to determine what was causing the pain and swelling and he refused. I insisted on going to a different doctor and workers comp did. On my first visit with the new doctor, he looked at the tests and reports from the other doctors and said I needed surgery. He had to remove the bone chip, repair a torn ligament and remove torn cartilage. This surgery helped where I could at least put weight on my ankle but was still in pain, however I began having extreme pain a little over a year after the dr. released me. I went back to the dr. and he said in his report the MRI clearly showed scar tissue entrapment and possibly a tendon tear. Workers Comp sent me back to Dr. Beskin and he said my symptoms were from nerve damage, the same nerve that was damaged when he was treating me for the injury. Dr. Beskin never mentioned nerve damage when he was treating me and never referred me to nerve specialist. He said the surgery would not help me. Workers Comp then sent me for an independent medical exam. They sent me to Dr. Beskin who again said surgery would not help. He said there was nothing that could be done. During that visit I asked Dr. Beskin how my bone was chipped when there wasn't anything solid or hard underneath it ( I was on an inflatable obstacle course) and he said when the ligament tore that it caught a piece of the bone. So he knew when he was treating me that I had a damaged ligament and did nothing to repair it. As you can see from how many times I was sent to Dr. Beskin and he would not provide the treatment I needed that he is a "go to" doctor for workers comp. This means he is going to side with the workers comp insurance company and you might not receive the treatment you should. Now the other dr. does not want to do the surgery because Dr. Beskin doesn't think it will help. I went to another dr. on my own and that dr. confirmed I definitely need the surgery but now I have one dr. that says I need it and two doctors that say I don't. Nightmare that could've been avoided if Dr. Beskin had provided me with the necessary treatment I needed instead of siding with the insurance company so they will continue to send you more workers comp patients. YOU DON'T WANT TO USE DR. BESKIN FOR A WORKER's COMP INJURY.

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Customer No Service show details Customer No Service
Feb 11th, 2015

Dr. Beskin's bedside manner is lacking. He was not thorough in my examination. Did not test my range of motion or ask me questions about my ability to bear weight on my ankle or other questions that would lead him to an appropriate decision on care. He shut me down like a teenager asking for the keys to the car when I indicated I would like to start pt as my ankle is very weak, unstable and effecting my knee and back. He basically left it up to me to try and figure out what I can and cannot do. Having had other sports injuries I went straight to a good therapist who was able to give me some strengthening exercises and get me on the right track without further injury. Dr. Beskins response to this was "I have nothing left to offer you." I guess if I was not a surgical candidate he just did not care. No thanks.

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Great Surgeon show details Great Surgeon
by Jay Z on Dec 21st, 2014

I only have the highest praise for Dr Beskin and his assistant Leanne. He was the third orthopedic surgeon I had seen who spent more time with me explaining my options. While one Dr wanted to operate the next day, he strongly suggested against it. My foot was to swollen for surgery. The other doctor wanted to operate in two phases, one now and the other a year from now. Dr Beskin said he could do both procedures at the same time. I had a shattered heal and 18 months after surgery I am walking fine. Actually I was walking fine 12 months after surgery. He has been rated by his peers as the best orthopedic surgeon in Atlanta 4 years in a row. I think the choice is obvious.

by shon on May 4th, 2014

I have an appiontment with this doctor and from reading these reviews I'm very skeptical about seeing him now. I'm not so sure I want to go through with the appointment.

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Find a better doctor show details Find a better doctor
by R on Jan 5th, 2014

I went to peachtree orthopedic for a serious broken foot injury. I found the staff at the clinic Very rude . The nurse was extremely rude to me . Dr beskin always made left a unpleasant feeling with me. And never really gave me a solution to the matter. Just pushed me off to physical therpy which was just as rude I went maybe three times . I wasn't happy with his service and would recommend to look elsewhere In fact the dr never did anything for me I healed by nature in time.

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Nov 4th, 2012

I had seen one of his colleagues for a prior foot issue. Due to illness, I ended up being forced into scheduling an appointment with him. His nurse. Leeann, is rude and completely unprofessional. After describing my issue, he looks at the MRI report (not the scans themselves) he says there is nothing wrong but offers me a cortisone injection. After asking more questions regarding my pain and why I should go forward with the injection, he underlines an area of the MRI report and points to it. Terrible. Top doctor? According to whom?

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Wrong procedures on toes show details Wrong procedures on toes
Aug 21st, 2012

I went to the doctor complaining of having a bad toe nail due to clawing of my 2nd toe. 1st visit he said for me to keep the nail trimmed. I did that but the nail continue to be bothersome. 2nd visit I let him consult with my doctor who informed him that I was clinching my toes due to depression. He said he had never heard of such. The doctor decided to do what I thought was to remove the toenail. I was schedule to got to the the surgical center. I was curious as to why he wanted me to go there because I thought he could remove the nail in the office but I went to the center anyway. Following the procedure I was given instructions and sent home. When I returned for a follow up I was sitting in the lobby with another one of his patients who told me that she had her toes fused. I said wow, and asked why she did that. She said she wanted pretty toes. She also said that she had a pin in her toes. I then said ouch! that would hurt me because I clinch my toes. I explained to her what that meant. She was called back and I didn't see her again. When I went in to see the doctor he began by asking me some questions. He then said that he was going to remove the pin. I said "pin"? "What pin"? It was at that moment I realized why my toe hurt so much when I bumped it a few times. Yep he fused my toe and not only that toe but 2 others. I couldn't believe he had fused the bones in my toes. When I returned for the 3rd follow up I remember him saying you still have swelling. Of course I still have swelling "I was still trying to clinch my toes" you D---y. That is what I was thinking. I got my record and looked at it. The signature looks like mine (aaah) but did I sign it? I don't remember every discussing with him about any procedure to fuse the bones in my toes. I wasn't looking to beautify my toes I wanted comfort. Just imagine having the bones fused in your toes and trying to clench/bend them constantly. Yep, you've guessed it my toes look deformed because I am trying to clench/bend them. I could not clench the 2nd toe anymore so I clench the big toe and it looks awfully deformed now.

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Jun 15th, 2012

Tremendously poor scheduling department. Selective in who he treats.Terrible bedside manner.

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Mar 23rd, 2012

Dr. Beskin was unprofessional and discourteous. I came to Dr. Beskin for achilles pain and swelling along with associated hip pain on the same leg. After waiting for 2 hours, he met with me for less than 5 minutes. During this time, he revealed that he was unaware that I had been x-rayed upon arrival, glanced at my ankle and told me he couldn't guess what the problem was with my hip, assumed I had tendonitis-like issues, and told me he couldn't help me. I told him that I felt he didn't spend fair time reviewing my case and that I had a few questions. He responded by telling me that he was very frustrated with personal issues and was overbooked today, and told me that I he was "only helping the people that he can" and that I was not one of them.

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Mar 23rd, 2012

Outrageous behavior. Evidently he was having a bad day..... and I feel sorry for him.... but as a doctor it would be better if he just cancelled the appointment rather than act as he did.

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Awesome show details Awesome
Nov 11th, 2010

Should of had my first 2 surgeries with Dr. Beskin might of avoided the 3rd due to the 1st surgeons screw up. Awesome knowledge, bed side manner and attention to details.

Excellent surgeon show details Excellent surgeon
Apr 12th, 2009

Outcome of my spur removal was better than expected. He even removed my stiches himself. Least painful joint injections I've ever had. HIGHLY recommend him.

Torn achillies show details Torn achillies
Apr 5th, 2009

He was excellent

Possibly my foot is messed for life! show details Possibly my foot is messed for life!
Jul 30th, 2008

I had what should have been a simple Bunionectomy, which turned into a desaster. I told Dr. Beskin that I was in continued pain and my big toe was going in the opposite direction. He made light of this problem and said it was only matter of cosmetics. He told me my toe was only a little over corrected, which could be resolved with me bandaging my foot every night and wearing tight shoes to make my toe move toward the right. As it turns out after three second opinions. I have to have several corrective surgeries to correct the problem. The last Doctor I consulted with, said my problem was so server he recommended that I go to Duke University and have an Orthopedic Specialist perform my surgery. All three of them said, they would not attempt to do the surgery themselves. Please be aware of the Doctor. It would have been different if he said, "yes, you have a problem that will require corrective surgery"; but he tried to throw it off to being something that is in my mind...

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