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Only cares about money, not the patient show details Only cares about money, not the patient
Nov 14th, 2013

First of all, he was my breast surgeon initially. At first he was very nice and helpful. Then a few weeks before my official big reconstruction after cancer, he acted like he had forgotten who I was (and I had seen this man extensively during my whole reconstruction prep, which lasted several months) and completely changed his plan for me. Nothing that we had agreed on came to his memory. I realized that he was no longer interested in helping me and would not get me what I wanted. I dropped him like a bad habit. The nurses seem overworked and not very happy. I was not going to write this, but other women have to know to avoid this doctor. Cancer is bad enough without being victimized by this person. He is supposedly the hand doctor for the Chargers. Maybe he needs to stick with that.

by Lori on Aug 20th, 2013

We were very happy with Dr. Chao. My son needed to go see a hand specialist after a sporting injury. I called his office on a Wednesday and they scheduled us an appointment the very next day. After Dr. Chao showed us the x-rays he explained to us that surgery would be required. He made room on his surgery schedule the very next day for him. He was very personable and related to us on our level. We ended up seeing him 5 or 6 times total. Every appointment we had the staff was amazing to us. My son's pins came out ahead of schedule and he is back to playing high school sports as if there never was a problem. Our family would highly recommend Dr. Chao and Oasis Surgery Center.

So unhappy with his cavalier attitude except for money grubbing show details So unhappy with his cavalier attitude except for money grubbing
Jul 9th, 2013

I wanted schlerotherapy. He sent me for an ultra sound to a valve doctor, my additional cost $300. I handed over the report. I then spent $700 of schlerotherapy with Chao, which he has a nurse do. Not one iota of improvement. I asked for my money back at least partially, I was now out $1000 and my legs were as awful as ever. Went to see another doctor about can be done. Gave him the same valve report done by outside doctor (not Chao). He reviewed it and said the report clearly states I have a venus reflux medical condition, and without alleviate that source problem, schlerotherapy is just throwing your money away. Chao read that report and took $700 from me anyway. He is arrogant, his office manager is a class A b*.* and he should stick with his own speciality and there are plenty of horror stories on the web about botched surgeries. He's in it for the money. STAY AWAY. He doesn't help. Why would a surgeon offer discount skin treatments...because he isn't successful enough to get enough referrals in maybe what he knows, but fails at. STAY AWAY

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unprofessional behavior show details unprofessional behavior
by breast cancer patient/reconstructive on Jun 21st, 2013

In 2004/5 I went to Moore's cancer center because I was breast was over radiated and eventually melted into the shape of a taco, I saw Dr Chao and Dr Blair. Dr Chao was supposed to do a tran flap and then recreate a breast, he sliced me side to side and I now have a terrible scar. He also created a Pamela Anderson size breast that had to be reduced 2-3 times because he didn't pay attention. He was also paid to remove some excess fat in the pelvis area, and he didn't. He also took off my right nipple and didn't return it to the new breast, he told me that I didn't need a nipple. About a year later I developed a hernia, I went to an appointment to see me and he refused to correct it. He told me that he wouldn't do it, that it wasn't his problem. I had to go to a San Diego plastic surgeon to have them repair the hernia, they didn't fix it either. Since then I have developed two additional hernias. Not only did he refuse the surgery, but he booked a surgery and didn't notify me about it. I received a phone call about a week after my first hernia repair, I don't know what he was thinking. I still have uneven breasts, and My stomach looks as though I was gutted. Because I'm Medicare/Medi-cal he was very put out, and he made comments about it every time I saw him. I wouldn't recommend this Dr. to anyone, I am severely disfigured because of this man and he in no way shape of form feels responsible. This man has no compassion about women going through cancer, losing their breasts, or the hellish ordeal they have to go through. I'm humiliated to be naked around anyone, this should not happen to anyone. Especially someone who had already endured about 7-8 surgeries as the result of cancer, chemotherapy, and radiation.

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Fantastic surgeon! show details Fantastic surgeon!
Mar 20th, 2013

I have had 2 surgeries many years ago with Dr. Chao in Texas and I do not understand these negative reviews here. He was always friendly and caring, the best bedside manner I have ever seen! He has always explained my procedures to me in a relatively easy terms. He spends a significant amount of time talking to his patients and I have waited up to 30 minutes waiting for him, but because he spends time with me, I know he does the same with other patients. So I don't mind the wait. I have recovered wonderfully from both surgeries and I recommend this man highly.

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worst show details worst
Mar 2nd, 2013

incompetent on his profession

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worst possible experience show details worst possible experience
Feb 21st, 2013

He's a quack. The most memorable thing about him, he disfigured me for life. He had no time to indulge me with details what was going to be done to me, nor, let alone what the results to be expected. Quite shortly in fact he told me what was important was how things look under the clothes, that was the most genuinely sincere thing he ever had to say to me with eye contact, after (many) incompetent surgeries that should have been less complicated breast reconstructive, even according to him at first. In the midst of this hellacious experience, his nurse told me she couldn't give me extra wound bandaging because "if we gave out bandages to everybody that walked in, we wouldn't have any left to use ourselves to use on our patients." Next visit in the hospital (negligence related) I told a nurse I didnt have the bandage supplies at home so I would buy some if she told me where to get them, she gave me a plastic bread loaf sized bag full of them and told me "don't be silly." Very unfortunately, at least half a dozen surgeries I had intermittently between chemo therapy because this quack is in it primarly for money and status. Go ahead and judge for yourself but just take note...good eye contact, that doesn't say I only have two seconds before I move on to my next fee victim? Gut feeling, does he explain things in a way that lets you know he is interested in your better interests of your health>or is he oh so phoney. Things become more complicated every time you see him with more excuses and less explanation? RUN. If you stay with him out of not wanting to switch doctors in the middle of the ordeal, note, and with a new fresh approach suddenly it's your body's fault not cooperating? More disfiguring every time he laid hands. Last appointment I had I was feeling terrible and when I got all the way to his corny La Jolla outfit for my appointment his smug nurse made for me, my appointment didnt show on their computer, but if I wanted to wait some hours I could see the nurse. Then pain pills were again pushed on me, with little indulgence as to how my scared and indented chest was doing. Further more still, he didn't just seem removed but totally un-empathetic with breast cancer patients. He is a disgrace to his profession all the way around on every level I could think of. There are some much, much better ones out there for sure, as every other REAL Doctor I met, a lot of them, all were at least able to hold their own in competency without all the excuses, and were terrific. He is the only Quack I have ever had the regrettable dis-satisfaction and huge misfortune to meet. If he ever goes through anything at all similar, I hope his mercy lay in a Doctor just... like... him. Don't let his corny crossed eyed panda face fool u- He should be spanked and sued.

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Feb 5th, 2013

Dr. Chao was always in a rush. He seemed too busyto take time to answer my questions.

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Simply the best show details Simply the best
Oct 28th, 2012

Dr. Chao and his staff are the best out there.

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want to see this dr. suffer like me show details want to see this dr. suffer like me
May 31st, 2012

am 77yrs old this so called Dr. operated on my thumb and hand almost 2 yrs. ago and am STILL in pain 24/7 because of his botched surgery on me ! Sent me to physical therapy for almost a year, (one year of my life wasted)went in to see him he never apologized for anything he did. Went and got 2 other opinions and both confirmed their was bone left. DO NOT GO TO THIS DR.

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terrible experience show details terrible experience
Dec 5th, 2011

many surgerys and complications with breast reconstruction, and alot of excuses. yet spent very little time or energy with me to let me know what was being done. his nurse told me that what really matters are results under the clothes. third and last surgery he performed on me to remove tissue expander that came out from underneath through my skin, I didn't even see him before or after the surgery. my opinion is he is incompetent in all areas of his profession and should stick to something safer (like pedicures).

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Sep 26th, 2011

he did fat transplant on my face and he made look freak. I didnt go to work for several months because how I look. Lots of big bumps on my face. Several doctor fixed my face still look gross.I tried to call him and emailed him several times but no response I will never forget him

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by Gary Pugliese on Mar 21st, 2011

Dr. Chao, Spent a good deal of time explaining in detail what to expect and how He was going to help me with my problem. I was very happy with my office visit.

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Feb 1st, 2011

He did a fantastic breast reconstuction for me, muscle sparing free flap.

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by Maddie D. on Nov 30th, 2010

I researched all the reconstructive surgeons in the US (and even some abroad) and even contacted a major breast cancer support group/foundation and Dr. James Chao's name kept coming up. When it came time to make a final decision, I booked a flight and got what I flew all that way for. I feel so good about myself when I look in the mirror now, all thanks to him. His staff, etc. helped me and my family with all the arrangements for our stay. I can honestly say I left San Diego feeeling whole again (and wearing a Shamu sweatshirt)!

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Patient show details Patient
by Anonymous on Aug 17th, 2010 on

Dr. Chao's work has allowed me to live a normal life after a tragic accident. I am convinced no one else could have done this as it required num ...

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The nurses here are exceptionally rude stay away! show details The nurses here are exceptionally rude stay away!
Aug 5th, 2010

The nurses here are so rude. They are basically abusive and are annoyed when you ask for help. I was sitting there and heard them screaming at a patient.I would stay away from a place like this.

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Mar 11th, 2010

think dr chao is a great doctor.his only fault is that he sometimes seems removed. but hes gifted and devoted 2 his patients. hes likable & skilled.his staff is great. they seem 2 love him.

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