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 |  dr hawk  |  show details
by angela allyn on Sep 15th, 2014

I really like dr hawk and his professional staff,i find its wonderful that he will pray with you before you leave and hes and awesome dr I would highly recommend him to any one who has major pain or is needing urgent care ,I believe having god on his side makes him the most awesome dr ever

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 |  WARNING  |  show details
May 10th, 2014

Dr Hawk is a great doctor you could not ask for a better one, but his wife on the other hand his a gold digger who is worried about nothing but money... she has fired two of his best receptionist and one of his best nurses are leaving as of this month.... all of it is thanks to his wife. Then she brings a black man from Cali that has no medical license in the state of Arkansas. I tell you I wouldn't go to that clinic until those two are gone.. he should have lost his license for good. His wife will bring him down she is about nothing but money and a bold face liar. She wouldn't know the truth if it slapped her in the face.... or to paranoid to believe it.... it is definitely not the doctor that is mental it is his wife... I pray he opens his eyes before she takes him under... because once the money is gone she will be too..... I wouldn't pay cash in that place either because I made a payment and instead of putting it on my bill they were talking about a trade for a dog to pay for the lady balance.... and I had to pay twice I would only pay check or debt.....

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 |  patient  |  show details
by C.S. on Apr 25th, 2014

This doc is a known pill pusher in Harrison. I'm sure to some he was good to them but he wrote way to many meds to people without ever getting medical records. Ask any addict in Harrison about Dr Hawk, they will tell you that he's easy to get pills from. I'm a nurse here and have known this was eventually coming to him. The medical board finnaly woke up on this one.

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 |  Great Doctor .. He listened and helped me have relief and function in my life  |  show details
by Chris V on Mar 21st, 2014

He is a dedicated man and treated me with respect. He does not like when people are in pain and cares. I can not believe this talk. Never have I experienced anything but care for the pain I live in. I am fortunate I can still function after all of the metal placed in my neck, the broken back, hands and fingers throb and much more. I hope to see him again and do not care about the few people that made a negative comment. People get upset when he finds out they are corrupt and not telling the truth and he has to do what he has to do.

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  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  A wonderful Doctor!  |  show details
by Marian N on Mar 9th, 2014

I have RA and other immune disorders which cause constant pain. Dr. Hawk has worked with me and my rheumatologist to manage the pain while giving me some "quality of life." I have had all the treatments, injections and therapies suggested by doctors over the last 16 years and the one thing I find is most do not spend more than 5 to 10 minutes with you. Once they see you have a disease like RA all they want to do is give you medications that knock you out!! The first time I meet with Dr. Hawk, I explained that was NOT an option for me! I want to have life while I am living. Yes, I do take pain medications, but Dr. Hawk & I work together to keep them to a minimum while still giving me the relief I need to function. He works closely with my other doctors who have only good things to say about him. To those of you calling him a "quack" I have to believe he said no to you or you would not follow his instructions. There have been 2 incidences, where people were yelling at both the staff & Dr. Hawk for not giving them what "THEY" thought they needed. This is a constant problem for most doctors. I am thankful Dr. Hawk goes through all the problems and Government red tape to provide caring treatment for his patients. I look forward to his return in April! God Bless

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  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  A wonderful physician  |  show details
by Janette on Mar 9th, 2014

Dr hawk should be commended for all he has done for all the patients who truly need a physician who cares. I would recommend him to anyone! To the latest commentator, who are you to sit in judgement of anyone? Until u have walked a mile in my shoes or anyone else's you should keep such negative comments to yourself. Because you clearly lack any knowledge except for your opinion, and you know what they about opinions!

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 |  REVOKE  |  show details
by Jennifer- valley on Mar 8th, 2014

This man needs his license revoked!! He is Harrison's finest pill pusher. Most all the drug overdoses in Boone County has his name on the pain pills. He has major mental issues and this isn't the first time he has had his license taken away. The great state of California also took his license from him 1999. He gets his patients hooked on pain killers along with your Xanax and valiums. The only patients who could possible want to support such a doctor as this is the ones who can't go anywhere else and get all the Oxycotin, oxycodone, morphine, hydros, ect. That they want. He has ruined so many lives and i pray that the Arkansas Medical Board will revoke his license...and then when he packs up to go to another state to try and practice that all these patients that are addicted can follow with him.

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 |  Ashamed of such negative comments toward a wonderful physician!  |  show details
by Janette :) on Mar 8th, 2014

I have suffered from chronic pain for "many years" to many to count, and still I went forward facing negative experience along the way with several physicians resulting in the same fate "failure" Failure of physicians to care for their patients to the best of their ability! I owe my life through the grace of god for three physicians. 1. Dr Shapner 2. Dr Thomas Bell 3. Dr James Hawk. Without any of these three physicians I would not be here today, and as God as my wittiness this is the gospel truth, and no to all of you who say" we hide behind our God" no sir or mam. We stand beside our God, and our God stands beside us! I praise our Lord for allowing Dr James Hawk through his medical knowledge and experience as a great physician to offer hope to those who suffer a glimpse of hope that our lives have some sort of meaning. I know I do, and yes to the one who said his son was a drug addict. You had that choice to walk away,but you chose to stay, an yet who do you blame it on? You need to look in the Mirrow because you will know then and only then who's to blame. My prayers are with Dr James Hawk! An outstanding physician! Both as my primary physician and chronic pain management physician as well as my daughters primary care physician! We miss you and are awaiting your return!

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  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  Dr. James Hawk is a blessing to many. Much appreciated!  |  show details
by Cynthia on Feb 9th, 2014

I would highly recommend Dr. James Hawk. Spends time w/the patient. Does not rush you out the door. Is not in it just for the money. Dr. James Hawk truly cares about the patient which is a WONDERFUL feeling. I know I'm not only speaking for myself when I say I am very blessed to have Dr. Hawk as my Pain Management Physician. He is a rare find and very much appreciated. It's a great feeling to know he cares enough about me to want to help make my life a little more bearable. And I'll take ANY pain relief that I can get. • General Comments: Not everyone has an understanding what it's like to be in terrible, chronic pain...never ending. Pain every single day, day in, day out, ... That's my life. Untill you're there yourself and I hope you NEVER are, don't judge those of us who need pain management. I'm am very greatful for Dr. Hawk who understands and wants to help make our life a little more normal. He's my only hope for some pain relief. And once again, I'll take whatever pain relief I can get.

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 |  HAPPY  |  show details
by JW-BERGMAN on Aug 15th, 2013


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 |  Run away from the Hawk little rabbits  |  show details
by K.R. on May 15th, 2013

Dr. Hawk is a quack! Stay away and find pain relief else where! The worst Dr. I have ever had. The kind of doctor that would shoot you in the face and then pray for you. I wouldn't bring a stray cat to him. He need his license revoked!

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 |  Likes him and Macy and other nurse  |  show details
by Patient for 3 years on May 5th, 2013

Love Dr Hawk but got passed along to a pa brought in and she ruined my experience i was seeing him for my bladder disease and she talked about my back injury for 5 mins. Never went back sent Dr Hawk a letter and he never got back with me. Pretty bad experience overall.

  • Currently 3 of 4 stars
 |  A Good Heart  |  show details
Jan 28th, 2013

I went to Dr Hawk for three years until I received a transfer to another state. I think he is highly skilled and knows exactly how to titrate and prescribe accordingly. He is caring, listens, and will even give advice. The only thing that I didn't like was that he has a tendency to play favorites and spend more time with some and less with others. He can be gruff & abrupt and has a different personality every time you visit. Also, the wait time can be an hour or more. However, he was the first doctor that gave me relief from my horrible pain and for that, I am grateful. His staff (except for Sam & Tammy) is not good. The receptionist has a very bad attitude. She did not cooperate with me about releasing my medical records that I requested before I left. I was very upset about this because according to the HIPPA law, patients are entitled to copies of their charts. Now I am being scheduled for an MRI and a CAT scan and the Insurance won't cover it unless my records are faxed and Dr Hawk's receptionist for some strange reason, will not do it.

  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  Good Drs. are hard to find  |  show details
Jul 23rd, 2012

Good Doctors ar very hard to find, almost impossible. Dr. Hawk is one of the rare ones. He will actually let you talk and he will even listen, something I think everyone will agree is hard to find. As an added bonus, he is very good at diagnosing and treating your problem. (No, I am no kin) just appreciate a good man and Doctor.

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  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  Great doctor-bad staff  |  show details
Jul 10th, 2012

Like with most medical offices in this area, when you find a good doctor, he never has a good staff! Dr. Hawk's nurse is good, but the appt desk and billing dept. should be fired!

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 |  A VERY rude & could care less about you person  |  show details
May 25th, 2012

I really dont have very much to say abour hawk except bad. He thinks hughly of himself. I saw beaten down people when i went there. He demeaners peoples self esteem. I have a serious physical problem and went to him. Right off the bat he told me if i dont like what he is doing to leave and find another dr. And said it many times as the visits went on. I reassured him that i was going to do what he said but it wasnt enough. He acts like a dictator. His bedside manner is little to be desired. Ive been to enough dr's to know this guy needs his license revoked. If i knew how to get it done i would. He makes sure to make you feel an inch tall. I on the otherhand wasnt beat down. And i believe that it played a hand in our problems as well. The staff on the otherhand are great. He is no doctor. He is an internet diploma wannabe. Dont go to him, find someone who cares for your wellbeing.

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 |  Pain is like a funeral shroud.  |  show details
Apr 3rd, 2012

I am so appreciative of these doctors who will prescribe appropriately. Doctors go through an horendeous amount of time with the requirements of all regulatory documentations. They virtually lay their life and careers on the line in order to help relieve a person's dissabilities with pain. I had to make lateral moves in my nursing career because pain distracted me from my duties. Eventually I was so far away from patient care giving and that alone broke my heart. I would be dead if it weren't for the doctors who will stand up for the pain suffers. If the rview commentator above thought a MD was over precribing, perhaps you could of said I am covered with the present Rx. How low to come to a public arena and attempt to stab someone who listened and prescribed accordingly. I noticed also that the negative commenters did not list their names. An man had been told to bathe in kerosene for arthritis pain. He poured the fammable liquid into his tub the bathroom heater caught the kerosene on fire burning him to 3rd degree over 90% of his body. He no longer felt any pain as his flesh fell away from anywhere touched. Of coure he died within a few days. People will go through too much even sucicide when the pain is so excruciating and unrelieved. This incident happened aprox. 30 years ago at a time when pain patients were considered drug seekers. In my own quest for diagnosis, treatment and some relief I visited a multitude of physicians some of them accused me of seeking drugs. My own rheumatologist miss diagnosed me for years. Treatment needs to begin early rather than 3-10 years later. Finally he ordered a scan which showed extensive damage and aggressive rheumatoid arthrities. He called me and apologized but the damage was done. Please be truthful with yourself. No one forced you to seek a pain physician. No one forced you to take the increased dosage. A.W. Flippen rkansas

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  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  would revisit  |  show details
Mar 8th, 2012

i am moving back to Harrison Arkansas and want to restart seeing doctor hawk again..he takes his time to listen to you and will help you in anyway he can...hes just an awesome doctor that cares about his patients.

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 |  show details
Mar 6th, 2012

The office staff was didn't seem to care anything about me. It was like they would prefer if I wasn't there. They were too busy talking about non work related things.

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 |  show details
Feb 28th, 2012

Office staff was VERY unprofessional... No problem with medical staff, they were very helpful, knowledgeable but as due to lousy office staff I will never be going back again. Office staff were busy talking about non work issues to take time to help.

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 |  gets you addicted to pain pills  |  show details
Dec 16th, 2011

My first impressions of doctor was one of, I've finally found a doctor that cares. After seeing him for a few years I relized he was continuously uping my pain pill dosage. After bringing it to his attention that I might be taking to be he got mad and dropped me as a patient. I done everything he every asked me to do and even more. In the end I came to relize that he is a man that hides behide christianity in order to gain the trust of his patients. In the in this doctor does not care about his patients. I would have to agree with a few others on here that Dr. James Hawk is a pain pill pusher. I would tell you to stay away

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 |  pain pill pusher  |  show details
Dec 16th, 2011

At first I really thought Dr. hawk really cared about me. The very first visit he held my wife and my hand asking god to work through him to help get me better. I really liked him. Then after a few visits it seems he stops caring about you but more interested in pushing you on pain pills. Even after I talked to him about other ways to treat my pain he continued to increse my pain pill dosage. From time to time I would have to bring one of my children to the Dr. office and the nurses were rude. The Dr. acted like my child was nothing but trouble. My child was 18 months old so maybe a little loud. Anyways, I came to the conclusion, that Dr. Hawk only cares about how many pain pills he can push down you than trying to get you better

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 |  One of the few doctors that actually cared  |  show details
Jul 29th, 2011

I went to Dr. Hawk quite a few years ago for Fibromyalgia pain. He took time with me and listened and gave me explanations and tried to help me manage my pain. I read posts where people say he is a drug pusher. I can see where you would think that if you've never truly experienced nauseating pain but for those of us who actually need and do not abuse this medication he is a God-send.Ive now moved to Springdale and cannot find anyone to prescribe me even one pain medication. I am told to take Aleve. Doctors are too afraid to help people for fear of losing their license even though they know chronic pain sufferers need it. This is a shame! Thank you Dr. Hawk for helping me when you could. Sincerely, L.H.

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 |  Will be revoked here too.  |  show details
Jun 13th, 2011

I told him two times that my son had a history of drug abuse with schedule 2 drugs,and he continued to prescribe them to him even though he had no x-rays or lab work to indicate that my son needed these drugs.When I pressed the issue, he found an excuse to terminate my doctor-patient relationship.He refuses to discuss these issues with me. hiding behind his staff.I also learned he had his license revoked in California.He he continues pushing pills, he's going to get it revoked here.It WILL catch up with him.

  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  Rita J Dean  |  show details
Mar 20th, 2011

I first met Dr. Hawk at the NARMC ER in July of 2005. I was taken by ambulance to the ER with all the symptoms of a heart attack. After thorough exam, He called in the cornary care specialist in Harrison and when condition had stabilized sent me by ambulance to Washington Regional for a Heart Cath. My recovery was rapid. And yes, Dr. Hawk ask if he could say a prayer with my husband and I as I had grown up in a praying household I was relieved that he was a believer in the power of prayer. I would and have very strongly recommended Dr. Hawk to my family and friends. He is a caring person and a true professional when it comes to medicine. I am thankful I was connected with him and will not consider another doctor at this time. I have numerous physical issues and he takes the time each visit to review each item and keeps me healthy. Dr. Hawk has one of the finest staffs I have ever worked with, they are courteous, friendly and professional. An example of their follow up is in January of 2010 I had gotten to a point where I could no longer function on my feet. On a Thursday I talked with Dr. Hawk and his staff about a motorized wheel chair so I could at least get around my house. On Tuesdaay (4 days later) a chair was delivered to my home. Thank you Dr. Hawk and staff may God bless you as I have been through my association with you.

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 |  Family  |  show details
May 25th, 2010

This is a great Dr. I love him dearly

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 |  God chooses your patients???  |  show details
Mar 30th, 2010

Dr.Hawk,Where was God today when you dropped me from your practice because after lying in pain for 3 days, I had the audacity to call your office 3 times in an 8 hour period trying to find some answers. Quit hiding behind GOD, you are an A1 jerk, as I already knew from the past, I just hoping that you had found the real GOD, and had changed. You told me " God picks my Patients" Well, my GOD does not turn his back on anyone, leaving them in pain and illness. You even told me you would prescribe the Clonazepam, and I'll already called my Dr. and told him I had found a DR. closer, thanked him for the years he had been seeing me, and told him I wouldn't be seeing him any more!

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 |  show details
by Regina Whitley on Dec 18th, 2009

Dr Hawk is a fantastic Dr. I would recommend him to anyone. He has always been very kind to me and helped me with the pain I have. Also his caring nature.

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  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  Wonderful Doctor and Staff  |  show details
by Charlene Stanberg on Nov 16th, 2009

Dr. Hawk, his nurse's, and the rest of the staff are wonderful caring people. I would recommend them to anyone. I have always been treated as a person and not just a room number. Dr. Hawk puts his heart into his practice. They saved my life.

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 |  Wonderful Doctor  |  show details
Aug 3rd, 2009

My experience with this office was a great one. The staff was very pleasant. Dr. Hawk spent alot of time with me and has helped me a great deal with my medical conditions. I would greatly recommed him to anyone.

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 |  harrison is desperate to use this man  |  show details
by humiliated and emmotionally distressed. pain and suffering. on Feb 12th, 2009

he treets people like drug seekers. he only really cares to prescribe as many as possible so he can kick-backs. he will falsely diagnose people so that more tests can be performed to both scare the patient and get kick-backs from the high priced drugs he prescribes. i and others feel he need to be kicked out of practicing medicine.

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