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Poor Office Administration and Communication show details Poor Office Administration and Communication
by Former Patient with Insurance on Feb 26th, 2015

Wonderful doctor, terrible staff and running of office. No longer takes insurance and when notifying patients they just cancelled all appointment. No letters, no final visits, no concern. Either you pay or go someplace else. Horrible way of informing your patients who have been with you for years and depend on you for their medical care. What a shame for such a wonderful doctor to run an office so bad. Staff is rude when speaking with patients and no one returns phone calls.

Friendly and Professional show details Friendly and Professional
by Beverly T on Jan 29th, 2015

I had a great experience in the office, seems to have new staff , seems to be more organized and if you have any questions or need a answer right away just ask for Phyllis she will make sure it gets done. If I need my RX filled or have any problems I call her directly and I have not been let down.

Wonderful Office show details Wonderful Office
by Mary S on Nov 1st, 2014

I have been going to Dr. Porcelli's office for sometime as well, and my experience has been quite different Staff is friendly, Phyllis helps me whenever I need it and makes sure I get a answer if I call. I have also seen patients be abusive to the staff when I have been there and arguing because they don't want to pay a outstanding bill , some people are using this site for the wrong reasons. Office seems to be more organized to me.

Good luck seeing the Doctor here!!!! show details Good luck seeing the Doctor here!!!!
by Rene on Oct 8th, 2014

Been a patient for several years and have often thought about changing Doctors because of the very unpleasant office staff, the office mangers argumentative approach is cold, unsympathetic and downright inhuman when dealing with people who when sick are vulnerable and scared. My husband and sister already left here, I stayed because I liked Dr. Porcelli, but since opening the new location Trim Spa they seem more interested in selling products then seeing established patients, Leaving this practice for my own well-being, If you are looking for a practice that cares, this is not the place for you!!

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Went Beyond show details Went Beyond
by Ann on Sep 28th, 2014

My husband could not get his medication as there was a shortage in the area, so I went to my doctors office and the doctor was not there however the Office Manager Phyllis was and she dropped everything to help assist me and did not wait for doctor the next day, we called a pharmacy out of state and was able to get medication . She had so much to do that day and she went beyond to help me.

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so agree with the office manager is ruining the office show details so agree with the office manager is ruining the office
by a patient on Jul 26th, 2014

Dr Porcelli get Reid of her she is ruining your practice poor staff needs someone to help them not hide from patients I went in one day to talk with manager only to find out by the front staff that she didn't want to talk to me she had the poor girls going back and forth because she did not want to come out of office what kind of manager does that. she must not know the definition of a MANAGER she needs to jump in when needed and do u think she does that ..I have watched her avoid patients u MUST open your eyes and get a new manager that's your main problem........she tells the front staff not to answer phones, she hides from patients, she's rude all she does is walk around. your wasting your money on her.. I will not return to that practice. Sorry Dr. Porcelli because over all you are a GREAT doctor...

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N/A show details N/A
by Sarah on Jul 7th, 2014

I had a wonderful experience in the office. Dr. Porcelli was very helpful and the office staff was kind and pleasant to deal with.

Rude Staff show details Rude Staff
Jul 5th, 2014

Phoned for script renewal appointment getting an answering machine, left message and no one returned my call. After numerous attempts calling their office to no avail, I ended up driving to his office to make appointment being told it would be 6 wks. to see him for July 8, 2014. As it turned out, no one answers the phone - they let it go to message and Phyliss checks messages every hour as she told me. On July 3 around 10:15 AM I had a message on my answering machine that Dr. Porcelli would be gone July 8 and to phone for another appointment. I phoned only again to get the answering machine and left a message. I had another appointment elsewhere and upon returning home, no message - nothing. This was the last straw and I made an appointment with a new doctor recommended to me. Later that day I just happened to check my caller ID - Porcelli's office did phone my home, BUT whoever phoned, never left a message. I understand being busy and phone calls going to an answering machine, but this is their mode of operation - you never get a real person to answer a phone - in fact, when you're in the office waiting, you never hear a phone ring while Phyliss (office manager) clomps around in high heels appearing to do nothing. I also do not like the idea that upon entering his office you see an IV pole with IV lines attached to a patients arm with yellow/gold liquid going into someone's veins - not a good impression/feeling. I had no problem with Dr. Porcelli, it's his staff who are rude, etc. and this is not how a professional doctors office is run - I hope for the future Dr. Porcelli wakes up.

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His office manager is ruining his practice!! show details His office manager is ruining his practice!!
by Sad that I have to find a new Dr bc of his office manager on Jun 10th, 2014

I love Dr Porcelli as a dr, but ever since Phyllis has become his office manager, his entire practice has gone down the drain!!! He is overbooked and understaffed, forget trying to get someone on the phone because NO ONE will ever answer the phone, even if you leave a message (or multiple) they won't get back to you for a few days, and honestly it's not the receptionists fault. They are honestly so busy and hardly have time to do anything. You would think the office manager would see this and rectify the problem, except SHE is the problem. She is rude and disrespectful, and how she got the job as office manager is BEYOND me bc she can NOT do anything right!!!! I will not be returning and it is SOLEY because of Phyllis. Dr. Porcelli, do yourself a favor and get a new office manager! Someone who knows how to "manage" an office! She is ruining you and your reputation. And then there is Deb. I love deb, she is one of his nurses and she doesn't get enough credit for all she does. She is his right hand (wo)man. She is great and needs a raise! She does everything in that office. EVERYTHING. And if it weren't for her I wouldn't have stuck around for as long as I have. Doc, if you want to be in business in a few years you need to realize who needs to be there and who doesn't. Oh and his PA he had was fantastic but she didn't last long bc she realized his office was being ran into the ground and it is all Phyllis's fault. IT NEEDS TO CHANGE! He has a beautiful office and he's a fantastic doctor but if there are no tires on the car, the car can't drive!!!

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Do not do his laser show details Do not do his laser
May 10th, 2014

I asked specifically if there was any chance I would hyperpigment on his laser, he said no, his laser does not cause hyperpigmentation, it helps it. I didn't want the service if there was any chance of it but he said his laser was different. After we were doing treatments, he said I was healing nicely and so I continued more services. However, the earlier lasers were still a checkerboard brown after one month. I went to my dermatologist and he said to stop the laser because I was hypo and hyperpigmenting. I cancelled the rest of the appointments. The doctor refused to give me the refund for the unfinished services and also an overpayment that his secretary erroneously didn't refund. It is six months now, and I still have a checkboard face and body. I can't go out in the sun for this year and maybe even next or more years. Do not trust this doctor for the laser. See a dermatologist if you ever want to do that. They are at least honest and most doctors will split the paid fees if the patient is very unhappy. And in this case, I should get my money back because he promised me I would not hyperpigment and I did severely.

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Worst treatment ever show details Worst treatment ever
by Robert Taylor on May 5th, 2014

I have been a patient of his for six years. Up until this year he has been good. But now his office staff does not answer the phone, have the nurse to call you or return calls from the pharmacy. I have called his office 60 times in four months along with had the pharmacist to call for two weeks straight with no success. It is very clear that he wants now to practice patient abandonment.

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Great Naples Doc!!!! show details Great Naples Doc!!!!
by Bill C. on Feb 12th, 2014

When you meet a doctor like Dr. James Porcelli, 2 things are recognizable in his traits; trust and integrity. I have been going to him for 9 years here in Naples and he has not only been a caring thoughtful doctor; he has been a honest understanding doctor who takes his time to understand your needs and issues. I would recommend him to people who are interested in being healthy and care about their health on a on-going basis... Bill C.

Good Doctor but staff cannot be tolerated! show details Good Doctor but staff cannot be tolerated!
Dec 30th, 2013

I've been a patient of Dr. Porcelli's for a couple of years and have to say that everytime I visit, I get the itch more and more to make the change to a new doctor. Porcelli is good but his office staff is terrible to deal with - there is always new faces and just down right rude! I think it's time for me to find a new doctor!

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Can't get past lousy staff to see good doctor show details Can't get past lousy staff to see good doctor
by Sorry to be an ex-patient...Staff 90% responsible on Nov 14th, 2013

I saw Dr. Porcelli for years. My last appointment was made 6 weeks in advance. I checked in 10 minutes early, and was told he might run a few minutes late because he was giving someone an injection. The new staff tried to sell me a weight loss package that included injections twice (different staff members) while I waited. After an hour passed (50 minutes after my appointment time), I checked with the desk again, because I had another appointment. I said that I was told the doctor was giving an injection. Another woman working there informed the receptionist that the patient was getting Botox and Juviderm, so it might be even more time. I was there for my annual physical. I told them I did not have time to wait, and would have to reschedule - they told me that it would be at least another six weeks. Nobody even apologized. This was not the first incident. The prior one was when I went to his office for a preop, and the staff failed to send the results to the surgeon, until I threatened - using the Patients' Bill of Rights. They had the results for 5 working days prior to faxing them to the surgeon's office. Also, Dr. Porcelli is an excellent diagnostician, but I have been misdiagnosed by two of his P.A.s, one of which diagnosed me as having the flu when I had colitis and it resulted in an ER visit and hospital stay two days later. I find it hard to believe after this much time that Dr. Porcelli would be unaware of his staff's attitude and negligence. He also seems to be more interested in giving Botox, fillers, and weight loss injections than tending to his longtime loyal patients. It's a shame that this caring doctor doesn't seem to anymore.

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Aug 26th, 2013

I've been a patient with Dr. Porcelli for several years. He stopped accepting my insurance about a year ago so I was forced to find a new primary care physician. After receiving excellent care from Dr. Porcelli, all four of the doctors I've seen since fall very short. I am now returning to Dr. Porcelli, paying out of pocket to get the quality care I've come to expect. He is caring, has an excellent bedside manner and is an overall excellent MD. I agree with previous comments regarding staff. They have all changed in the year I've been away and leave much to be desired but he is worth the frustration of dealing with them.

awful staff, great doctor show details awful staff, great doctor
by Sandra on Apr 17th, 2013

Think about things like... What was most memorable? What did you like or dislike? What would you tell a friend? Would you choose this doctor again?

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