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by Dr. James R. Nichols on May 28th, 2014

Outstanding service.

Great service with a smile show details Great service with a smile
by Patrick on Mar 11th, 2014

I recently moved back to Ahwatukee after being in Scottsdale for a couple years. I was in need of a new PCP here. I have some rare and some difficult to treat health conditions that have sent me into many different doctors offices with a range of specialties. This has given me a unique perspective on the inner workings of each individual practice and the staff that keeps it working efficiently...(or not). Dr. Nichols and his entire staff are at the top of the list for all of the reasons that are important to me as a busy working professional. From day one I found Dr. Nichols' practice to be incredibly accommodating. They make it easy for me to schedule appointments around my needs. I don't think I have ever had to wait more than 10-15 minutes to get into a room where I have always been immediately triaged with the doctor in the room very shortly after. Every single member of his staff has always been courteous, from the receptionist through triage, from labs to the doctor himself. I am always addressed in a courteous manner by name, which is important to me. It’s that type of personal touch that turns me into more than just a number. The doctor is always focused on my needs. He listens to me and I feel like he really cares about my well being. Another HUGE . He spends as much time as I need, he answers all of my questions and addresses issues and reviews my chart before entering the room so for most of my visits he is answering questions before I have a chance to ask them. Dr. Nichols is respectful of my time as I am of his. That goes for any doctor’s office. Due to my many visits to numerous doctors I have watched as other patients drain every last minute out of doctors, which inevitably is going to put the doctor behind schedule no matter how much time they leave between patients. That's a huge pet peeve of mine. Come on people. How much time can it possible take? You can't possibly have that many questions. I refuse to be the patient that holds up the line for everybody else. It’s like when there is an accident on the highway in the opposite lane of traffic but everyone has to slow down and gawk until eventually traffic comes to a dead stop and you're not even traveling in the same direction of traffic as the accident. That's a pretty good analogy right? Does that make sense? That's not to say that I haven't seen plenty of doctors that stack patients to collect as many co-pays as possible either but I Dr. Nichols does not appear to run that type of practice. I simply never have to wait excessive amounts of time there. Additionally, compared to other practices I visit I don't feel like our relationship is based on money. They make me feel like it’s about maintaining quality of life and extension of the same. Dr. Nichols has certainly raised the bar and renewed my faith in regard to patient/doctor relationships. At any rate this practice gets my complete endorsement for all around top shelf quality of care. And NO. This is not a paid endorsement nor am I in any way affiliated with this practice outside of the doctor/patient relationship. Wait a minute. Do you think I could get paid? Blessings and best of health.

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Dec 24th, 2013

Dr. Nichols does not listen to his patients nor does he want to spend any time listening to the entire story or answer questions. I have met many other intelligent people, besides my wife and I ,and they have switched from Dr. Nichols to another doctor as well. He is very arrogant and is convinced that he is right. He has very unilateral, dogmatic thinking.Test needed to be done that were not performed and on more than one occasion a misdiagnosis was given. If you value your health, then do not go to this doctor. Even some pharmacists at our local Walgreens questioned why a particular drug was being ordered and this raised our suspicion of the inaccuracy. Other doctors reviewed blood work at the hospital and commented on how particular tests should have been performed and how certain medications never should have been prescribed.

by Shelly hosselton on Jan 29th, 2013

Terrible experience. Cant get refills unless i see the dr. Lab work everytime i visit. Office staff is horrible to work with. No convience for people who work fulltime. Left me without much needed meds that i cant be without. Until i could arrange my schedule and take time off

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amazing dr and staff show details amazing dr and staff
Jul 25th, 2012

Dr. Nichols has the perfect mix to make him a truly wonderful Dr. He is extremely knowledgable and he listens with a very caring heart. At every visit he always makes us seem like we are people not just another riddle to solve and make better. He gives us information in a language we can understand and explaines what the best course of action will be in a comforting manner. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a wonderful, smart doctor with a caring heart. His staff are all very welcoming every time I call as well. Couldn't thank this doctor enough for all the help he has given to myself and husband in the few years we have been with him.

Wouldn't trade him for the world show details Wouldn't trade him for the world
Jun 1st, 2012

I am not one for doctors or believing what they say. I do like Dr Nichols because he has always listened to me. He does not sugar coat things with me and he does not push drugs. I believe he is truly interested in my well being and not how much money he can make. I would not trade him for the world. I don't care how long I wait to see him, because I know I am getting really great care. Something our health system needs more of. When I arrive for my appointment they might not take me back right away, but I know it's because he is giving his full attention to the person before me. Just as he will give me all the time I need. So if you are on a time budget and just want a bandaid, don't see him, cause he is going to really take the time to know you and treat your medical needs.

Dr Nichols show details Dr Nichols
Apr 20th, 2012

Was very arrogant. Dr thought he knew everything there is to know about the medical field and was unwilling to accept my beliefs on Kinesiology. In fact he seemed offended and ended my visit abruptly without showing me results to my MRI. Also, unwilling to accept medicare as payment for weight loss program. Said I must pay out of pocket for fees, so I was unable to buy product or see the dietitian any longer. What should it matter as long as he gets his money.

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My Way or the Highway show details My Way or the Highway
Apr 17th, 2012

Agree with the previous review about Dr Nichols not having time for his patients. He seems to be multi-tasking much of the time and only seems to want to give quick opinions without taking the time to really listen to you. He also seems to have a very low opinion of medical specialists (even those he sends you to) and often contradicts their medical advice...sometimes making disparaging remarks about them in the process. He is very opinionated, confrontational and sometimes unprofessional in the way he conducts himself. Dr Nichols also seems to want you to make mutiple appointments to accomplish simple tasks like get new precriptions for existing meds (limits you to just 3 meds per need to make another appointment if you need additional prescriptions re-written). Very inefficient and costly for patient and the insurance. Staff was great but Dr. Nichols is not.

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Please avoid show details Please avoid
Apr 13th, 2011

Dr Nichols has clearly taken on too many patients. He has little to no time to spend with each one. He is in and out of the room within 5 mins. On several occations he was typng on his phone while I was explaining symptoms and he often responded with sometime totally different than what I was saying. Calling the office will almost always result in a transfer to a voicemail, and then never returned. While Dr Nichols seems to desire to care for his patients he simply does not have time. My diagnosis was completely different from that of a different Dr. who took the time to ask the right questions and more importantly listened to my responses.

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by Ken Paul Chernock RN on Jul 18th, 2010

I found Dr Nichols after my previous doctor treated me like a Fed Ex package instead of a patient. I was new to the Big City and thought maybe they were all like that here. Dr Nichols proved this otherwise. I was a bit frustrated by the wait, but was told this was because the doctor likes to spend as much time with his patients as they need. Since then, Ive been seen by the doctor on his day off and after the office closed. He has always proven to be a great listener and makes sure he has met his patients needs before he leaves them. And his staff are all (almost) as great as he is!! SUPER office; great doctor! Thanks to all of you!

Good Doctor show details Good Doctor
Jun 5th, 2010

I saw doctor Nichols about two weeks, and his assistant was on cloud 200! I though something was wrong, but I figured it was her personality figured he is a doctor he would know. But in the room she said something and looked away and he did a triple look at her and just stared. that moment scared me. I thought, Oh, no what did I get myself into? otherwise, the appointment went good and he is a great person. I just do not know what to think about his nurse and if it is worth coming back into the office.

Doctor by Default...BONUS! show details Doctor by Default...BONUS!
by Kimberly Brophy, Ahwatukee Resident on Apr 13th, 2010

I used to see Dr. Kerr, then Dr. Nichols bought her practice. I am thrilled that he did. He's been there for us through various issues, husband's acid reflux, my lower back problems, weight loss and general check ups. I never feel that Dr. Nichols doesn't have enough time to listen he's very encouraging and helpful. Terrific bedside manner. My husband, who has a paramedic certification has the utmost respect for Dr. Nichols. We are so pleased to be in such capable hands. His staff are all qualified, friendly and a pleasure to deal with. I'm never on hold for too long and not kept in the waiting room for unecessary lengths of time...even during flu season. Best PCP I've had in all of my 40 years.

Thorough and professional show details Thorough and professional
by GK, Arizona on Oct 18th, 2009

I've been a patient of Dr. Nichols since he took over this practice. I am a healthcare professional and know many doctors, and not many of them take the time or are as thourough as Dr. Nichols. He has provided excellent care for my whole family. Do us all a favor and arrive on time for your appointments, be ready to be specific about your symptoms, and don't try to cram a "laundry list" of problems into one visit. This will benefit all of us in Dr. Nichols' (and all other doctors') waiting room.

Started out good but........ show details Started out good but........
by lwalloch on Apr 10th, 2009 on

Dr Nichols started out seeming like the ideal Doctor but after some time the quality of care seemed to deminish it seemed I got pushed off to his nutritionist for dietary reasons. Along with poor communications with his office staff made my expierence more dishartening. After having some issues and bringing up with him and the office management he released me from his care for no reason given.

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straight from the cuff show details straight from the cuff
by dawnvanbelle@co on Nov 16th, 2008 on

Dr Nichols has always been straight forward with me..I really appreciate that he says it like it is ...your not pulling one over on him as he truly is here to help people

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Beware of Dr Nichols show details Beware of Dr Nichols
May 25th, 2008

he put me on 3 high blood pressure medicine when I didnt need two of them at all and I went to change dr's and I got off of two of the medicines when i saw my new doctor for the first time.