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by Rheannon on Mar 11th, 2015

Dr. Douglas and his staff were beyond exceptional. The nurses, Angela and Beth, went above and beyond to call with results ASAP, even during their closed hours. His entire staff was friendly and professional, and very enjoyable to work with. All processes and results were thoroughly explained, and everyone was so reassuring. I very highly recommend Dr. Douglas and his FABULOUS staff!

Blessed us with a miracle 15 years ago show details Blessed us with a miracle 15 years ago
by Mary M. on Jan 9th, 2015

Dr. Douglas was a very kind doctor. We knew our odds weren't good & he was honest with us. But after years of trying with other doctors that treated you like cattle, we were finally blessed with our daughter while in the care of Dr. Douglas. Staff was great. I highly recommend!

by Kristen Dalley on Nov 24th, 2014

I originally started with Dr. Rodriquez who is in the same building as Douglas. I am 41 years old, have a 3 year old, and one miscarriage. After over a year of trying, we looked at our options. Dr. Rodriquez basically said my only option was IVF with the genetic testing. (over 35k). He didn't recommend doing any other procedure. I left there depressed and seeked out Dr. Douglas. Also, his nurse was not very friendly and all she would say is that it was my age that was my problem. I reached out to Dr. Douglas and his approach was "you have been able to get pregnant twice before and all your tests have come back normal so I recommend IUI at least 2-3x. ($1,500 each time). His nurses there were fabulous and so enjoyable to work with. my first round was not successful. The second round of IUI was successful and I am pregnant with twins and 14 weeks along. I paid 3k rather than 35k. I think the IVF would have worked but I am glad I didn't have to go that route. I HIGHLY recommend seeing Dr. Douglas for your fertility issues.

Such a blessing throughout the IVF process show details Such a blessing throughout the IVF process
May 13th, 2014

Doctor Douglas takes the time to meet with you, explain the IVF process (in our case), and answer any questions you may have. Throughout the process most of the interaction is with the office staff, nurses, and sonogram technician. You may always schedule an appointment with the doctor, but I didn't need to. The nurses were absolutely fantastic throughout the process. For people who are new to IVF, the process of self-injected medication to develop your eggs is exhausting, emotional, and stressful. Each person develops at a different rate, so you have to be patient and just go with your body. Thankfully the staff at Dr. Douglas' office was absolutely FANTASTIC. The nurses (Kelly and Crystal) truly cared about my well being, communicated timely, and answered any questions I had. I would recommend their office to anyone who has to go through this process. Thankfully I am now 15 weeks pregnant!!

Great doctor and wonderful staff show details Great doctor and wonderful staff
by Agustina on Jan 8th, 2014

I've had IUIs, D&C, and IVFs with Dr. Douglas and everything was done professionally. He's a great doctor. He is quiet and straightforward which might seem insensitive for some people. But it didn't matter for us because he explained everything well and he gave us a chance to ask questions. I had to visit his office a lot for routine blood work and/or ultrasound, so most of the time I only saw the nurses and ultrasound technician. And they're all wonderful! They're very nice, caring, and very helpful. One nurse even made the time to help me settling things with my insurance company. I have no complaint whatsoever during my one year treatment with Dr. Douglas.

Dec 27th, 2013

Think about things like... What was most memorable? What did you like or dislike? What would you tell a friend? Would you choose this doctor again?

Great RE! Highly Recommend show details Great RE! Highly Recommend
by AStew on Dec 21st, 2013

my first successful pregnancy in my first IUI cycle with menopur. That is now my 18 month daughter. When we wanted to try for a second child, we got pregnant with his help again on our first cycle but sadly miscarried. Our next attempt took 5 IUI cycles and Dr. Douglas was knowledgeable and directed us well. He was patient and guided us toward the less expensive, less intensive treatments; believing there was a chance they would work (even when we doubted). We are now 10 weeks pregnant again. The office model is heavily reliant on the nurses communicating with patients so that Dr. Douglas can do what he does best. The nurses are kind, caring and serve as dependable liaisons between the dr and the patients. I felt cared for and that the office staff did their job well. I would highly recommend this office.

Amazing! show details Amazing!
by Bhavana Patel on Oct 13th, 2013

Staff is amazing. Made us feel comfortable and important. Helped us achieve our goal to grow our family. Seen results every step of the way. Alway a step ahead in advice and what to expect.

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Wonderful Doctor show details Wonderful Doctor
by Aparna. T on Mar 18th, 2013

I highly recommend Dr James Douglas and his staff. He is straight to the point and does not sugar coat anything, which i appreciate a lot about him. He has the best staff ever, if i can say that. Very caring and attentive. I was suffering from PCOS for more than 10 years and unexplained infertility and completely lost hope on having a family of my own until i visited his office. Now i have conceived and pregnant with twins. Cant thank him and his staff enough for all the care i got from his clinic.

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Oct 20th, 2012

Dr. Douglas and his staff are wonderful. Every member of the office staff is professional and caring. They knew me and genuinely cared about my husband and I. Every visit was met with a smile, encouragement and support as we worked through the heart-wrenching infertility process. Dr. Douglas himself is professional, but caring. He put both of us at ease during both stages of the IVF process. What stood out to me beyond the wonderful experience I had with the staff was how precise Dr. Douglas was during the procedures. I cannot recommend Dr. Douglas and his staff enough.

Oct 4th, 2012

I really don't get some of the negative reviews. His office had the nicest staff i have ever encountered. Dr Douglas is not the loud outgoing salesman type. He is more calm and reserved but picked up our problem immediately and gave us a very good explanation and various treatment options. His attention to detail was excellent. we have several friends that have all conceived with Dr. Douglas and none have had anything but a very positive experience at his office.

Find another doctor show details Find another doctor
Oct 1st, 2012

Felt like we were just another number. Has a standard formula which he follows. There are much better physicians in the DFW area. Time for him to retire. Very uncaring.

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There are much better doctors! show details There are much better doctors!
Sep 5th, 2012

Dr. Douglas was recommended to me by a friend. She said the office staff was nice and this is very true. Sadly, Dr Douglas could care less about my husband and I. We were just another number with money to pay him. Dr Douglas didn't care to know anything personal about us and did not want to have any type of conversation with us. There is much more to being a physician then protocol. Remember ladies, we have a choice for fertility treatments, so I choose to pick a doctor that cares about my future family (hopefully). Good luck to everyone!

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Only saw the doctor on consultation show details Only saw the doctor on consultation
Jul 31st, 2012

I only say the doctor at the initial consultation, and there after never saw him again. During the process you see the nurses and that's it but yet your getting billed by the doctor. I had several unnecessary appt. that could of been done on one visit but yet the testing was split to get more money out of you. I was referred to this Doctor but after this cycle it's time to look around for a Doctor that actually shows his face, and utilizes your money and time alot better.

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Outstanding physician and staff show details Outstanding physician and staff
Jul 26th, 2012

Dr. Douglas and his staff are the most caring and supportive medical professionals we have encountered. They were on the journey with us every step of the way. Dr. Douglas took the time to answer all of our questions and concerns. The staff held our hands, cried with us, prayed with us and were overjoyed when we found out we were pregnant. I recommend Dr. Douglas and staff to anyone experiencing infertility.

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Highly Recommended show details Highly Recommended
Apr 27th, 2012

My wife and I have gone through 1 unsuccessful IUI and 3 unsuccessful IVF cycles before we met with Dr. Douglas and his staff. Dr. Douglas reviewed our history, discussed the procedures and made recommendations about what could be hindering our success. He went through the progression of eliminating the different issues that could cause the procedures to fail then prescribed a treatment that would ultimately cure the most logical causes. I am very pleased to say that our 4th IVF cycle (1st with Dr. Douglas) has been successful, my wife and I are expecting our first child in December! We know we still have a long way to go before delivery; however the fact that we are now pregnant is very rewarding and very exciting.The nurses in the office are very kind, patient, knowledgeable, caring, and helpful. Let me also add GENUINE to that description as well. They take the time to explain the procedures, the expectations, symptoms, and treatments with clarity and patients to make sure you understand and are comfortable with what is happening. No question is insignificant and no worry is dismissed as irrelevant. These ladies are a huge asset to this office and deserve recognition for jobs very well done! Thank you very much to the nursing staff!!!The nurses and embryologists in the ARTS department are very good too. This group is very important and very helpful during the procedures as well as providing comfort and peace of mind. It is also noteworthy that on the days of the retrieval and transfer, Dr. Douglas was either on time or early for these procedures which for any woman trying to hold a full bladder really appreciates! The care and comfort of the patient is clearly the top priority of this staff!The phlebotomist that draws blood is very skilled. Since there are numerous blood draws during these procedures, it is important that this not be something dreadful. My wife was very pleased with the phlebotomist and his ability to minimize bruising!The "on-call" service was very helpful too. We used this service a few times when symptoms would occur that we had "forgotten" to expect. The "on-call" nurses and doctors were very patient, very sympathetic, very helpful and extremely reassuring. Thank you to the "On-Call" service too!I don't want to leave out the receptionists in the Doctor's office and the ARTS department! These ladies always have a smile, are very helpful in getting the insurance forms and payments figured out quickly and scheduled appointments thoroughly. They were our first impression when we called these offices and what a great first impression they give!As you can see, we highly recommend Dr. James Douglas! Thank you very much Dr. Douglas and Staff for all you have done for us, you'll never know just how grateful we are!

Thanks for all your care and love!! show details Thanks for all your care and love!!
Mar 31st, 2012

So happy to be here to post finally after a struggle over a year and then finally one day getting those two lines I was looking for. Dr.Douglas's experience and dedicated staff has helped me so much in achieving my pregnancy. I am so happy I am done with these guys. The friendliest and jolly staff makes this journey even more smoother than ever. I still love all of them with my heart !!Thankyou for your care and love.

Baby number 2 is on the way! show details Baby number 2 is on the way!
Dec 30th, 2010

We loved Dr Douglas and his staff. They are very professional and compassionate. We struggled for years trying to conceive on our own and now with the help of Dr Douglas have a healthy 4 year old and a new baby on the way!

The Best Fertility Doctor in Dallas show details The Best Fertility Doctor in Dallas
Nov 9th, 2010

Dr Douglas is the best! My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for 4 years with my obgyn. He just kept telling me that I needed to relax and it would happen. I started looking on the internet and found a lot of good information about infertility that told me I needed to get HELP!!Dr Douglas was great he found the problem immediately, I have PCOS and now we are pregnant!Dr Douglas is kinda quiet and doesnt give you false hopes. But he is the best in the Metroplex as far as I am concerned!!

jill show details jill
Dec 1st, 2009

i have been to three other r.e.'s and not one could determine why i wasn't pregnant until dr. douglas. he figured it out on my first visit and we were pregnant shorter there after. best dr i have ever had.