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Lacks knowledge show details Lacks knowledge
by Stella on Mar 5th, 2015

The staff of 2 was not apparently interested in being polite or helpful and didn't even look up when I was waiting to ask them a question. He for my own visit purpose did not seem to want to do more than refer me elsewhere for a gazillion tests with 4 different kind of Drs. I think these Drs. just want to refer you to their friends for favors - I don't understand why he couldn't have sent me to 1 specialist and if that specialist deemed it necessary to see someone else then why was it not okay for the specialist to refer me to someone else. Very questionable behavior. I politely declined, went to another PC Dr. Who told me there was no reason for any follow ups with any specialists- She did my bloodwork and asked me to follow up every 3 months.. What was the big deal- The new Dr. has a nice and clean office, nice staff and apparently no desire to jack up other peoples businesses by sending me on scavenger hunts to specialists looking for something that does not exist. I do not trust Dr. Dolinsky and would not recommend him. I do not understand at all Drs. scaring you into visiting other Drs. when nothing hurts, nothing seems wrong and no good reason is apparent for it. Why would they do that?? I think he is dishonest.

by Virginia C on Jan 19th, 2015

Dr. Dolinsky is a most caring and professional doctor. He listens to his patients and spends adequate time with them. He is prompt in keeping to the scheduled time of the appointment. His staff is courteous and helpful. When appropriate, he follows up after the visit.

It is suprising and confusing that he was once a top rated dr. show details It is suprising and confusing that he was once a top rated dr.
by Alphadog on Jan 24th, 2014

First and foremost once upon a time was reviews on a dr. when choosing a family pc. Today I believe that recommendation from friends and family are the only way to escape the politics of "top rated dr" and the inescapably unjust way in which they are chosen. I for the last time with my visit to Dr. Dolinsky have chosen a dr. based on new or old reviews by peers and will limit my future appointments to reviews from patients. I find time and time again that the women and men that answer the phones to be representative of the person hiring them and found strike one with my first encounter in making an appointment as the woman was rude, hurried and completely detached from our conversation. Strike 2 came when I called for directions and the second woman was no fonder of being respectful, and the third and what should have been the last was the tiny unclean office which made me feel more like I was in a free clinic rather than in an office where the drs. were paid a salary and had the means to afford some sort of clean or new chairs and carpet and furnishings. I stayed. Upon meeting the dr. strike 4 when I was informed that the women forgot to have me fill out necessary paperwork and that I would have to after 40 minutes waiting, return to the waiting room and allow the next patient to go ahead of me while I filled out the proper paperwork (why was I not given these while I was sitting in the waiting room for so long? )The final strike came when the dr. looking over my newly filled out paperwork failed further to have any idea of what the problem could be related to so he gave me referrals to 4 different types of drs...not 4 drs..but 4 separate visits that he wanted me to make to 4 different types of drs. I politely took the referrals and left, only to wait another 3 weeks for a new pc visit with a pc dr. referred to me by a family member and found that a simple blood test was all I needed and that no other specialty drs. were needed to manage this relatively simple condition. I felt like he was nothing more than a go between salesperson hired to try and "sell" as many more (unnecessary)dr. visits and I wonder if and what the kickbacks are for that. I think things were better before insurance got involved and I believe that now they are encouraged to oversell drs. and medicine and put the helath and best interest of the patient last.

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Idiot. show details Idiot.
by julia on Dec 24th, 2013

I was not sure if I should even see this dr. after speaking on the phone with the woman (receptionist?) She was so obnoxious. I thought if he's a top rated dr. he must be good though, so ignored the witch on the phone. I was surprised that the office was a dump. It was like a really cheaply not too clean waiting room with dime store chairs and little else. The dr. was nice though and I gave a chance which was something I came to regret. He is an idiot. He may have been nice but had no idea what he was talking about or what the appropriate course of action to take was and just made a mess out of everything. He wrote me referrals to the wrong type of drs. and wanted to give me medication I did not need. The man was a buffoon. A fat, out of shape, unsure, (but nice) buffoon. It says a lot about a dr, when the office is in such decay, and so cheaply thrown together, and such obnoxious people answering the phones..Why would "a top rated dr" have no interest in making as nice atmosphere? Could he not afford better than flea market furniture? Could he not or did he not care to hire nice people? I went downtown and thankfully found a nice practice with (mostly) nice staff..a warm..actually well thought out office and lovely waiting room and clean as well..And thankfully a smart dr. who took care of himself and wasn't a slob and was wise enough to know which kind of specialist to send me to. Jason Dolinsky is a pig , his office is a stye and his help is obnoxious. On a positive note the location was extremely convienent to my home and as cheap as he ts..he did have the heat on as it was freezing out. That's the most positive things I could think of about this day which I would rather have spent any other way but wasting my time with this buffoon.

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dime store medicine. show details dime store medicine.
by ohmeohmy on Nov 15th, 2013

The staff, the office, and the dr. himself seem to be second rate. The woman on the phone was quick to hang up before answering questions..this should have been enough for me to decide against going to this dr. Instead i went and was suprised that the office was 3rd class everything..not what i expected from someone who was once supposed to be one of the best drs. in ny. The staff got some of my information incorrect and then got angry with me at their mistake. Dr. Dolinsky himself was an overweight man which is always a concern for me since it is hard to take medical advice from someone in bad shape..but hearing him out he seemed thoughtful but unsure of himself and his plan for my treatment. I did follow up with him one more time (it seemed more convienent than starting over) but i just didn't have alot of regard for his opinion or treatment plan and opted for a different practice with smart drs. and nice staff and comforatable offices which show that they care about their patients and are not so cheap that they sparsley furnish with cheap furniture as Dr. Dolinskys does. I just felt i deserved better for myself and my husband and was not at all impressed either with him, his staff or his (lack of) expertise in family medicine and will not return or reccomend him.

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Wolf in Sheeps clothing. show details Wolf in Sheeps clothing.
by Dana W. on Oct 6th, 2013

I liked mr. dolinsky at first. Until i realised that once he learned i had a UTI, he referred me to a urologist which could take weeks or months to get an appt., leaving me with no medicine. My cousin, a surgeon at NYPresbyterian looked over my labs & told me to stay away from this dr if he did not call me in antibiotics immediatly..and he wrote me a script for some cipro and ordered a culture to identify the bacteria to be sure the cipro would work. Mr. dolinsky (i save the respectful term of dr. for the men and women who actually help people not hurt them) Should have immediatly began me on antibiotics and ordered a culture to identify the bacteria while i waited to get to a urologist. so the bacteria didn't spread. "Drs" like him are the reason so so soooooo very many people die in the hospitol from sepsis every day...(untreated utis.) The drs. just don't care about anything but themselves and G-d forbid you should need antibiotics..they would see you die before giving them to you. On a positive note the office was convienent and my friend was able to wait right outside for me without getting a ticket. He acted nice, but is a typical dr.......wolf in sheeps clothing interested in money before patients well being. Immoral, Irresponsible and did not even give me a RX for thyroid medicine i needed. I called the following week for my bloodwork to be mailed to me, then a few minutes later called back for the file to be sent as well. He called when i was outside and when i returned his call he said "you called a zillion times"...he actually said that verbatim! I may not be a scholar but i am pretty sure 2 times is a significant amount less than a zillion. Hopefully when he or someone he loves develops an illness in which there is either no medicine for or the medicine is not effective..perhaps he will remember me, and all the other patients he refused medicine to..What goes around does indeed come around! Careless, Immoral Heartless "dr"

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Our favorite doctor and staff show details Our favorite doctor and staff
Feb 27th, 2012

My family has been going to Dr. Dolinsky for many years and he and his associate Melissa are the best - friendly, caring and attentive. We send all of our friends to them.

Oct 11th, 2010

Dr. Dolinksy is a cheerful, apparently caring and highly competent fellow. However, he talks continuously about all sort of extraneous matters, like a stream of consciousness--whatever pops into his head--and one wonders how much attention he is paying to what he is doing. His social skills seem not to match the level of his professional expertise.

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Great Doctor! show details Great Doctor!
by Victoria Shannon on Jul 19th, 2010

Dr. Dolinsky is awesome!