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Why does a doctor lie to his patient? Is it because of something lacking in himself? Probably... show details Why does a doctor lie to his patient? Is it because of something lacking in himself? Probably...
by S. L. Hart on Dec 13th, 2009

This doctor treated my daughter at Fort Wood Hospital and I was present during several of the hospital visits. I used to work at Washington University School of Medicine so perhaps I am spoiled, but there is no way I could ever recommend this doctor of osteopathy to any human being. And following are some of the events upon which I make this statement.(1) He lied to us about having requested the records from the prior incident, lied to us about his expertise (not even an MD), lied to us about his having no peers at the hospital whom we could choose over him, told us my daughter's x-rays showed specific lung details but was unable to produce them, told us if we elected being transferred to Barnes-Jewish that transport would be by an ambulance along with 15 medical personnel. (Yes, he really said that - I don't think 15 will even fit in an ambulance with a patient.)(2) Upon requesting what would be the procedure after the removal of the chest tube, he made statements about putting in another chest tube fast using a pocket knife. Laughing. And probably without any morphine. Again laughing. Extremely poor bedside manner, no patient compassion whatsoever. Frankly, I have seen vets with more compassion than Jason Rigoni.(3) He responded to patient questions by continually replying with pure medical terms, which is fine, but when asked to explain in layman terms, was completely unable and/or unwilling to do so. Again laughing. Not until my daughter was off the pain meds, finally lucid, when she gave him a dressing down did he make any effort to explain her condition and the details of her procedure, and that was just that one time.(4) He refused to let my daughter see her CT scan or her x-rays. She had to go through the radiologist to see one, and that was only when she was well enough to walk over there and ask the radiologist in person.(5) At least three hospital workers whose faces I remember, and I think at least two more than that, concurred that Rigoni's deplorable handling of patients was an ongoing problem and they have heard this complaint before.If Rigoni had pulled these sorts of stunts at a hospital like Barnes-Jewish, he would have been fired, but then I think there are only MDs at BJC.I don't think there is anything a patient can do about his conduct because he is more-or-less owned by the U. S. Army. But if you are researching doctors, I would pass this one up and at least find an MD with more experience.