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Sep 11th, 2012

Great Experience

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Aug 13th, 2012

great doctor,she wants to get you well

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 |  My pain is getting better with each set of injections  |  show details
Nov 6th, 2011

My right hip and right knee pain were getting worse. They were affecting how I walked and how I slept. The orthopedic surgeon I consulted suggested I let him inject the sites with steroid shots to help reduce the pain and inflammation.I asked Dr. Allen for her advice. She advised homeopathic Injections to each site. She explained that they are FDA approved and are actually restorative and not simply suppressive as a steroid injection would be.I travel two hours to visit Dr. Allen and to receive my injections. It is worth the trip because the shots actually work and I trust her. My pain is getting better with each set of injections. I may need one or two more set of shots.Thank you Dr. Allen!Abigail ~ Mount Dora, Florida

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 |  Two RNs happy to be Dr. Allens patients  |  show details
Sep 12th, 2011

My husband and I are both RNs. We moved here to Tampa close to seven months ago. We both had been on the Sotto pellet hormone therapy for 3 years prior to seeing Dr. Allen. We found Dr. Allen after doing an Internet search. Dr. Jean Allen convinced us to try a combination of oral and transdermal prescriptions. We first both did hormone saliva panels and blood work. I also did a urine estrogen metabolite test. Additionally, Dr. Allen placed us on nutritional and gastrointestinal support to help enhance overall health and optimize our hormone balance. We followed Dr. Allens program very closely. In less than two months, we were feeling so much better than we ever did on the hormone pellet therapy. We would definitely recommend Dr. Allens care to our colleagues, to our friends and to our family. Thank you Dr. Allen! -- Janet, Tampa, Florida

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 |  Patient for over 3 years  |  show details
Aug 11th, 2011

I have been seeing Dr Allen for over three years and find her practice to be a refreshing break from the norm. The best aspects for me are the low wait times, pleasant environment, ease of getting appointments and the personal involvement Dr. Allen ensures during a visit.I read in a previous post from another patient saying she tries to push products, such as vitamins and supplements. I will say this is true that she recommends them, but she has always been kind if I were to say I am not interested. The trade-off here is that she is recommending products which she has personally researched and thinks would be a benefit. It never bothered me as I understand she is in the business of making money, and I always felt my best interest was her intentions and her recommendations never felt like it was coming from some puppeteer of the pharmaceutical companies.

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 |  Canadian citizen happy to have found Dr. Allen  |  show details
Jul 15th, 2011

I have two homes, I spend my winters here close to Tampa in the Sarasota area. I found Dr. Jean Allen's name after doing an internet search and seeing her name in the back of a Suzanne Sommers book.I have been on bio-identical hormone therapy for a few years now. My previous doctor only did blood work to monitor my hormone levels. No saliva or urine testing had ever been done prior to my being seen by Dr. Allen. After the results came in, she started me on a combination of oral and transdermal bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. She also advised nutritional support to help correct deficiencies and imbalances that she found. I feel so much better now. I sleep more soundly and I have more energy. Dr. Allen will be managing my hormone levels through periodic saliva testing and as to how I feel. My treatment plan can be tailored remotely by a telephone call to Dr. Allen. I have a PCP in Canada and I can see Dr. Allen when I travel back to Florida. This works out well. Thanks Dr. Allen!Diane ~ Canada

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May 12th, 2011

My chronic low level depression prior to my pregnancy became very severe after the delivery of my beautiful healthy baby. I was seeing a psychiatrist, placed on an antidepressant, saw a therapist and joined a "postpartum depression" support group which I still attend. My therapist strongly suggested that I see Dr. Jean Allen to help me get off my antidepressant. I really wanted to do this, but was not sure if I could handle this. My psychiatrist was not experienced with nutrition or bioidentical hormone replacement therapy management. Dr. Allen started me on proper nutrition supplement choices and bioidentical hormone therapy. I saw her in follow up a couple of times. Within two months, I was feeling so much better. Dr. Allen started to taper down the dose of my antidepressant and eventually she took me off. I feel very happy now off my drug. It is such a relief.. My energy is better as are any GI symptoms I had prior to coming to see Dr. Allen . I tell all my friends about my wonderful experience. I am very appreciative for all the help I received. Thanks! -- April

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Apr 13th, 2011

When I passed into my forties, the migraine headaches I've suffered with since puberty ramped up to a new level. In spite of preventive medication and regular chiropractic visits, I was suffering from 6 or more debilitating migraines a month. By age 45, other effects of hormone loss were becoming evident. I was overcome with extreme fatigue daily, usually around mid-afternoon. Although even-tempered and mild-mannered my whole life, I was suddenly prone to dark thoughts and extreme mood swings, yelling at one moment, sobbing the next. I was awoken nightly around 2:00am in a blaze of inner body heat. As a long-time reader of Suzanne Somers' books on weight loss, I had recently read about bio identical hormone replacement. My husband and I had even attended a lecture on the subject.I finally decided to take the plunge and thank goodness I found Dr. Jean Allen. She has a whole life approach- beginning with a full blood/salvia work up to determine what your hormone levels are and where you need nutritional and hormonal support. She continues to work with me month after month, tweaking the formula until everything is where it should be. My night sweats were GONE in the first week of treatment. The mood swings and depression improved in the first six weeks. I've been under Dr. Jean Allen's care now for about six months and even under extreme stress, I'm down to only a few minor, quickly treatable migraines a month. The fatigue has greatly improved and my libido is back in the swing again too! Thank you, Dr. Allen!Anne, Tampa, Florida

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 |  I FEEL BETTER THAN I DID 20 YEARS AGO!  |  show details
Apr 5th, 2011

Short of taking out a full page ad in the local paper, I want to take this opportunity to let you know how pleased I am with your approach to health and wellness.While browsing in the bookstore one day, I stumbled upon Suzanne Somer's book, Breathrough. I consider myself fairly intelligent, and worked for 28 years for an agency investigating, among other things, health care fraud. For some reason (fate?) I bought the book and was unable to put it down. The individuals Ms. Somers interviewed for her book were all highly accredited physicians, scientists, etc., with credentials second to none. This impressed me. What also impressed me were the comments concerning bioidentical hormone replacement. Lo and behold, at the back of the book was a listing on recommended physicians for anyone interested in following up on this alternative medical protocol. There was Dr. Jean Allen, just down the street from me. I immediately made an appointment.At the point in time I came in to see Dr. Allen, I was 51, had been diagnosed with Epstein-Barr Syndrome and had been told by my gynecologist (who has followed me since I was 15!) that I was nowhere near perimenopause. I couldn't understand why I couldn't sleep well at night, woke up sweating, yet my feet and hands were like blocks of ice constantly. I was lethargic, even when not in the midst of a flare-up from Epstein-Barr. Another factor that had been troubling me was my self-diagnosed ADHD and extreme forgetfulness. While these may not sound like debilitating complaints, they adversely affected my lifestyle. I exercise daily and quite strenuously, have two autistic children and am constantly on the go. I have considerable stress in my life. I was simply out of energy.Dr. Allen listened to me. This was not a 15 minute appointment with a nurse coming in to get the vitals and a quick doctor visit. I was so impressed! Dr. Allen spent an hour, possibly more, discussing my symptoms and explaining what plan of treatment she was going to use, why and how each one would help me. While very impressed, I left the office with my prescribed supplements and vitamins expecting for not much to change. Was I ever pleasantly surprised!Within two weeks, I was sleeping soundly and through the night, at least for 7 hours (previously unheard of for me I would read till one or two in the morning, get up at 4, stay up for an hour and then get up again 6). Additionally, on some days I even took an hour nap and still was able to get to bed. My cold feet and hands (up to two pairs of socks at night) returned to normal body temperature. The sweating is no more. My mood is vastly improved. The combination of treatments Dr. Allen prescribed has been nothing short of magic elixir. People who know me well, but whom I have not shared this information with, tell me I look wonderful. And you know what? I feel wonderful! Someone asked me if I felt 52, having just had a birthday. I told them I didn't feel this good when I was 32. And I didn't.If you follow Dr. Allen's protocol and make the healthy changes to your life (and read Breakthrough and incorporate as much of that into your life as well), I'd venture to say you could share this feeling as well. In my mind, this is the new, improved way of healthcare.I also wish to add that Maria is an outstanding addition to the South Tampa Medspa & Wellness center. She is a very professional, friendly woman who does anything she can to assist Dr. Allen's patients.Whatever it was that led me to Dr. Allen, I'm glad it happened. I've never, ever felt better. Thank you!SANDY, Tampa

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Apr 3rd, 2011

I read over all the previous testimonials for Dr. Allen. I decided that I really wanted to take the time to write my own. I very much disagree With the person who felt their visit with Dr. Allen was a waste of time. This is not possible. If you follow her advice and are patient with these natural formulas, you will very likely see an improvement. Dr. Allen takes a very comprehensive history during your first visit with her. I never had an experience like this before. I listened to her advice during that initial visit and I followed her instructions on nutrition and homeopathics to help my presenting symptoms of headaches, abdominal pain, bloating and muscle aches. I also had mood swings, hot flashes, chronic fatigue, depression and lack of sex drive. I was very unhappy with my life and all my gynecologist would suggest were synthetic hormones and an antidepressant. I thought to myself "no thank you". I had no other solutions until I picked up a copy of Suzanne Sommer's book "Breakthrough". I read through the book and I found many of my symptoms. I flipped to the resource physician section in the back. This is where I found Dr Jean Allen's name. After my first visit, Dr Allen ordered blood work and a hormone saliva panel. The panel tested eight hormones including my adrenal cortisol levels at four times during the day. When the results came in, I had my second visit with her where she went through all my abnormal results and deficiencies. She then prescribed my Bio-identical Hormone replacement therapy. I was hopeful but not exactly sure what to expect and how quickly I would get better. She also advised nutritional and adrenal support as this was needed.My hot flashes and mood swings were the first symptoms to improve once these therapies were started. I noticed a difference within the first one to two weeks. The rest followed. My depression took two months to resolve but it was a gradual process of feeling better with each few passing days. My sex drive also came back. I was happy with my life again. I can not say enough about how my life has changed since coming in to see Dr. Allen. I have referred many friends to her who have also felt better thanks to her help. Her consultation fees are very reasonable. I did my research and found several other doctors with less experience and knowledge charging much more for their services.

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 |  Dr. Allen has given me back my life and youth  |  show details
by Lori on Jan 3rd, 2011

When I first saw her, I felt tired, sexless, sad, sleepless, emotional, bloated and Hot flashy. I felt like maybe the best part of my life was over. I was 43 and did not understand what was happening to me. I had become so unhappy and so tired most of the time. Other doctors just wrote antidepressants, but Dr. Allen listened to me. She did blood work and saliva hormone testing so she could best help me. The results showered a low Vitamin D3, a low estrogen, very low progesterone and burnt out adrenals. I started bio identical hormone replacement therapy, adrenal support, Vitamin D, herbs, homeopathics and other nutritionals. It took a few months but the results were truly amazing. I am sleeping very well, no longer bloated, my energy is back, have no more night sweats or breast tenderness. My libido is back. I am so happy now. I definitely recommend Dr. Allens services to anyone who wants to live their best life ever.

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 |  I no longer needed back surgery.  |  show details
Dec 17th, 2010

In August 2007, I injured my back. This seriously affected my ability to bend, walk or stand without serious pain. I was experiencing intermittent shooting pain in my left leg and pain in the middle of my back. I also had a muscle spasm in the middle of my back near the area of a herniated disc. I received an injections of a homeopathic pain formula to that area and by the next day it was gone. Dr. Jean Allen suggested these injections. They appeared to be working so I continued to return to receive more injections. I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease referred to as a Spondylolisthesis by the orthopedic surgeon. He advised fusion at L4 & L5 lumbar vertebras. Thanks to Dr. Allens care, I was able to cancel my lumbar fusion surgery because the pain was gone. She also helped my neck and mid back pain which I had for several years.

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 |  Best Christmas present my mom could ask for...  |  show details
Nov 4th, 2010

My soon to be 77 year old mother was visiting me over the Thanksgiving holiday in 2009. She was suffering daily from severe right foot and ankle pain from a very old injury. She also suffered from progressive arthritis in both of her knees, which was causing her a lot of pain. She had seen several doctors. They advised Motrin and Percocet as needed among other drugs to suppress the pain. There appeared to be no real good solution. It had become disabling for her. She was house bound for the most part because it was painful to walk any distances. It was affecting her outlook on life. This very positive, joyful person I knew was becoming increasingly more depressed because of the chronic pain she had to live with. She lives in Baltimore and the cold weather made her arthritis and foot pain much worse. Both of her knees were very painful. I mentioned my mothers health problems to Dr. Jean Allen who arranged to see my mother three times during the week she was in town. It had to be set up that way because my mom was flying back to Baltimore on December 2nd. Well, within those three visits, my mothers pain was significantly transformed. Her progress continued after she returned to her home because she was also on homeopathic formulas which she was taking orally. Both my mom and I were so appreciative for the amazing care she received from Dr. Allen. We can not thank her enough. It has truly transformed her life. Whenever my family has health challenges we know where to go to get the best possible results.

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 |  I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER....  |  show details
by Paige on Oct 19th, 2010

"I am a college student in Tampa, Florida and have been experiencing painfrom a broken coccyx for over a year. Sitting was extremely uncomfortable, tosay the least. Rather than consider surgery, I began seeing an experiencedphysical therapist in my home state of Maryland for manual manipulation of mycoccyx and strengthening of my core and lower back. Since I had to return to Tampa for my senior year, my PT researched alternative treatments in Floridathat I might consider. She found Dr. Allen and suggested I give that a try. I begana treatment regime with Dr. Allen in September of 2008 and, after six weeks I nolonger have any pain in my coccyx area and I'm able to sit normally. It is such arelief since, as a student, I am sitting for a good portion of my day. I am verygrateful to Dr. Allen for all her help! I would definitely recommend everyonewith chronic pain to give this treatment a try. It has truly been a miracle forme."PaigeTampa, Florida

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 |  a godsend  |  show details
by Melissa on Sep 15th, 2010

she is one of the most intergrative doctors i have ever been too. she listens and understands female needs.

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 |  Great seeing a Holistic Naturapathic Doctor  |  show details
by Kathy Perry on Sep 14th, 2010

I am delighted to be seeing Dr. Jean Allen, who took the time to ask me questions about my lifestyle, health and work stress from a holistic viewpoint. She offers naturapathic solutions rather than drugs, which I appreciate so much. She cares and spends time with you, it's not like the assembly line of clinics that only spend 5 to 10 minutes per patient.I highly recommend Dr. Allen. Kathy Perry

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Jul 14th, 2010

Dr Allen takes a wholistic approach with her patients, including diet and nutritional counseling and use of supplements and homeopathic medicines.

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 |  Dr. Allen  |  show details
by S. J. Mayer on Jul 12th, 2010

Dr. Jean Allen has been my doctor for about a year. We are working on very complex helath issues and Dr. Allen makes sure that we are working together and not just telling me what to do or what medicines to take. I feel as if I am part of my cure. I tell people all the time about how great she is and recommend her as often as I can. I have never had a doctor include me in my care or been willing to take as much time as required with me. This is an excellent doctor. There is very little wait time at the office and it is very easy to get an appointment that fits your schedule.

  • Currently 4 of 4 stars
 |  I'm so happy to have been referred to Dr. Allen  |  show details
by Deborah Benedict on Jul 7th, 2010

It's reassuring to have a physician that is knowledgeable with traditional and homeopathic medicine and is comfortable with both. She is compassionate and listens intently to my sypmtoms and progression. Her front office staff have been pleasant, engaging (no closed off glass doors greeting you) and very helpful.

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 |  Such a good listener...helped me so much.  |  show details
by VMP on Jun 23rd, 2010

I found out about Dr. Allen from a friend that had been to her and had such good things to say about her. I was in need of a primary care physician who was open to holistic medicine. I went in and was so happy to find that she actually listens to everything you say and all your questions and concerns. She is great with female issues. She helped me with my hormones and got me on a good supplement routine that has given me more energy and I am even eating better. I highly recommend.

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 |  Pushes Product  |  show details
by Martha Gold on Apr 13th, 2010

I think she's more in the business of selling supplements, vitamins and beauty products. Her diagnostics leave a lot to be desired.

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