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by Kathy on Apr 1st, 2015

I have been dealing with menopause for years now and my worst symptom I have are horrible hot flashes - they are so bad that there are days that I can't even leave my house because I am sweating so profusely and anxious. I have explained this to Dr. McCullen so many times it is a joke. She acts as though hot flashes are no "big deal" and she reluctantly gives me low doses of whatever samples she has in her office to try and says "see if this works" in an irritated and like she can't be bothered voice. The last straw was when I called her office to get an appointment as none of the "crap" she gave me was working and they said they couldn't even get me in for weeks. Mind you I have been a patient of hers for 10 years or more. Then when I finally got into see her and asked her to give me something else that I wasn't doing well on what she had me on she looked me square in the face and said " Life is not perfect". EXCUSE ME? You can't be serious. But she was serious. This doctor also doesn't like to deal with older women who are in menopause - I am 56 by the way. She only likes to deal with younger patients especially the ones who are pregnant. She is only interested in delivering babies. Also, I have to mention that at least 3 times during my years with Dr. McCullen I was on the table waiting for her to come in the room for my appointment and the nurse came in and said I should get dressed that Dr. McCullen was just called to the hospital to deliver a baby. The only reason I have stayed with her all these years is because her location was convenient to my home and not a very far drive. However, after all I have endured with her and still NOT helped with my hot flashes and menopause, I will not be going back to her. And another person reviewed her and said the office staff is rude and act like they are better than you are and act as if you are bothering them - I totally agree this is also very true. So sad and really pathetic.

Jan 20th, 2015

MUST READ BEFORE GOING TO SEE DR.JENNIFER MCCULLEN! I would have put negative stars if I could and anyone going to Dr. Jennifer McCullen is putting their life and their babies life in danger. In spite of the fact that the whole office is unfriendly and unwelcoming. The doctors are friendly but one of them even if you aren't there to see her she barges in to put her two cents in, her name is Dr. Jennifer mcCullen She won't listen to a word you say. I'm not sure how you can try and diagnose patients without listening to them but she does. And her advice to me throughout my entire pregnancy no matter what I was in there for was to take MiraLax no matter how many times I told her I wasn't constipated, she insisted that it would help me to stop vomiting. I was throwing up non- stop and extremely sick I ended up in the hospital severely dehydrated and they had to even check to make sure the baby was okay. They diagnosed me at 18 weeks pregnant in the ER with Hyperemesis gravidarum. The ER gave me paperwork with all the information and what measures I needed to take, the list consisted of being medicated for the vomiting, eating small frequent meals, sipping sport drinks such as Gatorade, etc. along with staying at home to take care of myself so that I didn't end up back at the hospital for the rest of my term. The ER gave me meds that they had tried through my iv fluids to help with the vomiting and monitored me for the day. They had given me Reglan and it helped with the vomiting. I made and appointment with my OB-Gyn and I was to see Jennifer McCullen that day, I had my paper work for a medical leave from work just as suggested to me and she refused to give me more than 2 weeks off from work and then re-access the situation, she also would not refill my medication the ER had given me and quote on quote said to "take MiraLax and that if I keep everything flowing I won't be throwing up and won't need the medication" I told her that I'm not constipated and tried to show her the paperwork from the ER to show her that they suggested I be medicated and she refused to look and shook her head and just kept pushing the MiraLax on me. I left there extremely upset with her because she never listens to me and MiraLax was her solution to everything. I went to Dr. Swanson's office immediately after leaving Dr. McCullen and decided to leave her which was a big decision being that I was 5 months pregnant, but I wanted me and my baby to be safe throughout my pregnancy, and with what I was already diagnosed with I needed to take home measures. When I got home I did research on MiraLax and pregnancies and it is not recommended unless you are severely constipated ( at the end of my review I will post links where I got my facts from ) but MiraLax can cause lots of harm to you and your unborn baby such as, MiraLax (and its generic version Polyethylene Glycol) is "toxic" and is known to harm the fetus. It cause severe neurological damage as well as birth defects and early delivery. Severe neurological disorders of the central and peripheral nervous systems such as autism, dementia, depression, schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, it also causes uterine contractions. Miralax also causes dehydration, Excessive Thirst, Feel Like Throwing Up, Not Feeling Well, Sleep Disorder, Swelling of the Abdomen, Upper Abdominal Pain. As you can see this would not be something to recommend to someone unless they needed it. And if the person is not constipated and is expecting a baby is probably not the best thing.

Jennifer Mccullin deserves no awards as a top Doctor show details Jennifer Mccullin deserves no awards as a top Doctor
Mar 5th, 2014

Dr Mccullin performed a surgical procedure to determine if I had cancerous cells on my cervix. Tests all came back negative, but 6 days later I began to bleed terribly. I called Dr Mccullin from home and her advice was to put a tampon in and call back in an hour. Well, in an hour I was bleeding beyond the tampon and onto the floor. We called her back and told her I was going to emergency. At this time I had lost a considerable amount of blood. When I got to the hospital they immediately started an IV due to the amount of blood loss. Dr Mccullin was called from emergency she literally said "oh shoot (but she didn't say shoot), I just got home" (this was relayed to me from the staff at the hospital) I found this to be true because she made them wheel me in a room at the ER where I was supposed to stay until morning when I was to then go to her office at the hospital at 8am. This was when Dr Mccullin was at Manatee Memorial. (you can't make this stuff up) Approx 1 hr later she was called back because the nice gentleman in ER said "this is crazy". Dr Jennifer Mccullin reluctantly showed up and actually complained to me once she arrived that I hadn't called her before she had left that day. I told her I wasn't bleeding during her office hours. She then discovered I had an arterial tear and was losing blood with every heart beat. She repaired the tear without even numbing the area which was difficult to endure to say the least. (most likely because she was irritated) This was a few years ago and I was too young and naive to understand my rights as a patient. Looking back I see I should have taken her to court. Dr Mccullin does not care about her patients and I would not recommend her.

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Great Delivery show details Great Delivery
Sep 5th, 2012

Dr. McCullen and staff were the best that I ever could have expected. She made my delivery possible, by her skill and expertise. My baby was overdue, and thus was not a small baby, but Dr. McCullen made the delivery a good experience for both me and my child. Excellent bedside manner.