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Negative experience and painful show details Negative experience and painful
Mar 29th, 2013

I was sent to this person by Social Security on a disability evaluation. It is difficult to believe SSDI pays this person to actually see claimants and moreover, people who are in serious pain as he is rude, arrogant, and obviously not concerned with out conditions, but his paycheck for denying us by writing negative reports for disability benefits. He actually hurt me and kept pushing on with demands to walk around on my tiptoes, bend over at the waist (while he tried to stand behind me with his hands on my hips), etc. There are nothing but complaints on this senior citizen quack posing as a doctor. Clearly, he retired a long time ago and is now collecting a nice paycheck from the government, which is in lieu of us receiving our benefits from them.

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Awful doctor show details Awful doctor
Oct 4th, 2012

This man is the rudest most uncaring doctor I have ever seen.Demands yes/no answers to you medical issues, no conversation at all. Becomes irate when you attempt to describe medical issues. As an agreed medical examiner this guy is a joke. Ten minutes and get out, oh, where's my check. The medical board should suspend his license.

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totally unprofessional show details totally unprofessional
Jun 24th, 2012

I have to wonder who is responsible for hiring Dr. Sherman as the orthopedic doctor for Social Security disability examinations.His total lack of professionalism demeans the medical profession.I was appalled at the condition of the examination room. The paper on the exam bed appeared to not have been changed in a very long time, if it actually had ever been changed at all.The doctor himself was dressed very casually, even though the traditional "white coat" was hanging unused in the exam room.There was no form being filled out by the doctor. Instead, he utilized the copy paper with the image of my drivers license to make his notes.He did not ask questions from a list, but from his memory. I felt as though I was on the witness stand at a trial. Any time I tried to explain my answer to his question, I was told very firmly, "yes or no only"!He seemed to only want the answers he wanted and no information that I felt might be pertinent to the history of my condition.He informed me that he wanted x-rays of my neck and back. When I informed him that I had both x-rays and MRI in my car, he insisted on new ones.He ordered x-rays for every patient preceeding me, as well. Apparently, all the medical information and documentation provided to Social Security were not enough for him. No doubt, the government pays him extra for these additional x-rays. There is certainly no regard for the patients, or the radiation we are subjected to.This man should have retired long ago. He is rude, arroganty and uncaring. Obviously, the taxpayers are paying for his trips to Las Vegas and not to get a true evaluation of those who have applied for disability.

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Dr. Sherman, Santa Monica TOTAL JERK show details Dr. Sherman, Santa Monica TOTAL JERK
Apr 22nd, 2012

This Doctor is a Total Jerk! Doesnt care about the patient.Doses not listen to you or cares how you are feeling.

Disgrace to the medical profession show details Disgrace to the medical profession
Mar 25th, 2012

Doctor Sherman was very rude, and grabbed my leg and pulled it up for a rating percentage for social security. I screamed in pain because of herniated disk's in my lower back. And he said " get out, your done" that was it, and then when I read his report he listed me as almost perfect. The ALJ ruling said he over exaggerated his diagnosis. This guy is a disgrace to his profession. The only bright side is knowing he will not be in Heaven. When all is said and done.

Appalled show details Appalled
Mar 24th, 2012

I witnessed Dr. Sherman physically hurt a 62 year old injured worker during her employer's-arranged examination. Twice she yelped in pain, and her eyes welled with tears. Without warning he hiked her skirt on two occasions and casually touched her bare legs and upper thighs. He had her lie down on a bed, and asked her to bend her knees, not allowing her to adjust her skirt first, which is what any decent man would have a lady do. He also had her bend forward (while she was in pain) and while he was pressed behind her. I was appalled by what I saw; I've seen many of these types of exams, but never anything as hostile and degrading as this. I also fear his report will be biased, because he interrupted all her answers...I don't think he really cared about her injury at all.

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Mar 21st, 2012

i disagree great doctor

Run for your life! show details Run for your life!
Nov 30th, 2011

This shambling reptile works for social security in a rented office in a "Mrs. Chin's Pain Clinic", a fly-by-nite operation if ever there was one. He actually hurt me during the 5 minute exam. He slammed my arthritic hip and back down on a table because it was taking longer than his alloted 5 min. because I was in such bad shape physically. DO NOT LET THIS MAN LAY A HAND ON YOU. He's far, far from a true professional and social security should be ashamed for propigating the ability of this man to legally see the elderly and vulnerable.

awful and unprofessional show details awful and unprofessional
Oct 20th, 2011

Sherman has a terrible attitude, didnt not listen to my issues, and misdiagnosed my condition. Steer clear of this guy and find someone who will be attentive

No good doctor show details No good doctor
Sep 17th, 2010

I went to the visit with my mom as she is spanish speaking only and wanted to translate. He was VERY RUDE straight at the start, making comments as to why she did not ask for an interpreter...duh me! Then as one mentioned before he cuts you off as we try to explain the events and get this he did not even have paper to take notes. He had to ask the nurse, which took about 2 minutes, to get freaking paper. He did not measurements, merely observations and basically said my mothers injury was all fine, reported no pain and surgery was successful can go back to work without any limitations. UHHH wrong...mother unable to go back to work, in pain and will need further treatment per primary doctor. This doctor I feel was being discriminatory and made us feel stupid as if we knew nothing. Not worth your time to see him.

Agree With Others show details Agree With Others
by Agree -- With Other Negative Opitions on Jul 6th, 2010

This doctor is very rude, arrogant and (definitely) no beside manners. He will ask you a question and will cut you off as you are trying to explain in detail. His professional care might be good, but most people (including myself) will never know because most of us will not get beyond his f... first impression!! attitudes!!

dr strange show details dr strange
Jun 23rd, 2010

the moment I saw him I felt uncomfortable. he had no nurse to receive his patients and the office staff seemed to avoid him. but when he asked me to bend over as he stood behind me he lifted my blouse and put his finger in my pants. I was so shocked I couldn't say anything. I tried to convince myself he did it so I would not fall but the more I think of it I get upset. he was very rude. very strange. I would not want to see him again.

Excellent Doctor show details Excellent Doctor
by B. Smith on Apr 9th, 2010

He was to the point and clear with me. He obviously knows what he is talking about and doesnt have patience for people failing to tell the whole story. But if you truly have an injury, he is the doctor for you.

Criminal show details Criminal
by Disabled homeless person on Mar 4th, 2010

Run he is a criminal and fake and has sold out to the social security administration.

Oct 19th, 2009

Dr. Said injury could be caused by anything. He also said that he did not know what caused my injury nor has he ever seen anything like it.Tried to say that I had this since I was a kid. If a Dr has never seen anything nor knows what it is he or she should look it up and investigate medical journals. I was only in his office for no more than 15 minutes.

Outragagious arrogance! show details Outragagious arrogance!
Sep 15th, 2009

This man is a complete jerk. I feel sorry for anyone who calls him their primary care doctor. He is rude and indignant. No bedside manner what so ever. Obviously, he thinks very highly of himself.

May 20th, 2009

He is very rude. He does not really care about his clients. He acts like a Gestapo.