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Behind the times show details Behind the times
Jan 26th, 2015

I did not meet this doctor, instead I saw a nurse practitioner for my thyroid script refill. I've taken Synthroid/generics for 30 years, and I was astounded that the LNP told me to take it in the morning, when studies conducted four years ago and published in the JAMA describe that it is more effective taken at night. FOUR years ago this study was published and yet this practice continues to tell patients wrong information, causing those patients to possibly take more medication than necessary. Yikes. I'm not going back there.

Worst doctor ever! show details Worst doctor ever!
Jan 5th, 2015

Dr. Cantero was rude, abrupt, cold and disrespectful during the whopping 15 minutes she spent with me. I went to her seeking a second opinion on my thyroid and low blood sugar issues and was dismissed immediately upon her entering the room. Her diagnosis: you eat too much (before even asking how/what I eat) and you need to lose weight. Her treatment given: starve yourself ("because skinny people starve themselves"). She suggested if I didn't like her answers I was welcome to go elsewhere. If you like being talked down to and made to feel as though you are the problem then she's your doctor. If you prefer to be treated like a human being STAY AWAY. She is awful!

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Jul 22nd, 2014

Truly, zero stars would be a better summary of my experience with Dr. Cantero. Rude, dismissive, did not begin with any intro or questions about what brought me in. No bedside manner skills, no customer care skills, not helpful or concerned about patients.

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Nov 3rd, 2013

I just love the professionalism, that personal touch, Dr. Cantero is caring and able to relate.

by Delores on Oct 8th, 2013

I am very pleased with the care the doctor has given me. I came to see Dr Cantero for diabetes and ended up being diagnosed with thyroid cancer because she noticed a lump in my throat. It was because she spent time with me that it was picked up. Luckily it was early stage and I am doing all right now.

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Oct 5th, 2013

Great doctor, highly recommend her!

Oct 5th, 2013

I have insulin dependent diabetes and have been to many doctors. Meeting Dr Cantero changed my life. I have been on a pump since under her care and are doing very well since the switch. I highly recommend her.

Oct 4th, 2013

My experience in Dr Cantero's office was extremely positive. The staff was ready to help, and the doctor took her time to listen to my problems and plan for a treatment for me. I feel a lot better about my diabetes and I am taking good care of myself. The doctor made me understand that if I take my medications I can have a normal life!

Great doctor show details Great doctor
by Mrs Young on Sep 4th, 2013

I see Dr Cantero every 6 months, I was scheduled to see Dr Heyliger but was unable to keep the appt due to an issue with my referral. The front office staff is exceptional! Amanda was very patient and courteous when an issue arose with my referral. She contacted my primary care physician's office as well as Tricare and found my referral was in for a military doctor. She then helped me fix the situation and ensured I would have continuity of care until I could get in again. Thank you for going the extra mile!

Lovely doctor show details Lovely doctor
by Mary on Aug 15th, 2013

Dr Cantero and her office are very friendly. She has always been very good with me. She always answers my questions and concerns and if there is ever something that she cannot help me with (maybe another health issue) she will send me elsewhere and make sure that the doctor is a good one.

Ms show details Ms
by Eloise smith on Apr 24th, 2013

This doctor is a true professional, caring and attentive.

Mar 22nd, 2013

I would not recommend this doctor to anyone. I specifically went to her to start on an insulin pump. I had a felx spend account that was over on Feb. 28th. She set me up with the rep for the pump, had all of it ready to order. I needed to use the flex spend account by the end of Feb and have a high deductible. I would not be able to financially afford the pump if I did not get it by the end of Feb. I explained this to her, she said "No problem!" But, she refused to sign the letter of medical necessity until I had my next appointment after Feb!!! Gave me diagnoses for things I do not have to bill the insurance extra money. And billed the insurance $400.00. She really is just in it for the money. Treated me like I was an idiot by refusing to sign the letter because she thought I couldn't carb count and was scared of injections. I have been diabetic for 21 years and am a Medical Assistant in a primary care office. And her bedside manner is abrupt. She talks down to you. Not recommended!

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by JB on Feb 22nd, 2013

I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer - early stage by Dr Cantero. Since then I have had multiple biopsies by her and a surgery by a surgeon recommended by Dr Cantero. Her entire team has been very professional and in fact a pleasure to deal with. The wait times can definitely be improved, but the Medicine was what I went to this practice for. I have not been dissapointed.

by Terry on Feb 21st, 2013

I have been seeing Dr. Cantero for over nine years. She has always been very kind and concerned about me and my health. A stern style but that is the only thing that has saved my life. Thank you, Dr. Cantero

Dec 4th, 2012

She did a needle biopsy for my nodules. All she used was a numbing creme. She stuck me 4 times and said she needed to use a thicker needle. I asked her to please numb me since it really hurts. She told me she was busy and it would take 30 minutes to work as she jabbed me in the neck.I cried all the way home. It really hurt.What a horrible doctor.

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Oct 11th, 2012

Seldom answers questions; rushes through without explaining anything. Doctor does not go over lab results, will not return phone calls or talk over the phone to a patient and messages left for staff or doctor are not acknowledged or answered.

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Jun 20th, 2012

Dr Cantero is very professional and easy to talk to. My daughter has been seeing Dr. Cantero for over 2 years and we are both very happy with her and the staff.

Horrible is an understatement show details Horrible is an understatement
by Anonymous on Jun 6th, 2012 on

AWFUL office organization. See review above

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there's got to be someone better out there. show details there's got to be someone better out there.
Apr 12th, 2012

I've been seeing Dr. Cantero for almost a year, and at least she's not the worst endo out there. Let the buyer beware. She'll keep you from dying but treats according to a standard set of textbook diagnosis. Which means, if your symptoms don't match a cookie-cutter set of symptoms from a medical textbook, come back in 6 months when you are sicker. And don't bring in any of "that crap you read on the internet." I'll probably start a new doctor search soon.

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Scam show details Scam
Mar 27th, 2012

Dr. Cantero's "practice" is to make money - period. You have to make an appointment just to make an appointment. Staff is awful. Do yourself a favor and find any other doctor.

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Oct 5th, 2011

Dr. Cantero was not interested in how I felt and would give conflicting information at different appointments. She does not like to be questioned when I had concerns. The staff was nice sometimes, rude others. The office was not reliable in for having prescriptions refilled. I would not refer any of my friends to this doctor

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All about money and no regard for patients ! show details All about money and no regard for patients !
Mar 29th, 2011

She thinks she is a big Administrator who will collect millions pushing pills down unsuspecting patients that cause serious side effects. She is rude and has her entire staff lying for her daily. She is not a doctor to get you back to proper health. Research very carefully before making a huge mistake

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Can never see her; you must see the NP or another Dr. show details Can never see her; you must see the NP or another Dr.
Nov 4th, 2010

Dr. Cantero-Lakhanpal used to be a wonderful, caring doctor. In the past, I could always get an appt. with her, and during the appt. she always spent a good amount of time with me. Now,even when I make an appt. with only her, I can never see her!I must always see a NP or another doctor, if I'm lucky enough to get a doctor. Dr. Cantero-Lakhanpal is too busy. I haven't seen her personally in almost two yrs. It is very sad. I don't feel I'm getting good care anymore.

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Horrible Horrible Horrible show details Horrible Horrible Horrible
Jul 20th, 2010

I scheduled 1st available which was 3 months out. They called me a few days before and told me the dr. won't be there so i had to reschedule. They forgot to send me a new patient packet so I had mounds of paper work. The dr was over an hour late. I went to see her about hypothyroidism. I am on Synthroid but still feeling horrible. I told her I have friends that didn't feel well until they were on the low range of normal on TSH. She told me I could either trust mondern medicine or go practice witchcraft. I explained my frustration with being ill and not being able to get well and she told me it might all be emotional. She was ARROGARNT, DISGUSTING, RUDE AND HORRIBLE

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by Anonymous on Jul 20th, 2010 on

I scheduled 1st available which was 3 months out. They called me a few days before and told me the dr. won't be there so i had to reschedule. The ...

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Jun 28th, 2010

Dr. Cantero has a rough exterior. When I asked her some questions, she replied "there's so much crap out there on the internet" and I didn't even read anything on the internet, just asking questions about my thyroid treatment. I wanted to know about options. I like to be an informed patient, but at the same time I honestly don't think I was asking too much and I thought her reaction was very blunt. If you're looking for a doctor who will sit and listen to you, she is not for you. If you're the kind of person who wants to go to the doctor, be told what to do, be willing to follow instructions without questioning her, then she's the one. My primary doctor thinks highly of her so I decided to give her a second chance and I feel the same way.

Can't spend enough money show details Can't spend enough money
by Dick Williams on Jun 10th, 2010

I've been a patient of Dr. Cantero for 5-6 years. Have spent plenty of money at her office for care of my thyroid.As I have been unemployed for more than a year, I recently emailed Dr. Cantero's office, asking for a 90-day extension on my daily thyroid medication. I explained that I'm having a rough time financially, but am hoping for a job breakthrough soon.The doctor refused my request so, when back on my feet financially, I will seek another endo. She suggested that my alternative is the emergency room.

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Feb 6th, 2010


holding my blood results hostage show details holding my blood results hostage
by Karen on Jan 5th, 2010

Dr. Cantero-Lakhanpal ordered blood work and an ultrasound for me. I had both of them done in early November (2009). Dr. Cantero-lakhanpal will not give my any results until I come in for a follow up appointment. The problem is that the first available appointment is not until February 1 (2010). Therefore, I requested that my blood work be sent to me in the mail. I am anxious to review my blood results. The office (Theresa) refused and said since the doctor wrote the orders it is her right to keep them until I go into the office. I politely told them I to cancel my appointment. What about my rights? I am the patient and I am paying for these services. I will NEVER go back to this doctor.

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by concerned patient on Apr 15th, 2009

Dr. Cantero and her staff have failed to follow-up with me as they promised and it has now been 2 months and I'm still trying to get answers!

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