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 |  Patient  |  show details
by Nona E Akins on Jun 26th, 2014

Wonderful Doctor and Staff.

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 |  Mohs surg.  |  show details
by Sandy on Jan 22nd, 2014

Dr. Chung performed 2 Mohs surg. one on face and one on back. Will do revision in another week. So far, everything has been great!!! He has been extremely caring and the staff has been the absolute best, so caring and friendly. I did have a problem getting anyone to return call re: bx results, I finally had to say I do not want voicemail! The person who gave me the results was unprofessional in the way she told me I have BCC on my nose,asked me what treatment I wanted, but so far Dr.Chung has been great, I can overlook some of the staff if the doctor is good. I will let you know about final results after my revision!!

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 |  Overpriced,and overated  |  show details
Sep 21st, 2013

Want's me to think I am his "Buddy" however he costs out the A$$$.and I am still in same but maybe worse condition.He hands out anything that pharmacuetical companies give him for free,and acts like he is doing you a "favor".at no cost to him..Yea..Whatever

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Jun 13th, 2013

My 91 year mother saw Duke at the Kimball office today. He was extremely rude, talked down to her because she had not been back to see him. She lives alone and has no transportation. She was very upset, on the verge of crying. My mother is of very sound mind , but made to feel like she a small child. This is not acceptable in any situation. Talking down to an elderly person is very disrespectful. I spoke with her after she returned home, some three hours later, and she was still upset. I am a retired nurse myself, and I find this kind of treatment very unprofessional. My name is. Sandra Ramage. Tel. 512-295-4761

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 |  No Longer A Patient!  |  show details
by Karen S. on Jan 28th, 2013

I have been a patient of one of Dr. Chung’s PAs for many years. I went in December and had a biopsy of four areas. One came back as carcinoma and two came back moderately abnormal. I had a follow-up appointment in January for deep shaves on the two moderately abnormal spots and the PA suggested using a prescription cream on the carcinoma instead of cutting it out. I also had a skin tag that I requested removed during this appointment. This is where things went downhill. First, the prescription was $524! I called and talked to the nurse to ask why they had not informed me of the cost. She stated that if I had the prescription filled at another pharmacy charges would have only been $10 for this cream. I called the other pharmacy and they actually charge $526. I called the nurse back because I was afraid I had been given the wrong medication. She looked at my records again said she was looking at the wrong prescription and that I did have the correct medication and that it was very expensive. She then asked if I had been given a discount card for the prescription which I had not. She put me on hold and came back and said “Oh, we are out of the discount cards”. Then I received the EOB from the lab and was in total shock. The charges were $1,491! I have never had a lab bill over $345!!! I contacted the lab and was told that Dr. Chung’s office ordered three biopsies and six “stain” tests. I could not understand the three biopsies because two of the areas had already been tested and one area was just a skin tag. I called the nurse again and asked why no one had told me all this lab work had been ordered. The nurse replied that is normal procedure and that a sign is posted in the lobby stating this. I usually go for a checkup every three months with the PA at Dr. Chung’s office. My total bill is usually between $300 and $400 so I fully expected my charges to be in this range. With this latest visit, my charges are already over $2,000 and I have not received the doctor bill yet! In addition, no one really seemed concerned that I did not receive the discount card or that two of the area had been biopsied twice. Needless to say, I cancelled my next appointment and they have just lost a patient - not that they care . . .

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by Mark on Jan 28th, 2013

Dr. Chung and staff are courteous and efficient - been seeing him for 14 years w/ no complaints.

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 |  Find Another Doctor  |  show details
Nov 13th, 2012

I went into the office to inquire about a growth on my ear. The doctor did not see me but a PA did. She said that it definately needed to have a biopsy however she would not do it becasue I was scheduled for a radical prostatechtomy the very next day and she said it would not be wise for me to go to the OR with a fresh open wound. I retured 3 weeks later and a different PA came in to see me. She was complaining to another nurse that the PA who saw me earlier was not in the office and that they NEVER KNEW when she was going to show up. The PA then informed me that my biopsy came back negative. I asked her what the biopsy was supposed to have been performed on and she said it was on my ear. I told her that there was not a biopsy performed. At thisd point she said "we didn't do a biopsy on your ear?" and I told her that no one has touched my ear. She then gave me a shot and removed a piece of the growth. They gave me a letter stating that I I did not hear from them within 10 days to call a specific number and speak with someone by the name of Cheryl. I did in fact call, received voice mail, told them who I was and to please call me regarding my results. After 4 days and no return call I called the office and asked to have DR. Chung call me back. IT has now been 5 days for the nurse with no information and still no response from the doctor. Very reckless to say the least!

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Sep 21st, 2012

My whole family uses this office and it is a great place to go.

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 |  "surgery"  |  show details
Sep 6th, 2012

First the nurse takes you back to a room like a doctor office. Next a nurse numbs the area with novacaine, a needle that is inserted several times in the area. After a wait the doctor walks in, puts on gloves and talks to the nurses the entire time about his missed vacation plans, insane to hear while nervous. Doc was in the room for all of about 3 minutes, during his conversation with the nurse; I wasnt introduced or dealt with professional, he makes a small incision. They tell him bye. He walks out after being in the room for about 3 minutes tops maybe less. Nurse burns the blood vessels with a heater then sews up the wound. Next a nurse stitches up incision. The methed used anyone could learn how to do, they are very unprofessional. Got home then noticed bump still under my skalp. Call them then after go ahead go back same day to waiting room couple hours later. Waiting room is full of elderly people, there must have been 20 people with a bandage on some part of their face. This is the day for surgerys. Reminded me of how desperate people are to get a deal on a surgery. Might as well have been dogs, slaves. I get taken back in waiting room, after a wait, the doctor (you know the guy, the oriental one) feels the knot and says it may be the stitches. I insisted there was still a bump, he feels and says no its just the stictches. Next he said it was a bone. I did not understand and at this point didn't beleive him. He said the only thing to do is to open me back up if I insisted. I said yes. A new person comes in,obvious new to the nurse field and pokes the area with the needle. She ask if it hurt and told me to excuse this was her first day on the job(at this point you can image what I felt). Doctor comes in and opens original wound. Says yes its a bone. Hands me a rubber glove says put it on. I didn't put it on right he starts getting mad and says put it on the right way! I hurried and put the glove on my right hand. He takes my index finger and put it in the wound on my skull and says "you see, you can feel its a bone" "you cannot cut bone, brain under bone" "you cannot cut through bone brain is under bone" he kept saying it over and over to make me look a moron. I tried to shut him up but he kept saying it pretending I didn't know what sarcasm was. I was furious but hid it. So he leaves room and nurse stitches up wound. I come back follow up appointment and the doctor sees me and says "you cannot cut through the bone" and laughs. I was not laughing. He then walks over there makes a fist and acts like he could hit me if he wanted to. Touches the side of my face with his balled fist like he could hit me if he wanted to and gives me a smart alec look. Leaves the room. Nurse comes in takes out stitches and I leave. Writing this follow up because my wound has healed some 3 months later but there is a huge scar and no hair grows there. Can be seen. I own 2 business, 28 yrs old, a christian man, have even been on tv. The worst doctor period. My advice STAY AWAY FROM THIS CRAZY DOCTOR, BECAUSE HE WILL NOT RESPECT YOU AS A PERSON YOU ARE HIS SURGERY PAYCHECK.

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 |  Excellent and caring doctor  |  show details
Jun 21st, 2012

Dr. Chung is our family's dermatologist and we are so appreciative of his expertise, kindness, and knowledge. He is the type of doctor who truly cares for the patient and will not recommend procedures or medication just for profit. His offices are so busy because he is in high demand. Patients know he is the best in his trade and are willing to wait a couple weeks to be seen. Anyone who has met Dr. Chung knows that he is a man who can be trusted and will do the best possible for you. He is a deeply spiritual man and we appreciate his commitment to God, health, and wellness.

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 |  Why I won't go back  |  show details
Apr 26th, 2012

I have had over 325 skin leasions removed over the past 19 years, so I thought I new about skin cancer. My first visit went well and I would give it 4 stars. That is why the second visit was such a suprise. I would now give them 1 star. During the fisrt visit they were timely. The doctors were not in the office, but the PA identified approximately 12 potential Actinic Keratoses and froze them with liquid nitrogen. She also identified 2 potential carcinomas and took scrappings for pathology.The pathology was positive for Squamous Cell Carcinoma, but the margins were not clean, so I went for a second visit. We could smell the laboratory chemicals before we opened the office door. It was so strong my wife had to leave. I stayed, but it gave me a headache. There were 40 people in the waiting room. They were not timely and ran out of places to sit. The spot on my arm was 20 X 23 mm (approximately 3/4 inch), but the final cut was 70 mm (approximately 2 3/4 inch, over 3 times the size of the spot). It took longer to heal than any previous removal. It leaked for days, and I had to take oral antibiotics. I feel they removed and/or damaged too much healthy skin. If they had taken the original spot it would have covered about 10 mm (less than 1/2 inch). Even my melanoma excision was smaller and healed normally.

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Mar 2nd, 2012

Very smart.He diagnosed my rash immediately after I've been to 3 other dermatologists. Very happy with results.

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Nov 2nd, 2011

I have a skin condition known as DSAP. I have had t for many years and now it is becoming worse. i did not see Dr. Chung on this visit, as he has so many other offices to take care of. I saw his practitioner Stricker. Stricker misdiagnosed my condition as nothing more than callouses. He did not want to remove any of this because as he put it, "there is not enough money in it". The girl who took my information in the room had never heard of DSAP. Despite the fact that this is a precursor to squamous cell carcinoma or even melanoma. The name of their office is "Skin and Cancer Center". I would not recommend anyone go to this dermatologist office for any skin condition. There may not be enough money in it for them.

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 |  Couldn't get a return call for 6 weeks  |  show details
by Disappointed on Oct 31st, 2011

I scheduled an appt. with them because it was suspected that I had a rare skin disease. They scheduled my appt. quickly and when I arrived, everything went smooth. I didn't see the Dermatologist, but a NP. She biopsied my arm and also noticed a couple of moles she removed. Two weeks later I came back for a follow-up and again saw the NP. She said it was a rare skin disease and nothing could be done. Offered me no information and said if I wanted to see the Dermatologist, I could schedule another appt. I left and a few days later received a letter in the mail saying the moles had come back with precancerous cells in them and needed further biopsy. I tried unsuccessfully to make an appt. for three weeks. They kept giving me voice mail and then wouldn't return my calls. I had an appt. with my MD and when I let him know what was going on, he told me to call again, and if I didn't get an answer, to call him back and he would request my records and perform the procedure. Called the next morning, still did not receive a call back. Called my MD office and 3 weeks later, my Nurse called to let me know she had been trying for 3 weeks to get the records and they wouldn't return her calls either. She finally called them back and had to refuse to go to voice mail and demand the records. They finally faxed them to her. It is a shame that they don't care enough about their patients to return a call, even after they sent the letter out to call and schedule the appt. Then to not return my Doctor's office calls too. I would not recommend them.

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 |  Great Doctor  |  show details
Jul 25th, 2011

I am so glad I was able to get in to see Dr. Chung. He took a biopsy on my let and it came back q squamous cell carcinoma. He will do surgery tomorrow. I feel very confident that all will go well. He is a very passionate doctor.

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 |  You can`t get better.  |  show details
by Donna M at Insider Pages on Jun 11th, 2010 on

Dr. Chung caught my daughter`s pre-melanoma in time. He also found a rare vascular disease in me. He does not do unnecessary procedures, but...

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 |  Best Dermatologist- Dr. Chung  |  show details
by J.V. on Jun 5th, 2010

I live in Hilton Head, SC. I drive over 6 hours to see Dr. Chung twice a year. He is through, caring and accurate. I have seen other dermatologists, but none compares to him. I don't mind the drive or the wait.

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 |  Go to a plastic surgeon  |  show details
Mar 30th, 2010

If you have a possible skin cancer on a part of the body that is visible to the world, go to a plastic surgeon!!!!

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 |  Great Doctor  |  show details
by Mark McGinnis on Feb 26th, 2010

Dr. Chung recently removed a basal cell cancer from my forehead. He did a fantastic job with the MOHS surgery and when he stitched me up you can't even see where he removed the cancer. Thanks Dr. Chung. Go DAWGS! Oh yeah, He has a great staff working with him also. They are all so thoughtful and caring

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 |  kelly b.  |  show details
by Citysearch User on Feb 10th, 2010 on

I`ve seen Dr. Chung and have also taken my son to him. wonderful doctor, but the receptionists front desk staff are absolutely the most i...

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 |  Dr. Chung is the best!  |  show details
Jan 22nd, 2010

He cured my acne when no one else could. I'm glad I chose Dr. Chung,

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by C.T. Parker on Mar 25th, 2009

This dermatologist and his nurse practitioner, Victor, is what Cleveland TN has needed for YEARS! This staff is excellent and everyone works with you regarding insurance, payment, appointments, treatment, etc. I cannot say enough good things about this practice!

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