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by Pam on Mar 13th, 2015

As far as I'm concerned Dr Jon Dickerson is THE VERY BEST!

Use at Your Own RISK show details Use at Your Own RISK
Oct 27th, 2013

Would I recommend Dr. Dickerson? Well, I'll give you some facts and you be the judge if you want to trust your loved ones with him. My brother has had shunts in his head since he was born. These shunts clear fluid from the brain and need to be replaced every 5-8 years. About 10 years after the last time my brother's shunt had been replaced, he started experiencing horrible migraines, vomiting, swelling of the head and loss of vision and appetite....tell tale signs of shunt failure (along with blindness, brain damage or even death). My brother begged and pleaded to be seen for months on end until he finally got an appointment with Dr. Dickerson. Mind you, this is the third time my brother would have undergone this surgery and is well aware of the signs to be aware of. After all his childhood friend went blind due to pressure building up in his brain due to shunt failure and did not want those results. So after my brother was admitted, the "Dr." barely made an effort to even stop in and see my brother and when he did, he would disagree with the diagnosis and had no other explanation. Not only did he not seem to care at all, but refused to take action or actually listen. On the fourth day, my brother became violently ill due to his shunt malfunction, vomitting constantly and having extreme headaches......and still....nothing. Another family member flew into town and never left my brother's room for the next entire day. He documented every time someone came in the room and the conversation that was had. Finally the next day when Dr. Dickerson decided to make his obligatory round, he nervously asked my family member what he was doing. My family member responded by saying that my brother was about go blind or worse due to the incomprehensible lack or care or action and he would be making sure that when that happens, he will be held accountable. Well what do you know? You'd better believe there was a surgery scheduled the very next morning to replace his shunt. My brother called me ONE HOUR after having his head opened up and was in tears telling me how great he felt....because all that pressure had been released. As if it't not horrible enough, the lack of treatment and care given by Dr. Dickerson, but he failed to make ONE follow up with my brother in the years following to see how the shunt he put in my brother's skull is functioning. It's time for another surgery, and we're not surprised that my brother has made over a dozen phone calls to the doctor to schedule an appointment and has received ZERO reply or call backs. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't recommend someone so negligent to handle the life of my loved one. BE AWARE.

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Administrator, Abay Neuroscience Center show details Administrator, Abay Neuroscience Center
by Earle Brown on Apr 8th, 2013

For anyone who has had a negative experience with our clinic, I apologize. All of our staff have been or will be patients at a medical facility and we, too, expect, clear, compassionate care. We constantly strive to provide the care that you expect and deserve. If there's anything I can do to help, please call my direct line, 316 609 2603. Best wishes. Earle.

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Good surgeon leaves me feeling neglected show details Good surgeon leaves me feeling neglected
Oct 1st, 2012

When I first saw Dr. Dickerson, I felt very ar ease. He knew what he was talking about and made me feel as though I was making the best decision for myself. He did my disc replacement and everything seemed to go well. Except for the fact that it was a P.A. who released me from the hospital. Follow up @ 3months, I saw the P.A. again. Started having issues with surrounding discs, saw a completely different P.A. I am unable to get in for an appt in less than a month. The office has rescheduled appt the past 3 times an appt has been set(one was rescheduled the day of). When an appt is held, I wait a minimum of 1hr in the waiting room, not including the wait in the office. The last P.A. that I saw sent me to get an injection of the wrong kind. She sent me to get a facet block when I needed a transforaminal injection(good thing the Dr who does my injections pays attention to detail and set that straight right of the bat). I have also called the office 3 times and there was no record of my inquiries(same staff member all 3 times). Here I am, 16 months post op and have yet to see my surgeon. I went from feeling confident with my surgeon to barely remembering what he looks like. I just wish that the only reason for that was because everything was fixed. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

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Perhaps he is TOOOO busy? show details Perhaps he is TOOOO busy?
Apr 13th, 2012

When my daughter was admitted to the hospital, Dr. Dickerson was assigned to her case. I was deeply impressed by his bedside manner and willingness to discuss the surgery and recovery. She was happily released in a few days. WEEK one, we had a surgical compication and were referred to a general surgeon for abdominal repair. We have had a concern since, but gen surg considers her Dr. Dickerson's patient. Dr. Dickerson's office keeps referring us to our GP or the gen surg. She had a CAT scan and after I Fed-Ex'd it to Abay, it took 3 weeks for it to be looked at - and that was only after I became very pushy. We have not seen or heard from Dr. Dickerson since we left the hospital. All calls are handled by a secretary, our follow=up visit was handled by his staff. They are personable and knowledgable, but I really would have felt better thinking we were still his patients.I am to have sugery on my neck/spine soon and I sent my MRIs to Dr. D. His secretary told me after a 3 week wait that I had severe problems, but Dr. D was scheduling over 4 months out for new patients. I was told to consult my GP about epidurals and therapy. I really like this man, but I am probably going with a different doctor simply because I need to know someone is there if I need him/her. And I really don't want to wait 2 or 3 or 4 weeks for a "concerned response" from his secretary.

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Mar 8th, 2012

Had to wait 6 weeks for an appointment but it was well worth the wait.Dr. Dickerson identified the problem others had missed. Surgerybrought total resolution to a very painful & difficult problem of one year duration. In addition he is an empathic and personable physician.

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Dr. Dickerson might very well be the "BEST" IN USA show details Dr. Dickerson might very well be the "BEST" IN USA
Jun 21st, 2011

5/09 had mri ref' dr dickerson for plan /treatment he talked with wife and i in plain english gave me : feeling of nothing to fear, i would have done the brain surgery rightthere in that office as result of his manner of confidence and knowledge totally informative for wife and i we were so so happy with what he had to say / explain to us this was gonna be very dangerous surgery we'll do asap , this monday if he gets the hopsital room ready in short time ( he postponed only a few days ,had the surgery with no issues, problems i wish i could speak with anyone faceing same brain surgery, to give my experience with dr' dickerson was absolutely terrfic same for the staff' PA etc and westly hospital staff just as well its been over 2 years now and all is well thanks to his "skill" and knowledge god bless dr. dickerson thanks S Smith

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Couldn't ask for a better doctor... show details Couldn't ask for a better doctor...
May 27th, 2011

I just had my 5th surgery done by Dr. Dickerson. I have had multiple microdiscectomy's and laminectomy's. At the age of 34, I was told I have the worst back this doctor has seen in a person my age. I am having a multilevel fusion done later this year. I have had a LOT of experience with this doctor and can say wholeheartedly, I would recommend him to anyone. He truly cares for his patients. His bedside manner is unmatched and I challenge anyone to find a more skilled surgeon. The bad thing about having such a GREAT doctor is the wait to see him. It's a small price to pay for fantastic medical care. I couldn't ask for a better doctor. Thank you Dr. Dickerson!

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May 3rd, 2011

this is the most careing doctor i have ever seen in my life. i am 47 & i have seen many. he is such a kind man & really cares about his patients. hard to find now days. he's an excellent surgeon also. i would trust no one but him to ever cut on me again. he is one of the BEST!

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Mr. show details Mr.
Aug 26th, 2010

His diagnosis and procedure were right on. From 10 years of leg pain to zero in one day.

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by Michael Del Quadro on Mar 24th, 2010

Initial appt was hard to get with Dr Dickerson, but when I got in he diagnoses the problem quickly and scheduled surgery quickly. My surgery was a double discectomy and fusion. C3 and C4 were removed.Surgery was performed 7-10-09. Pain persisted after the surgery and I was sent for physical therapy in Sept '09. Physical therapy was no help. Sent for an MRI 10-30-09. MRI was not looked at by Dr Dickerson for a full month. Sent for epidurals in Dec 09 when MRI was finally read. Had a 2nd epidural Jan '10. Neither epidural was helpful. Had an appt with Dr Dickerson first week of Feb '10. On time for my 8:45am appt; he comes in the exam room at 10:45am. Sends me for a CT scan. CT scan was performed in his hospital 2-26-10. It is now 3-24-10 and he has still not looked at the CT scan. I am in pain everyday and it is nearing 9 months after my surgery. I should add. At some point in all of this I started getting insomnia. He prescribed ambien to help me sleep. When the ambien stopped keeping me asleep through the night his nurse suggesting taking another pill if I wake up in the middle of the night. Many nights in a row I took up to 3 ambien. When I told my primary care physician about this I was informed that more than 1 ambien in 24 hours is considered a lethal dose.This doctor gets high regards from every doctor I have asked about him, so I dont understand why my case seemingly continually is getting swept under the rug.

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by Debbie, Wichita, KS on Dec 14th, 2009

Dr. Dickerson was called in to do surgery when our 11-yr old son had a bicycle accident and received a skull fracture and brain bleed. We were very impressed with him. He was calm and pleasant. He spent plenty of time explaining the surgery needed to repair his injury and what to expect after the surgery. Great bedside manner! His staff was very knowledgeable as well. We trusted that our son was in the right hands. He seemed to have a good reputation at the hospital. Our son made a full recovery. We would highly recommend Dr. Dickerson to anyone needing a Neuro Surgeon!!

by Daniel M. Traver, Ph.D. on Nov 10th, 2009

I have seen past xrays of my cervical spine and believed it to be beyond repair. (I know how to read such) His surgical technique worked wonders for this area of my spine and eliminated some quite uncomfortable pain.I would recommend him to anyone, and not just for cervical spione needs!

Wonderful, personable, caring! show details Wonderful, personable, caring!
by Jenn, mom of an 11 year old diagnosed with a brain tumor on Mar 21st, 2009

Dr. Dickerson treated my son for over 3 years, and during that time, much of it touch and go for our son, he proved to be very knowledgable, very caring and would spend whatever time we needed answering questions. We have found that most neurosurgeons have little or NO bedside manner, this was not true with Dr. Dickerson. He was very good with our son, answering more than just medical questions, which really helped us in a stressful time! We would recommend him to ANYONE! :)