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 |  Former Patient  |  show details
by Amy Begay on Apr 24th, 2014

I was under doctor Halls care for 4 years, he sent me for numerous shots and injections where I was never offered ANY painkillers or sedation, which come to find out is NOT common practice. Over the course of the 4 years he never told me to do any thing beyond Physical therapy and steriod injections, even though I had been hit by a truck hauling a flatbed trailer at 45 mph..I tried 11 diffrent Physical therapy sessions under doctor Hall's care, and like I mentioned before, the injections. In December 2013 I advised doctor Hall that I would be switching my insurance carrier to a better provider that allows for more procedures to be done and that he could work more liberally with. Doctor Hall told me to STOP going to physical therapy as it was dibilitating my condition further and not helping me, he also told me I was in real bad shape and needed a disk replacement surgery. In January I hurt myself exercising and had to go to the emergency room over 5 times, and to urgent care. When I was fianlly able to get into see Doctor Hall I was doubled over in pain and couldent stand straight, and I had severe sciatica in my right leg and foot. Doctor Hall must have completly forgot about our prior conversation, because he was short with me, demanded that I go to at least "15 consecutive physical therapy sessions" (remember, prior to this visit he told me to never go back to PT) and then he said he couldent see me again until April. Needless to say I went and got two second opinions, both of the surgeons who gave me the second opinions deemed that I have severe nerve damage, and that I do need a corrective operation for DDD (Degenerative disk disease) sooner then later...had I of followed Doctor Hall's advice I would have continued to deteriate, degenerate, and worsen with no treatment.I am grateful that I didnt allow this man to operate on me and that I got not one, but two independant second opinions. Also, I thought his bedside manner was very poor, he comes accross as if he has no time to spend with anyone, and that he is in to big of a rush to take the time he needs with patients, he seems cocky or arrogant if you will

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 |  Two Level Artificial Disk Replacement  |  show details
Sep 25th, 2012

Dr Hall is also an Air Force Flight surgeon. I am an Army pilot who came back from two deployments with back problems. He went to great lengths to help me, and to perform the surgery. After the surgery I found out he did all of it without any compensation. I am forever in debt to Dr Hall for returning me to my active adventurous life. He has my deepest gratitude and admiration. Please read on if you care to learn my story.Before I tell you about my experience with this skilled, compassionate and proactive doctor, let me give you a little background on myself. Professionally, I am an Army Aviator. I served in Afghanistan flying Apache Longbow attack helicopters for a year, and most recently in Iraq flying C-12 Beech King Air 200s that have been converted to a reconnaissance mission. Personally, I have always been quite active. I grew up riding horses, have a background in martial arts, triathlons, general fitness and a bit of aerial dance to name a few. This should illustrate that I maintain a good to excellent level of fitness and did not wind-up with back problems due to excessive weight, lack of fitness or laziness. As most helicopter pilots know, vibrating for long hours can play havoc with intervertebral discs. Add the weight of body amour, life support equipment, ammunition and night vision equipment, all worn above the hips when flying in combat, and there is a perfect recipe for back injuries in helicopter pilots. My trouble did not show up until I was flying in a much more forgiving environment in Iraq, when my feet started falling asleep. I was still able to fly, and continued doing so until my tour was over. By that time my back was hurting almost constantly, my right leg regularly went tingly or numb and more often than not, I couldnt feel my toes. Back in the states I was diagnosed with degenerative disk disease, torn and herniated disks at L4-L5 and L5-S1. Conservative treatment began and I was prescribed 40 rounds of physical therapy and received more than 20 cortisone shots. Still the symptoms persisted and worsened. They impacted every part of my life, I quit running, my sessions at the gym became less and less intense until I was hardly going at all. By that time I was doing desk duty and could hardly bear to sit long enough to get anything done. Standing was next to impossible. The pain woke me throughout the night. Life as I had known it no longer existed.The next step in the progression of treatments I was getting would be surgery to fuse the vertebra adjacent to the diseased disks. As any pilot or athlete would expect, fusion was not an option I cared to explore. About that time my luck changed and one old friend led to another until I found myself sitting in front of Dr John Hall of Flagstaff Bone and Joint. Dr Hall is not only one of the premier disk replacement doctors in the Nation, he is also an Air National Guard Flight Surgeon for the 162nf Fighter Wing in my home town of Tucson, AZ. Dr Hall was in Tucson for his military duty and took time to review my case. He found that I was an ideal candidate for a two level disk replacement surgery. This is where it got a bit complicated. Flagstaff, where Dr Hall is a civilian spine surgeon, is a four hour drive from Tucson and his office does not take the military health insurance, Tricare. Dr Hall referred me to Dr Saldua at NMCSD. Dr Saldua had been one of Dr Halls students when Dr Hall was a Navy Flight Surgeon. Dr Hall had the utmost confidence in Dr Salduas skill and called him personally to ensure that I would be seen. Since the 2 level disk replacement is not a common procedure, Dr Hall offered to go to San Diego to do the surgery with Dr Saldua. It would be great for me to have one of the most skilled surgeons in the country performing my operation and a great opportunity for the surgeons at NMCSD ortho to learn more about this procedure.Dr Saldua saw me in San Diego shortly thereafter and his quality was immediately apparent. He took a lot of time reviewing my case, questioning me, explaining the procedure and the risks and making sure I didnt have unrealistic expectations. He was gracious and appreciative of Dr Halls offer to scrub-in on the surgery. Before the surgery could be scheduled he had to confirm beyond a doubt that the disks that appeared to be injured were in-fact causing my pain. This required two disc-o-grams which were done in Tucson. While I was back in Tucson getting the disk-o-gram, Dr Hall and Dr Saldua were making arrangements for Dr Hall to join the team of surgeons that would perform my surgery. Doctors are incredibly busy and I was amazed that they made the time to get Dr Hall authorization to join the surgery. Both doctors communicated directly with me regarding the scheduling of the surgery. We settled on a date when Dr Hall would be able to get to San Diego. When the day of surgery arrived I met the entire surgical team. Both Dr Hall and Dr Saldua spoke with me, taking time to make sure I was comfortable, to confirm that I really did want the surgery, ensuring that I wasnt too nervous and explaining exactly what would happen before, during and after the surgery. I was wheeled into the enormous operating room, placed on a narrow bed, had a mask put on me then went soundly to sleep.The surgery lasted for 5 hours. I was unconscious for an additional three, then was awakened, asked to sit-up, at which point I voided my already empty stomach and was allowed to get the few bearings I could. Next, I was told I had to walk! So, holding the steady hand of my fianc, I did. It didnt hurt, and I was no longer limping! Three hours after surgery I was walking! Just about every hour I was up and walking, my fianc and I probably walked a couple of miles up and down the halls of that recovery room. Dr Saldua came to check on me and told me the surgery went absolutely by the book. There was nothing unexpected or exciting, the placement of the two artificial disks was as perfect as it could get. This was music to my ears. Going in I had been worried that something would not go quite right and they would decide to fuse one level rather than place an artificial disk. On his last visit to me during my stay at the hospital he told me Dr Hall drove to San Diego and performed the surgery without any compensation. He spent his own money to get there and didnt get paid a dime to do my surgery. Of course I was on some pretty good drugs and antibiotics delivered by IV, so the pain from the surgery wasnt too bad. The most painful part was my back feeling like it was trying to bend backward. The artificial disks are several millimeters taller than my degenerated disks were. All the connective tissue and muscle in the area of the surgery was too short by comparison, and so, that part of my back was flexed backward. The flexion, or lordosis, was not apparent to anyone looking at me, it just felt like I was in an extreme back bend.After a 2 night stay in the hospital I was allowed to return to billeting. Dr Saldua wanted me in the immediate area until my 2 week follow-up in case there were any complications.About 5 days after the surgery my legs started feeling like there were electric shocks coursing through them when I would try to stand still. It was quite bothersome as I couldnt even stand long enough to brush my teeth. I had to keep my legs constantly moving. My fianc took me back to the hospital where they did x-rays and the surgeons visited me. The sensations were due to the nerves in my back stretching to accommodate the new disks. I was given a mild steroid prescription which helped greatly. The sensations were gone after about 3 days and never returned.The only other issue I had was the knot on the internal suture used to close my abdomen. I have almost no fat on that part of my stomach, so as the swelling from the surgery went down, then knot, which I later discovered was nearly half and inch of heavy guage suture, knotted about 8 times, was making a little tent out of the skin on my stomach. I was sure it would poke through my skin at any momentMy two week follow-up was more of the same. The x-rays showed that the artificial disks were still exactly where they had been placed. Dr Saldua was very happy with my progress, assured me the knot under my skin would dissolve, deemed the surgery a success and allowed me to return to Tucson. Dr Saldua was preparing to deploy to Afghanistan so he would do my 6 week follow-up and leave the remaining follow-ups to Dr Hall. Each follow-up required a set of x-rays and questions about mobility and pain. After my six week follow-up I was prescribed twenty sessions of physical therapy. The physical therapist worked to increase flexibility in my back so I could access the full range of motion provided by the artificial disks. He also worked with me to further increase my abdominal strength. As it turns out, my lower abdomen was weak compared to my hip flexors and upper abdomen. For years before the surgery there had been very little or no flexibility in my low back. This had forced me to use my hip flexors to do Army style sit-ups and most other exercises aimed at strengthening the abs. The result was extremely strong hip flexors and very weak lower abdominal muscles. Through focused stretches and exercise I have been able to lengthen the ligaments, tendons and other connective tissue in my low back, and am beginning to balance the differential in strength between my hip flexors and lower abdominals. It is now six months since Dr Saldua and Dr Hall placed the artificial disks. While I am still working to gain additional forward flexibility in my low back, I have returned to activities I enjoyed before my back and leg pain interrupted everything in my life. Now I easily sleep through the night, I have begun riding my horse again, doing yoga easily, running, working out and scuba diving; all completely without pain. The careful surgery and artificial disks have literally given my life back to me. I feel better than I have felt in years. When I do yard work I no longer drink beer; I dont even want it. Before the surgery I would drink while I worked in the yard because it helped me ignore the pain.While restrictions on activity are lifted six weeks after the surgery, total recovery time from the surgery is generally twelve to eighteen months before pain and mobility reach their best levels. Feeling as good as I do at only six months amazes me; the only area I still feel I need to improve is the flexibility in my low back, even that is improving more quickly than I expected. In all sincerity, I thank Dr Hall and Dr Saldus for giving my life back to me. I am 35 now and am able to have an active adventurous life. Before the surgery I couldnt even walk through the mall without severe pain. I had no hope of continuing my career as a pilot and was constantly in pain.

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 |  Office staff rude, nasty, don't return long distance phone calls!!  |  show details
Apr 16th, 2011

I called three times on 4/13/2011 long distance!! The first time the girl was going to transfer me to someone else but then hung up on me!! The second time I got a recording and left a message for them to call me back. They never did!! the third time the girl told me I would have to speak with Savanah, the Doctor's Nurse. I left my number. No return call that day!! on 4/14 I called again and explained that my friend, who had been a patient of Dr Hall's in 2008, had been in very severe pain and really needed some instant help. It is a 6 hour round trip for us to get from home to Flagstaff and back!! The woman who answered the phone this time said there was nothing she could do to help. She could not call in an RX for pain medication without seeing the patient first and my friend's appointment was not until mid-July!! No help at all. I also told her that I had left a message the day before for Savanah to call me to see if she could get us in to see Dr Hall sooner but, of course, Savanah never returned a one of my three calls from the day before. Amazingly, about a minute after I hung up from talking to this unfriendly woman Savanah called. She was cold as ice on the phone and absolutely of NO help whatsoever!!! I do believe Dr Hall has a very NASTY Staff and does not know that they are completely out of control. They are not helpful at all. They are all short and nasty on the phone. And they don't seem to give a darn about anyones problems!! I have a feeling that Dr. Hall does not have any idea whatsoever what a BAD impression his staff gives to the public!!! Dr. Hall is busy dragging in BIG BUCKS and knows nothing about the type of "bedside manner" his staff is NOT presenting to the public. This office should be put out of business for incivility immediately!!!!-Write about overall experiences-Write about what you like or dislike about your physician-Write about whether you would recommend-Write as if you are talking to a peer who is asking your opinion

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 |  Best spine surgeon Ive seen  |  show details
Jul 26th, 2009

Dr Hall's bedside manor was amazing considering I am a young person that has undergone 2 surgeries since I was 19. Dr.Hall's general concern for my care before during and after my surgery was truly amazing

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 |  Recent surgery  |  show details
May 5th, 2009

Dr. Hall's bedside manner was excellent. He made sure to explain the outcome of the procedure in layman's terms and came to check on me every day after the surgery. I am very impressed with his concern and follow-up. It shows me that he really cares about helping his patients.