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Feb 2nd, 2015

the best great Dr

Dec 6th, 2014

Awful. Over filled eyes now having it removed

Impressive show details Impressive
by Amanda C. on Apr 6th, 2014

First of all, these people that are writing all of these nasty reviews must be talking about a different doctor because that's not the Dr Farella that I know! Let me tell you a little bit about my case. I am 27 years old and went to him 2 years ago for a breast reconstruction. I had a tubular breast and severe asymmetry. I went to 2 plastic surgery consultations before seeing him and both doctors looked at my body like it was a science experiment. (My breasts were DEFORMED) a friend recommended dr farella so I went. He took one look at me and knew exactly how he could fix it. He didn't make any false promises, told me I was a difficult case and what to expect etc. he is extremely thorough and definitely a perfectionist. These people posting nasty things about him are crazy don't believe a word they are saying the man is brilliant.

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Breast Augmentation ten years ago.. show details Breast Augmentation ten years ago..
by Hannah R on Nov 26th, 2013

I had my breasts done ten years ago when I was 18. He did a great job! Minimal scarring. Very natural. Minimal recovery. He did a great job. Ten yers later and I am still pleased.

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He is the best Otoplasty surgeon in New York show details He is the best Otoplasty surgeon in New York
by merna on Apr 24th, 2013

One of my friends suggested Dr. Farella who is one of the best Otoplasty surgeons in New York, for my earlobes surgery. He reshapes ears to look beautiful and natural.

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Nov 1st, 2012

The procedure I did with Dr. Farella is breast reduction surgery. I struggled with backache and fitting with clothes. It was really fantastic, running through everything I needed to know. He answered any questions I had. He ran through the surgery procedure. He was really assuring for me, which was brilliant. After the operation, I was back on my feet in 1 week. And, it took some more time to see the final result. I couldnt have asked for a better surgeon.

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BREAST IMPLANTS - Dr. Farella did a great job. show details BREAST IMPLANTS - Dr. Farella did a great job.
Oct 29th, 2012

I loved every part of me body, my face, my skin, everything except my breast, which was really very small and uneven. I used to feel very uncomfortable with t-shirts. Mentally, I was so much stressed and because of this I was losing my confidence. So, I decided to go for breast augmentation by Dr. Farella. Dr. Farella is a really amazing person. He is different from doctors I have seen previously. My recovery was pretty fast and in a week time I was back to work. Before this surgery I never felt as feminine as I feel now. I am more than happy now. They look great, feel great. I would strongly recommend Dr. Farella to everyone who is in need.

Best doctor for Bikini Laser show details Best doctor for Bikini Laser
Aug 9th, 2012

He is undoubtedly the best doctor in NY for bikini laser hair removal. Having moved out of NY recently, I will miss his services.

Aug 6th, 2012

After birth of my son and breast-feeding him, my breasts looked sagged and had lost tone which would make it look youthful. I contacted Dr. Farella who I already know. He had done a small plastic surgery to remove scar on my face in my teen years. He did a very good breast lift job for me. They look youthful and firm.

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youthful tone on my face show details youthful tone on my face
Jul 31st, 2012

With age I started getting wrinkles on my face and I realized that I was getting old. I felt very concerned and decided to consult a beauty specialist. The beautician I consulted suggested me to consult Dr.Farella. I consulted him and he suggested me to go for Botox treatment to remove wrinkles and bring youthful tone to my face. After treatment results have been good, wrinkles are gone and I look younger. I am really thankful to Dr. Farella for the good job he has done.

mrs i show details mrs i
Jul 25th, 2012

love dr farella my friend had her breast done, i have to tell you the best i ever seen, they look so real and beautiful, that i referred many.

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I look younger than my age and all credit goes to Dr. Farella. show details I look younger than my age and all credit goes to Dr. Farella.
Jul 16th, 2012

Few years back I was scared of seeing my face give in to gravity. Looking old and tired was starting to make me feel very bad and low on confidence. I wanted to look a bit younger. I consulted many doctors and at last I met Dr. Farella. He did a great job with my facelift .I regularly consult Dr. Farella now.

It has been three years now and I feel I made right decision show details It has been three years now and I feel I made right decision
Jun 21st, 2012

He is tummy expert - that is how I call him. I consulted him after my friend Tara had her tummy tuck done by him some two years back. Tara's experience gave me confidence to go through the process. She assured me that Dr Farella was very good doctor and I had nothing to worry about.It has been three years now and I feel I made right decision. I occasionally visit him for small things, mostly Botox. She is always nice. His staff is good and very co-operative. Highly recommended

Jun 18th, 2012

I was considering facelift but wasnt sure. I consulted Dr Farella and then realized how much my face made me look old. Then I decided to go for it. My facelift has made a huge difference to my self confidence about my appearance.

Dr. Farella is good doctor and expert in Botox. show details Dr. Farella is good doctor and expert in Botox.
Jun 11th, 2012

I have been getting botox injection from Dr. Farella for almost a decade now. He is good at his job and results are good for me. I look younger with skin smoother than my age. Some of my friends also visit him, including my two cousins. I have not heard anything negative about him. When I got a message from Dr. Farellas office asking if I could write a review about him, I felt obliged.

Patient that has also seen at least 30 patients in person show details Patient that has also seen at least 30 patients in person
Mar 12th, 2012

He is a perfectionist. Dr. Farella is not only professional he is caring, I live quite a distance away and he had said if I got worse he would come to me as my friend staying with me had to leave due to a family emergency, he did a scar revision, I went on a business trip too soon after surgery, forgot my antibiotics, and got a slight infection. He performed the revision at no charge. I have had multiple procedures done by him, I have worked with many plastic surgeons but chose to pay him instead of getting free work where I was working, any time you make a choice to ay instead of getting free surgury it says that the Dr. you're goingto must be amazing. I don't know who the people are saying negative things but they are wrong, I have never seen bad work by him, he did reconstructive work on me to fix botched work by someone else. One word of caution, he will ask you if you want to tell him what you want to address or if you want him to tell you what he thinks you need to improve, I chose the latter, I cried after, but he made me look so much better that I am eternally greatful for his brutal honesty, without it I never could have reached my full potential.Dr. Farella doesn't do bad work and stands behind everything he does, he is amazing.

horror story!! show details horror story!!
Jan 2nd, 2012

To me this man is pure evil. He messed me up...ruined my life.

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ighlts. show details ighlts.
Dec 30th, 2011

I have had my upper eye lids done, Botox, fillers, pixel facial, and liposuction with Dr. Farella. I have loved all of his work. I highly recommend him! He is an amazing caring talented doctor. His anesthesiologist Glen is meticulous and able to calm the most anxiety ridden patients. Both doctors are wonderful!!The staff is the sweetest, kindest and caring team of professionals Ive ever met. The offices are beautiful, and there are three locations. I will never let another doctor touch me cosmetically!

Best Boobs Ever show details Best Boobs Ever
Oct 17th, 2010

Dr. Farella is a super talented plastic surgeon. I was so nervous about getting breast augmentation and after scheduling and cancelling 3 surgeries for breast augmentation(with different surgeons) I found out about Dr. Farella. I know several girls who also got breast augmentation from him and he consistently did a beautiful job on all of them. I finally did it a week ago and I feel like a new woman. My breast far exceeded my expectation, they look so beautiful. I could have never imagined they would look this great and I can attribute it all to his artistic touch. If you are thinking about getting breast augmentation look no further than Dr. Farella. He is the best!!!

Dangerous "doctor" show details Dangerous "doctor"
by dart97 on Aug 21st, 2010

If you are a potential patient, take my advice and RUN from this so called "doctor." He is dangerous. He does not know his own limitations and will do any procedure as long as he can bill for it. He doesn't care if the results are bad. He will deny any responsibility and will start to give you the cold shoulder and ignore you.He place cheek implants and after about a week I knew I was in trouble. There was a significant asymmetry. When I went to Farella to tell him about this, at first he tried to deny that there was asymmetry. When he finally admitted that there was an asymmetry, he didn't apologize or anything. He just got up and left the room! Incredible. This guy is a quack in every sense of the word.

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My recent Otoplasty show details My recent Otoplasty
by Blair M. on Aug 6th, 2010

I was recommended by a friend about Dr. Farella, who had also done her otoplasty, which looks awesome. Im still in bandages but he has done a great job! Way better results then I had originally expected. I plan to get ALL of my future work done by him, he is a talent. the anethesiologist, glen, i believe was also very comforting and had a great personality. If you have any concerns ask Dr. Farella or Glen, the other staff are not so friendly and are not reliable for any advice whatsoever. But i do like Melissa, who I believe regularly books the surgeries, she just was on vacation when I went in for surgery. Overall I am completely satisfied with my experience so far. I'm also having a facial mole removed and going to ask him today about vericose vein removal. The follow ups seem right on track, I am very happy and would not change anything except for my past surgeon. Thanks so much!!

average at best show details average at best
May 13th, 2010

dr farella promises more than he can deliver. has a problem with semetry.if you point out,that he has loped off half your earlobe. he doesn't want to know about it. he also,does not disclose, that he leaves your procedure incomplete, then when you question him on why he didn't pull enough up or didn't tighten the muscles on your tummy tuck he has more excuses than a one armed paper hanger, but he'll try to get to it, at your next proceedure. if you press to hard for answers, or ask for revisions, you have to pay again. if you refuse, because he can't meet your expectations. {i don't mean unrealistic expectations, just what you would expect in a normal proceedure, like two matching earlobes, or muscles tightened after you gave birth to mutipules, {and all the crunches in the world wouldn't tighten them}he denies what he said in your consultation, and has a tempertantrum. i am not unrealistic, and i am not expecting to be a size 2, but i do expect neat work,and the full job of what i paid for. i'm not even talking about my eye, that he fucked up, and doesn't even want to look at. i trusted him and i got yelled at. if you don't mind sloppy work, then this is your doctor.once he has your money, and if you have a problem, he dosen't want to hear about it.

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