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more concerned with money than the patient show details more concerned with money than the patient
Mar 31st, 2015

I started seeing Dr. Zipperer about two years ago. I live 300 miles away from anchorage and I was flying up monthly to see him. I was told that I was going to be put on a "scholarship" of 175 dollars a month because I had no insurance at the time at that was all I could afford. I was shocked when 4 months later I received a bill for $25000.00. I called the billing department and they "courtesy adjusted" it down to around $7000. Every month for 16 months I was told that they wouldn't do the expensive send off urine tests and every month I would latter get a hugely inflated d bill. A month before I quit seeing him Dr Zippper said we aren't taking cash patients anymore you have to get insurance. Luckily my work provided me with cheap good insurance. There was no way in I was gonna let them overcharge my insurance like they had me. I went around to some other dr offices that do drug treatment and asked them what they charged a month. I was shocked to learn that the two other drs who do the same treatment charge $130 a visit INCLUDING urine analysis. I quit going to Zipper as soon as I heard that. There is no need to charge patient's thousands of dollars a month for a test that can be done for under $50 . Dr Zipperer spent more time complaining about money and medicaid dropping him as a provider than he ever did talking about my health. I strongly advice any new patients to hunt around for a good reasonable dr. Also they won't tell you this over the phone if your a new patient but the fee to see him for a first visit is a thousand dollars which is insane. I asked them repeatedly before my first visit how much money I should bring and they wouldn't tell me. Trust me you can find someone local who will only charge around 130 a visit . There is no reason that getting clean has to bankrupt you. It's ridiculous that he's trying to charge more a month then most drug addicts spend in 3 on drugs. If he was really trying to help people he would make getting help affordable. Hey could still make a hefty profit charging a fraction of what he does.

Feb 5th, 2015


No good deed goes unpunished! show details No good deed goes unpunished!
by John C. on Dec 9th, 2014

I have been a patient since February of this year. I am 55 years old and have dealing with chronic pain and addiction since the age of 14. Needless to say I have seen my share of doctors that are all about getting paid. Dr Zipperer is all about helping because he understands chronic pain and addiction! He even understands that you can't help everyone and for that he has to put up with those that find it easier to falsely blame than consider the possibility of their own weaknesses and illness. I hope they find the help they need. Me, I am clean,sober and almost pain-free for the first time in my life! Thank you for caring! God Bless and keep the faith! John C.

Problem, that's not his picture! show details Problem, that's not his picture!
Oct 22nd, 2014

One of the worst. Met him, said "this is not working" and left the room. Monster came out roaring! Giving orders, though he was not my doctor, that my record was to be noted "no controlled substances" ever! I'd had strokes because of pain off the charts, was NOT one narcotics, he wasn't my doctor, I was "consulting" with him and as I can't do injections, wouldn't discuss injections, of anything. Oh yeah, and the room he was yelling in, had the waiting patients in it as well as a bunch of RN's, Med Asst. and various other staff who were not involved in my care. Sick stuff. Really sick stuff. State of Alaska Medicaid cut him off for all the patients he's abused and defrauded the state of funds to do to them. Occasionally, Alaska does something right.

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by Melissa on Sep 13th, 2014

***warning*** First of all the office staff is horrible. They stand around and really don't help the patients. I even heard two of the medical assistance taking about how their boss is a fat slob. Then I am being seen for a back injection for my pain. I am treated like a complete drug addict, I was told they run everyone through the state drug monitoring system and it was a federal law to do this high intensity drug test. I thought ok just make the pain go away. Dr. Zipperer did the injection, it didn't work. I never got a call regarding how I was feeling and actually had to sit in a line of aweful hard chairs. After sitting there and listening to this receptionist talk about her sons ninja turtles birthday party and complaining about how she hates traveling to Fairbanks. Oh and the HIPAA violations were intense as everyone checking out she stated the medications she would call in for the patient. I didn't need to know 3 out of the 4 patients were being referred to the methadone clinic. I cannot believe my expereince there and wonder why is this place still open?

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Stay away show details Stay away
Jun 24th, 2014

He'll do anything to get someone addicted to his meds so they keep coming back and he keeps getting the money. He could care less about a patient. Don't ever go to him. Many people end up addicted from this man.

Mark as Helpful  | 2 people found this helpful Report Abuse
by Mary on May 6th, 2014

Don't listen to the reviews about Dr. Zipperer.... he is a wonderful and caring physician, but he will not keep a patient that isn't following the correct plan, that is why patients get mad and they are fired from his clinic.....drug testing is mandatory to screen if patients are taking other drugs then that are prescribed. I recommend you see him. Thank you.

Stay away show details Stay away
Apr 23rd, 2014

This doc won't be around much longer. He bought his own lab in Tennessee to over bill patients ua's $8000. I was told by the alaska medical board they have several deaths directly related to his care (or lack of). He is greedy, careless with prescribing and makes patients come in weekly for financial gain. It's really sad because he started out as a great caring doctor. Greed and money changed everything. He's a pill mill with insurance fraud galore!!! I've spoken to the DEA, medical board and 3 insurance companies. His ship is sinking.

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Greed is his main focus show details Greed is his main focus
Mar 25th, 2014

I went to this doctor ONLY to complete the final stage of weaning off of suboxone. I had 3 appointments there and he required a urine sample on all 3 visits. His in-house lab was negative, as it should be, but he then sent the samples to his lab in Tennessee. The cost for each test was $8,000.00 and this is not a mis-print! He knew I had double health insurance and he used me! He does NOT follow the "standard of care" that other doctors in the area use. A urine drug test should cost NO MORE than $500.00 maximum. Do NOT go to this doctor. Shame on him.

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Paranoid Doctor show details Paranoid Doctor
Jan 23rd, 2014

This doctor accused me of tampering with my UA, and abusing my medication. I did NOT do these things and am worried his paranoia will cause my reputation to be damaged. It is hard enough for get good pain management without ignorant doctors misunderstanding test results. I gave them 5 supervised urine tests, 2 of which were at MY REQUEST to try to clear my name and was still accused of tampering with them. How could I have done that when I was being watched, which was humiliating to say the least. He is not board certified for pain management or to perform injections but he is practicing in both of these areas in my hometown. Do NOT sign up with this clinic, they have harassed everyone I know who goes there (4 other people).

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