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Feb 27th, 2015

Wonderful experience

Should have never become a doctor, rude, unorganized and uncaring show details Should have never become a doctor, rude, unorganized and uncaring
Nov 19th, 2014

Went to see Dr. today for pain she was so rude I left in tears. She yelled at me for not remembering the surgeon that she had sent me to for endometriosis and yelled at me for coming to see her and said of the surgeon for pain although she has been my OB for the past five years. Have been there several times but I can't find my file and don't remember why am and have told me I'm not a patient and then later find my paperwork. May have a Harvard degree but treats her patients horribly and loses important paperwork.

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by Jennifer on Sep 24th, 2014

She refused to fill out a simple physical form stating that I had a physical by her 2 years ago, which I did and my insurance paid for. She yelled at me over the phone and called me demanding when I called for the 4th time to see the status of the form and why I hadn't received a fax back. This form is needed for a newly registered class I am taking for school and she doesn't care. Thank GOD I never got pregnant and had her as my ob gyn. After hearing that she is totally inconsiderate to her patients and reading that one woman actually LOST HER BABY due to the inconsiderateness and horrible attitude of Juliann Corsini. Her receptionists leave MUCH to be desired as well.

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Never going back here show details Never going back here
by Sarah on Apr 9th, 2014

Dr. Corsini is cold and rough with her exams, and is easily annoyed. She would be annoyed at me for asking questions about things I didn't understand and would not explain them in a way I could understand. She also doesn't care what you have to say and is thick-headed. I told her that I'd been experiencing irregular bleeding since I was 11, and yet she was completely hung up on her idea that it was my anxiety medications that were causing it, WHICH I DIDN'T START UNTIL I WAS 19. I had to tell her multiple times my problem started at age 11, and she just wouldn't listen. The staff is absolutely horrendous. I asked to leave a message about my prescription for her at the front desk and they REFUSED to take it, instead they demanded to see the prescription and then lectured me about not having gotten the blood work done yet, which I had not been able to get at that time for various reasons which were NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS. They refused to let me leave a message for MY doctor! I had an ultrasound there and they left a message for me asking me to call back for the results, and I did multiple times, each time leaving a message for them to call me back, and they never did. They are all rude, cold, and judgmental, and honestly I have no idea why they are in the medical field if they don't care about people. I will NOT be returning to this practice.

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worst doctor ever show details worst doctor ever
by ath on Nov 10th, 2013

I lost a baby girl in Dr. corsini's care. I went to her for two weeks with bleeding and other symptoms and she sent me home ever time without help, care or concern. I lost my little girl when I was 5.5 months pregnant and Dr. Corsini was awful before, during and especially after. It was the worst experience of my life and I will never forget how awful dr. Corsini was to me.

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Horrible Phone, Short Unsupported, Unfriendly and Unsympathetic show details Horrible Phone, Short Unsupported, Unfriendly and Unsympathetic
by Irritated Female on May 9th, 2013

Females beware! This doctor is going into your privates. You would think she would be more sympathetic to your needs having a vagina herslef. She is unsympathetic to you, your symptoms or your individual needs. I am not the "average", I am me. I am an individual and want to be treated as such. Not something on paper with statistics of what I should or could be. The phone/office staff are mostly rude and short. You won't believe this is a doctor's office. Canceling an appointment, regardless of your individual needs doesn't matter b/c all that does is the bottom line to the doctor's office collecting a fee for your situation - regardless of the people waiting in line to take any available appointment mind you. In this day and age it's all about service. You and your insurance company are paying for it and are paying them. They need a refresher on respect and who's in charge. You are. Go elsewhere. There is no followup to your conditions. It's been over 3 years since they've checked on my cysts. Major problems with my Mirena IUD went by the wayside, brushed off and completely unsupported. It's a little unsettling coming from females - which is why you pick a practice such as this. Wait times: in the office, awful. Once you think you're all set and you're in - more least another 20-30 minutes. Overbooking here. That usually means no time for you. Rush rush rush. Really disappointing after being with them for over a decade and through three preganancies and two children. It's been a long slow ride downhill here. Time to upgrade to better service and true patient care. I have received lots of reviews from lots of great mothers who have detailed positive experiences with their OB's. I'm personally looking forward to a fresh start and professional, individual heathcare again.

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sorry to all her patients...........Atlantic Health is right next door show details sorry to all her patients...........Atlantic Health is right next door
Sep 14th, 2012

Not GOOD. About sums it up. Mean, Yells, no bedside manner, does not spend enough time with pts, doesn't talk with her eldery pts, she can never hold it together. MEAN TO ALL PEOPLE.... Take it from me, I worked for the woman for 8 painful years

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Just OK show details Just OK
Sep 4th, 2012

Very direct and to the point with NO warm and fuzzy bedside manner - which can be construed as short on patience with my nerves and a little abrasive. I had NO issues with office staff- they were very friendly and nice. Wait time varied - I have no problem waiting if I feel I am "cared for" , which I did not.

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The staff seems to be the issue.... show details The staff seems to be the issue....
Aug 21st, 2012

I have been here twice and probably will not return. I saw the nurse practioner but the issue I had needed to doctors opinion as well. They were both very curtious and professional and sent me for the appropriate tests. It was the next day when I called with a question regarding the tests I needed done that I had an issue. The nurse was soooo rude for no reason. I am not a confrontational person but she was so nasty I said to her "Im not understanding you tone and attitude" to just get her to speak kindly. You would think by what they charge me and my insurance she could at least fake a personality!She then called me later in the day to follow up and was her same nasty miserable self! Your in the people business hun ....

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happy show details happy
Jul 10th, 2012

she delivered 2 of my children and many years later still remembered me when i returned to her for care!she has been the best gyn doctor for me..i never have any problems..she's on top of it!! people complain on these ratings about the wait time to see a doctor....well wake up people!! you have to wait everywhere you go!

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Very Unhappy show details Very Unhappy
Jan 18th, 2012

The waiting room is dark and dirty. The office girls are rude and very unpleasant. The average wait to just get in to a room was 45min, then you wait some more. Out of all the visits I took to this office for 6 months I only saw my doctor one time (I did like her) while the random people that were always covering her hardly listened to my ongoing issues, would interrupt me talking, talked down to me and made me feel like my issue was all in my head. I ended up going to a OBGYN right down the street and ended up having surgery to fix what was going on and I have never felt better thank god. Besides all the other issues here I hope they start listening to their patients so nobody goes thru what I did. I would not have given them any stars but I had to give at least one.

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Feb 5th, 2011

worst dr. ever - no bedside manners - everything is a rush. have been going there for 20 yrs - finally left and miss a few of the office staff.

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GYN appts. are important show details GYN appts. are important
Jan 20th, 2010

I had 5 years of problems that were always pushed to internal colon issues. The very first appt. with Dr. Corsini opened my eyes that this undiagnosed problem of repeated hospital stays could in fact by a GYN issue. After a few visits, to which she herself doubted a cure, she went ahead anyways and performed a laparoscopy and removed my oversized ovary. Every test performed showed that ovary in good condition. The swelling around the ovary was what was causing my problems. Dr. Corsini took the time to listen and fix the problem. I am now pain free and appreciate that Dr. Corsini can and did think "out of the box" with her medical care to fix problems that otherwise would have gone undiagnosed longer. I would recommend her for patient care.

Feb 24th, 2009

This is the worst doctor I have ever have to wait an hour after your appointment to even be seen.Then you tell her what's wrong with you and she says sorry I can't help you.I would never in my life recommend this doctor to anybody.I don't even know why she got into school to become a doctor because she's not.A doctor cares about a patients health and that is not her or any other doctor in this office.Please just listen to me and do not let this become you're doctor.