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Dec 22nd, 2014

Very Bad Doctor

Oct 29th, 2014

Despite the long waiting time, I would recommend this Doctor since he knows what he is doing. I kept getting referred to one specialist to another and no one was able to diagnose the spine problem, I was going through except for this one. The office is nice and clean and staff are well trained. It is a busy practice but well worth waiting there.

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Not a good experience show details Not a good experience
by Katherine on Sep 11th, 2014

Definitely not going back. I went to some visits with this doctor for some months and had an awful experience. It seemed as if the doctor was in it for himself and didn't care about helping me get better. I have lupus and had a flare up a few months ago. I had called the office in the morning to see if I could go in because of serious joint pain and fever, but the nurse told me that she would call me back as soon as possible. I did not receive a call from them until the following week to try and schedule an appointment, which they only had available one month later. I had to go to the hospital, which I mentioned to the doctor and he disregarded it as if nothing had ever happened. When I finally had my appointment, the doctor asked me how I was feeling. I was still experiencing a lot of joint pain and other symptoms from my lupus and mentioned everything that was bothering me. After waiting an hour and 45 minutes to get called in, he attended me for three minutes and told me that I had to see a different specialist and my regular family doctor to check it out. Then left the room without mentioning my blood work or examining me at all. Didn't even help me try to find a solution to help my joint pain and fever, which I was still getting. Do not want to go back again.

Worst Dr I've ever seen show details Worst Dr I've ever seen
by Cindy on Nov 26th, 2013

If you like to wait for a Dr. This is your Dr. I always waited 45 min to an hour. If you need help from the Dr it takes 2 or more days for them to call you back while you are in pain. They don't do anything for pain either! I wished I read these reviews I never would've gone to this Dr in the first place!! Do yourself a favor and pick a different Dr. Parking in the Orlando office is a long walk. That isn't fun for someone with RA that can't walk very far.

Horrible care for patient in need show details Horrible care for patient in need
by Carrie on Nov 26th, 2013

Doesn't explore reason for my other symptoms. Doesn't do anything for pain. He just guesses. Doesn't explain blood work results. The staff is horrible. They aren't in any hurry to help you get I touch with the Dr. I waited 2 days in pain for a response. I needed a cane and their ARPN didn't fill out the script correctly causing me to wait 4 days for a cane and the office personnel couldn't give the ARPN the message because she was at a different office. How hard is it? They are lazy, unprofessional!!! Don't use this DR. You will just be a file in their drawer!!

by nildib on Feb 19th, 2013

EXASPERATING, I finally sighed out to a patient next to me, noticing her anxiety as well as mine escalating, as we continued to WAIT! I asked her when was her appt? She replied 11:30 (her 1st visit with the Dr., what a first impression?!), mine was 11:45 (my second visit with the Dr) and another patient at 12pm (who had a couple of visits before and said the wait was only 10-15min every time)... I will assume none of us had lunch and she as well as I, have been waiting for a 2-3 mth appt! My first appt with Dr. Bandealy was also waiting a FEW hours and I thought it was just out of the ordinary and seemed very thorough in asking for a lot of blood tests to be done but I could not afford my insurance anymore and did not follow up but went to Costa Rica had my blood labs done there (being it was cheaper to pay out of pocket vs here)... I know, I waited about a year to see him again because I finally was accepted for government insurance and this takes me to this present visit, I'm not kidding, I did not get out of the office until 3PM! Sitting a long time is what aggravates my back pain and others were complaining about the same thing! A couple of blood works came back positive and my general Doctor advised to see the Rheumatologist for actual diagnosis which she suspected it was Lupus but to confirm, she advised to follow up with this Doctor... when finally seen by him, he will dictate into his laptop everything discussed, he did take his time to read past and present all lab works I did, I also on advise of my general doctor had lumbar xray and MRI, so he had plenty to go by BUT after a long stressful day of waiting for him, he just concluded to follow up with the SAME lab works already done because he wants to see if anything has changed... I asked, so do I have Lupus? He stated he could not tell at the time... I asked, the xrays and MRI shows spur, cyst, arthritis so what do I have, do I have arthritis? He answered, I had to see a bone specialist (which my general doctor already advised, to see an orthopedic) that the arthritis he treats is different. He knew I was in pain and did not prescribe any thing for it. And when I came in, I let him be aware I was waiting since 11:30AM and it was 2:30pm, he just said sorry, there are a lot of patients! And continued focusing on reading my history, I left it as that for I just wanted to know what was my condition? and so anxious to LEAVE! I REALLY WANTED TO LEAVE BY 12:30 and I should have! Because I left that office, with the same information as I arrived, NONE, even with all the labs and recent xrays, MRI etc... I did not know anything more or less about my condition, that I have been suffering with over a year! And btw also like an hour's drive from my house! I will follow up with labs again but I will NOT be returning, it seems THEIR time is more valuable than yours. The front desk also said the Dr. was backed up because he's old, he's slow and patients then get backed up, she mentioned that they make appts half hour from each other, which I don't believe is true being, my discussions with the other patients in the waiting room, proved to be they give only 15min for appts! But I wasn't going to argue with how they run their business! When I didn't have any Insurance and willing to PAY CASH, they did not want to see me without Insurance! It's all about the money and that's OK, if they would do their job, I understand they need to live too but they don't... I should have known better and came in here to see the reviews on the doctors FIRST... I just assumed if the appt was such a long wait, it had to be a good sign, he was a busy doctor, patients were willing to wait for! NOOOOT and you know what they say about ASSUME? I left more stressful than arriving, it was just an exasperating experience and hope others won't have to go through it!

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Only in it for himself, not a caring doctor show details Only in it for himself, not a caring doctor
Oct 5th, 2012

Dr. Bandealy is gruff and has a terrible bedside manner. He is not a doctor who can handle a patient that wants to be proactive in their own treatment. He was completely unwilling to continue the care that my previous out-of-state doctor had started. When I was able to back up that treatment plan with recent scientific studies, he instantly dismissed me and basically said to me "My way or the highway". This was by no means some "radical" treatment. He is 20 years behind and doesn't care because there are so few rheumatologists that people with medicare are practically forced to go to him.I had to have my knee drained and was crying because of nerves. The nurse actually told me to stop crying so that I "wouldn't upset the doctor"!!! OUTRAGEOUS! She seemed afraid of him.If you have ANY other option at all, do NOT see Dr. Bandealy. He's mean, runs as many tests as he possibly can to bill your insurance, and he is not willing to be up on the latest medicine/procedures/science. He's just riding this money train out until his retirement. Horrible.

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Apr 26th, 2011

Rude non caring Dr. and staff. I had to cancel an appointment because my car would not start and they charged me $25 dollars because i did not cancel within 48 hours of my appt. How am I supposed to know my car would not start? Just disgusting it is all about the money.

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Apr 7th, 2011

It was just ok... I don't feel strongly one way ot another.He spent a great deal of time in the room, but half of it was dictation (which he does at bedside). So, it's nice that you know what's in your chart...Office staff did not appear very friendly, they were somewhat apathetic regarding complaints from people in the waiting room.

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Good doctor--rude staff show details Good doctor--rude staff
Mar 14th, 2011

Awful office staff. Called to cancel appointment on a Monday--had pneumonia. They put $35.00 on my dad's account because I could not get him there. I called as soon as they opened Monday. They did not want to send me a lab slip I misplaced--said I had to come in to pick it up. It was a 30 mile round trip for me. They balked at sending it and I said bill me for postage--they relented. Awful to have to deal with!

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Jan 31st, 2011

The lobby area is relaxing and nice to wait in. The staff is A

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Rude Office Staff show details Rude Office Staff
Jan 20th, 2011

Dr Bandealy is very kind and his work is good. He doesn't explain as much as I might like, but his thoroughness makes up for thyat. I saw Dr one time and really liked him. The med assistants were kind as well. With that in mind, I thought I would come back to Dr Bandealy's office. That was until I called for blood test results and the receptionist sighed and complained because my call was obviously an annoyance. I just called today and needed a med refill, something already on my chart, and the receptionist said she could request to get it filled because it "wasn't on my chart". I then asked to talk to a nurse, and the receptionist refused. She said she wouldn't give the nurses a message unless I gave her details about why I was calling. I just wanted to leave my name & number and not have to discuss my health issues with a receptionist. She refused. I THEN asked to make an appointment with Dr Bandealy earlier then February so I could discuss my xray and bloodwork results and discuss refills for my meds, and she said no I couldn't schedule any earlier!! She is by far the rudest receptionist ever. Because of all this, I will not go back. Ever. I'll live with the pain over dealing with this office staff.

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If you want to be a drug addict, he's your man! show details If you want to be a drug addict, he's your man!
Jan 6th, 2011

This doctor is a joke and most people in Kissimmee are aware of it and have to travel outside the area to go to a real rheumatologist, as he is the only one in Kissimmee. No matter what is wrong iwth you , he will tell you Fibromyalgia and not take the time to delve any further. He will just prescribe you a bunch of medications. Typical Hindu doc with no bedside manner. Several new nice specialists have opened in St. Cloud area and it is worth the drive. Try Dr. Adam Grunbaum!

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not going back again show details not going back again
by prietag on Apr 8th, 2010

dr. told me didnt have time for me and my questions ..... make your own conclusion would you keep going to this doctor

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Oct 6th, 2008 on

These people are extremely rude and didnt even understand what the insurance company said to them and just canceled the appointment for my daughter without knowing what was said in a phone conversation. We called the insurance company and they said the co

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Jan 12th, 2007 on

The doctor is great!: The Dr and the RNP are very knowledgeable and excellent. The staff is not customer service friendly. Be prepared!

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Apr 28th, 2006 on

The phone system is terrible!: The doctor is great! But the phone system is terrible. Every time I call it is busy. I tried to call and cancel an appointment for two days! I couldn't get through and then received a 25 dollar bill for the missed appointmen

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