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Don't be scared! show details Don't be scared!
by Shannon H. on Mar 6th, 2015

I just had my first appointment with Dr. Adams and, like you, I Googled her. I was nervous based on some of the reviews, but personality aside I wanted the best doctor that I could find. To say that I was pleasantly surprised was an understatement. She exceeded my expectations for medical care with her expertise and foresight, but I found her willing to engage in friendly banter, to have a sense of humor and physically caring. I know I am in good hands and would recommend her to anyone, especially nervous moms-to-be such as myself.

Mar 4th, 2015

The doctor is excellent at work but gets very rude at times. She made me cry with her rude comments just before my surgery. Her nurse Margaret is horrible. She never calls back .

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Dr. Adam saved my life, I'll always be grateful! show details Dr. Adam saved my life, I'll always be grateful!
by Stacey Tuley, BSN, RN on Feb 5th, 2015

Dr. Adam was consulted to my case after my daughter died in utero at 26 weeks and I had severe pre ecclampsia. We credit God and Dr. Adam with saving my life. Her words to me after the fact were, "she almost took you with her." I will always be grateful to her for helping us through such dark days. I was transferred from Women's to St. Luke's and the staff in the high risk L & D as well as on the postpartum floor and all of the specialists I had to see were amazing. It's been over ten years, approaching eleven since that happened and I fall short wanting to say thank you all over again each year as I re-live it. I am currently editing a book I wrote last year about losing our daughter and my brush with death along with the lessons I have learned in the healing process. Perhaps that will be an appropriate "thank you" when my book is published.

Excellent Doctor!!! show details Excellent Doctor!!!
Jan 13th, 2015

While I want impressed with her beside manners that's all irrelevant when it comes to her expertise. Dr. Adam is very very thorough and knowledgeable. Great Doctor!!

by Angry Patient on Dec 23rd, 2014

Do not go see this doctor unless you have a full day to spend in the waiting every time you need to see her! Appointment times are meaningless to her and her staff!!!

Unethical show details Unethical
by Alice on Jun 4th, 2014

am having quintuplets and I tried to get an appointment with Dr.Adam because I cancelled a previous appointment I had with a different doctor (Dr. Hare) of the perinatal associates due to very bad reviews. Apparently if you have reservations about seeing one of the four doctors at the perinatal associate clinic, you get rejected by all other doctors. Needless to say, I was rejected by Dr. Adams and all other associates due to what they referred to as "conflict of interest". What a way to practice medicine!

by R Brown on Apr 9th, 2013

Dr. Adam provided vigilant care for me during my high risk pregnancy. She was candid and frank but never impatient or overbearing. She tirelessly provided the ultimate care in office and by bedside. My precious little girl is here today because Dr. Adam cared so much!

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Amazing Doctor show details Amazing Doctor
Jan 23rd, 2013

At first, I was concerned about Dr. Adam because I heard that she is "a very matter of fact" type of doctor. Yes, she does not waste time but at the same time, she was so caring and supportive. Even if I left her office with not so good news, I knew Dr. Adam always had my best interest at heart and because of her, I feel confident and excited about bringing my daughter into this world in 5 days!

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Dr. Adam is exceptional! show details Dr. Adam is exceptional!
Nov 25th, 2012

Dr. Adam is a brilliant, caring, and tireless physician. She lives and breathes her profession. She has one complete focus and goal, and it to keep mother and baby healthy and strong as long as possible. Dr. Adam is exceptional at what she does! She is totally selfless and does all she can for her patients each and every day. I could not imagine a better physician and was so blessed to be under Dr. Adam's care.

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I have a healthy daughter because of Dr. Adam show details I have a healthy daughter because of Dr. Adam
Sep 14th, 2012

Dr. Karolina Adam is an in incredible ob/gyn. Because of Dr. Adam, I have a healthy daughter. She may not have the best bedside manner, but she is the best ob/gyn in Houston.

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Who said she's the best? show details Who said she's the best?
Jul 17th, 2012

She's the best? I don't think so. Dr. Adam was impatient. Imagine you have an impatient doctor after you wait in the hospital for 2 hours. But that's all right if it's a good doctor. I didn't feel that way. Dr. Adam wasn't focused on what she was doing, she wasn't looking at the ultrasound screen when doing a surgery that could cause miscarriage! Instead, she was looking around like she wanted to finish and leave. After the surgery, we were desperately waiting for the result which was supposed to come on the next day. No result was received after 3 business days! Her office didn't take phone call and no return call. Another doctor's assistant tried to help but couldn't reach her. Absolutely awful experience!

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She failed us. show details She failed us.
May 31st, 2012

We saved up for years to have a baby. After we are confirmed from our fertility doctor that we are pregnant with triplet, Dr. Adam was recommended to us since she specializes in multiples. We picked her as our doctor. During the first two visits, she was always in a rush to examine me and her office is very busy. We thought little of it. Going into my 22 weeks, I started to feel strange such as losing my appetite, losing weight, and always having a sour metal taste in my mouth. I couldn't eat and throwing up a lot. My heart felt like it was running a marthon. We told her these symptoms and her response is "sounds Ike you are pregnant to me". She wanted me to drink 1800 calories shakes to gain some weight since she is concerned with me not gaining weights. I expressed my concern of having gastational diabete if I were to drink the shakes. She told me that she can cure me of it. Unfortunately, we lost the triple due to diabetic ketoacidosis and spent two weeks at the ER. She never tested me for diabetic knowing that I was having triplet. She was going to test me at my third trimester but we were couple of days short of our next visit with her. We lost our triplet after Thanksgiving. If you pick her as your doctor, please be on top of her and be persistent. Don't end up like us because we trusted her to do her job since we were a first time parent.

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Dr. Adam is the BEST!!! show details Dr. Adam is the BEST!!!
Feb 28th, 2012

Dr. Adam takes care of what is most important to're unborn child!

AWESOME experiences with both children! show details AWESOME experiences with both children!
Dec 2nd, 2011

I had my son in September 09 and my daughter in November 2011 and both times Dr. Adam was fantastic. She is not the touchy feely waste your time doctor, but she is an amazing doctor. She did every test and check to make sure my kids we healthy, took all precautions to make sure labor went well and made me very at ease with her in terms of the health of me and my family. Again, not touchy feely, but to the point and dead on accurate. Also, getting ultrasounds at every appointment was so reassuring and kept us aware of the size and progress of our babies' growth. My son and daughter were both healthy and happy because of Dr. Adam!!

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Nov 29th, 2011

Excellent doctor

Very knowledgeable and thorough. show details Very knowledgeable and thorough.
Sep 21st, 2011

I really liked Dr. Adam. Her bedside manner is VERY straightforward, so if you are the type of personality who can handle this, she is an excellent doctor. She is an expert in her field and has a lot of valuable knowledge and skills. She was more cautious about my care and my baby's care that even I was, which I appreciated. She is dedicated and works any hour of the day/night as needed. The key to getting response from her nurse is to leave a clear voice mail about what you need and be prepared for a call in the evening. often the nurse cannot get back to you until 7 or 8pm. If you do not hear from her that night, call the next morning. In my experience she has always gotten in touch with me by day 2. For emeregencies, etc. just page Dr. Adam. She will call you day or night, or one of the other docs in the practice will. Good luck!

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Beware : This woman is a monster show details Beware : This woman is a monster
Apr 11th, 2011

She is arrogant, rude and thinks she is GOD. Yes, I went to her for a high risk pregnancy because she is very famousbut it was the longest 8 months of my life. In the hospital, all the nurses on the floor said dr. Adam was the doctor who made all the women cry. Wait times for her were ridiculous, she billed my insurance exorbitant-even fraudulent sums , calls were not returned and I ended up very ill due to a misdiagnosis by her.Hands-down the worst doctor experience of my life.

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Dec 1st, 2010

She needs to change her nurse and her receptionist, They ruin her reputation...I had very difficult time after my visit about my billing, The nurse does not care, she send wrong report and wrong diagnosis to the insurance and when you track them she says,"I am sorry"I have been very busy last 2-3-4 months...Was a hassle won't go there anymore.

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highly recommended show details highly recommended
by stephanie c.. on Mar 11th, 2010

I was recommended to see Dr. Adam by my OB/GYN at 17 weeks . The very first time I met her I was so nervous about the pregnancy, since leading up to the visit I had had so many complications, she put me to ease right away. She is very straight forward which I love about her. She is sweet and funny and very knowledgeable. I recommend her to anyone who is seeking a great doctor.

She is simply the best show details She is simply the best
by Alisha O on Jul 23rd, 2009

I saw Dr. Adam for the delivery of my twins last year. She saved them. I would have had very sick babies without her. She knows how to handle every problem that arises & she doesn't mess around or take risks. I trust her implicitly. I would recommend anyone with a high risk pregnancy to see her. She will do whatever it takes to make sure the babies are healthy.

by Annie on Feb 16th, 2009 on

I just saw her today! I was referred to her from my OBGYN in Beaumont. Although it was a bit of a drive to get there, its no biggie for your child! I was in and out in no time at all, I think I was there for a total of and hour and 45 min. and at a Doc office for your first visit that Remarkable!|She explained a bunch to me and even took a 3-D pic of the baby.

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Jan 11th, 2008 on

Dr. Karolina Adam is the best, most amazing physician doctor who ever walked this earth. She is a high risk specialist. She delivered my quadruplets, and my son, as well. She is the reason my daughter is alive. Dr. Adam came to see me in the hospital two

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