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Why is this Doctor Still Here? show details Why is this Doctor Still Here?
by Consumer on Feb 14th, 2015

With all of these 1 Star complaints all saying the same thing, why is this doctor still here?

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by ANGRY STILL on Feb 3rd, 2015

14 years behind me and I still hate you

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shame on Children's doctor show details shame on Children's doctor
Jan 19th, 2014

We have been accused of having Munchausen by proxy. the child has severe disease which has been confirmed the child's doctor and specialist but children's refused to admit that. On the contrary, Children's accused mother is the cause, and later CPS put the child in a foreign environment, and accused parents of criminal offense!!!!

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To Those Accused...... show details To Those Accused......
by Persecuted Parent.... on Nov 2nd, 2013

For those accused of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, I am one of the parents in the Seattle Times article from 2002. I am sad to see that even after being taken to the Supreme Court he is still practicing, tearing families apart, and continuing a rein of terror in the Seattle area. After leaving Seattle we were finally able to obtain an accurate diagnosis. Those accused of MSbP need to FIGHT this man, he is making a living on this diagnosis and no one is listening. I am not sure how to reach out to you so that you can get in touch, but I want to. It has been 16 years since this happened to us, and to this day it colors every single thing we do with our child.

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How is this guy still in practice? show details How is this guy still in practice?
by Not happy! on Oct 22nd, 2013

My good friend is currently in the situation where he has accused her of having munchausens by proxy towards her infant son. Her son has been taken from her and put into foster care. He was discharged from the hops. Sun or mon. they did not let her know and they have not let her know of where he is. Also, she was awarded twice a week visits, 2 hours at a time in which she has not been able to have since no one calls her back! I am beyond frustrated that this man has this much power! Can I also say he isn't even certified to diagnose anyone with munchausen since he is a pediatric dr! Watch out people!

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Another Story show details Another Story
by Another Story on Aug 27th, 2013

Dr Feldman did the same to my loved ones. Accused them of shaken baby after a seizure and taking him to Chilren's. My relatives went through a year of torture before regaining custody. I would give him a negative infinity if I can a doctor be so irresponsible. And as I understand, he gets paid for testifying AFTER he accuses! This is not their story but they did use this lawyer and they won. The story sounds similar to my relatives.

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Lying scumbag who destroys families for fun show details Lying scumbag who destroys families for fun
Apr 11th, 2013

LIAR!! Piece of crap scumbag!! He should be in jail. Not practicing "medicine". Reports loving caring parents for child abuse and has families torn apart. Diagnoses parents with mental disorders when he isn't even their doctor! And then reports them to CPS!! All to inflate his ego and bolster his fake career. He is an expert on child abuse because HE abuses children by having them taken away from their parents. If you care about your children, RUN far, far away from this man!

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Bogus show details Bogus
Apr 10th, 2013

Before you subject your family to this poor excuse for a dr and his predatory behavior, the best I can suggest is to google an article. For some reason I can't post a link in a review. Google the Seattle post intelligence Persecuted parents or protected children. That should bring it up. This doctor is destructive. Do not put stock in him.

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Toxic show details Toxic
Apr 10th, 2013

He's a disgrace to the name of medicine. Making rash diagnosis based on inconclusive evidence lacks integrity. Perhaps he forgets the wording of the Hippocratic oath. It makes my skin crawl to think of the numerous families that have literally been destroyed by this evil doer. People for heavens sake STAY the HEdoulbe hockey stick AWAY from this scumbag!!!!! Save your child and your family the misery of his misguided wrongful accusations against parents who LOVE their truly SICKLY babies and only want the best. RESEARCH ANY SO CALLED PHYSICIAN. There are bad apples even among the best of us. Heartbreaking what this sick man has the power and is capable of manifesting in the minds of people who think he is an "expert". I call BS. He's a FRAUD.

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liar show details liar
Apr 10th, 2013

Provides false accusations and ruins lives.

Mark as Helpful  | 7 people found this helpful Report Abuse
Mar 19th, 2013

In 1997 Dr Kenneth Feldman falsely accused my husband and I of child abuse. Shaken baby syndrome. He told DSHS that my husband had beaten our baby after my husband had a fall with our child in his arms. my children were taken away for one year. Dr Feldmans accusations were so outrageous that my husband was facing 15 years in prison. We had no criminal history/domestic violence. He siad that my son was blind, and that he'd never walk or speak. It cost my family 208 thousand dollars to defend ourselves against this hero. We had to hire a criminal attorney, and a defense attorney, as well as a head trauma expert to defend ourselves. The charges were dismissed after the experts proved that Dr feldman had 'misdiagnosed" my childs injuries. We sued the state, and won a lawsuit, but dr Feldman was set free for acting in good faith. I am proud to say, that my son is an honor student, and the a "Blue Chip athlete" that has been offered scholarships to the top colleges iin the country. My other son still suffers from PTSD. Just something to think about before seeing this EXPERT on child abuse...

Mark as Helpful  | 14 people found this helpful Report Abuse
Aug 6th, 2012

This is the worst doctor ever! He will RUIN your life. He takes concerned parents and claims they have a condition called Pediatric Falsification Disorder. DO NOT TRUST HIM! RESEARCH HIM ON THE INTERNET! HE NEEDS TO LOSE HIS LICENSE BEFORE MORE INNOCENT FAMILIES ARE DESTROYED!

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