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Average Wait: 17 minutes
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Follows Up After Visit:
Average Wait: 17 minutes
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by Jackie Pollard on Oct 10th, 2016

Dr. Woliner and his staff makes me feel like I am their only patient. I am always comfortable and secure seeing Dr. Woliner and I know that whatever he advises is in my best interest.

by Dana Ochoa on Oct 2nd, 2016

Dr. Woliner is a friendly man and I found him to very knowledgeable. He has no problem allowing me to go the natural route and lab numbers have come down a lot and my vitamin levels are at the highest and I have never been able to get them to increase in the past. He provides quality products and care.

by Melissa Rowe on Sep 16th, 2016

It seems to me that so many so called doctors are saying they use functional medicine but I found Dr. Woliner to be a true one. Not only does he know nutrition but he found the cause of my symptoms I have been suffering with for years. He is so knowledgeable and easy to talk to. He explained the best way to take care of it all so that I no longer have to think about or worry about my health. Thanks to Dr. Woliner's care, at this present time my main concern is where my husband and I are going to travel next now that I am feeling better.

by Jamie Knapp on Aug 31st, 2016

My visit to Dr. Woliner was for help with my digestion issues. I definitely agreed with the advice he gave me and was on board with his suggestion. He help with nutrition and gave me little tricks so that I could avoid any side effects. He did say it will take time but I am confident it will not take that long under his great care.

by Kim Craig on Aug 30th, 2016

I had terrible gas, bloating, constipation and my clothes no longer fit. Dr. Woliner diagnosised me with Candida and after being on treatment for 3 months, my symptoms are gone and I no longer look like I am pregnant and can now get back to wearing my skinny jeans.

by Dakota Wallace on Aug 29th, 2016

My wife and I both had a new patient visit with Dr. Woliner on the same day and the care he gave us both surpassed my expectations. His knowledge of alternative treatments and therapies is amazing. He was very understanding of my frustrations and did not dismiss them as 'normal as we age'. He started me on a few vitamins after the visit and I can already feel a difference. I am anticipating an even better follow up visit once my testing is back. My wife and I are both very happy with Dr. Woliner.

by Reece Buchanan on Aug 28th, 2016

I will never be cured of Fibromyalgia but Dr. Woliner has made so I am symptom free with occasional flare ups. Simple food changes and supplement regiment and I am 90 percent better. I cannot remember the last time I did not feel like getting out of bed. I now can do a low class of yoga and swimming excercises. I can live so much better now thanks to this doctor.

by Amber Padilla on Aug 27th, 2016

Dr. Woliner was able to target and treat successfully my illness. I am happy with my experience and the wealth of knowledge he has given me regarding this illness. He has improved my overall health.

by Sam Miles on Aug 26th, 2016

Had my thyroid tested by him and all I have to say is AMAZING!!! Never had such an extensive panel run. Very knowledgable in this field.

by Allie Camacho on Aug 25th, 2016

Saw Dr. Woliner for the first time 2 weeks ago and back again today for my follow up. He spends so much time with me going over my results and I am very confident in his knowledge and I am excited to start treatment. It will be nice to see what changes occur when it's time to retest in 3 months. Well worth the wait to come see him.

by Lindsey Dyer on Aug 24th, 2016

I am seeing Dr. Woliner for my fibromyalgia. He made some changes to my diet and lifestyle to support my health care. I follow up again in 3 months but already feeling better.

by Helen Salazar on Aug 21st, 2016

I have always had complicated immune health issues, suffering for many years with no answers. Since seeing Dr. Woliner, for the first time, I am making headway with my health. Dr. Woliner found the right probiotic that I could not only tolerate but it was effective. I am doing so well!!

by Finley Mcclain on Aug 19th, 2016

Was feeling all around not well and I could not function like I used to. Conventional doctors were not helping so I did some research and found the Institute of Functional medicine website and found Dr. Woliner in my area. Dr. Woliner used a Functional medicine approach to my health concerns and was able to move my health to a more positive direction.

by Bailey Everett on Aug 18th, 2016

Working with Dr. Woliner has proven to be the best thing I could have done for my thyroid condition. He quickly identified my pressing concerns and within a few months of slowly increasing my natural thyroid, the transformation was major. I cannot thank Dr. Woliner enough!

by Gerry Crane on Aug 17th, 2016

Dr. Woliner helped me with my anxiety disorder that I have been struggling with since my teen years. The medications did not seem to be working as well so I wanted to look into a different approach. I was surprised to learn that certain vitamin deficiencies and food allergies played a big part in mental health. I know now because Dr. Woliner put me on high doses of supplements and it really has made a huge difference. I have been able to stop 2 of the 3 medications I was on and soon the last one if things go as great as they are now. Dr. Woliner has made it so that I am free of this disorder.

by Avery Oconnor on Aug 16th, 2016

Everything from my first appointment, to lab draws, to the staff and the doctor has been superb, Great office to come to to get better. Love the alternative medicine approach.

by Jamey Hooper on Aug 15th, 2016

Coming to this office to always pleasant. I am headed out of the country for 3 months and wanted to replenish my vitamins. All I had to do was email my order and the girls had everything ready. I ran in and then out. Just an easy experience with no wait or issues. The office does not close for lunch so I went during my break with no interference in my work day and picked up my order. First class service this office is!!

by Connie Lamb on Aug 14th, 2016

I am returning from a 3 year hiatus of not seeing Dr. Woliner. I was doing really good for a while but my symptoms returned again. I did go off my routine because of my work schedule. Dr. Woliner was very welcoming and he said do not worry we'll get you back on track and that is what I did. He is a wonderful doctor and I appreciate that I can come back whenever I need him.

by Lindsey Mercer on Aug 13th, 2016

My visits to Dr. Woliner and his office is always a comfortable and relaxed environment. He took the time to get to know my medical history which helped him provide the best medical care that we both agreed on. Every step of the way he is there for me with a gentle approach. My fibromyalgia is now under control under Dr. Woliner's amazing care.

by Danny Irwin on Aug 12th, 2016

Helping me with my Leaky Gut syndrome. The doctor put me on a regiment of vitamins and anti-inflammatory supplements and soon my flare ups became less. The food allergy test helped me see what was causing the flare ups so I avoided them too. Dr. Woliner gave the tools to take control of this instead of it controlling me. This doctor truly helped me.

by Harriet Waller on Aug 10th, 2016

My husband is doing fabulous under Drd. Woliner's care. It was an uphill battle getting him to take all the vitamins he was really low in and the testosterone but once he started to feel a difference, I did not have to nag him about taking everything. 6 months later my husbands levels are at a therapeutic level and the best is that my husband thanked me for making him go see Dr. Woliner.

by Kelly Hardin on Aug 8th, 2016

Dr. Woliner helped me identify the underlying causes to my symptoms. I had been feeling poorly for the last few years and under his care, we have been able to significantly reduce my symptoms and move me more toward optimal health. I am grateful that Dr. Woliner took on the challenge of my case.

by Angela Dillon on Aug 7th, 2016

Knowlegdable, friendly, great bedside manner. His is always willing to listen and educate so my journey towards wellness is fruitful. No question too stupid but welcoming. He is the only doctor that understood my thyroid frustrations and helped get it under control. He is wonderful.

by Laura Avery on Aug 6th, 2016

Dr. Woliner is a very gifted, well read, and amazing doctor. He has helped me so much and very sincere when listening to my list of concerns I bring to him. He finds solutions to elevate my symptoms and get me feeling I can beat this. He also has a warm and friendly office and staff which I appreciate unlike other offices where the staff hides behind a closed window ignoring everyone. The doctor and office is a enjoyable place to visit.

by Tracy Powell on Aug 5th, 2016

Dr. Woliner is the best blend of MD and alternative. Very friendly, knows his nutrition and really listens and discusses my options at each visit. He makes me feel very comfortable and cared about. I highly recommend him.

by Terry Lyons on Aug 4th, 2016

I have been a patient of Dr. Woliner's for close to 10 years. He is very up to date and will research if he does not know. He makes sure I get the best care possible and never makes me wait or rush me out. He is a great doctor always willing to provide guidance and support. I feel incredibly lucky to call him my doctor.

by Elizabeth Avila on Aug 3rd, 2016

Had labs done, the girl Ashley is very good and the office is always so nice to come to. Dr. Woliner has done an amazing job of not only monitoring but tweeting my thyroid treatment. Dr. Woliner allows for increasing of the natural thyroid while watching for any side effects. He is very open to patient imput and always has a positive uplifting reassuring word to say to me.

by Maria Moss on Aug 2nd, 2016

Exceptional doctor and staff- just wish he took insurance but then I probably would not be able to get in to see him like I do know on the same day. Dr. Woliner has treated my thyroid for years and I am doing amazing under his care.

by Paul Newton on Aug 1st, 2016

I like this office for the fact of same day appointments, more time with my doctor, hardly a wait ( the most was 10 minutes) and always something healthy to eat offered. Not to mention complete health improvement Just a pleasant experience all around.

by Mary Sherman on Jul 31st, 2016

I wanted to get help for my hair loss and I read Dr. Woliner's article regarding this and make an appointment. Very satisfied with his suggestions and treatment. My hair is finally growing back thanks to Dr. Woliner.

by Cooper Pennington on Jul 30th, 2016

Follow up visits are the perfect amount of time I need to get all my questions answered and I highly recommend Dr. Woliner and his medical beliefs. They have helped me tremendously!

by Tiffany Blanchard on Jul 29th, 2016

I wished insurance paid for Dr. Woliner but it does not so I use my insurance for my other doctors and come see Dr. Woliner out of network. It's a shame the insurance industry does not put more value on alternative functional medicine doctors. Since Dr. Woliner does not take insurance, I get more than a 10 minute visit and all my questions answered and explained why I am doing this treatment or that treatment. He is very dedicated to my care and finding the best possible treatment designed for me. I hate swallowing pills so Dr. Woliner found me gummies and liquid forms to take so that I could get better. I just really appreciate and value his care.

by Lauren Mercer on Jul 27th, 2016

Dr. Woliner is the type of doctor that answers my calls back quickly even over the weekend. I prefer emailing him so I can re-read his instructions. When I was having an adrenal crash he was there to help me through it. I am fortunate to have found a kind and caring doctor and feel so much better.

by Ruth Savage on Jul 26th, 2016

I have never had a regular menstrual cycle since I was a teenager due to fibroids. Dr. Woliner was able to help get me regulated and I am now planning on becoming a mother. Thank you Dr. Woliner!!

by Carroll Anderson on Jun 13th, 2016

Very friendly staff. Excellent doctor. He took time to go over all my test results and answered all my questions. Did not feel like I was on a timer and he took care to address my questions and concerns. I came to see him for Hairloss and fatigue and he gave me great therapies to help relieve these symptoms.

by Rhonda Tran on Jun 11th, 2016

Dr. Woliner really listens and takes his time with me. He follow through with explaining my blood work. He emails back whenever I email a question or two. Dr. Woliner is a remarkable doctor with a great bedside manner and is a wonderful doctor.

by Jennifer Pacheco on Jun 10th, 2016

Thyroid condition runs in my family and since seeing Dr. Woliner, I not only have a better understanding my condition but getting the proper care, and feeling my best. So when I saw that my daughter was starting to exhibit the same symptoms as myself, I did not hesitate and brought her right in to Dr. Woliner. We caught it early enough to where she could be treated with supplements to help support her thyroid so we did not have to do medications. Dr. Woliner is our #1 thyroid doctor.

by William Dougherty on Jun 8th, 2016

He is the best doctor in Boca Raton. Dr. Woliner really cares about his patients and is very knowledgeable. I wish all my other doctors were like him!

by Theresa Zuniga on Jun 4th, 2016

Seeing Dr. Woliner for my Fibromyalgia and I am doing IV glutathione and other vitamin infusion to help me. These IV have really been a great help and I thank Dr. Woliner for this and feeling better!

by Mandy Rowland on Jun 2nd, 2016

I have been coming weekly for lipotropic injection to help with weight loss and energy. The office and staff are very friendly and there is never a wait. They have my injection ready and I am in and out. Also each week I am losing 2-3 pounds and the inches off my waist and hip. Great results!!

by Christina Nichols on Jun 1st, 2016

I come to this lovely office weekly for my IV Meyers,. The girl doing this is so gentle and the experience is always relaxing and rewarding. Glad I found this office so I could keep my Fibromyalgia from flaring up with these IV cocktails.

by Sadie Mcguire on May 31st, 2016

My hair was falling out, I was tired all the time and I was having severe leg cramps. Dr. Woliner found that my iron, magnesium, and thyroid were all on the low side and he started me on natural thyroid and since he knows I have a hard time swallowing pills, I did iron injections and magnesium IV in his office. After a couple of sessions, I was feeling so good!!! My hair has stopped falling out and my energy has improved so much I joined the gym!

by Hayden Padilla on May 30th, 2016

Dr. Woliner is out of network and I wish my insurance would pay to see him but they do not and I needed help so I made the decision to go see him to help me with my thyroid. Not only did I have a thyroid condition but also food allergies and Candida. So much for my in network docs saying I was fine! It's been a long and expensive road but Dr. Woliner has made it so that I am no longer feeling so bad!!!

by Susan Garrett on May 29th, 2016

Love calling the office to speak with Julia with her southern accent. She takes my supplement and protein bars order so readily and gets it out that same day, never makes me wait. This office is just great, all of the girls so sweet. Of course Dr. Woliner is amazing and got my thyroid in check!

by Tiffany Roach on May 27th, 2016

Dr. Woliner has been helping me with losing weight and my thyroid condition. Dr. Woliner has monitored my condition with great care and expertise. I have lost 15 pounds in a matter of a couple of months. It was slow at first but once my body was able to function better, the pounds came off. I am very happy and I am waiting for the next 10 to come off!!

by Eddie Andrews on May 23rd, 2016

Most competent best doctor I have ever had. Takes all the time you with him and does not rush. Amazing and outstanding Doctor!!!

by Francis Duffy on May 22nd, 2016

I have been trying to get pregnant for years and my OBGYN says everything is fine but something was not fine so I decided to go see Dr. Woliner after one of my friends said he is like a detective. Dr. Woliner found that my thyroid was sub-optimal and my vitamin levels were on the lower side. My sugar levels were also on the higher side of the range, so Dr. Woliner said let us work on these things and see if that could help, I was skeptical but start on therapy and to my surprise within 6 months I was pregnant. Dr. Woliner even worked along with my OBGYN taking care of the thyroid side so I would have a healthy pregnancy. My daughter is now 2 and I am pregnant with my second child. Great detective work Dr. Woliner!

by Sam Wells on May 20th, 2016

Dr. Woliner found my parathyroid condition and has been helping me regulate my thyroid condition ever since surgery. I have been able to finally get my weight down, my hair growing back , and my energy level back. Dr. Woliner found what other doctors missed and I am forever greatful!!

by Stacey Blackburn on May 18th, 2016

I come to Dr. Woliner's office monthly to refresh my supplement supply. The front staff is so nice and always remembers my name and even my supplements. The Doctor will always stops and says hi as he sometimes sees me in the hallway. Such a nice office.

by Tami Hogan on May 14th, 2016

I brought my adult son to see Dr. Woliner for weight loss and I could tell right away that my son felt very comfortable with Dr. Woliner. Things Dr. Woliner were saying to my son made sense and I could tell we found the right doctor for him. My son really stocked to what Dr. Woliner prescribed which was both supplements and medications that were the least toxic with little side effects. My son lost 30 lbs by the time for his next follow up and he had never been able to stick to anything before. He has a lot more to go but he is excited and happy with his results so far. Dr. Woliner is really an amazing Doctor!!

by Charlie Hill on May 13th, 2016

Dr. Woliner is very knowledgeable, helpful and caring. Other doctors would call me crazy when I knew something was wrong. Dr. Woliner found what other doctors did not take the time to do so. He provides everything you could ask for in a alternative Doctor.

by Lori Gaines on May 7th, 2016

Dr. Woliner is always there every step of the way with my healthcare. From taking care of a pre-op to just needing a question answered about a new supplement I saw on the Internet. Dr. Woliner found what was causing my symptoms and with his help, I am basically free of them- just a few flare ups every now and then and then Dr. Woliner is there again for the rescue!!

by Theresa Cook on May 6th, 2016

About a year old I started to notice I was feeling tired all the time. I had no energy to do anything including anything sexual. I did some research and found great information about Dr. Woliner and adrenal fatigue. I knew I was suffering from that and after testing Dr. Woliner confirmed it and I started taking supplements to improve my adrenals from there I am doing really good now.

by Emerson Rasmussen on May 3rd, 2016

The staff at Dr. Woliner's are very helpful, sweet and very friendly. Dr. Woliner is very kind and caring. Most professional medical office and nice to go to.

by Tiffany Leach on May 2nd, 2016

Dr. Woliner and his office is like no other doctor's office. I feel so relaxed and cared for when I come here. Even when it's time to have my labs drawn, they make it very relaxing offering something to drink or a protein bar even a blanket!! It's such a calming office and so zen! The girls Dr. Woliner have are very nice and well knowledged. I am brought in within 5 minutes and then right to the doctor- hardly a wait. I cannot say enough about this office and it was the best decision to go out of network to see this wonderful Doctor.

by Emory Novak on May 1st, 2016

I really wasn't sick when I first came to Dr. Woliner. I just wanted a second opinion for my Graves' Disease. They already nuked my thyroid, and put me on Synthroid. The endo never talked about any other drug though, so I wanted to hear another side of it. Dr. Woliner was very kind and not dismissive of my other doctors at all. He explained everything about Graves' including the risk of osteoporosis, so even though I am only 35, he scheduled a bone density scan for me (it was normal). He also described how many people do just fine on Synthroid, but if a patient has residual symptoms, fatigue, hair loss, dry skin, constipation, depression, etc. etc. - then maybe the thyroid medication might need to be tweaked. He described NDT natural thyroid, Cytomel, and compounded medications in addition to the Synthroid. I definitely know more now than before I met Dr. Woliner. Now I did have a few other things too. My ferritin was only an 8, so I had to get that up. I did a few shots of iron to get it to go up faster, but now I am eating spinach and taking an iron pill per day. I do have some reactive hypoglycemia, so I stay away from bread. I am really happy with my progress!

by Jesse Olsen on Apr 30th, 2016

I saw a magazine ad about someone just like me. Tired, achy, weight gain. After a few months of having the torn out page in my purse, I finally made my appointment. Dr. Woliner taught me that 'depression' is just a label, and especially because the fluoxetine did not work, that perhaps there was another cause of my symptoms. He worked on my sleep with simple things to start with (blue light blocker on my iPad, noise machine), but eventually added some vitamin supplements. After testing my blood he saw that I was really low in iron. Not low enough to be anemic, but low enough to be fatigued. He gave me a copy of a medical journal abstract of how women with low normal iron feel better with iron shots and I signed up right away. They definitely make a difference! There were a few other things that I pretty much guessed on my own. Like my Nonna, I am pre-diabetic, so to fix that I have a low glycemic diet and some supplements. All together, my energy is up and my weight is down. I am very happy that I finally made that call.

by Ragen Mills on Apr 24th, 2016

My wife made me see Dr. Woliner to get my diabetes under control. Even though I generally hate doctors, I instantly took a liking to Dr. W. as we both come from New York and have that same sense of humor. He knew that I knew that I was overweight, so he mentioned that weight was one of the things that were going to improve, but did not belabor the point. He saw that my testosterone was low and described how common that was with diabetes, and prescribed a pill to raise it up again. That makes my muscles heal so much better after working all day installing air conditioning units. As for the sugars, he pointed out how low glycemic diets were better and even let us me e-mail him a link to the menus of restaurants I go to, so he can help pick out better options. He knows all about vitamins that affect sugar, stuff my endocrinologist never even brought up. He also knows all about the different diabetes drugs including the new ones that also cause weight loss. Overall, this holistic doctor is number one.

by Shannon Bryant on Apr 23rd, 2016

I have always been tired, and have aches and pains too. Every doctor calls it depression and tried one thing or another. First it was Prozac then Paxil then Effexor then Wellbutrin ... Psychiatrist was just playing multiple guess. I was at Trader Joe's and saw Dr. Woliner's listing in Natural Awakenings and figured I would go a different way then antidepressant after antidepressant. Dr. Woliner was different than any doctor I have been to. Right away he noticed that I play with my rings, and from that he then gave me pen and paper explaining that I would never remember any of it I did not write it down. He was spot on! The only way I got through college was rewriting passages out of textbooks. Anyhow, Dr. Woliner began looking for causes of depression. He got me sleeping deeper with natural progesterone. I got more energy from the thyroid he prescribed. And the aches and pains - improved so much with soaking in Epsom Salts. All of this, of course, made my moods better, so Dr. Woliner coordinated with my psychiatrist to taper off the drugs I was on. I am now free of those psych pills, and feel that much better for it.

by Jaylin Bauer on Apr 22nd, 2016

I see Dr. Woliner for my thyroid and he is the only Doctor I have been to that will not dose down my thyroid meds due to my lab results. Dr. Woliner will look to how I am feeling, my symptoms to decide on the dose. I hated that my other docs would lower my dose when I was feeling great and then I would feel crummy- but not Dr. Woliner. He is a great thyroid doc!

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by Christine Singh on Apr 19th, 2016

I think Dr. Woliner is the best. I get iron shots and his medical assistant was out sick so he did the injection himself. It did not hurt at all the way he injected it into my buttocks. Ever since I have been getting these iron shots, my energy has been way up. Supposedly my hair and nails will grow better too, but that probably comes later.

by Madison Caldwell on Apr 18th, 2016

I have tried everything for my Chronic Fatigue, including antidepressants and amphetamines (Adderrall XR). I am even on Lyrica, but that is not helping the pain anywhere near what the commercials on TV say it would. So I came to Dr. Woliner after seeing one of his articles in the Parklander. Dr. Woliner was very methodical. He listened to me and even looked at the binder of old records I brought with me. He did a physical exam mentioning the red dots on my skin were called cherry hemangiomas and were associated with sugar problems, how the white coating on my tongue could be a leaky gut problem with yeast overgrowth. He did a full panel of tests of things that I never had tested before (as opposed to just repeating the same ANA and stuff like that over and over again). He then put me on a plan to sleep deeper and better, so I would not need ADHD drugs. Well, sort of, as I have been able to get the Adderall down from 20 mg 2x per day to just 5-10 mg each morning. Honestly, I know I am on the right track and hope to get all the way there where I do not need any prescriptions to keep me awake during the day.

by Linda Conway on Apr 15th, 2016

I found Dr. Woliner through Dr. Jacob Teitlebaum's website about Fibromyalgia. Over the years I have been diagnosed with so many things from Sjogren's to Lupus, Hypothyroidism and Premature Menopause. What fits most is the Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome. Dr. Woliner has been great. He knows all of Dr. T's protocols, and reads up about the latest things to try from vitamins to compounded medications. My severe constipation is resolved, so is my dry skin. I still clench my teeth, and some muscles still hurt, but I am soooo much better off than where I was before I met Dr. Woliner. I feel more alive and excited about life for the first time in years.

by Reese Choi on Apr 14th, 2016

I am a business women and I do not have time to be sick so for this reason I sought out Dr Woliner so I could get preventive care and with a little vitamin therapy, I have been able to stay health both physically and mentally. Love Dr. Woliner!

by Charlie Michael on Apr 13th, 2016

I had a great experience with Dr. Woliner. He spent a lot of time with me, answering all my questions, and never rushed me. I felt very safe and confident in his care and I feel so much better than Before I started seeing him. The staff is great and I am happy to call Dr. Woliner my Doctor.

Osteoporosis alternatives show details Osteoporosis alternatives
by Nieves Erickson on Apr 10th, 2016

I have been to many doctors, both mainstream and holistic ones. My main concern was bone loss. I do not want to take Fosamax, Actonel, Boniva, or anything like that! But even doing all the things I was told, silicon and calcium, and other supplements, I was still getting worse bone density. My acupuncturist heard Dr. Woliner give a lecture on osteoporosis and said that would be the only place to go. I am glad I did come to see him. Dr. Woliner looked at all my history. He switched my Prilosec to Zantac because Zantac does not cause thin bones like Prilosec does. Why did not the the other doctors mention that. Dr. Woliner made some other adjustments to my other medications, levothyroxine was changed to WP thyroid. He started me on supplements in addition to calcium. I am taking Strontium like it's out of style, to mimic a drug in Europe called Protelos. I sort of did not like how Dr. Woliner made me listen to all the other osteoporosis drugs like Prolia and Forteo, but I guess he has to make sure I know about everything. He also mentioned bioidentical HRT, but I wanted none of it. Anyhow, my last bone density is the same at my spine but thicker at my hips. I am happy.

Menopause hair loss show details Menopause hair loss
by Carolynn Zuniga on Apr 8th, 2016

I started with Dr. Woliner about 3 years ago when I was just beginning menopause, missing periods every now and then. I wasn't having any hot flashes or night sweats, but my hair was thinning out and I was gaining weight. Dr. Woliner did a complete history and physical of course, and then explained what was going on with me with lots of detail. He said that with menopause there are immediate concerns and long-term issues. Long-term, he did not want me to get osteoporosis and ordered a baseline bone density scan. Breast cancer screening by ultrasound (as opposed to mammograms) because I have implants and they could rupture during a mammogram. As for things right now, he cautioned me to be on the lookout for hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, anxiety, dryness, muscle aches, and weight gain. As for the hair loss - Dr. Woliner did not jump to prescribe hormones, instead, he showed me how iron shots decrease hair loss - and yes - they did work. I am really satisfied with Dr. Woliner's measured approach.

Apr 4th, 2016

Dr. Woliner and his staff are very caring and extremely supportive in my quest for good health. I was looking for a healthier lifestyle and he gave me hope that I could achieve that and I did. I highly recommend Dr. Woliner and his office to anyone I talk to about health.

by Diabetes Obesity Hypertension Cholesterol GERD on Apr 3rd, 2016

I came to Dr. Woliner for help with my diabetes and to lose weight. Over the years I got diagnosed with high blood pressure, then high cholesterol, then diabetes, and of course obesity and acid reflux disease. Each visit with my doctors (primary, endo, cardiologist) led to doses being increased, and often enough, another pill being added. I was in the 2 handfuls club with prescription pills. The Boca Magazine ran an article on Dr. Woliner and how he helps people like me. When I came, he was on time which I thought was a refreshing change to what I have been used to. Instead of 2 hours in the waiting room and 5 minutes with the doctor, it was the other way around. Dr. Woliner did a full evaluation, looked for causes of my diabetes and everything else, and put me on the plan. My diet is now totally different, but I can still go out to restaurants. Dr. Woliner even allows me to e-mail him restaurant menus, so he can guide me on what to order. My weight keeps dropping, and as it does we cut pills in half and even got rid of the Toprol XL. My wife is already buying me new clothes, and it sure feels better going down in pant size than up.

by IBS bloating on Apr 2nd, 2016

I was getting more and more bloated for the couple of months before seeing Dr. Woliner. It definitely was worse after eating, with heavy gurgling sounds. The GI doc said IBS, but but did a scope anyway. Now they tell me I have Barrett's Esophagus too and put me on Nexium. That has not made the bloating any better, and actually, I feel itchy down my backside. Dr. Woliner warned me about how Nexium causes osteoporosis and said at the minimum I should get a bone density scan now. He was right. At 38, I already have slightly thin bones. But to get to the bottom of it, Dr. Woliner wanted to figure out why I was fermenting my food making more bubbles of gas. We did a stool analysis that showed lots of bad yeast, and now I am on Diflucan for 3 months. I am only 3 weeks into it - but the bloating and itching has stopped. But Dr. Woliner has experience in these things and says that 3 months worth of pills is what I need so I will stick it through. And as for the thin bones, Dr. Woliner referred me to Dr. Gaby's book on Osteoporosis, so now I feel like I know more about it than most doctors. I feel very comfortable with Dr. Woliner.

by Back/Neck pain on Mar 31st, 2016

I have not been sleeping well since menopause started, but the back and neck pain I developed made things so much worse. My PCP did steroid shots. The chiropractor did adjustments and that stretching machine. Nothing seemed to help. Dr. Woliner treats my sister for her thyroid so that is how I found out about him. I do not have a thyroid problem. But my muscles in my neck are severely pinched. Dr. Woliner showed me in his textbook which muscle was involved (my scalenes) and how I had to heal it. First I had to put a book underneath my monitor at work, so I would not bend my neck so much. He does not like me using Facebook that much either, but he said I have to keep an elbow on the table to make it less likely my neck will bend downwards. Dr. Woliner stretched me with a cold spray and the neck/arm pain received almost instantly. But Dr. Woliner warned me it would not last if I did not keep stretching and went back to my old ways. Every so often I do slip up, but if I do the stretches again, the pain goes away. I am really happy I found Dr. Woliner!

by Amenorrhea caused by vitamin deficiencies on Mar 30th, 2016

In 2004 my health went wacky. My periods stopped which led me to be diagnosed with thin bones (osteopenia) and then at the endocrinologist, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I was first started on Synthroid, then later on my doc added some Cytomel. I never felt right. Still not having periods is not normal when you are 34 years old. My gynocologist then said I should I see Dr. Woliner. (Actually, it was her medical assistant who told me about him). Dr. Woliner reviewed all my old records and made sure nothing obvious was missed. But then Dr. Woliner looked deeper. The skin tags he saw - he said were related to sugar problems too. He found out I was deficient in iodine and copper. So he started working on all those things too. My periods came back! No, I do not want more kids, but I was freaked out about becoming an old maid in my 30's. Things are now going smoothly that I just do my yearly exam with my gynecologist and come back to Dr. Woliner only if something comes up. I have been pretty happy the way things have turned out.

by Thyroid nodules on Mar 26th, 2016

I have Hashimoto's and thyroid nodules. My family doctor had me go to one endocrinologist - but that was a nightmare. That doctor wanted to have a surgeon cut on me right then and there! I got a second opinion, and the Cleveland Clinic endo said we could suppress the thyroid nodules with high doses of Synthroid. My sister convinced me to get a 3rd opinion, and that was with Dr. Woliner. Dr. Woliner was the first one to explain the thyroid nodules, what characteristics are risks for cancer (and that mine were the non-cancer type), and what we could do. He made sure I had no symptoms (my voice is fine, it does not hurt when I swallow, stuff like that). He then asked about any symptoms I might be having - and when I described muscle cramps and spasms, waking up at 3 am every night, and constipation, he clued into the possibility that I was low in magnesium. One blood test proved that and he started me on magnesium pills, Epsom Salt Soaks (I take baths anyway), and I did 2 IV infusions of Magnesium. Muscles no longer hurt and of course my constipation is better. Once a year we check my thyroid nodules with an ultrasound, and 2 are smaller, one is the same. All good! :-).

by Compounded Thyroid on Mar 25th, 2016

My last doctor (Dr. William Abelove) passed away and I needed to find a holistic endocrinologist quick to continue my thyroid medication. I was getting compounded T3/T4, so I asked my pharmacist who else writes for this medication. He gave me a few names but said the top of his list was Dr. Woliner, and thought Dr. Woliner knew thyroid better than anybody. When I came to Dr. Woliner's office a few years ago I found the office warm and welcoming with the staff not hiding behind that glass window you see at so many doctor's offices. Instead they offered me water, tea, and even a protein bar if I wanted one. Dr. Woliner was on time, and seeing me bundled up, asked if I wanted the air conditioning raised so the A/C would not blow on me. Dr. Woliner has as good a bedside manor as Dr. Abelove, and I can say in the 2 years I have been with Dr. Woliner, he has always exceeded my expectations.

Mar 23rd, 2016

Dr. Woliner has successfully been treating me for my quality of sleep issue, fatigue and Fibromyalgia. Before seeing Dr. Woliner I was on a cocktail of antidepressants, which contributed to my IBS and made me feel even more fatigued. After testing me, Dr. Woliner saw that I was suffering from an untreated thyroid and adrenal condition. He started me on thyroid and adrenal support medicines and slowly and carefully I was weened off of those antidepressants that I did not even need. I feel like I have awakened out of a fog of a life and can now function at a normal rate. I am so glad I found Dr. Woliner, it scares me to think I could have been a zombie for the remainder of my life instead of the successful business man I have know become.

Mar 22nd, 2016

I have been struggling with thyroid symptoms forever and the more I researched the more I knew I had to find a doctor that would listen to me. Every time I went to my pcp she just said your numbers are fine come back in 6 months, even though I felt terrible. I found Dr. Woliner and after reading his website, I knew I found my doctor. After the first visit and testing, Dr. Woliner said my thyroid was not functioning at an optimal level and he started me on natural thyroid. What a difference, I am feeling not only better mentally but physically too. A weight has been lifted off my scholders, I knew I was not crazy!!

Mar 19th, 2016

Best Holistic Doctor- always listens and will have an answer for all my questions. Highly recommend if you want a doctor to truly listen to you and your concerns.

by Easy blushing on Mar 17th, 2016

I am only 21, and this problem was really embarrassing for me. Erythrophobia is a real condition, and having my skin turn red on my face, neck and arms - it even caused my arms to hurt. My pediatrician (yes, I still use a pediatrician), did not know where to start so she suggested Claritin. Nope. Then an allergist who did a set of blood tests. Nothing there. Then a dermatologist who asked me to take steroids, which worked, but then I retained all this water. And besides, you cannot stay on steroids forever. My mom found Dr. Woliner and I came not expecting much. He did listen, and looked all over. The tests he did were different, and they showed a thyroid and adrenal problem. So now I take some herbs as well as thyroid medication. The blushing episodes decreased in intensity, and then they stopped altogether about 4 months ago. If I drink beer though, they come back. Dr. Woliner thinks I should avoid gluten even though I do not have celiac. So I guess beer is out. My self confidence is coming back to where I am not as scared of having another blushing episode all of a sudden. This makes me very happy.

by Tired of doctors only treating the TSH on Mar 14th, 2016

I knew my thyroid wasn't right, but my endocrinologist was just treating the TSH. I started getting tender spots in my muscles, an achey crumbly feeling. I was worn out and tired and my weight kept on going up and up. Dry skin, hot flashes, hard to digest food. Yeah, I had it all. Then I came to see Dr. Woliner. He actually looked me in the eye - not just typing on the keyboard like every doctor does nowadays. I told him my story of woe and he listened to it all. He did the full physical exam, even checking my ankle reflexes. What was weird was how they did not bounce back the way my knee reflexes did. Dr. Woliner showed me an Internet video of the same thing 'delayed relaxation of the ankle jerk' and told me how this is an obvious sign of under treated thyroid. While waiting on getting my lab tests back, Dr. Woliner had me change my diet a bit, stretch more, and take a few vitamins. I love my magnesium. Once Dr. Woliner confirmed that my thyroid was low, we changed to WP Thyroid and increased my dose. Things are so much better than on levothyroxine. My body feels 15 years younger. I am even doing ballet workouts now. Thank you Dr. Woliner!

by Non celiac gluten sensitivity on Mar 13th, 2016

For over two years I have had the worst digestive pain. Nothing, not even going to the Mayo Clinic helped (even though they did diagnose me with Rheumatoid Arthritis and I now get Rituxon infusions twice a year). Dr. Woliner was able to see beyond just my stack of old lab reports. He found out that even though I do not have celiac disease, I have 'non celiac gluten sensitivity' and printed out lots of information on that for me. Blood tests did not show by gluten allergy, but I feel so much better being gluten free! Dr. Woliner also found out that I did have low iodine, zinc and a bunch of other vitamins and minerals, probably from malabsorption due to the gluten issue. I did an iron shot, and felt so much more energy, did 3 more. I am 77, so now that I have fixed the main problem of the gluten allergy, I should be good without any more need of those. The most important thing is that I do not have this functional bowel belly pain anymore. I am so happy my daughter helped me find Dr. Woliner!

by Osteoporosis on Mar 10th, 2016

I trust Dr. Woliner. I have osteoporosis real bad. My primary care doctor and gynecologist both wanted me to take Fosamax and Boniva. Both were awful with achey bones. I then went to a 3rd doctor, a rheumatologist this time. He suggested Reclast, which is basically the same thing but an injection once a year. When I asked about whether that drug caused muscle aches and joint pains I just got a shoulder shrug. So that brings me to Dr. Woliner. He described all the causes of osteoporosis, not just that I went through menopause 15 years ago. The Nexium I was taking - causes thin bones - so he switched it to Zantac. My vitamin D levels were low, even though I live in Florida. Stuff like that. In addition, he mentioned how there is a drug in Europe, Protelos, which is basically just the mineral strontium. Strontium builds back bone and prevents fractures, so now I am doing that too (in addition to calcium and vitamin D ...). My last bone density scan is 'stable', slightly better at the spine, same at the hips. Compared to losing 10 percent a year, I will take that. I just want to say that I am comfortable with the approach I am on and have faith that Dr. Woliner will keep me safe.

by Hair loss on Mar 9th, 2016

Dr. Woliner made my hair grow again! Seriously, my hair was falling out in clumps. My primary care doctor said it was because I was stressed out being a single mom kindergarten teacher. The dermatologist said Rogaine for Women and Viviscal vitamins. Neither made me feel better. Dr. Woliner listened to all of this, but also asked me questions about what I ate, how my periods were, and said right away that he thought I was low in iron. I am a vegetarian and I do have 3-day periods, but my other doctors said I wasn't anemic. Does not matter said Dr. Woliner and he checked my iron levels anyway. True to his word, they were 'good enough to make blood, but not high enough to make hair'. He offered various iron supplements, but to get my levels up right away I went for the iron shots. Within a month my hair stylist was noticing a difference. Within 3 months I could tell that there was less hair in my hands when I showered. Now that it is about a year later, I feel like my hair is as good as it was in my 20's. I am extremely happy with the care Dr. Woliner and his staff have given me!

by Perimenopause on Mar 8th, 2016

I did not think that I would get hot flashes when I was only 43, but here it happened, peri-menopause hit me hard. I have suffered with anxiety, sleeplessness and weight gain of 10 pounds in the last 1 years. Libido gone. Black cohosh no help. I still have hair, but it has gotten dry for some reason. Dr. Woliner checked me out completely. He saw that I was low in iodine (I only use kosher salt), and that was causing thyroid trouble. He also described how my low progresterone was causing my main symptoms, and gave me information on how safe it was (I have an aunt that died of breast cancer so I am extra cautious). We started with low dose bio identical hormones which work wonderfully. Sleep and mood all better with now only an occasional hot flash that I deal with just fine. I dropped 13 pounds in the six months I have been seeing Dr. W, which is pretty good considering I did not have much to lose to begin with. My primary at the Cleveland Clinic says my cholesterol numbers are perfect and there is nothing wrong with me. So I guess I am doing the right thing here!

by Diabetes now under control!!! on Mar 5th, 2016

I have diabetes, real bad. Or at least it was real bad. My primary care doc referred me to a dietitian who was working with me on my eating plan, but it wasn't helping that much. When my eyes got worse and I needed those injections into the eye, I knew I had to do something more. That is when I looked in Natural Awakenings and saw Dr. Woliner's ad for a holistic type of medical practice. I liked the idea that he was also a MD, but knew about stuff they do not teach in medical school. My first visit with Dr. Woliner was about an hour and a half. He went over all my history and past labs (of course), What was different was that he was like looking for causes of my diabetes. Insulin resistance is what he described it as. One was deficiencies of vitamins and minerals, like chromium picolinate. Wow, that has made a huge difference! I am eating less now. Not just protein bars and shakes, but he convinced me to cook lots of food on the weekends and freeze it in Gladware containers. I got a Fitbit and more move too. But I really think it was the vitamins he prescribed that turned the corner on my diabetes. Now my Hemoglobin A1c is less than 6 (it was over 10 before). Yea!

by Multinodular goiter on Mar 4th, 2016

I have been falling asleep in the middle of the day and then I got some pains in my neck. My primary ordered an ultrasound and said I had a multinodular goiter. Off to the endo who said that I did not have to worry about cancer, and my TSH was otherwise fine - so no treatment. Meanwhile, I am still tired. That was on top of the 20 pound weight gain over the past year (140 --) 161 lbs), skipping of periods, and hair loss. My mom was already seeing Dr. Woliner for her diabetes, so she convinced me to see him too. Right away he put me on Nature-throid, and almost immediately, the fatigue lifted. The hair loss was a little tricky because I also have low iron (even though that test was also inside the reference range) - so he gave me iron pills to take and my hair is growing back. Dr. Woliner also checked me for diabetes and he told me what I really already knew, that I was pre-diabetic. And since Metformin is free from Publix, he said it helps with weight loss so I might as well take that too. So it's been 9 months of doing all this and I do feel a lot better. Energy, hair, weight - all good.

Mar 3rd, 2016

My cardiologist referred me to Dr.Woliner and my wife has been seeing him for years too. I needed to get my diet under control. My sugar levels were high and my weight needed to come down. Dr. Woliner said that with certain supplements I could get me sugars down and I would stop craving all the bad foods- ya right. To my surprise they really did work and I did not have to take any medications. My weight came down to where my cardiologist was happy with and my sugars lowered to where Dr. Woliner was satisfied with. It's great having 2 wonderful doctors looking out for me and of course my wife. Best decision I made coming to see Dr. Woliner.

by Dr. Woliner listens! on Mar 2nd, 2016

I have been seeing Dr. Woliner for 7 years now - for my hypothyroidism, ADHD, and fibromyalgia. Before, I was given antidepressants and Concerta. Now, with the right thyroid medication, Cytomel, I no longer am taking Lexapro, and my dose of Concerta is way down. I like that I feel more functional, without the foggy brain I used to have. I am even going back to school to get my MSW in social work. I could not even imagine doing that before. What I really appreciate is that Dr. Woliner was the first Doctor who actually took the time to listen to me - rather than just quickly running of to write another prescription.

by Compliments my concierge primary care doctor on Mar 1st, 2016

I have a MDVIP doctor who is great, but I felt I needed something more than a concierge primary care physician. I have been aging quickly these last few years, feeling anxious enough to need Klonopin, and my eczema is bad enough I need to use tubes of skin creams. My sister said I was just going through menopause, but I did not want to just settle with feeling this way. Dr. Woliner did a full work up, looking for reasons why my libido disappeared, my skin got dry, and why I felt overwhelmed at life. He showed me how my homocysteine was high, and how that could cause memory impairment, and how my DHEA was low, and that could cause practically everything else. He also convinced me to get a baseline bone density test, which showed I have the beginnings of osteopenia, but instead of reaching to his prescription pad for one of those drugs they advertise on TV, he made sure I was exercising, and told me about that has women's shaped weight vests that are easy to walk in. I love it! Dr. Woliner is great for thinking of all those other things too!

by Crohn's on Feb 29th, 2016

I have had Crohn's Disease for 20 years now. At one point it was so bad that the 6MP, Imuran, and Remicade were not working, so I let the surgeons cut out part of my intestine. After that surgery, things were okay for a while, but then I got another flare with belly pain and bloody stools. The GI doctors offered to do the whole cycle again of steroids, Remicade and even surgery. I had enough. I searched for 'holistic doctor Boca Raton' and found Dr. Woliner. He was well aware of the things I did in the past, but he also knew about probiotics (there are different kinds), butyrate capsules (they smelled bad, but they worked really good), treatments for Candida (I actually did not have any - moot point), and food allergies (which I do have). The combination of the probiotics and butyrate probably helped the most, but avoiding food allergies is something I am willing to do to help avoid Remicade. I really feel lucky that there is such a good doctor just right around the corner (and has admitting privileges to West Boca - my hospital).

by IBS - functional abdominal pain on Feb 26th, 2016

I have IBS real bad, even being admitted to the hospital twice in the last year for severe belly pain. My primary care doctor is nice, but other than referring me to 2 GI doctors (one here in Boca, and then to the Cleveland Clinic), he did not have much to say about what to do to fix me. The GI doctors had me do a colonocoscopy (actually twice), a scope up the top end to biopsy my stomach for H. Pylori (I did not have it), and put me on IB Guard (did not work). Then the vitamin salesperson at Trader Joe's mentioned Dr. Woliner. He listened to me, even reading the 50 pages of old records I brought in. He saw how white my tongue was and asked about yeast, doing a stool test that showed I had Candida. He also found out that I had food allergies to cow's milk, eggplant, solanine, oregano, and raspberry. It's been a few months now on the Diflucan, probiotics, and restricted diet. I cannot tell you how much better I feel! My gut has calmed down, and honestly, it is not that hard to avoid the foods I am allergic to. I am so happy that I found Dr. Woliner!

Feb 23rd, 2016

My other doctor told me I had pre-diabetes, but did not tell me what to do about it (other than saying 'diet and exercise'. Dr. Woliner told me specifics, including how to plan ahead my meals and how to eat out. He knows about vitamins and herbs that help with diabetes, and thank God, my blood sugars have only gotten better. Dr. W. says I will always be pre-diabetic, but I am okay with that because I am no longer worried of getting worse. Oh, as an added benefit, he knew how to stop me from having to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. It's a pill called desmopressin that they use for kids that have bed wetting problems, but also works for nocturia. Check it out!

Feb 22nd, 2016

I have been a patient of Dr. Woliner's for a couple of years now and doing so well that when I saw my daughter start to have the same symptoms as I had, I knew I had to get her in to see Dr. Woliner. I did not want her to end up like me and hopefully we could stop any further worsening of her symptoms. Dr. Woliner found that she was low iron and insulin resistant. Her heavy periods were bothering her and she constantly craved sugar which has contributed to her weight gain. Dr. Woliner started her on Metformin along with Chromium and Iron. Within a month, my daughter lost weight and the iron was helping with her energy. She also said she was craving less and less sugar and wasn't as hungry. Further testing showed that her numbers sugar numbers came down and her iron has improved. She was feeling and doing so much better. It was the right decision to get her in to see Dr. Woliner to help prevent future more serious problems as what I am having to take care of now. It's a mother's duty to make sure their children get the best care and with Dr. Woliner they do!!

Feb 21st, 2016

I have seen doctors from all over the world but they have never been as knowledgeable as Dr. Woliner. I was suffering from multiple different hormone imbalances, on so many different medications that my body was out of whack. Dr. Woliner removed multiple medications that were doing my body more harm then good and added the correct dose of bio identical hormones that was compounded just for me and at the right dose. After a few months, I started to feel so much better, no more sleepless nights, mood swings, or hot flashes. My weight has come down and I have so much more energy. Dr. Woliner really helped me when no other doctor could.

Feb 20th, 2016

Been seeing Dr. Woliner for my Graves' disease for a few years now. He is the only one experienced enough to treat my autoimmune disorder hyperthyroidism. Dr. Woliner monitors my thyroid along with implementing natural treatments that will keep my thyroid healthy and not to keep producing so much thyroid hormone. I would rather not have surgery so Dr. Woliner is helping me keep this under control and has me get labs checked every six months and a thyroid ultrasound when it's time to recheck. I could not ask for a more thorough and caring doctor.

Feb 19th, 2016

Very pleasant office, great knowledgable holistic doctor who listens to the patient and takes care of me with great attention. Dr. Woliner is the best Doctor I have ever had.

Feb 17th, 2016

My young son is very scared of doctors but his pediatrician said he is developing a thyroid condition but after researching I wanted a more natural approach and found Dr. Woliner. Dr. Woliner was so kind and made my son feel so at ease that he started to forget that he was at a doctors office. Dr. Woliner ordered a more extensive thyroid panel along with some vitamin test. Upon the results, Dr. Woliner found that my son was really low in Vitamin D and other vitamins nutrients. Dr. Woliner suggested that we focus on those deficiencies along with a natural approach to getting his thyroid levels healthier and to hold off on medication at this time. If levels and symptoms are not improved in 6 months, then we would revisit thyroid medication. I was very pleased with the doctors approach and he was right, my son did improve and medication was not needed. I tell all the other mothers about Dr. Woliner and I am so happy I did my research and found Dr. Woliner.

Feb 13th, 2016

Finally dragged my husband see Dr. Woliner and he was very surprised at how informative and in tune to his needs in regard to what my husband was looking for in care. Dr. Woliner did not lecture him, just discussed options that could help my husband with his weight, blood pressure, and fatigue. My husband did not seem to be as active as he used to and he wanted to work on that. Dr. Woliner started him on only a couple of supplements so to overwhelm him but get him started on feeling better. Once the results came back from testing, it showed a very low testostrone level and high sugar levels. Dr. Woliner explained that once we start fixing these levels, my husband should see improvement. We told him just from the couple of supplements my husband was already seeing a slight difference. I liked that we were given not only given prescriptions but also supplements to get a combined therapy regiment. Dr. Woliner says in time once labs look better and weight down , then my husband maybe only have to take the supplements. Of course my husband was happy to hear this!!

Feb 12th, 2016

I read that Dr. Woliner could help with yeast conditions and I have been having chronic ones since I was a teenager but I seemed to have built up a resistant to any therapies and have been miserable. After being under the care of Dr. Woliner, he was able to figure out the exact kind of yeast my body was suffering from and the type of medication that would best treat it. Previously I was on the wrong type of medication and I was depleted of any good bacteria. All of this was explained to me by Dr. Woliner and after 2 rounds of treatment and a whole load of probiotics, I am finally feeling some relief and I know more about Candida then I ever did thanks to Dr. Woliner.

Feb 11th, 2016

I enjoyed my visit with Dr. Woliner. I felt listened to ,not judged and very comfortable speaking to Dr. Woliner. It was nice to have someone finally understand that Crohns is a real disease and not something made up. I am looking forward to my follow up visit to see my improvement in the testing results even though I am feeling 100 percent better since being on the therapy Dr. Woliner prescribed. Less flair ups means less stress and worry. Excellent Doctor!!

Feb 2nd, 2016

I come weekly to Dr. Woliner's office for my B-12 shot. I like how they do not mind since I am deathly scared of needles. Never a wait, in and out quickly and always a smile from the girls up front. This is my favorite doctors office and always recommend them to all my friends and family.

Jan 30th, 2016

Seeing Dr. Woliner in my local magazine and then reading about him on different thyroid websites, I knew I found the right thyroid doctor. I liked that he was a holistic doctor and a regular medical doctor too. I have been struggling with a thyroid condition for years and wanted a different approach. I decided to seek out an evaluation with Dr. Woliner and was happy that he spend so much time with me and he truly understood my struggles. Dr. Woliner had me switch from Cytomel to Armour a more natural thyroid medication. It was such a difference, I have been feeling great ever since!!

Jan 29th, 2016

My wife has been a patient of Dr. Woliner's for over 5 years now and that is how I ended up coming to see Dr. Woliner. My wife wanted my diet to get healthier and to introduce vitamins, along with hormone therapy. It was amazing how much a compounded B12 helped along with Testostrone therapy. I have more energy and the mind power to get things done now. My business has improved and my wife could not be any more happier of pleased!

Jan 26th, 2016

The Functional Medicine doctor I was seeing retired and I could not find one local so I decided to drive in to see Dr. Woliner after reading through his website. Dr. Woliner seemed like a doctor who would really get into finding the cause of my symptoms. I had been to over 20 different doctors in the past but always preferred a functional medicine doctor. I was very happy to see that Dr. Woliner had a degree from Cornell majoring in nutrition and that he liked for his patients to be on a vitamin regiment. I had been on one for the longest time but needed his expertise in making sure I was on a correct one. I asked to do the vitamin testing and with those results Dr. Woliner was able to decrease some of the ones I have been taking but also added one that came back on the low side. I really appreciate having a medical partnership with this truly amazing functional medicine doctor.

Jan 24th, 2016

By far one of the best Holistic doctor I have ever been to and the staff is well trained especially the young lady who draws the blood. I am always left bruised or they can never draw me but NOT Dr. Woliner's medical assistant, one stick and done! Amazing!! It's so worth going to an out of network doctor, the service and care is so worth the cost.

Jan 23rd, 2016

It's a great office with an equally great doctor that thinks outside of the box. Dr. Woliner found out the cause of my symptoms and helped me live a healthier and symptom free life.

Jan 22nd, 2016

I am doing so well under Dr. Woliner's care who is treating my thyroid, hormones, and Candida conditions that I just made an appointment for my husband. He has been waiting to lose some weight and also needs to improve his sleep. I know Dr. Woliner will help get my husband feeling as well and great as I am!! Then it's my daughter's turn when she is down from school for Springbreak.Dr. Woliner is my Holistic doctor, he will now be treating my whole family!!

Jan 21st, 2016

Being a lawyer I cannot afford to have brain fog or low energy, which were some signs of a thyroid condition. My doctor said your TSH is fine no thyroid condition here but I was feeling terrible and I needed help. I sought out Dr. Woliner to take a whole body approach to what I was feeling to figure out what was going on. After extensive testing and a physical exam, Dr. Woliner said this is adrenals and thyroid. Dr. Woliner put me on natural thyroid and a supplement to help with the adrenal issues along with a script for unresponsible time at least 20 minutes a day. What a great approach and I am doing so much better. My concentration is back along with improved energy and work performance. It's nice to know there is a doctor out there that looks at more than just one test but the whole picture.

Jan 20th, 2016

My husband found Dr.Woliner for me. I could not get out of bed I was so exhausted, drained. Many doctors said I was depressed but those medications make me worse. It wasn't until I saw Dr. Woliner that I was able to get a dignosis and help. I was suffering from Chronic Fatigue syndrome and also a suppressed immune system. Dr. Woliner put me on a adrenal support regiment and a medical grade probiotic and soon I was feeling better. Taking a shower was not an exhausting task and I now can even start cooking a meal or two for my family. Please see Dr. Woliner if you are suffering, he will help you!

Jan 16th, 2016

I found Dr. Woliner to be a passionate and caring doctor who monitors my daughters care very closely unlike her other doctors that just refill and refill without even seeing if we could change up her regiment. This is the reason I sought out Dr. Woliner. At each follow up visit, Dr. Woliner will suggest different lifestyle changes, new treatment to try moving forward to optimal results not just 'ok' see you in 3 months. I have never seen my daughter be as happy as she is now that she is feeling so much better even her grades have improved. Thanks to Dr. Woliner our holistic doctor!!

Jan 15th, 2016

Going to any doctors office can be quite stressful but not Dr. Woliner's office. From the front girls to the girl who draws my blood to the doctor, it is a relaxed environment where I am treated with the upmost respect and caring attitudes. I am always anxious when I have to have labs drawn at my previous doctors office, I always left bruised and sore but not at Dr. Woliner's office. The girl always reclines me down in the chair, uses a heating pad and gives me something to eat and drink while I am being prepared, even music is playing on the TV in the room and before I know it, my labs have been drawn and it's time to go. Dr. Woliner takes his time explaining my results and will answer all my questions and even prints out literature for me to read further so I have a better understanding. There is also a nice check out room where we have privacy and any other questions are answered for me. Just a lovely office and I am so happy I found this Holistic office!!

by Lyme disease second opinion on Jan 13th, 2016

I sought out Dr. Woliner for a second opinion for my Lyme disease. Dr. Woliner was not only offer a second opinion but also different treatment options. There were other levels in my body that were on the lower side or not optimal so with combined therapy, I have been able to move forward with my quest for feeling better dealing with my Lyme disease.

Jan 10th, 2016

We brought our young son to see Dr. Woliner to help prevent the progression of a thyroid condition. Our pediatrician wanted to have him start medication and we did not want that so we sought out Dr. Woliner for a second opinion. Dr. Woliner did a more extensive thyroid testing panel that included antibodies and while our son's results showed a very mild hint of thyroid concerns, Dr. Woliner suggested some supplemental therapy to see if we could prevent further progression. We were so happy, this was the way we wanted to go first and it was nice to find a doctor that was so open to helping us.

by Comforting Office on Jan 9th, 2016

Came in for my quarterly thyroid and hormone lab draw and what a nice comforting experience. I have always hated needles but the medical assistant is very experienced and I do not even feel the needle go in. Nice draw area room with soothing music playing and a soft pillowed recliner to help me feel even more at ease. Dr. Woliner's office is always pleasure to come to.

by Got my life back with Dr. Woliner! on Jan 6th, 2016

For several years I dealt with lack of energy and felt depressed. (I would wake up and go straight to sleep at the couch.) My thyroid condition (Graves) was being treated with the usual Synthroid medication, and even while I was within the normal blood test ranges, I was not feeling well. My husband kept looking for another solution, until he found out that there ARE other treatment options, such as Armour and Naturethroid. With this in mind, we found out that Dr. Woliner, not only is open to alternative treatments, but he focuses on treating the patients whole well being. He does not limit his diagnosis by a blood test range result, but rather by how you are feeling. He truly cares for his patients well being. And thanks to his personalized care, my life went from being black and white to being colorful again! Now I have tons of energy, and feel that my life has been given back to me. Thanks to Dr. Woliner and his wonderful staff!

Jan 1st, 2016

Excellent and caring

by This is your Doctor!! on Dec 20th, 2015

Dr Woliner has been my holistic medical doctor for a lot of years. He is always available to take my calls and see me when I need him. Dr. Woliner and his staff work hard to keep me educated and healthy. His exams are thorough and complete. If you are looking for the Doctor who does not abandon his patients in the waiting room and takes time to treat as well as listen. This is your Doctor!!!

Fabulous Doctor show details Fabulous Doctor
by Lindsey M on Mar 24th, 2014

I couldn't recommend Dr. Woliner more highly. I struggled for over 10 years with on-off hypothyroid symptoms (and a family history of it). But, I saw 4 different doctors over that time who told me I was "fine" and "within range". I'd mysteriously put on 30 lbs or so over a few months and wasn't able to take it off -- even though I was eating/exercising at a 700 daily caloric deficit and only took off 2.2 lbs overs 3 months (It should have been something like 15-18 lbs). I also had many other hypo symptoms -- like being cold all the time, constipation, terrible sleeping, and worst of all these horrible bouts of fatigue from time to time (some days I literally slept 14 hours because I was exhausted). I sadly accepted that this was my "normal" and I'd never take the weight off and just have to deal with these symptoms. It wasn't until I trained for and ran a half marathon and still didn't lose any weight, that my fiance insisted I seek something out more definitively because somethings was definitely not right. Dr. Woliner spent over an hour with me discussing my issues and had a plethora of tests done (some of which I'd had in the past, many of which were new). He was the first doctor to even test for thyroid antibodies! And, I have an autoimmune thyroid disorder (Hashi's). He also found my insulin resistance and two severe vitamin deficiencies. After getting medicated properly, I finally began to lose weight like a "normal" person. I still had to put in the hard work, but I finally saw the expected results. I just also feel sooooo much better. I'm no longer cold all the time, I've got a lot more energy (no more bouts of terrible fatigue), I sleep well usually, etc. The only downside is that he doesn't take insurance. And it is costly. But, for me, it's worth every penny as the 4 other doctors I had seen previously from my insurance never did much for me and didn't even look at many of the issues Dr. Woliner investigated. I wish I'd found him 10 years ago!

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Great Holistic Doctor show details Great Holistic Doctor
by MaryEllen Misiaszek on Dec 27th, 2013

Dr Woliner really helped me with my medical conditions where all else has failed. I highly recommend him. The doctor does not take insurance but he was worth every penny.

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Annoyed show details Annoyed
by Annoyed on Dec 19th, 2013

Worst experience ever. I started with Dr. Woliner a year ago. At first they were very nice and my preliminary visit was wonderful because I was so excited and willing for a glimmer of hope of feeling better and maybe shedding ten or so pounds. I would have accepted any answer to feeling tired and carrying extra weight. Low and behold I fell for all of the things that I was fed including that I had a problem with my thyroid, among other things. I was prescribed a very high dose of armour thyroid medication. Just for the record I am not that big of a person meaning around 5'3" and at the time was a size2/4 waist 26. For my own happiness though, I was not where I wanted to be and was also feeling very lazy and tired and was referred to Dr. Woliner by someone who had similar things. So, I fell for the symptoms that I was told after I paid almost $900 for the labs and $400 for the office visit. I became hooked and even did it again 6mths later. While the medication and vitamins gave me more energy, I truly did not lose a ton of weight. I maybe lost 6 lbs. I recently had an issue where I could not make it into his office and my son was admitted into the hospital for a week. Prior to that I had my own health issues and had to reschedule my appointment a few times because I was having various female tests etc. Since I was having different blood tests and going to a lab already I asked Dr. Woliner's office if I could just do the labs closer to me where I was currently doing other tests. Besides saving time, I would save $$$$$. They said absolutely not. A week passed by and then my son ended up in the hospital and I was running out of medicine. I called to see if they could prescribe me a few more of the thyroid until I could get to them the following week and would do blood tests… Even though I did not want to pay that $8-$900. They said absolutely not. They did not care and basically said oh well. I have never heard of just completely stopping thyroid medication but that is what happened. They did not care and were so rude about it besides the fact that my son was so sick in the hospital and I was dealing with that. So that being said I went to a real doctor. They looked at my previous labs done in Dr. Woliner's office. The endocrinologist told me I have absolutely no issues! My thyroid was fine and if I continued on thyroid medication especially at the level that they had me at I would do serious damage to my heart and my body. They said I had no symptoms of anything that Dr. Woliner claimed that I had. Amazingly a month later I am feeling fine and better than ever. I am off everything that I purchased from that office. I stopped eating cheese and anything carb related just to jump start maybe more of a weight loss. I am wearing size 25 jeans and have lost 6 more lbs for free!

Mar 4th, 2013

after having been a patient from the beginning, his practice turned into a money machine. want to take blood tests to your insurance paid lab, like quest? no you cant. only if your from 'out of town'. so if i couldnt afford to pay HIM to do it, they wouldnt give me the test, hence, the prescriptions. and it only has gone down from there.

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Nov 8th, 2012

I read all these negative reviews and it all seems to boil down to money!! Dr. Woliner is such a great doctor!! When I called Dr. Woliner's office for the first time, the staff DISCLOSED everything to me before they would make an appointment or put me on the waiting list. Yes, cost of office visit, labs done in office, follow up visits, and OUT OF NETWORK etc. I even had to read and sign the OFFICE POLICIES so I was INFORMED. Well I wasn't getting any help from the 10 minute visits from my IN NETWORK DOCS so it was time to seek out Dr. Woliner. Dr. Woliner is know as a Top Thyroid Doc all over the internet and country so of course his practice will be made up of patients seeking out a thyroid doctor. I also heard that he is a well know nutritional doctor and patients seek him out for vitamins instead of medications. While he carries medical grade vitamins you are not required to buy them from his office but I did because the prices were less than buying them from whole foods. I was so impressed with his staff, so helpful when I called with questions and got me answers from the doctor in less than an hour instead of waiting days. YES the office manger runs a tight ship and is only following the doctor's office policies- NO ONE LIKES TO HEAR NO. Once I had to call the after hours number and Dr. Woliner answered and helped me with my concerns, he was very caring!!! Please do seek out Dr. Woliner if you have not found help else where or stay in network and don't waste Dr. Woliner time if you do not like how he runs his office!!!!

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Phenomenal Care show details Phenomenal Care
Nov 7th, 2012

I saw Dr. Woliner for the first time several months ago after being referred to him by a friend that thought and ailment that I had for 3 years was being ignored my MD. Ill admit, getting the initial appointment with him was more difficult than I would have imagined, but now I know why. I made my appointment with the most pleasant woman with a sweet southern accent. After my appointment was made, I was directed to their website to complete the longest patient history that I have ever seen. I got to my appointment a little early and was greeted by the woman with the southern accent, Julia, who is every bit as sweet and pleasant in person as she was on the phone, she even helped me with a couple of questions that I had on the new patient history. The rest of the staff was as helpful as could be. Even though I was early, I only waited 10 minutes. Dr. Woliner spent OVER AN HOUR with me, reviewing every line of the patient history, asking me what seemed like an endless amount of questions, really listening to me and proceeded to educate me on what he believed the issue was and how we would further explore it. Now I know why it was difficult to get an appointment! After a few additional tests which my other MD had never ordered and upon my next appointment (made by the same sweet Julia), Dr . Woliner reviewed all of my results, prescribed a specific regimen of prescription medication, supplements and a specific diet. I have followed Dr. Woliners prescribed regimen for 3 months now and I have never felt better and I am training for my first half marathon. I could not be happier with my decision to see Dr. Woliner. I received Phenomenal Care from my first call to the office to my most recent appointment.

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A Medical Detective! show details A Medical Detective!
Sep 20th, 2012

I spent a year going to three different doctors because I knew something wasn't right with me. I was relentlessly tired, felt depressed and anxious, couldn't lose all the baby weight from my 2nd pregnancy (my son is 6!), was constipated and had trouble with digestion and bloating. "You're lactose intolerant." "Have a colonoscopy." "Of course you're tired, you're a mom!" These were the things I was told by my in-network, traditional Western medical doctors, none of which helped me. I found Dr. Woliner and I can say unequivocally he is truly a life-saver. I filled out the 6 page questionnaire (which took me 2 hours) and Dr. Woliner spent 90 minutes (!) going over every symptom I'd ever had saying, "This is related to this... and we can test for that..." Bingo! Finally someone who was going to put the pieces together. Sure enough I had a systemic candida infection and we began treatment with one prescription medication and an assortment of supplements. 6 weeks later I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight. 90 days later and I am a new person! I've lost even more weight, have renewed energy and I know that Dr. Woliner is committed to getting me feeling 100%, as it should be - without a lifelong addiction to anti-depressents, anti-anxiety meds or uppers - and without invasive and unnecessary scopic procedures that the 5-minute-appointment HMO docs are so quick to order. Do I wish Dr. Woliner took insurance? Yes. Is it worth every penny to feel like a normal person again? Yes! When I called my insurance company to ask for a more holistic doctor, or a doctor with a more preventative approach, they woman on the phone had no idea what I was talking about. I am so greatful and appreciative of Dr. Woliners deep routed desire and ability to get to the bottom of THE ROOT CAUSE of symptoms and not just the never-ending treatment of symptoms. Thank you Dr. Woliner! In addition, everyone in his office is very caring and helpful and the whole experience has been a wonderful one. Thank you all for giving me back my life!

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The Worse DR in THE WORLD!!!!!!! show details The Worse DR in THE WORLD!!!!!!!
Sep 15th, 2012

The Worse Dr. EVER Do Not waste your MONEY, and its alot of $$$!!! All the money in the world is worth, your Health!! But this DR IS NOT HOlistic, all he does is give medicne that will make you sicker, he believes in extreme high doses, of everything.Dosnt care if you are sick from the meds, its his road or the highway!! He fools you, with his beautiful office, long appts, all his fancy testing, and makes blood work out to be % that make you feel something is wrong and you need meds, but went in for a holistic approch. Far from natural. His office manger is the worse, nothing gets to the Dr with out her. They watch who calls, and if they dont like you they let the machine pick-up!!! They lie about not being there, when you want to speak to the office, the nurse is young and nice but not, very knowledgeable. Julia is the only good thing in the office. Once you see the Dr, you can never talk to him, you have to go through the office manger. Or pay 400 dollars for a problem. This DR. should be put out of business. He has a strike against him with the fl medical boards, look it up. Bad news DR. Thank god I did not do what he told me, or Id be really Sicker!! Please listen,from my experience, STAY FAR AWAY!!! What goes around comes around!!!!!!

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Finally, someone believed me! show details Finally, someone believed me!
Jul 12th, 2012

I went to see Dr. Woliner because I knew something was wrong. I had gained 15 pounds in 3 months and no matter what I did, I wasn't losing weight. I was running 3 miles 3-4 days a week, and working in the gym 1-2 days a week. My diet hadn't changed. I was tired like I hadn't been since I was pregnant with my 2nd child. I was cold all the time, constipated, and my hair and fingernails were breaking constantly. Despite all these symptoms, 3 different doctors had done little more than pat me on the head and tell me that I was peri-menopausal. I'm 49 years old - I KNOW I'm peri-menopausal, but I still wasn't convinced there wasn't something more going on.That's when I saw Dr. Woliner. He immediately put me on a plethora of supplements while we waited for my blood work to return. When it did, the results were shocking. My thyroid was functioning at about 10-15% of what it should. Dr. Woliner prescribed Armour Thyroid, and encouraged me to increase my dose until I started to feel "right". I have implemented everything Dr. Woliner has prescribed, and now, 2 months later, I have lost the 15 pounds that I gained and I feel great.It is certainly not inexpensive to become Dr. Woliner's patient, but he is worth every penny. My health means everything to me. If I can't enjoy the free time I have with my husband & kids because I feel lousy, what kind of life is that? Dr. Woliner cares about every patient he sees, he takes the time to listen & really gets to the bottom of what is ailing you. You have to do your part, though, because he can give you all the supplements, vitamins & prescriptions in the world, but if you don't have a healthy lifestyle, it won't matter. I have already recommended Dr. Woliner to 3 of my friends, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone who asked!

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The ONLY doctor who took the time... show details The ONLY doctor who took the time...
Jul 11th, 2012

Dr. Woliner took the time necessary to discuss my symptoms, my lifestyle, and family history before ordering extensive blood tests. After 6 weeks of hospital visits and other specialist visits, I knew I'd found the right doctor. His diagnosis, during my initial visit, started me on the road to recovery, and my test results only confirmed his expertise. I am now on a combination of 2 scrips and necessary supplements, and 2 weeks later feel better than I have in months. If you wait during your appointment time, keep in mind Dr. Woliner is running late because he's taking the time needed to thoroughly treat the patient before you - as he will do with you. My husband has now seen him, for his annual physical, and said, "I've never had a doctor explain things so well".My case was difficult for others to figure out but nor for Dr. Woliner. He is is our doctor for life.

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Follow up show details Follow up
Jul 4th, 2012

The doctor advocates he does not charge for questions leading you to believe you can call and he will call you back.. This is not the case. If you call to ask a question you do not get to speak to the doctor but a member of his staff asks him and they call you back.. Since you are paying most of the cost put of pocket you are paying for a higher class of service. My own family doctor will call me back.. Yes dr woliner spends a lot of time in the consultation, but if you goto see him chances are you have a hard to treat case worthy of a retune call.

Do Yourself a favor, dont go! show details Do Yourself a favor, dont go!
Jun 12th, 2012

Doctor's office staff is incompetent, the phlebotomist tried 5 times to get a vein & still couldnt do it, the office manager was extremely rude. And besides paying for my office consultation they wanted an additional $1180 just to fax over my lab orders to Quest so a real Phlebotomist could draw my blood. When I explained to them I have ins. & they participate with Quest, I can go in network, but she still said I had to give them $1180 plus use my ins. w?Quest, and I already pd them $650 for the office visit. They refuse to give me the scripts for the tests the doctor was ordering on me. They will not release them without the $1180, which she could not explain what that money was for. Very uncaring office.

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Beware!!! show details Beware!!!
Feb 15th, 2012

Dr. Woliner may be a great doctor but beware he does not take insurance and he refuses to help you make payments for the cost of treatment. Also, his prices are sky high, even other professionals along with myself believe he is just in it for the profit, not the patient. His lab fees are ridiculous as well as his office fee. It's really a shame that such a great doctor who is willing to treat holistically can't take a more ethical stance to help his patients.

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Worth the drive show details Worth the drive
Dec 21st, 2011

I am one of those wait to go to the doctor people, but going to Dr Woliner makes me want to change that. I leave and feel heard, respected and cared for. I would go long distances to be seen by him - I actually drive all the way up from Aventura to Boca. This is rare as I find the opposite is usually tree. I can not say enough good about him and I hope his practice can continue with the right attitude towards people. Thanks!!!! His staff is outstanding too.

Thyroid Top Doc show details Thyroid Top Doc
Dec 16th, 2011

I originally found Dr. Woliner through Mary Shomon's "Top Docs" on Dr. Woliner definitely is a "Top Doc" when it comes to thyroid disorders. I have a combo of Hashi's and Grave's with loads of antibodies. Instead of only going by my TSH, Dr. Woliner really listened to me, and believed me when I said I felt like I was still hypo, despite my labs always being "in range". He upped the dose of my Synthroid, but also added Cytomel. The Cytomel has made all the difference in the world - with my weight coming down now, when it never did with Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers.

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Great results show details Great results
Dec 15th, 2011

Nice office and staff. Dr. Woliner is a wonderful doctor, very knowledgable, but alos sensible and experienced. He is in solo practice and doesn't use any physician extenders (physician assistants or nurse practitioners), so I see him each and every time, and that makes the experience that much more personal. (he remembers that I have a dauschaund, and asks about him every time.) Anyhow, my thyroid is finally balanced and my hair is growing back. Thank you Dr. Woliner!

The doc who made a difference for me show details The doc who made a difference for me
Apr 6th, 2011

I had developed intestinal candida due to severe food poisoning, and Dr Woliner was the only doctor who finally made a difference and whose treatment brought me back to feeling "normal" again. I also love the fact that his bloodwork aims to get you in OPTIMAL levels for everything you are testing for....not just AVERAGE okay levels. I love his approach!

Tremendous Results - show details Tremendous Results -
Apr 5th, 2011

I have visited Dr. Woliner 6-7 times over the last 1 1/2 years. I was very concerned about my weight & cholesterol. We did a complete blood & urine profile & found where I was lacking & became concerned. I felt i was always athletic, but obviously less active then years past. Over the first year, I took the supplements prescribed at my own leisure. I didn't have any positive results. Hence when I visted late last year i noticed my weight had continued to rachet upward. Dr. Woliner made me aware that i was a borderline diabetic & would need to begin taking medications for that problem. I told him I would be more serious. I have done so under Dr. Woliner's supervision and using the medical food products & supplements as well as going to the gym at least 5 days a week, i have lost over 35 lbs & 4 inches in my waist as well dropped my body fat over 10%. I feel amazing. It is incredible how you naturally eat smaller portions and take greater care when you have positive results. Thanks !!

A Great Experiance with Even Better Results show details A Great Experiance with Even Better Results
Apr 5th, 2011

I was not responding to my MDs treatment protocol for my Thyroid disease and was miserable. A friend recommended Dr. Woliner. I made an appointment and completed a very thorough questionnaire online - a relief instead of having to show up an hour early to complete. His staff was very courteous and helpful and Dr Woliner spent more time with me than any other MD. HE ran VERY comprehensive blood tests. He is now treating me and I have more energy, sleep better and have lost weight! I feel better, like before I was diagnosed and enjoy a better quality of life now!

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Sugars Under Control show details Sugars Under Control
Apr 5th, 2011

Dr. Woliner is a very understanding doctor he has helped me get my sugars under control which also helped me lose weight He showed me how to properly watch my sugars and help with my snacking on healthy foods. He was my last resort and I'm happy I was finally able to be seen by him.

No longer hungry! show details No longer hungry!
Dec 30th, 2010

When I asked Dr. Woliner to make it so I wouldn't eat so much, he said that it would be better to make me not hungry in the first place. He has these funny little phrases. I loved it when he said, "Instead of not scratching, let's make it so you don't itch." With the right vitamins, I'm no longer thinking about food all the time and I'm already down 10 pounds! -S.T.

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Great Doctor! show details Great Doctor!
by Lisa M. on Aug 13th, 2010

I have been a patient for years (originally seeing him for my hypothyroidism) and have refered many people to him. His staff is always eager to help answer questions. He is quick-witted and comes up with the best analogies to explain things in common-speak. He is an excellent doctor that helps you laugh and keeps you educated.

Thank you Dr. Woliner! show details Thank you Dr. Woliner!
by Kelly K on Jul 28th, 2010

I first found Dr. Woliner ages ago while battling several problems including but not limited to resistance to weight loss, depression, lethargy, among many other symptoms. Thankfully, Dr. Woliner thought outside the box and was able to put me on a regimen (treating hypothyroidism first and foremost) that balanced my hormones, assisted with losing weight, and finally helped me get control of my life. Mood swings and hormone fluctuations were all of the sudden in check and all because here's a doctor who really LISTENS to his patients and takes the time to treat them. Even after I moved away Dr. Woliner has been available for phone consults and any tweaking as necessary, and even immediately spotted and corrected misdiagnoses and mistakes by another physician. His guidance and time is invaluable, and he's worth every penny. You can't put a price on your health and your life, and I will continue to work with and follow Dr. Woliner wherever I land.

Wonderful Doc show details Wonderful Doc
May 12th, 2009

I saw Dr. WOliner because I wanted to lose weight in time for my daughter's wedding. I had been trying and trying to lose a few pounds but nothing I did seemed to work. After seeing Dr. Woliner, I found out I had a under active thyroid that was stopping me from losing the desired weight. So far after just 3mo of treatment I am 3/4 of the way to my target weight and to the dress I plan on wearing to my daughter's wedding. Thank god for a doctor like Dr. Woliner.

by Stacy Brighten on Apr 7th, 2009

I'm sorry to see that someone would write such a false and negative review about Dr. Woliner. This doctor truly saved my life, he found a surpressed thyroid condition where other doctors could not.They would perscribe anti-depressants which made me feel worst and not at all helping my condition. I was so low that I had considered suicide until I found Dr. Woliner on the interent. He treated patients with my exact symptoms with excellent results. I was able to finally do the things I thought I would not be able to do again. I lost weight, my energy increased, and my family got back their mother. Yes, his charge is higher than a HMO doctor, but I get time with Dr. Woliner - 80 minute, then 40 minute follow up, not the normal 5 minute blow by and worst off then when I first walked in a HMO office. I will gladly pay Dr. Woliner's fees. He gave me back my life.

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